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  1. Peace1946

    Car names…

    “Peace”. Note my avatar. Obscure 1970’s cartoon robot.
  2. Peace1946

    Poll : What is your disengagement rate with FSD Beta ?

    It’s actually a little difficult to quantify. I disengage when the car is going to cause other drivers problems. If it’s too careful or too slow to react etc. and, of course when it does something dangerous or stupid. It’s far from ready for prime time regardless of what some think. I use it...
  3. Peace1946

    Mobile Service - Tire Repair

    Christmas Eve day started with an early present for me in the guise of a screw securely imbedded in the passenger rear tire. Noted while driving as a warning displayed on the UI as tire pressure low, 33 lbs. Didn’t think much about it at the time but the next morning the tire was at 3 lbs, or...
  4. Peace1946

    Supercharger - Arcadia, FL

    Didn’t know where or how to check to see if it was powered on. Just plugged in and it wasn’t working. I won’t be in the area again until the second week in January. Looks like their is something to the right of the white cabinets?
  5. Peace1946

    Supercharger - Arcadia, FL

    Stopped by this afternoon. Looks like it is pretty much complete. Not in service but it looks ready to go.
  6. Peace1946


    A little slow posting……life gets in the way of even FSD. Received the FSD beta (10.5) update 12/2 updated over night but didn’t show on the car until some reboots etc. Had a score of 98 for several weeks prior but had increased to 99 a few days before the update. No email or notice from Tesla...
  7. Peace1946

    FSD Beta Autopilot options missing after installation

    Thank you DerekP. Followed your suggestions. All is well is my FSD world. Peace kind of drove me to the grocery store and back. Impressive but still needs a LOT of work. Simple intersections with little or no traffic caused my panic index only slight tremors. Complicated turns and other...
  8. Peace1946

    How many actually use Autopilot?

    Central Florida, I use AP/FSD 95% of the time on highway and city streets. While I still don’t completely trust it, I am comfortable using it. Heavy traffic and unfamiliar surroundings make up the other 5%. Still waiting for the beta at 99.
  9. Peace1946

    Supercharger - Arcadia, FL

    This will save me some time once a month. Really glad to have this location added.
  10. Peace1946

    Two Wall Connectors

    Hopefully there won’t be. I know the car knows when I am at “home” and knows my charging routine etc. Just don’t know what to inspect. I guess I’ll set a home and work location and see what happens.
  11. Peace1946

    Two Wall Connectors

    We are purchasing a second home. I’m installing a wall charger in the new garage. We have a wall charger at our current home. We will spend similar amounts of time at both locations. Any Issues or recommendation?
  12. Peace1946

    Supercharger - Tampa, FL - S Hwy 301

    Glad to see this. On my way home from a trip I make every month.
  13. Peace1946

    How to use FSD/autosteer

    I am very comfortable using autosteer, FSD. I use it 95% of the time. You have to use it and learn it’s limitations. I don’t trust it in all situations but I find it less stressful most of the time. I have learned to keep just the right amount of pressure on the steering wheel to avoid the nag...
  14. Peace1946

    FSD button is here!

    Posted this as a new thread but fits in here as well. I’ve always felt Auto Pilot was a little slow to react to stopped or slowing traffic, well today I saw the negative side to that issue. Having signed up for the FSD beta and thusly taking part in the Safety Score program I experienced an...
  15. Peace1946

    Safety Score and Auto Pilot

    I’ve always felt Auto Pilot was a little slow to react to stopped or slowing traffic, well today I saw the negative side to that issue. Having signed up for the FSD beta and thusly taking part in the Safety Score program I experienced an occurrence when I had to disengage Auto Pilot when the...
  16. Peace1946

    FSD button is here!

    This should be interesting. How long will it take to be “approved”? How many vehicles will be included?
  17. Peace1946

    Gripe - time font too small

    An ability to increase font size would be much appreciated. Old eyes buy Teslas too. Maybe a feature to have the system speak the warnings. I’m sure it would get old but I doubt I’ve been able to read ten percent of the ones flashed on the screen.
  18. Peace1946

    Navigation Errors

    Is there a way to report errors in the navigation system. A recent trip found me instructed to drive north on the Florida turnpike when I should have been instructed to drive south. A major error to be sure.
  19. Peace1946

    What has been hauled or transported in your model Y

    It was a snug fit. Very little social distancing. But, everything was in its case so there was no real exposure issues. (As a side note…….banjos and dulcimers get along just fine as long as you are playing fiddle tunes.)
  20. Peace1946

    What has been hauled or transported in your model Y

    Back in May I made a trip to Michigan. Just me and ten guitars, one mandolin, two banjos, a bowed psaltry, three hammered dulcimers and a small steel drum. My wife stayed home.
  21. Peace1946

    Cruise Control

    jsight. Thanks for the link to the manual. That’s a lot easier than trying to read it in the car.
  22. Peace1946

    All the cars I've owned

    OK, I’ll add the motorcycles. 1966 Honda 305 Scrambler 1968 Honda CL350 1973 Husqvarna 250 WR 1973 Penton 125 SD 1974 Husqvarna 250 CR 1974 Husqvarna 400 WR 1973 Suzuki 250 Savage 1975 Husqvarna 175 GP 1974 Hodaka Dirt Squirt 100 1975 Yamaha MX 400 B...
  23. Peace1946

    All the cars I've owned

    I keep a spreadsheet of my cars and motorcycles. 1967 MG MGB 1970 Dodge Challenger 340 1971 Chevrolet Corvette T Top 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 1964 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible 1971 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 1970 BMW 2002 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1976...
  24. Peace1946

    FSD Discussion

    I purchased FSD just before the last price increase. Gave it a lot of thought after reading all the pros and cons but feel I made the right choice for me. While the promise of autonomous driving is still in question the current FSD version is meeting my expectations. I was skeptical I would...
  25. Peace1946

    Security to the Max?

    DaveORD that is a good solution that I will apply when I can. However, I am faced with using wheelchair parking at times for my passenger. I did have one instance of multiple alarms simply because of the number of people walking by. Too bad there isn’t a way to adjust the sensitivity.
  26. Peace1946

    Security to the Max?

    I seem to be having issues with Sentry settings. It appears to be so sensitive that if I park within one space of a cart return at the grocery my alarm triggers. Not every once in a while, I mean five or six times while I’m in the store. I can only assume it’s a combination of sound and...
  27. Peace1946

    charging, how often do you plug in at home?

    After six months of ownership I have developed a pattern of charging every night to around 80%. That assuming I don’t forget to plug in. That seems to happen about once a month. Charging is scheduled to start at 11:00pm. About once a month I need a full charge. For those days I schedule a...
  28. Peace1946


    Since the original post I have adapted to keeping a slight amount of pressure on the wheel at all times to avoid the “nag”. After doing so for the last month or so it has become second nature. I now do not experience the “nag” at all. I have become so use to doing this that I do it when I’m not...
  29. Peace1946

    Auto pilot in stop and go freeway traffic

    I tried that approach. The manual sucks. It’s very difficult to find what you need to read. Not to mention when I found the description of what to do.... it didn’t work. The right scroll wheel depresses when trying to move it to the side and activates the microphone and doesn’t display the...
  30. Peace1946

    Auto pilot in stop and go freeway traffic

    I just today realized the thumb wheels move left or right. When I tried to move them before I was pressing them down. (It’s so hard to get good help these days, especially if your doing things yourself!). The next time I go out I’ll give it a try. Thank you
  31. Peace1946

    Auto pilot in stop and go freeway traffic

    I’ve tried to find the area to change the following distance but no luck so far. It’s not where I expected it to be nor where an internet search suggested. Can someone give me specific instructions where to find the area to make the changes?
  32. Peace1946

    Alternative Route

    Well that was an adventure. I did take Interstate 4, the traffic wasn’t as bad as usual but several slowdowns near municipalities. Using Navigate on Auto Pilot makes things so much easier. The adventure began as we missed an exit and had to navigate the entrance to Disney World! So at this...
  33. Peace1946

    Alternative Route

    Im sure you would agree. Sunday morning is quite a different animal than Friday morning at 8:00. I am set for an adventure!
  34. Peace1946

    Alternative Route

    I’ve never been on Interstate 4 when the traffic was good.
  35. Peace1946

    Alternative Route

    One thing I thought about was to just start the northern route on my own after putting in the destination and at some point the nav system would update and recalculate the route?
  36. Peace1946

    Alternative Route

    About to take my first “road trip”. Will be driving from the Tampa area in Florida to the Disney area in Orlando. (Not what you might expect....not going to Disney going to a Publix for the COVID vaccination.) and unfortunately the timing will put us right in the middle of drive to work time...
  37. Peace1946

    Alternative Route?

    Moved to a different area in the forum.
  38. Peace1946


    I’ve had my Y since Thanksgiving. Still trying to learn the ropes. I’ve tried a few techniques to deal with the nag, especially in city traffic situations. Ranging from waiting for the nag to appear and applying slight turning pressure (too sporadic timing causing extra stress). Bumping the...
  39. Peace1946

    Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

    It’s OK. My vision isn’t too good so it shouldn’t bother me. I’ll adopt your solution. I did use a very fine line marking pen to black out the color of the adhesive. That made it almost invisible. Now you really have to look for it.
  40. Peace1946

    Supercharger - Land O’ Lakes, FL (Formerly Wesley Chapel)

    I didn’t try to charge, but it looked open?
  41. Peace1946

    Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

    Installed looks good but there are some fitment issues. You can see the adhesive on both ends if you look closely.
  42. Peace1946

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    Received mine ordered in November. Works well. Got my sentry mode set up. Still unable to charge the iPhone Pro Max. Even with the spacer.
  43. Peace1946

    Let's See Your Charging Setup

    Not fancy, but functional.
  44. Peace1946

    Bring Back The Green Mileage Icon - Please!

    Excellent idea. The grey is hard to see.
  45. Peace1946

    Supercharger - Land O’ Lakes, FL (Formerly Wesley Chapel)

    Under construction sooner than I expected. I’ll probably never use it but I’m glad it’s going to be there.
  46. Peace1946

    Trade In Value from Tesla? WTF?

    My trade to Tesla was a positive experience. Their offer was $500 higher than KBB. When going through my paper work at delivery I saw papers showing that they had my car sold to a nearby car lot that actively buys cars in my area. My assumption was that Tesla had the trade amount and details...
  47. Peace1946

    YouTube login

    Just an FYI. Was having the Google sign in issue. Gave up after several attempts to use the work around. A few days later decided to try again. Got all my ducks in a row to make sure I was ready with a new website, sign ons, passwords etc. but when I started the process the direct sign in...
  48. Peace1946

    What will you name your Model Y?

    Peace Not so subtle reference to the Bakshi character from the movie Wizards, 1977. He is my alter ego and cartoon character in my drawings. Red MY, I didn’t feel I really had a choice.
  49. Peace1946

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    Just stumbled on this thread. A little unsettling. I ordered my hub November 26. Stated shipping/delivery mid December. Patience is a virtue I’m told. I hope it doesn’t come to that. Peace
  50. Peace1946

    Right Pillar Camera Blocked or Blinded

    I had a right side camera error on a dark curvy road at night. Timing was an issue. It came within the first 80 miles of ownership. Has not repeated. Glad to see this thread, I thought I was the only one. Peace

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