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  1. BobAbooey

    Creaking from right rear suspension...

    Thank you
  2. BobAbooey

    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    they also make a 4 wheel combo and a barrel key ... you choose at checkout
  3. BobAbooey

    Update 2020.28.6

    Does the Y have siriusXM?
  4. BobAbooey

    Video: Vandalism by Motorcylist

    Hope u called the cops
  5. BobAbooey

    Issue with water getting trapped in door

    Mine does the same thing ....
  6. BobAbooey

    Anyone recognize this bolt?

    Maybe like goes on the bottom of a leg to a table or something
  7. BobAbooey

    Anyone recognize this bolt?

    Man that’s a strange looking bolt I can’t imagine what it’s used for in a car... you buy any furniture or something decorative
  8. BobAbooey

    A/C Stopped Working. Anything I can do?

    Tell them ur windows keep fogging up and you can’t drive it safety
  9. BobAbooey

    A/C Stopped Working. Anything I can do?

    Did you call the service center? Forget the app just call or drive there and say u need a loaner and leave it for 3 weeks
  10. BobAbooey

    2020.24.6.4 !

    I just got the update and was excited then I realized It went from 2020.12 to 2020.17
  11. BobAbooey

    Summon never works 1st time

  12. BobAbooey

    Current software updates

    I been waiting for the 2020.24 update and just received a updated... but it was 2020.20.17 oh well
  13. BobAbooey

    Driver's vanity mirror shattered - manufacturing defect - Tesla will not cover it

    Buy another car swap the mirror then return the car.... #TheWalmartWay
  14. BobAbooey

    HW 2.5 Cones

    Do any of you 2.5 people see orange cones A LOT on the screen when no real cones are in sight? It’s silly we need to see this for something that the car will rarely do? (car moving lanes in a construction zone) I wish I could turn this off it’s stupid ...
  15. BobAbooey

    Supercharger - South Toms River, NJ

    WaWa Freehold NJ on 33
  16. BobAbooey

    Princeton New Jersey service center

    Does anyone know if the the Princeton Service Center gives a loaner cars? I know Cherry Hill does that are handled via Enterprise.
  17. BobAbooey

    Model 3 as a high mileage commuter car?

    Don’t know if you pay tolls but ya get a discount for that in Jerzy. I did just over 25k in a year and I’m also in NJ. You will 100% love driving the Tesla..... nothing like it. Dude you only live 1 life ENJOY IT.... Trust me. Don’t buy a flip phone get the iPhone....
  18. BobAbooey

    WOW...Superbowl commercials taking aim at Tesla.

    this is a nice looking car
  19. BobAbooey

    Those dots!

    The dots would disappear last winner quicker than this winner... 44 minutes of driving
  20. BobAbooey

    Tesla Loaner Tires are AWESOME

  21. BobAbooey

    No spare tire caused a huge inconvenience

    last night thats what happened in with my 3, I wish now that i just put the flat tire in the truck of my car so i could get it fixed locally. Tesla is telling me i have to wait for a service appointment the first is Feb 12th...
  22. BobAbooey

    Battery depletion in winter

    This morning it was 18f and my total commute miles was 85. My Model 3 used 23 kWh to do the 85 miles 23 kWh x $.0115 (rate for electric) = $2.64 My old car would have cost $7.22
  23. BobAbooey

    I can't locate a very annoying rattle.

    maybe this will help ....
  24. BobAbooey

    Staying On Standard Connectivity?

    It’s only $0.328 cents a day..... I pay almost $5.00 a day for a Starbucks .... it’s worth the .32 cents
  25. BobAbooey

    Tesla Battery Longevity

    Tesla Battery Longevity
  26. BobAbooey

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    Probably a stupid question but can FSD be transferred to another car if you buy one in the future?
  27. BobAbooey

    Premium Connectivity cost $9.99/month for many Model 3 versions

    My Audi is $25 a month so this is not bad
  28. BobAbooey

    Pre-conditioning on new update

    this why i did not turn it on, if i call out of work my car will be "running" for hours
  29. BobAbooey

    Supercharger Piscataway NJ?

    great info thank you for taking the time on this... yeah it looks just like across the street ...
  30. BobAbooey

    Vendor 30% Off Flowform Wheels | Free Ceramic Coating

    wow they look good
  31. BobAbooey

    Supercharger Piscataway NJ?

    I try in the morning but it’s dark when I drive by... It has all the awnings like a big Tesla supercharger center if it’s not that I don’t know what else uses awnings like that. I don’t live up north play try by that every day but it’s always dark I figured maybe someone else lived close by
  32. BobAbooey

    Supercharger Piscataway NJ?

    Anyone know if the construction on Knightsbridge road a new supercharger site?
  33. BobAbooey

    Automatic Navigation not working

    good idea ill try it
  34. BobAbooey

    Automatic Navigation not working

    yes i have both saved... I'm wondering if maybe its because I work nights idk
  35. BobAbooey

    Automatic Navigation not working

    I have the Automatic Navigation turned on in the cars setting but it does not automatically start the "Automatic Navigation" when I leave for work at night or start my trip home in the morning. Has anyone else had this problem?
  36. BobAbooey

    Snippiness 2.0

    So many jerks on this site, I posted something so maybe someone that didn’t receive the update yet could try it out. So for trying to help out the group
  37. BobAbooey

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.1 update released with 5% power increase

    Any fixes with Spotify how it loses connection?
  38. BobAbooey

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.1 update released with 5% power increase

    Same with mine it charged to what it did before
  39. BobAbooey

    Moisture condensation in taillights, fog lights, etc

    yes many have had this same issue ,Model 3 production issue: Water gets into tail lights
  40. BobAbooey

    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    try using ur phones hotspot maybe.. idk if that will work or not for an update
  41. BobAbooey

    MASTER THREAD: Rear view camera image goes black [2019-2020]

    Wonder why it’s so hard to fix this bug....
  42. BobAbooey

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    This app allows you to compare the battery capacity of your electric car with the battery capacity of other cars with the same configuration and milage. ‎BatteryCompare: for EV Cars
  43. BobAbooey

    This app compares your car's battery health to other cars

    I paid $4.95 for a shitty Starbucks coffee today that I already peed out.... $2.99 is nothing
  44. BobAbooey

    This app compares your car's battery health to other cars

    This app shows where your car's battery health stands compared to other Model 3 cars with the same milage. ‎BatteryCompare: for EV Cars

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