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    Kia EV6

    Great review. I have a couple of great local Kia dealers. I know them now as we have just bought and got delivery of our second Kia Soul EV. When it comes to EVs both dealers know whats going on. In 2 years have never had a problem with a Kia EV. Yes you need a 12 month service, but it is not...
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    Q3 collections, new owners tales and experiences

    Collected my new Model Y this morning. No hiccups. Seems quieter and slightly improved suspension over the Model Y I bought in March. Only obvious upgrade is the parcel shelf. 55% battery and 2022.20.8. Staines collection well organised in and out in 15 minutes! Best yet!
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    Its much worse than the banking crisis! Our people don't have a clue! The French and German freezing of the energy prices is the only way to go to avoid mass disobedience and continuing unstoppable inflation.Yes there's a £100b or so price tab on it but there is no alternative. Sack the Governor...
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    Alarm false fires

    Yet another example of Teslas poor software. Too much concentration on irrelevant gimmicks not enough on solid useable design.
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    TACC and AP on new roads

    The road speed data is so inaccurate, it has already cost me twice. For me always in London where the local authorities seem to compete to hide the required speed limit, sometime on signs which Tesla rarely sees and mainly on the road itself which of course Tesla never picks up. It is amazing...
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    Zappi or Hypervolt for a solar home system ?

    This is really a non discussion. If you are interested in quality, safety and the future uses get a Zappi. I started my solar life a number of years ago got a then "state of the art Rolec charger which set on fire a couple of months in. Then I researched rather than take my installers word and...
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    UK 2022 Orders to Delivery inc the shipping thread for posts with no shipping news

    I am confused. I have a VIN for my MY. LRWYHCEK3NC405xxx. I have a firm collection date of 2/09/22 at Staines. I have the registration LF72xxx. They requested and I paid for the car. What ship is it on?
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    Solar PV - Bird Protection Yes/No?

    Get the mesh. In my case it would be squirrels but it could also be pigeons or parrots. A few hundred quid is nothing compared to the cost of the installation.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Was at Cobham M25 this afternoon. All the gridserve and Ionity chargers were working and full with queues evident at each. Woefully inadequate! Tesla Superchargers on the M25 totally absent with the exception of South Mims. There is a shortage of services on Britain's busiest motorway only 3 in...
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    Is now the right time to swap??

    There are so many more savings by going electric. Having an EV lets you explore new electricity tariffs which will reduce the rest of your power bills for your house. There are no maintenance costs, no road tax, no congestion charge, cheaper parking in enlightened authorities, no stinking...
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    Powerwall - Availability and Pricing

    I agree it is OK for 1 solar panel plus a PW - 0%VAT. The real problem is the installer who does not understand HMRC rules and thinks its too risky to not charge 20%
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    bjorn nyland's test of tesla vision

    The same with my Kia Soul
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    bjorn nyland's test of tesla vision

    Its an american car not designed for a screen on the drivers left!
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    bjorn nyland's test of tesla vision

    I am certainly making informed observations based on other EVs. My Kia Soul may not be to everyone's taste but they do get the fundamentals right. The auto wipers work fine, the auto lights work fine, the range they quote is the correct range, not an exaggeration. The ride is better and quieter...
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    bjorn nyland's test of tesla vision

    The lights, wipers and locking is better on every £60k car ever produced and sold with auto features! I repeat - Tesla software is crap. As for FSD it is pure fantasy without an installed superstructure by the local authorities/national governments - an optical system like Teslas can never be...
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    bjorn nyland's test of tesla vision

    They are built for the US market. No such thing as ambient lighting there!
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    bjorn nyland's test of tesla vision

    Lets be honest. The headlamps are crap! The wipers are crap! The autopilot is worse than most of the equivalent ICE. The no controls cockpit is crap in fact dangerous without immediate controls to operate dipping, wiper speeds and anything else that you automatically do in an emergency! There...
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    Trade in values seem high again ?

    WBAC quoted me £58k for an MY I got in March for £56k. The quote dropped to £56k the following week. As I have just got a delivery date on my new MY, I asked Tesla for a quote. Came back as £52250! Motorway and WBAC are both around £56.5k this week. I sold within an hour to a dealer through...
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    I dont agree that "if your sole driver is financial it’s probably not worth it." I THINK IT IS ALWAYS WORTH IT.
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    I dont agree at all. I did my installation 3 years ago now, based on 11 year payback. My only regret is that I didnt get in earlier and get Fit payments. Inflation has already reduced my payback to 7 years and no doubt future inflation will reduce it further. My second regret is that I didnt get...
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    2022 Shipping Movements

    Got my delivery date in the UK for my MYLR as 02/09/2022 at Staines VIN 405xxx
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    UK 2022 Orders to Delivery inc the shipping thread for posts with no shipping news

    Got my delivery date in the UK for my MYLR MSM/Black/19" as 02/09/2022 - Perfect! 72 Reg.
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Got my VIN just now for my Model Y. Any body know what new Vin numbers are up to? Mine is 405xxx
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    2022 Shipping Movements

    Just got my Vin LRWYHCEK3NC405xxx My EDD came forward to 16 august - 2nd September 2022. Which ship do you think Mr Miserable?
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    Has anyone traded their 3 for a Y and regretted it?

    Where I live there are lots of 3s and Ys which you see and regularly park beside on a daily basis. Frankly I now believe that the 3 is starting to look dated as we get used to the better shaped Model Y. There is no comparison in value for money particularly since the Model 3 and Y are now...
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    Berlin made cars

    Back on subject please. It seems to me that both Tesla Berlin and Tesla Texas are disasters. I guess there might be something fundamental needs sorting out. The production isn't really increasing....they are limiting to Black and White for the for see able future. I think there is more likely...
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    Second hand market coming to its senses?

    WBAC just offered 57490 on my MY with 19" wheels £1400 more than new!
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    2 EV Household - what else you got?

    Model Y LR and Kia Soul EV Ist Edition.
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    I reduced my installation to 8.96kW befpore moving to TEP.
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    The thing I thought I’d like the most about my Model 3 is the thing I like the least

    Tesla efficiency great! Better than other EVs except Kia who can match it. Driving aids poor. Worse I guess than any other ICE German built or Volvo on the market at £50k+! Tesla Supercharger system and coverage makes all other EVs unpurchasable!
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    Has anyone traded their 3 for a Y and regretted it?

    Much better family car than the 3
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    Anyone regretted getting a Performance M3?

    I had a P. Silly really as LR is fast enough has better suspension in IMO. The LR is clearly the better value, the only extras on the P being toys for boys. My Y is better than both 3LR or 3P IMHO.
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    Octopus Tesla Energy Plan

    I think the only thing you missed is the filling and discharging of the powerwall each day. It may be that you already do that with your current tariff but if you dont their is the inefficiency between charging and discharging. Depends on your PW efficiency but the cost would be £37 per annum...
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    Octopus Tesla Energy Plan

    All depends on what TEP will increase to in the autumn. Certainly if you can grab it at the current rate of 11.1p you should.
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    Is Tesla viable for very high mileage delivery driver?

    I think it may be much better with that mileage to change his Tesla every 6 or 12 months to reduce depreciation, remove all maintenance including tyres. Of coure there is also ULEZ becoming extensive round the UK over next couple of years. I think its a no brainer providing he can get a bank...
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    What car awards: Model 3 #1 but model Y #10

    Best description yet! But it is a fast large hatchback. Larger outside, larger boot, larger interior, better seating position for both driver and passengers, larger frunk, larger panoramic roof. Best build yet from Tesla. I had a M3P and 2 3LRs before my model Y. It is easily the best of the 4 EVs.
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    What made you choose a Tesla?

    1. The Supercharger system 2. The supercharger system 3. The supercharger system 4. The car is not extraordinary - boy racers really and not very well put together. 5. The car is bare inside - prefer a few hand controls 6. The gimmicks - not for me 7. The speed - probably dangerous 8. Efficiency...
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    What car awards: Model 3 #1 but model Y #10

    Exactly. But how can a list which includes every car in production over £30k be a credible list? How can the Taycan and BMW IX feature in a list also includes the eNero and the Soul? It detracts from the 2 Kias which would both win categories including cheaper cars? Where is the Volvo and the...
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    Anyone in the UK 'upgraded' their Model Y suspension?

    I really don't know what you expect from a relatively cheap middle priced car. The suspension is stiff and the ride not great on poorly surfaced roads. But short of a Bentley Arnage nothing is great on our roads! IMHO it is no worse than the 3 Model 3 s I have previously owned. In fact no worse...
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    The problem with trying to compare the different Octopus packages is that we are all on different rates depending on how lucky we were on renewal? I've been on TEP since October 2019 because the initial rate was fantastic and no standing charge. I had several months where TEP were paying me...
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    Solar Exported Today

    Best generation of the year so far yesterday. 45.8. should have been more but the Powerwall dumped to the grid at 4.00pm and stopped my generation for two hours otherwise should have exceeded %0! 47.9 consumed so had to pay for 2.1kWh.
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    North Wales charging.

    Get rid of the EV. Get a diesel!
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    Take Delivery of M3 and Sell in a Few Months?

    Unless I am mistaken Orion 2000 is from NC (North Carolina?). Tesla may well be able to do what he suggests in NC - certainly not in the UK!
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    Age of Google Maps used by Tesla?

    I drive using Nav but always have Wayz open on my phone. Wayz is 100% correct with speed limits. Nav is dangerously incorrect particularly in built up areas where many 20 zones/ no drive zones have been established. If you drive frequently in these areas it would be easy to pick up a ticket...
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    Anyone in the UK 'upgraded' their Model Y suspension?

    And who is saying a Tesla Y is a luxury car...it isn't!
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    Apple CarPlay in the UK?

    The most dangerous downside is that Tesla speed limit information is wrong particularly when it comes to 20mph zones in London and I suspect elsewhere. That is why you must always use waze which has that info updated 100%.
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    Trade in values seem high again ?

    Just change the car - there is no reason not to!
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    third party model Y wheel covers

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with standard Geminis. I don't notice them at all when driving and I frankly dislike black wheels.
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    Anyone in the UK 'upgraded' their Model Y suspension?

    The test drive cars were all crap as their tyre pressures were too high. At 42 they are alright. I suspect even lower pressures would be better. I have owned many larger and just as heavy cars without required tyre pressures being in XS of 35/36. It is a firmish ride but so are most other...
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    Model Y popularity

    I've owned and loved 3 M3's and now I love my MY. There is no comparison. The MY is bigger, a better drive, a better looking car, a more comfortable ride, more comfortable seating positions in every seat, the Geminis look much better than the M3 18" wheel covers the rear and side views of...

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