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    Another pen on white seat post - help!

    I hate to post another one of these, but somehow (i.e. the kids) blue pen got on the rear seat of our Y. Thus far I've tried leather seat cleaner, alcohol, hand sanitizer and most recently WD-40, all to no avail. I know some have mentioned magic eraser, but it's my understanding that it...
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    Would you take a demo of your exact configuration?

    Greetings - I've been getting a bit antsy with my MYP order and have been in pretty much weekly dialog with my SA about other potential options out there. Lo and behold, he called me today and said that there is a local demo that just became available with only 73 miles on it. Late March...
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    Model 3 Performance Vs Giulia Quadrifoglio?

    Hi - I currently have a M3P reserved but was just recently offered a killer deal on a 2022 Giulia Quadrafoglio. That said, I'm curious if anyone here owns/owned one and if so how they feel it compares to the M3P? I was all in on the Tesla, but this also might be my last chance for a Ferrari...
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    Model 3 LR/P Reservation - Save 3k

    We decided to go with an MYP instead of the 3, so I currently have our M3P reservation up for grabs. OD was 3/13, so just prior to the price increases. Net savings would be about 3k. $1250 for the reservation (which is really $1000 since $250 stays with the account). Thanks!
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    M3P or MYP?

    I almost hate to start this thread, but I'm really on the fence here. Just for some background info, my wife currently drives a Model Y SR and I'm just coming off an BMW X3M lease (had an M3 CS prior to that). Instinctively, I put in my order for an MYP a few days ago hoping that I'd get an...
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    FS: Model Y OEM All Weather Mats (Philly)

    Mats were only used a handful of times. Great condition. Philly suburbs, local pickup preferred. $125
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    Model Y OEM All Weather Mats (Philly)

    Wrong forum, please delete.
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    7 Seat Interior Protection

    As many of you with the 7 seater probably know, there is a section of carpet on the rear door sill that is a prime area for the kids to step on when they get in the car. I'm worried that this section will eventually wear out, so I'm curious if anyone has found a solution for protecting it...
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    Partial Headliner replacement?

    We were transporting some things in our MY the other day and unfortunately one of the objects gashed the front section of the headliner. Since the headliner is two pieces, would it be possible to just replace the front section? If so, does anyone know what the cost might be / the difficulty...
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    Rear Impact PPF AND Rockers?

    Hello - we recently had the full front of our Y PPF'd along with the rear impact area. I've seen a few suggestions though of covering the lower doors as well. That said, has anyone done both? It seems like the rear impact piece comes up higher and offers more protection in that space than...
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    Trim piece fell off rear seat

    Hey everyone, this plastic trim piece spuriously fell off the other day. It seems to be a cover for the rear seat rail (we have a 7 seater. That said, no matter how hard I try, I can’t get it to stay on now. Any thoughts on how to get it back on, or should I just schedule a service appointment?
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    Timeline on order from existing inventory?

    Hello - I managed to snag an SR 7 seater yesterday from existing inventory about 200 miles away. Does anyone know how long it normally takes for these types of deliveries? All pre-work is completed and I have the VIN, but I'm just curious what to expect now.
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    Brand new in box OEM Tesla Y Mud Flaps

    Still sealed in the original box. $37 shipped Thanks!
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    Delivery timeframe from existing stock?

    Hey everyone, I currently have an MYP on order but with my delivery date being pushed back further and further, I've been looking at some other options. I was able to locate an M3P on the West coast that fits what I'm looking for. I know that it will incur a transport fee, but can anyone tell...
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    Rejected delivery, now what?

    Rejected delivery of my blue MYP on 3/31 due to a litany of issues with the car and just a horrible, horrible experience overall. That said, now I'm kind of at an impasse because I'm essentially stuck without a car until May, June, or whenever they start making deliveries again. I'm curious...
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    Delivery pushed back due to screen issue?

    Hey everyone, I was supposed to take delivery of my MYP tomorrow and just received the text below pushing things back due to a screen issue. Should I be concerned that they are replacing components for the screen? It’s pretty major component for this car, so I’m not too crazy about them ripping...
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    Lease or finance for the habitual car changer?

    Hi everyone! I just locked in on my MYP with delivery next week, so I'm very excited. That said, I'm debating on whether I should lease or finance this one... I know the Tesla lease is closed-end with iffy terms, but being someone who habitually changes cars, would it be worth biting the...
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    Order timeline confusion

    Hi everyone. I placed an order for my Model Y Performance this morning and the initial splash page said 1-2 weeks for delivery. However, after confirming my deposit, that flipped to 1-10 weeks, big difference, lol. Does anyone have recent experiences with the delivery timelines? I'm rolling...
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    Decisions, decisions...

    Hello! New to the forum here and was hoping to get some insight from Model 3 Performance owners. I currently have a 2017 BMW M3 that comes of lease in a few months and while I love the car to death, I have no interest in owning it outside of the warranty period. That said, I've set my sights...

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