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    Where has the Tyre pressure screen gone?

    Why would anyone want to use windows?
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    Where has the Tyre pressure screen gone?

    Anyhow thanks for replies.
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    Where has the Tyre pressure screen gone?

    I just want to see things quick with a swipe, especially tyre pressures, and do not need to see a graph, just want the data that used to be on the old screen, that again was an easy swipe :( oh well,,,,,, quite odd, that things have been made harder, just as the new highway code amendments, come...
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    Where has the Tyre pressure screen gone?

    Thanks. what a joke this update has been :( and how to monitor battery usage?
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    Where has the Tyre pressure screen gone?

    Am I right in thinking that the tyre pressure screen and battery screen has gone that you swiped either side to get a quick reading since this update?
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    Squeaky front suspension

    Mine doing it now, really noisy, nearly 2 year old, 30k 3 Performance
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    [UK] 2021.4.x

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    [UK] 2021.4.x

    I need it for the pass code so not sure app will work will try next time. One thing that did Annoy me after last crash, I lost all my settings and had to set everything up, did not realise it wiped scheduler settings for recharging, :( got in car at 4-15 am to see it had not charged up over...
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    [UK] 2021.4.x

    I certainly would not leave home with out a card, in my wallet,,,,, like this morning, phone opened car, but I had to use the card to drive it.
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    [UK] 2021.4.x

    I am sure there are many reasons this problem though is not just related to one place, but I do suspect it is related to signal form some things, but not standing next to the car, also my car should be connected to Wi Fi, when it is parked in the garage.
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    [UK] 2021.4.x

    Mine is an iPhone 12 pro max, agreed it is the randomness, most times it will not unlock in the morning, but some times it does and then the next time I go to gt in the car it does not, it is like the randomness of warming (preheat) the car up for the app before you go out, sometimes it will...
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    Best EV Tarrif without smart meter

    They messed up and offered me the deal, but then revised that they could not put a smart metre in, so they offered to modify an older metre, and installed it. You have other things running at night like fridge freezer, etc. and as Andywil said it is all weekend. and not the worry of getting...
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    [UK] 2021.4.x

    Thing is, if something is not working before the reboot and then after it does, then clearly reboot does it job, on numerous times in the 18 months I have had the car a reboot has solved a problem.
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    Best EV Tarrif without smart meter

    Go to EDF, explain to them your situation, get them to modify a metre that is for off and on peak electric, the correct hours for go electric tariff. They did it for me, depending on your usage, and if you set washing machines, dish washers etc, for over night use, it will work out cheaper than...
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    [UK] 2021.4.x

    Since I got 2021.4.12 I have had nothing but problems, has others had problems with this software update? Radio not working. Cannot unlock car, though this has been ongoing for a while now, have to turn off blue tooth and back on and works instantly, but need to do it nearly once every day...
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    Auto Wipers are awful

    I know one thing for sure, the next car I buy will almost certainly not be a Tesla.
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    Auto Wipers are awful

    I generally just use my mine manually all the time, they are so bad, sure they have got worse over time. Rather like High Beam assist as well, use it manually now.
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    Imagining the worst - what would happen if your car jacked?

    Put it in park make sure you get out with your card and phone, and run, assuming you have it set up to use a pin, they cannot take it.
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    Frosten [frosted] headlights

    Yes the joys of a So-called Most Advanced car on the road, that so many maintain it is. Trouble is LED's do not produce heat, so they will take for ever to defrost, I wonder how bad they get driving in heavy snow fall. I suppose it is back to the good old days, of getting out and cleaning them...
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    Condensation in front fog lights

    I looked at mine the other day, think they are full of water, and seems there has been some real dirty water in them, not done anything about it so far.
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    Pre heat battery before super charging.

    Can you manually pre heat the battery before using a super charger, or you have to put it into the sat nav? Thanks
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    48.26 UI Changes - thumbs up or down?

    I prefer it, and definitely prefer more area around the car when driving, in fact I would prefer more around the side and back. I would like the car battery symbol, outside temp, and time at lot larger font. I agree with above, when parked, you should have full screen for some things. Does not...
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    Wiki [UK] Holiday update - 2020.48.26/.30/.35.x

    I assume 2020.48.30 is just fixes, I got it last night, couple days after the last update. Not looked yet.
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    Features we didn't know we wanted?

    Thanks Adopado, will try that, but they do not turn off after one minute at present, thy turn off when you leave the car, not while you are sitting in it, it could be 10/15 minutes before they turn off.
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    Features we didn't know we wanted?

    Putting car in park makes no difference. Headlights stay on
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    Features we didn't know we wanted?

    There are a load of things that need fixing, in software, one that bug's me atm, if I park up and sit in the car the head lights will stay on for like ever, (They do eventually turn off) I have to manually turn the off every time. Cannot find a way to change it. Another one is if I stop to pick...
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    Crawley Update

    Sorry to charge the car at their sites,,, ok at present they are charging 24p k/w Opps sorry, I was watching vid before I saw post :) Thanks
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    Crawley Update

    What is the cost of using the Grid Serv chargers if that is what is being placed nr Uckfield? Cannot find any tariff info on Grid Serv
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    Tesla offers 1 year free supercharging if you buy before Dec 31st 2020

    Hardly an incentive tbh, had mine well over a year and still never used a super charger. with 20k miles
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    The Pub - OT posts and discussions

    Give me leather seats any day than the plastic crap in my Tesla. :(
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    It's Dark at Night.

    Is there anyway to make the car lights come on at night when you walk up to the car? in the real dark for love nor money can I find drivers door handle sometimes.
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    When will you change your Tesla?

    A lot of my driving is in the dark Wipers, Headlights, High beam assist, no cornering lights, Rear camera, and lack of light when reversing. Media system annoys me to a little, but sound in good. changing temp, while listening to music always hit seat button, (yes I know I can use voice, but...
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    When will you change your Tesla?

    After a year of ownership, and now in the winter again when the car really shows it's annoying traits, for me as soon as another car manufacturer like Audi, Merc, BMW bring out a small SUV that is quick, has a slightly better real world range, at around £60K. OR unless Telsa get their act right...
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    Poll for most annoying aspect of your model 3

    I am quite surprised so many have voted road noise, for me I would say it was not a lot worse than any high performance car with wide low profile tyres that I have owned in the past.
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    Chris Harris talks EV's and how The National Grid will cope (with Graeme Cooper)

    Simple really, as they said cars are mostly parked up, just need loads of destination chargers that could be installed now, with like 7/11kw charge. even street lights could solve a lot of problems
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    Voice control not work when no internet connection

    If it that is the case, it is quite frankly poo, pretty poor design tbh.
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    Voice control not work when no internet connection

    Am I right in thinking that if you lose phone connection via the internal car SIM card, that the voice control does not work, for even internal commands like change temp? Voice control just would not work with lost connection shown for me the other day.
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    [UK] 2020.40.x

    I have had trouble with the charging screen, black, I think they have moved some buttons around on it, all minor things, but I really just wish they would sort out the wipers forgot how bad they are now it is raining daily
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    [UK] 2020.40.x

    few bugs in this update
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    What did you do to your Tesla Model 3 today?

    I spent most of the day pressing the wiper button as the auto window wipers just does not work, especially in the dark :(
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    Is anyone completely happy with their M3?

    Cant say I am happy happy, but it does the job very well in some cases, and pretty poorly in others. There is plenty of room for improvement that's a fact. Would I buy another one tomorrow, yes probably as there is nothing else yet on the market, when that times comes then it will be interesting...
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    My 4 day old M3LR dead in the water

    I am betting a loose connection too :(
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    Jack pads

    I have some jack pads, and when I was in the Tesla service centre, I offered it to them, and they asked me what it was, I explained it and they sort of laughed at me, but then they do not need them as they use flat pads on the ramps to jack, so fact it they are important if you are using a...
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    Circuit breaker tripped last night

    I would not worry about it, main thing it is tripping, which is better than if it was stuck closed circuit, Thunder storms cause power surges, but it should only happen once in a blue moon, it if happens on a regular basis, then it needs looking at it.
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    Circuit breaker tripped last night

    Thunder Storm somewhere? I had a trip that used to sometimes trip sometimes in my garage, in the end after many months we found it was a faulty trip
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    [UK] 2020.28.x

    I think that outside the states Tesla does not have a say in what can work and not etc. it is outside regulations that are restricting them. But that said, even some of the things that they can control they do not do it that well compared to other premium manufactureres.
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    Worth challenging LV insurance increase?

    Seems a lot of insurance companies are hiking Tesla 3 polices up, and a lot more than £40-00 but since covid, everything is going through the roof
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    Sentry still borked for most people?

    tbh I have found ever since I have had the car (Sept 2019) sentry is hit and miss if it works or not. Certainly did not capture someone hitting my car in a car park, Also Alarm on the car went off the other night at midnight, car in garage, do not know why it went off no video again.

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