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    Poll: current safety score

    97 after two days and about 100 miles... but I'm 75 years old...
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    Supercharger - Yakima, WA

    I've always found the stalls generous enough for my Model X, and the cyber truck appears to be about 1" wider.
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    Supercharger - Seattle, WA - Ballard Way

    What could better than being next door to Mike's Chili Parlor?
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    Is there any advantage of leaving the X plugged in even when charge is completed?

    I still do as I was told in 2013... 'A plugged in Tesla is as a happy Tesla'
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    LR+ Delivery Range

    Charged from 7%. to 100% last night and ended up at 355 miles. Delivery on 3/8 as a LR+.
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    Supercharger - Cle Elum, WA

    Charged in Cle Elum yesterday on my way from Woodinville to Spokane. Lacey was there at overseeing an emergency repair to the espresso maker. Took time to show us around. Thank you, Lacey for what you have done, it's impressive. PS, Ritzville was reported to be Out of Service, or Reduced...
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    WTB nose cone / front grille

    Still interested? I have one...
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    Supercharger - Cle Elum, WA

    I've always believed that beer is the foundation for the Food Pyramid...
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    Blueshift's Fund - Supercharge.info

    It is time, so I donated a small amount again...
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    Supercharger - Leavenworth, WA

    Have used it many times, always went well. Aerovironment charger.
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    How long until you break even?

    I bought mine (2) to save gas, not money...
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    When can I break even?

    I'm able to place my order for my Model 3 any time now. My question is if I pay $60,500 for my car (35K base, plus 9K for extended range, plus 5K for premium upgrades, plus 1k for paint, plus 5K for autopilot, plus 5.5K taxes) less 7.5K tax credit, for a total of $53,000, how long do you think...
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    Burned by Tesla on idle fees. Something to know

    I've done that many times.. Always worked well. Probably 3/4 of the charge before bed and the rest in the AM. Works well, the battery and car are full,warm and ready to go. I always worry about keeping someone, or being kept from being able to charge.
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    WTB: 19" Model S Wheels - Any Type - Seattle

    I've got a set of 19' wheels with snow tires here in Woodinville.
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    What information would you want to know about Model 3?

    I'm an October/December delivery date kind of guy/ The Model 3 will be my wife's, and she is not impressed so far with the not knowing the trunk size. She has to carry stuff for her work, and I need to know what size boxes will fit in the trunk..
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    Will Long Range save a little money

    I drive from Seattle to Spokane ten or twelve times a year. A little over 300 miles. In both my S85 and my P90D Model X, I Supercharge in Ellensburg and/or Ritzville WA to complete the trip. With charging to 90 or 100% from home I'll need fewer kWh's along the way to make the trip. With paying...
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    When is your Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive due for delivery, mine is in late 2018?

    Reserved at 10AM in store at Bellevue on 3/31/2016. So, we're on the West coast, a Tesla owner and a fairly early reserver. I think that it was about reservation number 30K before they replaced the actual order number and replaced it with a non ordered sequence number.
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    Updated by WiFi at home this afternoon. XP90D, AP 1. I'll take a drive this evening. (Seattle time).
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    Looking for nose cone

    I have one without parking sensors.
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    Elon twits AP1 improvements coming...anyone still trust them?

    The question in the title is a little different than the poll. Yes, I still trust them. Its a journey that is not easy (or we'd be there already). Sometimes it's two steps forward and one step back. I believe that it will be OK.
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    Travelling overseas for 3 weeks

    Yes... "A plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla" Set charging level to somewhere in the middle...
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    Improving Supercharger Availability $0.40 idle fee

    I'm a little confused... Doesn't the Tesla app show the state of charge and the time remaining? I've Supercharged on twenty or twenty five trips and never been late back past full charge. Plan bathrooms, coffee, and meals around charging times. The time I charged at Mt Shasta and stayed at...
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    Elon Musk to advise Trump administration

    There is something to be said for doing what it takes to get the right things done...
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    Did our X get a little more desirable?

    I'm hoping it transfers with me when I get my next one....
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    Supercharging Credit Program

    Let's see if i've got this right... I drive about 15.000 miles a year, about 3000 of those have been 'road trips' for each of the last three plus years. 3000 miles at 325 watts per mile (about 1000 kWh) at 15 cents per kWh is $150. This doesn't count leaving with a full battery or charging...
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    What's the verdict on 8.0 Autopilot nags?

    I've had the same experience. Hands lightly on the wheel, no nags. I like the fact that the first warning is the white ring on the dash, not an audible warning (which always caused my wife always asked "whats that"). I'm wondering what people want to do with their hands if their not on the...
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    P90D to be discontinued

    I think, for once, my P90D just became more valuable.
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    Should I buy the Model X?

    1. Yes VIN xxx5077 2. Absolutely No issues...
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    The "old" leather seats are available again

    Just buy one... :)
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    MX going to SC, after 1 month

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    "Soft" Controls Aren't Perfect

    Pressing the left steering wheel scroll mutes the sound immediately
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    AP---What do you wish you had known at delivery?

    I think it may be best not to use Autopilot in construction zones. I don't
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    Chargepoint issues

    "Thinking of the future, off the Supercharger net, is the CHAdeMO Adapter worth the $450?" Compared to what? I have a CNAdeMO Adapter and have used it four or five times, a Roadster Charger to Model S/X adapter, used six or eight times times, a 20 foot 14-50 extension cord used twice. At old...
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    Anyone with a problem free car...

    Me... Mid April delivery, no worries at delivery, no problems since.
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    Battery unplugged for 54 days

    No 110v available?
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    Supercharging Price - What if it is $2500?

    I did not my P85 (with Supercharging included in the price) with the idea that I would save money. I use supercharging to allow me to travel long distances and enjoy the best car in the world while doing it. Maybe 25 or 30, 600 mile round trips across the state (Washington...grandkids), Eastern...
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    MX Summon wont park in my garage..hope they can fix

    Try painting the the concrete curbing a color to match the driveway or the garage...
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    New Tesla Service Center opening in Bellevue soon

    New Bellevue Service Center opened last Monday. Service bays downstairs, Showroom and Eastside Delivery Center upstairs. It's beautiful. BTW it's my Silver Model X on the left.
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    Downgrading to an S model?

    I have much more ground clearance in my X than I did in my Model S. I had to have the S on High to clear my driveway slope, and the X does it on Standard.
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    Solar PV paving

    I believe that I may visit Colas to talk about their project late in June. Putting solar panels along highways is a good thing to do, but it's not as easy as it looks. We're doing that as well .
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    Putting the Tesla HEPA Filter and Bioweapon Defense Mode to the Test

    Had it on for a 90 minute drive this morning, and don't think that it made any more noise than the AC.
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    Model X for Chelan Earth Day Fair

    Would love to. But, it does not deliver until the 20th...
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    Was thanking Model S/X owners for funding Model 3 -- a bad idea

    I agree. Big reasons that I justified buying a Model S and then a Model X were to enable the Model 3 to be developed and sold, at this stage in my life I could afford to help let that happen, and I get own (and will continue to own with the Model X arriving in the next couple of weeks) to own a...
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    This sums up our morning!

    Make that Collector, not Hoarder...
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    P90D offer

    When I said 'transfer the title' i meant 'sell' to another person.
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    P90D offer

    I think that selling your car before you take possession of it is just like selling your reservation, you can't do it. You will have to take possession and then transfer the title to the next owner. The tax credit would stay with the original purchaser (you). If this weren't so, it would be a...
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    Two deliveries in one day!

    Didn't happen if there are no pictures.
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    New Accessory Hitch

    Sorry about that. I searched for Accessory Hitch and didn't find it. Kinda buried in design Center Changes...

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