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    Apple Watch

    I ask Siri to open trunk when they're checking my reciept at Costco and the trunk is open by the time I reach the nearby handicap parking spots. I always have Sentry Mode on though, except when home. Why not use Sentry Mode? It is a great feature and the energy consumption is trivial on a daily...
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    Time to Drive (your Tesla)

    I just switched back to Android from iOS. I love MacOS but iOS/iPadOS leaves me unfulfilled. My previous iPhone 12 Pro Max and 13 Pro were fine but rather boring and limited in options (multiwindow, widgets, customizations). Switched to a Z Fold 4 and loving the form factor and flexibility...
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    Pirelli P7 A/S Plus 3 - Noise & efficiency coming from Uberturbines

    Now that the weather is back to normal, I'm seeing very good efficiency from the P7 AS Plus 3 too. Despite better grip and handling, efficiency is tracking similar to OEM ProContact RX, if not slightly better. Very happy with the Pirellis.
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    2-piece Roof Sunshade

    Ditto, so I left the front side pieces off and it has stayed secure all summer.
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    Regrets [Anyone regret trading in their ICE for their Tesla?]

    On our second Tesla, so definite no regrets. Loved the S and the love Y even more. The wife loves my Y so much that she drives the Y more than I do (even though she was first against an EV). Sometimes I miss the S, but absolutely do not regret trading in my prior flagship Lexus luxury sedan...
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    Quick follow-up. Now that the heat wave has broke I’m seeing more reasonable efficiency numbers from the Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3 today: 118 degree day: Versus 88 degrees today:
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    Where do you charge your Model Y to for daily use?

    Home and 70% seems to be more than sufficient to get through a normal day. We drive an average of 60 miles a day, sometimes 100, and occasionally 160.
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    It has been about three weeks on the P7 AS Plus 3. I love the quiet ride and handling. Efficiency has taken a 14% hit but I attribute a big portion of the loss to our extreme heat these past two weeks. I don’t think it’s fair to draw a conclusion on efficiency just yet when it reaches 100...
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    Why are the service centers so busy?

    Most cities only have one or two service centers to accommodate all Tesla owners in an area or region. As more folks buy Teslas the problem grows. With regular gas cars you can take it to a dealership or any number of independent mechanics. With a Tesla you’re limited to the few service centers...
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    Model Y Windshield Wait

    That’s interesting and thanks for sharing the info! No, my SC didn’t mention it. I happened to be using the new SC in the area. Perhaps I’ll stick to the original SC I had been going to. They are a little further away but have never steered me wrong and always provided excellent customer service...
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    Model Y Windshield Wait

    Interesting and thanks for sharing. I asked Tesla about the calibration after windshield replacement and was told there isn’t anything extra or special Tesla does, the car automatically does the calibration while you drive (similar to when you first take delivery and Autopilot goes through the...
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    Model Y Windshield Wait

    I don’t quite trust SafeLite. Too many bad reviews for the multiple locations near us. I scheduled service with Tesla at the end of March 2022 since I figured the service center may get priority for parts. Took 2.5 months to finally receive a new windshield. Others reported a one month wait...
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    Windshield distortion on Y

    Here’s an old video I posted of the distortion on the S. It becomes really apparent around the 17 second mark. Sorry about the radio noise at the beginning, I turn it down partway through the video. To me, it looks like there are several distinct creases in the windshield that cause the...
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    Windshield distortion on Y

    Model S replacement windshield was in March 2021. When I brought it in there were two service advisors that looked through the glass and immediately noticed the waviness. They asked if I had any tint film on the windshield but of course there was none. Model Y windshield was replaced recently...
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    Windshield distortion on Y

    Yea, it sucks as once you notice it you can’t unsee it. I never got headaches from it though. Hopefully you manage to find some relief but it may be a challenge finding a perfect Tesla windshield.
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    Windshield distortion on Y

    I wouldn’t bother. Our Model S had waviness/distortion in the glass. Multiple service center advisors spotted it immediately. Unfortunately, the replacement windshield also has the distortion, LOL. Worse is my original windshield had ceramic coating on it and so I lost that and didn’t really fix...
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    2022 MYP vs MYLR?

    Definitely shop around. We are also in California and Tesla insurance was more expensive, yet lower coverage limits, than our Farmers policy for an LR Y.
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    Tire pressure no longer displayed

    Agreed. As the seasons change and weather cools I always make sure to add air and rely on a quality digital pressure gauge. The onboard display just helps me check every now and then if tire pressure is even all around. The TPMS sensors typically report pressure by the time I’ve passed three...
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    Model Y 2021 Complete Battery Failure at 18k Miles

    That sucks to hear. Did it give any warning prior to the failure? Were you driving it at the time? Was SOC dropping over time, say weeks or months, leading up to the failure? Our July 2021-built LR Y, with 23K miles, is doing fine so far and trying to see if there are any signs we should look...
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    Alarm triggered but no Sentry recording

    We are at the mall today and Y is in the parking garage. I get a notification on the phone that the car alarm was triggered. I quickly connect to Sentry Live View but don’t see anything suspicious. Fearing a hit-and-run I rush back to the car and tell my family to stay in the mall. I get to the...
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    Upgrading existing 14-50 outlet to Wall Connector

    Had my service appointment today and received a new mobile charger and replaced the cabin filter. Recently swapped to a Hubbell 14-50 receptacle so I should be good for now. A buddy just took delivery of his new LR Y and installed a wall connector. Looks nice. I will definitely go wall connector...
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    Recorded video accidents this morning

    WTH! They had all the time in the world and then decide to pull that maneuver at the last moment as you’re about to pass them AND while cars are finally approaching in the opposite direction. This person has a death wish and doesn’t mind taking out others. Just more evidence, in my mind, that a...
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    Excessive camber?

    Gold River Automotive in Sacramento, CA.
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    Excessive camber?

    So initially they said they couldn’t fix the front right camber because the top strut plate was already adjusted the max it can go without grinding down the area. I drove off then had to make a U-turn a few miles down the road due to obvious pulling that wasn’t present before the alignment...
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    Door ding on new car

    Same thing happened to us six months after getting the Y. Big ole Infinity SUV parked next to us and the kid in the back opens the door and leaves a dimple on our passenger-side rear door. We didn’t realize it until a few days later when I was washing the car. The Mom must’ve been aware of it...
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    Tesla Model Y Financing and Lease Questions

    I can respect your religious reasons, although I am a little confused why paying lump sum interest is permitted. Isn’t it still interest at the end? Sorry, I don’t intend it as a criticism of beliefs but am genuinely unclear about the definition of interest. If I were in your shoes, I would...
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    Excessive camber?

    I had an alignment earlier today. Here’s a photo of in-spec values and their permitted range. Mechanic said every Tesla that comes in has alignment that’s off (but then I also wonder why anyone would bring a car in for alignment unless they already suspected it was off). I just bought new tires...
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    Used Model Ys available

    That indeed is a crazy price. For a few thousand more you can get an LR Y with almost 100 more miles of range, AWD, fresh battery, latest upgrades, and full warranty. Even the limited quantity 4680 Y is $62K with more range, AWD, and full warranty. Only the desperate or uninformed will buy a...
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    The number of used Tesla 3/Y available is staggering

    Within 100 miles I see 119 LR Y on CarGurus, but they’re all priced more than a new order. Those priced lower than new price are salvage titles or with prior accidents. Just sellers trying to flip while supply is still constrained and demand remains high for Teslas. I have an acquaintance that...
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    Tesla suddenly changed loan bank and that caused increased rate 4% to 7%

    I agree with this. Sure, you can refi right after taking delivery too, I don’t see a problem with that. But with five business days available, that’s plenty of time to get approved by your bank or credit union, even an out-of-state institution, and have them overnight a check. I am in California...
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    True, and that’s why we can only extrapolate whether a new tire is better or worse than the previous under same conditions. I happened to replace my tires almost exactly one year later so it gives me a very accurate picture between OEM and P7 tires across same driving style, conditions, and even...
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    Charging Goes from 32A to 16A

    That is pretty strange. Has Tesla ran any diagnostics on the charging system? At first I thought maybe it is hot Summers but you said this is happening for a year, in two different states. When you replaced the outlet, what brand did you use? In the other Model 3 thread, link on post #21 above...
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    Curious to hear more about them after you get some miles under your belt.
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    Upgrading existing 14-50 outlet to Wall Connector

    Thank you for the helpful replies. I only charge to 70% nowadays and in three years the 14-50 has been completely adequate. Was just wondering what’s the best charging option if we were to get a second EV. One option is to put in another 50 A breaker to our 200 panel and add a second 14-50...
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    Upgrading existing 14-50 outlet to Wall Connector

    We installed our 14-50 three years ago with a 50 A breaker and 6 gauge wire. Is 6-gauge good enough if I want to convert to Wall Connector later?
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    Mobile connector over heat?

    My Dad and I swapped in the Hubbell receptacle today to replace our 3-year-old Leviton. The Hubbell definitely feels heavier duty compared to the Leviton. The Allen screws and plate contacts provide a confident and secure hold on the 6 AWG wires. I also ordered the $60 Eaton/Cooper for...
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    One thing you LOVE and DISLIKE about your Model Y

    This can be done on the refreshed consoles?
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    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    I thought the cap for SUVs was set to $80K and $55K for sedans, so the RWD 3 would qualify and so would both LR and P Y. The battery sourcing requirement I thought doesn’t kick in until 2024, no?
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    It happened- someone tried to steal my car

    I have done it before too, for the first time in my life. I always tease my wife about how she confuses her Lexus for any white Outback, Civic, Camry, Mazda3…okay, the Camry I can kind of understand. Then one day at the HomeDepot I confused a white Model X for our white Model Y. The cars were...
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    One thing you LOVE and DISLIKE about your Model Y

    Love - performance, OTA updates, app control, and ride quality on 19s Dislike - AC prioritizing battery cooling over my own comfort. I understand why, but I still dislike it. Also would like the ability to disable wireless charging pad.
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    After 492 miles the P7 AS Plus 3 is starting to hit its stride. The tires are quiet and the ride quality is really starting to show. The bumps and impacts never feel harsh. Lets be real, the P7s don’t transform the Model Y into a floaty Lexus but they noticeably take the edge off sharp jolts and...
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    It happened- someone tried to steal my car

    True. I thought I was being helpful and responding in kind as they referred to their own vehicle as “blue Tacoma”. There are typically several Teslas in the grocery store parking lot so I also mentioned I’m in front of the UPS, but still had to wave them down after they drove past me the first...
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    I make my Model Y a Home on Wheels

    Part of it is the Tesla having Camp Mode as opposed to the Pathfinder’s Backpacking/Survivalist Modes. Not to make light of homelessness, of course. If you can afford a Tesla then living in it short term is clearly a choice/experiment and not a last resort.
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    Mobile connector over heat?

    Thanks for the extra info from this thread. Turns out our receptacle is Leviton, which probably has something to do with the recent charging issues. I tried to follow all the latest NEMA 14-50 install guidelines but must’ve missed the receptacle posts/recommendations three years ago. Aside from...
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    Mobile connector over heat?

    At 9:52PM PST (two hours of charging), the 14-50 plug head at the wall reached 125 F, body of mobile charger at 130 F, and main cable stayed at 120 F. If the rate stays linear then the plug head and mobile charger body will trip the temp sensor in 3-4 hours. Alas, I don’t need any more charge...
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    Mobile connector over heat?

    Garage is 93 degrees, 14-50 plug at the wall is 97 degrees while the body of the mobile charger is between 104-111 F. This is all while NOT actively charging. I went ahead and started charging manually at 7:52 PM PST and will monitor it. For the first few minutes everything is looking normal...
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    Mobile connector over heat?

    Thanks for this. I will start charging early tonight and make note of temperatures. I see the manual stating 32A max for 14-50 adapter. I noticed the Y’s charging screen was set to max 48A “for this location” again this afternoon, even though I had reduced it to 32A this morning. The location is...
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    Mobile connector over heat?

    Thank you, Dave! Perhaps that is why the estimated invoice only listed replacement of the mobile charger, and no other diagnostic work planned. I think mine is the Gen2 mobile connector that came with our 2021 Y. Not sure if there's an updated UMC.
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    Mobile connector over heat?

    Wow, @Ev_Rider, I just started experiencing this two days ago! I started a thread in the Model Y forum and just saw your post. Very similar here, 50-Amp breaker, 6-gauge wire, 14-50 plug, and has been working fine for three years charging at 32A for previous Model S and now Model Y...until two...

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