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    Virginia State Inspection - Fairfax

    I'd be surprised since there is another supercharger in Springfield already, but I guess anything is possible.
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    Virginia State Inspection - Fairfax

    @reductase Parkway Shell in Burke (5751 Burke Centre Pkwy, Burke, VA 22015) has been doing Teslas for at least 5 years. Easy to get the inspection done there and you pay your $15 (or $20, whatever it is now). No financial interest, just a satisified customer.
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    Crowdsourcing a "small" gremlin issue fix - long

    How old is your 12V battery? On a 2013 car it is way overdue for replacement...I just replaced the one on my 2017 (and had gotten the alert it was dying)...
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    Text Message Replies don’t work

    it is documented in Tesla's instruction manual that it does not support group messaging. Basically when you respond to a group text, you are only responding to the person who sent the text. Obviously supporting group texts would be nice (and they will hopefully do so in the future), but per...
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    Safety Score after initial 7 days

    You were lucky. I just touched the brakes and got both a hard braking and a following too closely ding...53 on the drive. I've given up on the safety score stuff and now just drive as I used to before. It's too frustrating.
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    Supercharger - Fairfax, VA

    I suspect it may be in the parking garage. That was the speculation a couple of years ago when it was getting built...
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    Any recommendations for a touch up / paint repair shop in North / Central Jersey?

    Chantilly Autobody is a certified Tesla repair shop and repaired my car.
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    Safety Score after initial 7 days

    Well it looks like those people who bought cars in 2017 and has AP2.0 are out of schlitz, even if they upgraded to MCU2 (or the cars that had it to begin with). Looks like none of those cars have been given FSD Beta despite perfect scores and Elon indicated those cars need all cameras replaced...
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    Safety Score after initial 7 days

    For what it is worth, it is also clear that using autopilot actually hurts your safety score in traffic. I've been dinged for following too closely (with following range set on 5) and hard braking for drives when the triggers that caused those dings were when autopilot was on. It will be...
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    2021.32.10 bug?

    I have noticed no issues with 32.10 on a 2017 Model S with Updated MCU. It sounds like those saying they have issues may need to do a full, deep reboot and, if that doesn't address it, get the car in for service.
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    Totaled or fixable

    Genuinely curious why you believe this to be the case. It appears that the damage is limited to front bumper/nosecone assembly, probably the radiator(s), the hood and the front right quarter panel. Tires seem to be aligned which would indicate the impact didn't reach the drive unit/front axle...
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    Totaled or fixable

    Not sure how many cars you've actually repaired personally, but I've repaired many. The difference in repairing an ice car involved in a front end collision is that often you not only have radiator damage, but the engine itself was pushed back off it's mounts (or bending them and the frame) as...
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    Totaled or fixable

    Actually I own a 2017 which was rear-ended in a similar type accident in May of 2018. I documented the subsequent repairs (estimates, delays for parts, getting the insurance to cover replacing the PPF and Ceramic coat, getting a DV estimate and fighting with the insurer of the guy who hit me to...
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    Totaled or fixable

    It likely will be fixed vice totalled by your insurance company. Two reasons: 1. The cost of totalling the car is a VERY large number for a Tesla. 2. As there is no engine there, you don't have all of the damage that you would have in an ICE car. In effect most of the front is a crumple one...
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    V10 Sentry Mode now includes rear camera

    do you have an SSD you recommend? I'm seeing the same issue -- slow write times on the third USB I've purchased.
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    Dog Mode for older Model S?

    Dog mode isn't visible unless the car is in park. When in park, push the button to display all the environmental controls. At the bottom you should see something like off, auto, dog, camp. That is where you select dog mode (which will keep A/C on and a display on the MCU showing temperature...
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    Need 15-40 installed NOVA

    I believe so but it was back in 2017 so can't remember for sure. I know they took care of all the permitting and inspections so my guess is "yes" but that is just a guess. I'm sure you can call them and ask.
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    Parked my car at the airport…

    @bob_p Yeah that is a setting similar to the "always connected" option in terms of what it does. At the expense of battery drain, the car responds more quickly when you try to get it to do something -- answering on the app in the case of always connected and initiating a summon in the case of...
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    Unicorn Model S, X, and M3P

    Mine is a March 2017 S90D with FSD, and transferrable FUSC for life of car. Upgraded to AP3 and MCU2 last year. Car was ordered in December 2016 when you got the lifetime, transferable FUSC... I guess that meets the OP's definition of a Unicorn. Plus since it spends most of its time parked...
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    I want to purchase 2017 Model S

    @jcam I have what you are looking for except it is a 90D, not a P or 100. Grey exterior, Black interior, FUSC and MCU2 upgrade. Ordered December 2016, delivered March 2017 and has the fully transferable FUSC. Also has the extended warranty that was available back in 2017 covering the car for 8...
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    Recommended stations for VA state inspection near Manassas or Centreville, VA

    The Exxon on Burke Center parkway does a lot of Tesla state inspections and I've used them for the last four years.
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    Parked my car at the airport…

    Changing the password won't disable any software/connections that are using tokens. Hence @BCTS told you to contact service and have them purge the tokens. What you are describing is not normal. You've been given recommendations on how to address the issues, but seem to be committed to...
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    Customized Document from Etsy

    Which item did you order? Passport wallet or something else? Looking at his site, that is what appears closest to your picture....
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    Customized Document from Etsy

    Which item is it? The passport wallet? I assume you had to send them the Tesla logo?
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    Parked my car at the airport…

    To each his own. I'm a consultant who (pre covid) was on travel 2-3 weeks a month....all international trips. Have left my car in the garage (not plugged in) and around 90% state of charge for a 3 week trip and got back to have no issues other than the deep sleep I previously described. I do...
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    Parked my car at the airport…

    Are you sure the car was dead? Generally when I leave my car at the airport for several weeks it will go into deep sleep and I am unable to contact it from the app and it does not unlock when I approach it with my keyfob...but clicking the keyfob unlocks the doors and the car wakes back up and...
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    Have all the Model Ss disappeared from the roads?

    The Aluminum Falcon can regularly be spotted swooping around the idiotic traffic in the DC Metro area....
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    Do I Virginia emissions stickers for a Tesla?

    I'm a Virginia resident. You appear to be confused about the stickers and requirements. Here's the straight info: 1. You need to get your car inspected annually just like all other cars. Now cars that are registered in Northern Virginia (where emissions testing is required) need to get the...
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    Model S air conditioning

    Invoice doesn't say. It was done under warranty and they just list "General Diagnosis"...:-(
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    NJ EV rebate

    That's really no one else here can answer. He would need to contact a representative of the NJ Tax Authority...
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    Trying to sell with new battery and mcu2

    Nope, to get the number he wants, he needs to find a buyer he can convince that this 5 year old car is worth the same price as a brand new Tesla Model 3 or the same price as a newer used Model S or only just $30K less than a brand new Model S with much greater range, newer technology and the...
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    Trying to sell with new battery and mcu2

    Honestly...I'd be stunned if your car is even worth $40K. It doesn't have FSD (and never will). Having the new battery on it may get you a couple of thousand more in a private sale, but you are competing against all the 2016/2017 AP2 cars that have FSD and those will always have more value in a...
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    Why does Tesla take so long to ship a model s rear bumper?

    @mackeymax When my car was rear-ended and had to go to a Tesla approved body shop for repair, the rear bumper was one of the longest lead items to get to complete the repair. The reality for big body parts is that Tesla is using them as soon as they get made on the production line. A big pile...
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    Calling all military/ veteran owners

    Private Message sent
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    Calling all military/ veteran owners

    Yes, Dave Klain USNA '89. Do we know each other?
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    What is the best way to recondition the battery

    It's an 8 hour video. Can you tell us where to look? What were Bjorn's results and what did he do to try and recondition it?
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    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

    @JimmyB Congrats on your new-to-you car. You will love it and even the minor idiosyncrasies will be something you come to love in YOUR Tesla...
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    Weird battery level behavior

    Great feedback. I have a weird usage pattern due to my work. When I am in town, the car is either driven about 20 miles per day (to/from our offices) or about 100 miles per day (to/from where I keep my boat). I used the keep the car at a 60% charge...driving to the office and back would drop...
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    Weird battery level behavior

    I do charge to 100% very infrequently ...only for long trips or long driving days where I need the extra range. Normal charge level on a daily basis is 70%. I'm wondering if I should do the "run the battery as low as possible and then charge to 100% to reset things" drill. Thoughts from anyone?
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    Weird battery level behavior

    This is a new one to me in four years of Tesla ownership. I'm used to the projected range numbers on the battery from my TeslaMate data tracker getting lower in winter as the battery is less efficient and spends more time heating the battery, but yesterday I saw something very odd. Took it to...
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    FSD beta for all?

    Nope because what they are observing is what the display does. They have no idea what is happening at the software level on the back end (actually that is not true, because there are members of the autopilot team who are also driving the beta software and they know...but those people aren't...
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    High pitch reduced by 7-8db

    Keep us updated on how it goes. My experience with materials like that is that they may not absorb water, but that water tends to collect there and they still get wet/water beads on them. Problem is that water sitting there pressed against other things (metal body, etc.). I am honestly...
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    High pitch reduced by 7-8db

    How are you dealing with it getting wet/retaining water and moisture?
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    FSD beta for all?

    I'm not sure I agree with your conclusion. The display visualization is shifting to what people with FSD/NOA see on highways today. My assumption would be that is because they feel that is the "final visualization" and they are getting what they need in terms of feedbck from the "real EAP...
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    FSD beta for all?

    Did anyone get a response to email sent to the earlyaccess email address where we were supposed to contact them to be added. I sent the email and it didn't bounce, but not even an auto-response back...
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    Space ship's beating heart popped up on my screen?

    Tesla did use the HAL eye from 2001: A Space Odyssey and were told they couldn't use it for copyright reasons...so they changed it to "the Eye of Sauron" from the Lord of the Rings movies...
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    I wish Tesla Waze was the default map in the car...

    What's the best web browser link for Waze on a Tesla now?
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    Mobile detailer recommendations (DC AREA)

    @Alfiegoodboy Contact details for him?
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    Entering my driveway I got the rear mirrors to fold. How to open them automatically?

    Ok, I tested it today. Backed into driveway and then pulled out going forward. Mirrors did not unfold until the place they normally do (which is where I normally shift from reverse to forward). It is about 100' from the garage, so it appears clear that the unfolding of mirrors is set at a...
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    Entering my driveway I got the rear mirrors to fold. How to open them automatically?

    Tested it. Backed into my driveway (definitely less than 100 feet as the garage had not yet closed). Then put it in drive and started to move forward, mirrors unfolded. I note that those who say it doesn't until they get to 29mph appear to be nosecone or AP1 cars. I'm a refresh, AP2 car (now...

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