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  1. fieldalias

    FSD Yield Issue / Suburban Streets (10.4)

    Just some quick observations , FSD appears to completely ignore Yield signs in my neighborhood. A car was coming from cross traffic (they have no yield/stop) on a mostly uncontrolled intersection, and FSD didn't slow down at all as I had to slam on the breaks. Repetitive tests show the same...
  2. fieldalias

    Driver-side window auto-open/close not working

    This just happened after my FSD upgrade . This tip worked to reset them . Thanks !
  3. fieldalias

    Supercharger - Cabazon, CA (16 V2 stalls)

    Just parked here - all stalls were in use , about. 3 car wait. One stall was taped off
  4. fieldalias

    Creep ON or OFF?

    Seems like voters are with you, I was actually surprised by the polling outcome. Maybe it's my inability to shed "ICE Syndrome" causes my need for creep ;)
  5. fieldalias

    Creep ON or OFF?

    I keep mine on. Honestly, I cant imagine "lightly tapping the accelerator" as I inch closer to a wall. The car has too much power. Creep On.
  6. fieldalias

    Fair value for 90D private sale?

    I'm thinking of selling my 90D private party, and then upgrading to an X. Here are the stats: 90D, blue metallic + Autopilot + Lighting Package + Winter Package + Carbon Fiber Interior + Next Gen Seats The car has about $7k of professional detailing (clear bra (xpel) and tint (photosync) all...
  7. fieldalias

    Weathertech Tesla Floormats curl up in the back row!

    Following Up - Weathertech replace my mats for free, new ones seems to be working fine and ive kept the old ones around just in case. Happy so far.
  8. fieldalias

    Weathertech Tesla Floormats curl up in the back row!

    Yah - that was a dire quote. Further, it just seems they are blowing me off. Just to make sure this is clear, mine were purchased direct from Weathertech , not tesla. I've asked for them to replace it or refund it, will let you know the reply. If they will refund, i'll just get them through Tesla.
  9. fieldalias

    Weathertech Tesla Floormats curl up in the back row!

    This is the response from weathertech: "I would like to say thank you for your order, I am very sorry that is happening with your floor liner. I would like to explain how to fix that and its super simple. If you remove the liner from the vehicle and simply (with your hands) take all the edges...
  10. fieldalias

    Weathertech Tesla Floormats curl up in the back row!

    Mine are doing the same thing, and just noticed it this weekend. It leaks really cheap. I am contacting weathertech about a replacement. The matt resides in the rear seat, and since my little ones are still in car seats - no one even touches this thing. Very unfortunate, i purcahsed mine direct...
  11. fieldalias

    Firmware 7.1

    I actually just got back mine from service and they only updated it to 7.0 (2.9.77U) , which is a little annoying - hoping it updates tonight.
  12. fieldalias

    Hotwheels Model S

    I saw this and immediately tried to get one online. (since mine is blue) - was going to make it into a Christmas ornament. Anyone who knows how to get one - I'd greatly appreciate it.
  13. fieldalias

    90D Range slowly declining

    Mine started out with 251 at 90% and now is about 250. I drive aggressively :-) 90D as well.
  14. fieldalias

    They are NOT messing around when they say AutoPilot is Highway only. (Be CAREFUL!)

    Is this confirmed they are using the EyeQ3 and not an earlier version?
  15. fieldalias

    Anyone use autopilot in heavy traffic yet?

    Day two and it handled really well on the 405 Northbound. I did notice a section of the freeway where the lane had a "concrete separation line" and the car had a hard time deciding if it should stay between the break in the concrete or the painted lines. Above is an example. As you can see...
  16. fieldalias

    Autopilot challenge - Supercharger to Supercharger (200+ miles) hands off.

    I also did some longer drives with 0 nags. I'm planning on doing some 405 driving on the way home to test again.
  17. fieldalias

    Anyone use autopilot in heavy traffic yet?

    During the drive I was always behind someone at a red light, just lucky. Otherwise I would have manually had to break. Surprisingly, it sat for a very long time at a red light without forcing a hold position. So for the length of the drive I didn't have to touch anything (break, acceleration or...
  18. fieldalias

    Anyone use autopilot in heavy traffic yet?

    Yes, I just took it on a drive up and down Olympic in Los Angeles East of the 405. This was about a 5 mile drive in each direction. It did an amazing job, I even had it change lanes automatically on it's own a few times. The TACC also is WAY smoother for stop and go traffic now. The only...
  19. fieldalias

    Firmware 7.0

    Mine isn't charging while updating .
  20. fieldalias

    Firmware 7.0

    How long did the install take everyone ? I'm an hour in.
  21. fieldalias

    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    +1 Thanks
  22. fieldalias

    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    Elon's car at the event showed front Radar just like the MS.
  23. fieldalias

    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    One test driver got a shot at the firmware version , but missed the release notes.
  24. fieldalias

    90D specs

    Be interesting to see real world performance. The MS 85D/90D is listed as 4.2 0-60 and does it in around 3.8 IRL
  25. fieldalias

    Does the Model X come with 7.0?

    Oh yah , i must of watch that video too fast. Definitely appears to be 7.0
  26. fieldalias

    Tesla 90D vs 85D

    From the 0-60 times posted on the fourm, they seem to be the same speed.
  27. fieldalias

    Model S shifting to park while driving?

    I'm actually glad to see it does this. I was driving with creep off for some time, and was wondering what would happen if I got out without putting it in park. Title of the thread is very misleading.
  28. fieldalias

    Model S Delivery - Paint Defect

    Just wanted to post this for other people to look out for. When I picked up my S (90D) a few weeks ago and dropped it off at the detailer, the shop determine there were two defects in the paint. First was a bump on the lower side of the passenger door (as if dirt had gotten mixed in with the...
  29. fieldalias

    Model S - Window Tinting

    Weird, show rightside up in Chrome (windows) and in safari (iphone). What browser are you using? - - - Updated - - - Oh and random note for anyone looking to tine with 45, it does not feel very dark in the car. As i was worried how tint would feel coming from a non-tinted car. Anyhow love the...
  30. fieldalias

    Model S - Window Tinting

    Photosync 75 windshield / 45 sides and back- left pano alone
  31. fieldalias

    Open Letter to Elon Musk

    that now explains why I saw an older MS driving down the road with an open charge port.. I was wondering how that would ever happen!
  32. fieldalias

    TACC Tuning?

    Agreed on this, I see traffic slowing down up ahead while the MS starts accelerating - other than scary the sh* out of me, it also has to be inefficient.
  33. fieldalias

    Car Seat Recommendations? Second Row, Front Facing.

    Britax Frontier is what my wife went with after extensive research, and freinds who are on car seat boards. Combination Harness-2-Booster | Britax USA
  34. fieldalias

    Photo Request: Black Next-Gen/White Alcantara

    I have it on a blue 90D. I'll grab a picture for you. - - - Updated - - - Lighting is bad right now for the two pics taken (it's in a parking garage). The first one is taken while in the garage @ home w/ sunlight.
  35. fieldalias

    0-60/30-50/50-70 comparative times for 70D/85D/P85D

    Also interested to hear about this, as I have a 90D.
  36. fieldalias

    Model S New Car Smell...

    Mine seemed fine, smelled like every other new car w/ leather I've had.
  37. fieldalias

    Scalding Hot Door Handles!

    agreed btw, I've had the car in 109 degree temps and the handles in the shade were fine.
  38. fieldalias

    Model S - Window Tinting

    Im picking up my 90D Saturday with 75 windshield and 45 sides and rear (same color blue) . I'll post for comparison when it arrives. Looks great!
  39. fieldalias

    Xpel - worth it?

    I ended up going with full front + doors. Anyhow, thanks for all the feedback and opinions.
  40. fieldalias

    Scalding Hot Door Handles!

    Rotating the camera right , so the buttons are on the top, causes the picture to be upside down. So yes, blaming them seems appropriate. - - - Updated - - - They were taken on the surface with an IR gun. Further, the Xpel wrap only covers the outside of the handle , not the inside. I didn't...
  41. fieldalias

    Piano Black Rear Console Sold Out... Wait or Get Obeche?

    Interesting, I wondering if they are going to re-release the consoles now that the Model X clearly shows the center console matching the interior. Seems like in 3 weeks we will see new consoles hit the store... I'm going to hold off until then.
  42. fieldalias

    Scalding Hot Door Handles!

    Re-post - have to stop posting from my iphone (since the genius at apple put the shutter button on the bottom of the phone) Here is the car in the heat. Expel should be done by Saturday, I will update once I do a new measurement.
  43. fieldalias

    Scalding Hot Door Handles!

    Door handle test - Before Xpel So here is the test without Xpel, not sure running the AC for 30 mins cooled the handles at all. Honestly, the handles were hot enough I wouldn't want my kids touching them. Getting the car wrapped this week, will test again once I have it back. 11:15 - car...
  44. fieldalias

    Scalding Hot Door Handles!

    I'm getting the car wrapped on Tuesday and live in LA. Went on a trip to Palm Springs and nearly singed my hand on the door handles. (Was 109 outside). I'll take the car out in the sun tomorrow before noon and test temps, then test again after the wrap.
  45. fieldalias

    Four reasons owning a Model S has been bad for me...

    Totally agreed, I avoided a test drive like the plague... The day I finally broke down to take a test drive is the same day I ordered one
  46. fieldalias

    Does 240v NEMA 14-50 have to cost this much?

    My panel is by the garage, and had the outlet installed about 1ft away. Total cost was ~$120
  47. fieldalias

    Long time lurker, Just placed an order for a 90D!

    I took delivery of basically the exact same car / options last week - love it! Here is the color on a cloudy day: Here it is on a sunny day: - - - Updated - - - I plan on getting the car tinted / expel / opticoat next week. Will post again once it's done.
  48. fieldalias

    90D range information?

    100% charge w/ range mode on - honestly I didn't see a difference when toggling it.
  49. fieldalias

    New Car - No Cellular Data?

    Just got off the phone with support, looks like a known issue and I had to reboot BOTH the dash and touchscreen . instructions: 1. Unplug usb devices from the center console 2. Place your foot on the brake pedal and hold it down for the duration of the reboot 3. Press and hold...

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