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  1. tstafford

    Mobile Service but “near” a SC?

    All - So my driver’s exterior door handle broke. I know this is a common issue - had door handle issue on my 2015 as well. Question: When I scheduled the service in the app it booked me for service at my house. I’m about 20 miles from the SC. Is this normal? Every other service I’ve needed over...
  2. tstafford

    Model S is long in the tooth

    Probably get pounded for saying this because it's not positive and likely beaten to death, but the MS just isn't keeping up with alternatives in the price range. Note: I'm pro-Tesla, pro-electric. However I think the early concept of "no compromise" was right. A 100D or P100D is an expensive car...
  3. tstafford

    When do you expect the first deliveries of the 2020 Roadster?

    Just curious what people think. When do y'all expect the launch to occur? Specifically when will the Founder's Edition people start getting their cars?
  4. tstafford

    Additional wait for non-sig reservations?

    All, Considering putting down a Roadster 2020 deposit. Curious what people think the additional 200K "loan" to Tesla will get them on the sig reservation. Guessing it's mostly getting the car earlier - but how much earlier? I'll admit I'd love to be one of the first folks to get the car but...
  5. tstafford

    Rain sensing wipers - AP2 (is there a trick)?

    All, I have the setting turned on for auto-wipers but as far as I can tell they don't seem to work. At the lowest setting the wipers just run continuously with a delay/pause at the bottom. This happens rain or shine. Am I missing something? Rain sensing wipers worked fine on my P85D. Thanks, Tim
  6. tstafford

    J1772 Adapter

    Taking delivery next week of a new 100D. Simple question - does the current generation of UMC kit (or whatever it's called) include a J1772 adapter? I'll be heading out almost immediately on a road trip that requires some public charging. TIA, Tim
  7. tstafford

    Is LTE still free?

    Switching from a P85D to a new 100D next week. I read somewhere that Tesla was considering doing away with free LTE. Is it still free? If so, will it likely stay that way or is it scheduled to change sometime soon? TIA, Tim
  8. tstafford

    P85DL to 100D

    All, I'm coming to the end of my lease and I'm going to be trading a 2015 P85DL for a 2018 100D. When I bought the P85D I went for the full monty and then paid for the L upgrade as well. I have loved the car but range is king and money matters so I'm trying to be "responsible" and have opted...
  9. tstafford

    About to Order - couple of questions

    I'm coming off my lease and was thinking I'd take a break from Tesla but I can't do it. I'm addicted. Question One: Can I refer myself? I have a referral code and simply want to have free Supercharging on the new car. If I use my own referral code, will that work? Question Two: What kind of...
  10. tstafford

    Tesla End of Lease Options?

    Any experiences people want to share about coming off the US Bank lease? I leased the car in summer '15 because I figured Tesla would continue to add features/functions and that the lease would put me on a scheduled upgrade plan - I'd get a new one every three years but not be tempted to jump...
  11. tstafford

    Founders Reservations

    Does anyone know how many Founder's Reservations Tesla has received so far? I'm guessing they'd report this for financial reasons, but maybe not.
  12. tstafford

    What are the issues with AP2?

    Folks, I'm sure I could comb thru a million posts, but can someone who has experience with both AP1 and AP2 tell me why the consensus is that AP2 isn't there yet? I'm coming up on the end of my lease on the P85D. I love the car, love AP1 - I use it heavily on the highway and around town. I...
  13. tstafford

    Service Question - No Answer from Tesla

    All, Trying to get an answer on the questions below. Irritating that Tesla isn't answering. Anyway - what do you folks think I should do in terms of service? Thanks. Tim From: Timothy Stafford <> Date: Monday, May 22, 2017 at 6:36 AM To: <[email protected]> Subject: FW...
  14. tstafford

    Key Fob Battery Degradation

    All, Year and a half in to my P85D ownership and all of the sudden I have a new (annoying) issue. My key fob batteries are going dead very fast. ~4/25 - Warning on dash. Changed battery in the fob I use daily 4/27 - Warning appears again. Thought maybe I should have changed both batteries so I...
  15. tstafford

    Real World Towing Experiences?

    Is anyone towing with their MX? I'm curious how that's going and also how much additional drain it puts on the battery (range). My situation - we're planning on an MX for the wife. I do HPDE with my Porsche and want the ability to tow it on an open car carrier. The car and the trailer will be...
  16. tstafford

    2nd Row Seat Position

    MS owner here contemplating an MX. Question - can the position o the 2nd Row of seats be controlled from the touch screen or only from the controls on the seats themselves? Thanks. Tim
  17. tstafford

    Destination Charging in B-ham

    All, Need to make a trip from Nashville to Birmingham, AL. No SC's along the way and nothing listed on Tesla's site for destination charging. Does anyone know of a hotel in B-ham that has a HPWC? I can make it on a single charge so I don't need anything along the way. But I can't find an...
  18. tstafford

    Charge limit and the battery options?

    Maybe this was addressed elsewhere - if so I'm sorry. So since I've owned my Tesla the conventional wisdom is that we should not charge to 100% on a regular basis because that can cause harm to the battery. Also the common claim is that leaving the battery in a 100% state of charge is the issue...
  19. tstafford

    Wheel Fitment? (WTB)

    All, I'd like to buy one 19inch standard wheel for my August 2015 P85D. Question - Were all of those wheels the same? Or did the offset change at some point? Basically will any of the older standard 19 inch wheels match or do I need one from a certain date range? Also - If you have one, let...
  20. tstafford

    Defective Wheel?

    All, Has anyone had any issues with the paint flaking off of their wheels? This has happened now three times to me in 7500 miles. I thought that it might be "user error" the first two times, but this chip happened during a three mile drive that didn't include any incidents or parallel parking...
  21. tstafford

    Where do you find your delivery estimate?

    All, Ordered 4/19, confirmed 4/26. Note: This is my second Tesla so you'd think I'd know how to do this! I'm clearly missing something - where do I find my delivery estimate? I've attached a screen shot of where I think it was on my MS. But maybe I'm in the wrong place in mytesla. Or has Tesla...
  22. tstafford

    Recent MX 90D Delivery Estimate?

    All, Placed my order yesterday for a 90D so now in the confirmation wait period. Won't get a delivery estimate until the wait is over. Does anyone know roughly how long the wait is from confirmation to delivery these days? Thanks. Tim
  23. tstafford

    Deposit Request E-mail

    FYI - Tesla just sent me an e-mail requesting another $2500 deposit on the MX. I've been holding a reservation for a while for which I placed the required $5000 deposit. Either I gave them too much money or not enough! Tesla really needs to get their communication straight.
  24. tstafford

    Buying Guide?

    Question - Is there a thread anywhere here that helps a newbie who is considering buying a Roadster? I'm early in the process and want to absorb as much information as I can. Thanks for the help.
  25. tstafford

    Placed Reservation

    Wife wants to join the electric revolution! Reserved her MX today to beat the rush tomorrow. Excited about the prospect of being a two Tesla family and zero gas cars as well. Bye bye Toyota Sienna!
  26. tstafford

    Isn't it about time. . .

    For us to begin speculating and preemptively complaining about V7.2? History would tell us that we should be seeing the Beta soon and the GA release in April. I realize we aren't waiting on anything big that has been promised but not delivered like we were a year or so ago, but still.
  27. tstafford

    HPWC Install - Nashville

    All, I need to get another line run and a HPWC installed. My house came with the NEMA 14-50 I am currently using so I didn't have to go through this when I got my car. Any recommendations on a Nashville electrician from other folks around here? TIA Tim in Nashville
  28. tstafford

    One Week in to Ludicrous

    Thought I would give my initial butt dyno thoughts on the ludicrous retrofit. All the threads with the numbers, charts and graphs are awesome but I know as I was waiting on the upgrade I wanted to hear how owners who had it felt about the purchase. I’m going to try to be as objective as I...
  29. tstafford

    The Rear Thump Sound

    All, I know there have been some threads on the thump sound that sounds like someone is bumping in to your rear end. Seems to happen when the car is at a stop for a minute or two and is, for me, very uncommon. I'm going in to the SC for another reason and I'm thinking about mentioning it to...
  30. tstafford

    Q for the Lucky Folks who Own Two Teslas

    The wife wants an MX. Who am I to say no. So we will be putting a deposit down on that. Question (and of course I have a long time to decide) - but for those of you with two cars, do you have two NEMA 14-50s or do you share one? Part of me thinks that just sharing the one will be fine. But I...
  31. tstafford

    What to Expect When Placing Deposit?

    All, Wife borrowed my MS for a road trip this weekend and is now firmly sold on Tesla. So we will be placing a MX reservation deposit shortly. Could folks in the know kindly tell me what to expect after we do that? Will we be just added to a list without much information about what happens next...
  32. tstafford

    Tesla in the South - In the Snow!

    Thumbs up for Tesla AWD and all season tires. We are having a blizzard in Nashville terms. MS trudged right through without any issues. Surefooted and comfortable. Only issue was the parking sensors thought I was going to crash when they got tripped by some drifted show and by the end none of...
  33. tstafford

    Refund of Ludicrous Deposit?

    Has anyone asked for a refund on this non-refundable deposit? If so, what happened? I ask because I have a deposit down and want to get the upgrade. However I am leasing and at some point the wait to get the upgrade will cause me to throw in the towel and just wait for the next lease to begin...
  34. tstafford

    Regen Come Back!

    Wow I miss regen braking! Nashville has been cold - we get a spell of very cold once or twice a winter and we are in one now. Having taken delivery in August this is my first winter with the car. Really miss regen. My trips are short each day - yesterday (according to Visible Tesla) I had two 8...
  35. tstafford

    I'm Doing Something Wrong

    A few weeks ago I posted this thread and got some helpful replies (Road Trip Advice - Inexperienced Driver) so some folks may recognize my questions as clarifications from that thread. Anyway - the situation is simple - I live in Nashville and my wife wants to drive the Tesla to South Carolina...
  36. tstafford

    Road Trip Advice - Inexperienced Driver

    Need comments from the experts. Situation: Wife has a wedding to go to at the end of January and we'd like for her to take the P85D leaving me with the twins and the minivan. This is a drive from Nashville to Greenville, SC. Luckily there are a number of superchargers on the way. Here's the...
  37. tstafford

    Reservations - Is it worth it?

    All, I haven't been closely following the X launch/rollout so I apologize if this is a silly or obvious question. What is the general thinking on whether or not to put down a reservation at this point? Best guesses (no guarantees) when would reservations placed now be built? Is it better to...
  38. tstafford

    Ludicrous Upgrades Outside of Fremont?

    Has anyone gotten the upgrade, scheduled the upgrade, seen a list of SCs that will be performing the upgrade, heard anything from Tesla regarding the upgrade outside of Fremont? Thanks. Tim (Patiently (sort of) waiting for the upgrade)
  39. tstafford

    What is AutoPilot 2.0?

    All, There are a few threads discussing when AP 2.0 might hit, whether to wait on it, etc. Question: What is AP 2.0? Has Tesla said something that gives us some inkling of what is coming next? I feel like I remember Elon saying that autonomous driving is three years or so away (meaning in...
  40. tstafford

    Rear Handle Grabbing Me

    All, Maybe there is a post about this already somewhere (if so I'm sorry). The rear outside door handle has become grabby. Twice today it tried to close when I was attempting to open the door. This is happening when I get out of the car (driver's seat) and go back there to let the dog out -...
  41. tstafford

    We Are All Very Lucky

    All you need to do to remind yourself of how fortunate we are to drive the MS is rent a car. Currently driving a rental Nissan Altima (which I honestly thought would be okay) and all I can think about is how superior the Tesla is. Our cars aren't just better, they are basically nothing like a...
  42. tstafford

    Need AutoPilot AutoHonk

    Driving with AP Lanekeeping on and another driver started to drift in to my lane while right next to me. Made me think - need AutoHonk! :wink:
  43. tstafford

    Locking Seems to Have Changed

    I typically have left my key hidden in the car and locked with either Remote S or the Tesla App. This worked in the past. Now the car appears to lock (folds in mirrors) but is in fact not locked. Am I crazy?
  44. tstafford

    Did Tesla Change this Again? (P85D - Ludicrous Offer)

    Notice that the labor pricing isn't listed any more. I swear this used to say $2500 in labor. Tesla Accessories and Charging Adapters LUDICROUS MODE ONLY (P85D) - PRE ORDER DEPOSIT $ 500.00 or continue browsing Must include VIN and designate the prefer Service Center location for...
  45. tstafford

    KC SC has P85D - Ludicrous?

    Maybe I missed something somewhere, but buried in another thread about people vomiting are a couple of posts that the KC SC has a P85DL. Does anyone have any more info on that? Example - has anyone driven it? What's the deal?
  46. tstafford

    Ludicrous Upgrade Scheduling?

    Not trying to start yet another debate thread. But has anyone actually gotten scheduled for the upgrade (maybe at Fremont?)? Supposedly they were going to roll out to other SCs 45 days from 9/25. Of course that is probably not correct, but anyway. In short - has anyone scheduled, discussed...
  47. tstafford

    Power Folding Mirror Failure (or User Error)

    All, Noticed today that the passenger side mirror was folded in. Pressed the button on driver's side door and it closed the driver's side mirror (so now both closed). Pressed again - only drivers side unfolded. Manually opened the passenger one. Now it doesn't close - either via the button or...
  48. tstafford

    Car doesn't charge to 90% any more

    Okay - so I'm sure I'm missing something very obvious. When I took delivery of my car six weeks ago it was set to charge to 90% which it did - this generated 227 miles rated range. This happened every night - sometimes it would show 226 but almost always 227. I had some minor work done to the...
  49. tstafford

    Which Comes First - AP Lane Keeping or P85D Ludicrous Upgrade

    Poll above. Which comes first?
  50. tstafford

    In Good Company

    I guess if someone has to park near my car, this one is okay by me.

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