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  1. Thunder7ga

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    7 Seaters seem to take much longer from what I've been seeing.....
  2. Thunder7ga

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Anything is possible...the next update for all of us will hopefully be a 2-week window...then it will start to get a little more real.
  3. Thunder7ga

    Threads not getting marked as read

    Have noticed this too....it use to work just fine...now it doesn't. May just need a reboot of the farm....
  4. Thunder7ga

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Ours updated this morning as well (Day 201), we went from a 5-week window to a 4-week window. But they pushed the start of that window back 1 week, with the same end date. Damn. Now set at 10/24-11/21.
  5. Thunder7ga

    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    This is exactly why I put in an HPWC a few months ago in prep for having a 2nd Tesla......
  6. Thunder7ga

    Year model verified!

    I think O is skipped since it looks like a 0, and 2023 will be a P.
  7. Thunder7ga

    Fremont or Wait

    You do you....personally, I wouldn't be too concerned about all that as long as it's a good quality car. The moment you take delivery of any Tesla, it will soon be old news with the next inline iteration they do...it's constantly evolving, and to worry about not having the latest and greatest...
  8. Thunder7ga

    Stuck on 2022.12.3

    FSDBeta only gets certain updates...so we miss out on the majority of them until the next general beta release is out there...I haven't had an update since 5/31. That will be 100 days ago tomorrow.....
  9. Thunder7ga

    What’s the better choice? $6K for EAP or $12K for FSD?

    I’ve had EAP since 2018 and it is great. I rarely use FSD feature, personally. It needs more work, IMO. It does work don’t get me wrong but it does make some decisions I wouldn't.
  10. Thunder7ga

    Power Conversion System (PCS) failure

    Have you tried an L2 charger somewhere else to see if it works or not? That will tell you if its the car or your charging/power setup.
  11. Thunder7ga

    Financing options.

    With The Fed raising rates over the last 2 or 3 months, 3.59% is pretty damn good. Good luck though....I have a feeling by the time we get ours it will be up at least another 0.5%....ugh.
  12. Thunder7ga

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Hopefully soon....been reading the action in the Jan/Feb 2022 threads getting some LR action.....hopefully we'll see some in the coming weeks too....
  13. Thunder7ga

    Upgrading existing 14-50 outlet to Wall Connector

    We're only going to have 1 wall charger for 2 Tesla's.....it won't be an issue at all. The biggest issue is ensuring you have the charger placed where it will easily get to both cars. My wife only does about 50 miles a day, I rarely go anywhere anymore with working from home.
  14. Thunder7ga

    Upgrading existing 14-50 outlet to Wall Connector

    I converted mine this weekend...just kept the 50amp breaker and configured the HPWC to use that. Super easy.
  15. Thunder7ga

    November Orders

    This appears to be the new way of doing that for those that still have cars pending that ordered before the end-of-April 2022 cut off. It's better than not getting one for free.
  16. Thunder7ga

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    First update in nearly a month...and it moved closer....now at 10/17-11/21. Also now down to a 4 week window, instead of 6 for the first time.
  17. Thunder7ga

    No Software Updates

    12.3.20 is the FSD beta firmware and the last one that has been released. Many of us are still on that and waiting for the next beta update. Non-FSD get many more updates.
  18. Thunder7ga

    Power Conversion System (PCS) failure

    Hmm.....after 4 years of using the mobile charger in my June 2018 build Model 3, I installed an HPWC this weekend. Went to test it out and the message about "Charging slowed..." message. Had me wondering if I messed up the install. I checked everything and it seems good. So started to...
  19. Thunder7ga

    Georgia/Atlanta Waiting Room

    Coming out of Austin, I dont think that VIN is too low....they are still ramping, so all the numbers are on the low side. Just my guess...no real info though.
  20. Thunder7ga

    Tax Credit and Model Y delivery

    It was signed today.
  21. Thunder7ga

    Tax Credit and Model Y delivery

    We likely will take delivery in October or November, and we have no plans to delay it. We want the vehicle as soon as we can get it.
  22. Thunder7ga

    October 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    The 2020-2022 buyers have all been in this same boat. The "current" law, Tesla graduated from at the end of 2019, so for 3 years everyone that bought has not gotten any tax credits. Stuff changes all the time, heck, it could change again in a few years, who knows. Just enjoy the vehicle...
  23. Thunder7ga

    Mobile Connector vs. Wall Connector for Outdoors

    I've been using a 14-50 w/the mobile connector for more than 4 years....works perfectly well. I have used the mobile connector out in the elements many times while traveling or staying at a AirBNB, without any issues. Even in very horrible heavy rain conditions.
  24. Thunder7ga

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Congrats....I am hoping we'll see some positive movement for most of us in the near future. Things seem to be picking up in Austin. I'd am still holding out hope for a late September or early October delivery. We'll see.....
  25. Thunder7ga

    Tesla $7500 Tax Credit Coming Back?

    The way the bill passed as written by the Senate seems that way for sure....the House still has to debate and see if they will accept it as written or make changes. If they make changes it'll have to go back to the Senate...still not a law yet....but the way it's currently written seems...
  26. Thunder7ga

    Tesla $7500 Tax Credit Coming Back?

    I'm sure they will once it's actually passed...no need to do it ahead of time until things are settled and the President signs.
  27. Thunder7ga

    Tesla $7500 Tax Credit Coming Back?

    Yes, it will be considered as an SUV for the $80k cap. So, yes the Y will qualify if everything stays as is in the current proposed legislation.
  28. Thunder7ga

    Supercharger - Fort Valley, GA

    The more along I75 between ATL and FL the better......
  29. Thunder7ga

    Why I cancelled my order

    Seems trollish based on all the join date, but even if true, ok....it's your decision to spend your money however you want. You seem like a handful, so buh-bye.
  30. Thunder7ga

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    A small change to the EDD this morning, slightly closer. Now 11/3/22-12/15/22.
  31. Thunder7ga

    What will happen to current owners once Tesla drops the price of new Y's?

    As long as you have GAP insurance (as has been said many times), it is what it is. I was in this same situation when I bought my 2018 Model 3. It was at its highest prices at that time when I bought and came down several grand over the next year. Regardless, I got to enjoy the car, and was...
  32. Thunder7ga

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Damn...another push in EDD, we're now out to 11/13-1/8. We were 9/20-11/1.
  33. Thunder7ga

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Another timeline adjustment today...came closer by a month this time.... 9/20-11/1.
  34. Thunder7ga

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Just got pushed out a month or so. Damn. Now sitting at 10/20/22-12/15/22
  35. Thunder7ga

    anybody interested in this instrument cluster for M3 & MY?

    It looks like a very nice accessory, but it's just that an accessory....really not something I feel I need or want, but it does look nice.
  36. Thunder7ga

    When is structural battery pack & 4680 cells coming & Why are you not waiting until then?

    I don't agree with this, currently. They are still ramping up production of 4680s and cannot supply enough to make the cars at the rate they are doing it now. They do not want to slow down production, and they also want to continue doing more real-world testing with them to get the data to...
  37. Thunder7ga

    Update keeps installing

    Just reach out to Tesla support via the app....they may have to clear something out to get that to stop doing that. A buddy of mine had this type of issue a while back and they were able to fix it remotely.
  38. Thunder7ga

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    If you're good with 50 miles less range, then go for it....its the latest tech of batteries and structure...personally, that's a no for me.
  39. Thunder7ga

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Fremont is still the "old" style.....
  40. Thunder7ga

    April 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    AMD is the company, Ryzen is the product. Just like Tesla is the company, and Model Y is the product.
  41. Thunder7ga

    Front Passenger Air Vent - Can you turn it off?

    Been dealing with this complaint from my wife since 2018. Ugh.....
  42. Thunder7ga

    MY LR waiting room.

    EDDs are adjusting again...they must have just been restacking their 3rd/4th quarter workload estimates....
  43. Thunder7ga

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    And we've changed again here in the last hour.....moved FROM 12/2022-3/2023 to 9/24/22-11/5/22 Would be nice to be a end of 3rd quarter delivery push ....
  44. Thunder7ga

    Entering home charging cost?

    Currently, we do about 800-1000 miles a month...the cost to charge up at home for that is about $35-45 in my state (GA).
  45. Thunder7ga

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    And there it is...officially see my EDD is now set at December 2022-Mar 2023. DAMNIT.
  46. Thunder7ga

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    But, starting to wonder if they also do any shuffling of priorities based on color. Being we choose the most expensive color (Red), and how they are making higher cost cars/FSD the priority, maybe it will be higher than say white? Who knows....but still sitting at September currently.

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