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  1. dailydriver

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    The delivery window on my account showed 06/27 - 06/30 last week. This week it shows nothing. I called and spoke to a CSR person and they said my estimated delivery is now August. I said WTF? He said it is because I have the carbon fiber interior option and it is delayed. I said what if I...
  2. dailydriver

    How to determine Signature Model S White interior

    I owned a Signature Performance Model S. I would call it an off white or light ivory interior. My VIN was 00691 and had white buckles.
  3. dailydriver

    Corona virus delay 2020 Roadster even further?

    Perfect business sense, but not so much for reservation holders that gave Tesla $50K over two years ago based on getting a car this year. ;)
  4. dailydriver

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    It is possible that they are waiting for V3 equipment. :cool:
  5. dailydriver

    Supercharger - Skokie IL

    They are definitely the 72 kW urban chargers. The page is incorrect.
  6. dailydriver

    Order to delivery in under 2 weeks!

    I'm also less than 2 weeks. Invited and configured on 01/04, VIN assigned the next day, delivery scheduled for 01/17 to Chicago. That must mean they are transporting via truck instead of rail.
  7. dailydriver

    VIN Assignment

    Invited and configured on 01/04, received VIN JF0033xx the next day on 01/05.
  8. dailydriver

    Supercharger - Skokie IL

    You would be correct. Outside temperatures have been consistently in low teens or single digit which is lower than the tolerance for pulling the conductors. Besides becoming very rigid and making it difficult to work with, there is risk of damaging the outer insulation.
  9. dailydriver

    Lets see your garage!

    Yes - Iron Gate Motor Condos. We were the first buildout completed about 3 years ago and we love it. There is a C&C this Saturday. PM me if you would like to meet up and I can give you a tour of our garage. Home | Iron Gate Motor Condos
  10. dailydriver

    Lets see your garage!

    You should do both. :)
  11. dailydriver

    Lets see your garage!

    Yes - everything is "ours". ;):cool:
  12. dailydriver

    Tesla Model 3 0-60 in 4.6 Seconds...

    I was waiting for this one Brooks! Thanks for posting and thanks to the owner who provided their Model 3. I have my VIN and awaiting my delivery date.
  13. dailydriver

    Lets see your garage!

    I know I posted some pictures earlier in this thread, but here is a video a friend made of our garage condo.
  14. dailydriver

    Tesla owner configurations begin

    I just got my invite and configured. I have purchased 4 other Teslas and am in the Chicago area.
  15. dailydriver

    Model 3 snow “donuts”

    That's the first thing I did when I got my first Model S. :cool: My original RWD Signature Model S had no problem doing donuts.
  16. dailydriver

    Roadster reservations

    I just received my confirmation for receiving the wire transfer. All good. Now I can relax and wait for 3 years. :cool:
  17. dailydriver

    Roadster reservations

    Same here. I'm sure it is a manual process for Tesla to update the reservations to reflect the funds have hit their bank account. I see this as a sign that they may have be inundated with the amount of reservations in the first week.
  18. dailydriver

    Roadster reservations

    No Powerwall yet, but 6 Teslas. ;):cool:
  19. dailydriver

    Roadster reservations

    I transferred the $45K on Monday and have not received a confirmation yet, but I'm not too concerned. I paid the initial $5K on Friday, got the reservation confirmation on Saturday, and wired the funds on Monday. The confirmation indicated they wanted the money by 11/27 (10 days).
  20. dailydriver

    Roadster reservations

    I pulled the trigger too. I didn't do the Founders Series since that is too much money to advance for 2+ years. I did the original Signature Series Model S and it really was not worth putting up the $40K to get the car only a couple of months ahead of the normal reservations. Tesla also...
  21. dailydriver

    Shocked by the new Roadster rolling out of the Tesla Semi!

    I just sent the deposit. :cool:
  22. dailydriver

    Supercharger - Rolling Meadows, IL

    There is some other work required by ComEd to support the new service to this site. I have heard they are short on crews with their role in assisting the power restoration efforts in FL and that will delay this a few weeks.
  23. dailydriver

    Supercharger - Rolling Meadows, IL

    I did window tinting, vinyl wrapping of trim pieces (including handles), painting, and powder coating for the wheels. All done by different companies. PM me and I'll send you contact info.
  24. dailydriver

    Supercharger - Rolling Meadows, IL

    I had my Signature tinted and also did my P90D (3M Crystalline). PM me if you would like to arrange to meet.
  25. dailydriver

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    They layout avoids a storm drain where the empty spaces are (there is a 15' storm easement).
  26. dailydriver

    Lets see your garage!

    Here is a picture of the home charging setup along with some pictures of our garage condo which is a little nicer.
  27. dailydriver

    100KW battery upgrade now available $20k

    The big one would be the 1/4 mile time. While my car is extremely quick and a blast to drive, it is pretty disappointing that existing P90DL cars were never able to achieve the 10.9 second quarter mile time that Tesla claimed (only 11.4 and then around 11.2 when launch control came out)...
  28. dailydriver

    100KW battery upgrade now available $20k

    Tesla — Ludicrous Mode P90D
  29. dailydriver

    100KW battery upgrade now available $20k

    I am waiting to hear back from Tesla on whether the 100 kWh pack upgrade will deliver the same new P100D ludicrous performance in my P90DL. I know for the P90D to P90DL retrofit Tesla makes the statement: "The retrofit will not be an exact equivalent performance spec as a new P90D." The $20K...
  30. dailydriver

    Gigafactory workers protest, walk off the job

    That is the crux of the issue. Well stated.
  31. dailydriver

    Pros and Cons of CPO Signature

    You're probably right, but that will be more than 20 years from now and I couldn't justify hanging on to mine for that long! :wink:
  32. dailydriver

    New Launch Mode - firmware 2.9.40

    I don't have it yet either, but I'm in the midwest and won't be going to the drag strip any time soon, so I am not getting impatient yet.
  33. dailydriver

    New Launch Mode - firmware 2.9.40

    I kept my Sig instead of trading it in on the P90D because, like you, Tesla was not offering enough to make sense. I had it for several months weighing my options (which included possibly selling it outright). The option that emerged as the best was trading it in on a 12C since they are such a...
  34. dailydriver

    New Launch Mode - firmware 2.9.40

    I totally agree, but I guess I am hoping that this software release also includes some other upgrade that will make up that difference. P.S. I see that you are on the McLaren Life forum too. I just traded my old Model S Signature on a 12C.
  35. dailydriver

    New Launch Mode - firmware 2.9.40

    This !!! Everyone is praising Tesla for providing another cool feature to make the car better, which is great, but I paid the $10K premium for a car that will run under 11 seconds in the quarter mile. From everything that I have seen (and my own experience), the P90D with ludicrous mode can...
  36. dailydriver

    98726 vin P90D in transit

    My status just updated to "in transit from the factory". Update from my delivery specialist: "Hi Dave – your Model S is currently being prepared for shipment to the railway hub in Richmond, CA where it will be loaded onto a train and shipped to Illinois. They are currently estimating...
  37. dailydriver

    98726 vin P90D in transit

    I'm VIN 98368, ordered on 07/17 and confirmed on 07/24. I'm still in production so it doesn't look like my P90D will be making the trip to Chicago with yours. :frown:
  38. dailydriver

    Tire / Tesla warranty on tire flats?

    I did think of that, but decided that dealing with the City of Chicago would be an exercise in futility (and they really don't have the money :wink:). My last blowout was on a county maintained road, so I did submit a claim to see what would happen. It was denied because they claimed they were...
  39. dailydriver

    Can a ludicrous P90D be had with staggered setup?

    I ordered my 90D on 07/17 and I am getting a second set of wheels so I can have them powder coated black, so I was very interested in finding out what the car would come with. Here is what I got back from my Tesla guy:
  40. dailydriver

    Tire / Tesla warranty on tire flats?

    I had 3 blowouts on my 21" tires within 3 weeks this spring due to Chicago potholes. :mad: I also had another one just over a year ago. There was no chance of a warranty claim since it was not due to any defect. Yes, high maintenance, high cost. I was going to just send the invoice for the...
  41. dailydriver

    1:18 Scale Diecast P85 Model S now in Tesla Store

    They are available today and I ordered one of both colors. :wink:
  42. dailydriver

    Will you trade up to "D"?

    Exactly. I may not trade my Signature P85, but the P85D is very compelling for me to buy.
  43. dailydriver

    "Signature Reds" ordering D?

    I have not pulled the trigger yet since I don't need to have a P85D by December in Chicago. I will buy one, but intend on keeping my Signature some way by giving it to my wife and trading (or selling) her Model S. I have another Model S that is a company vehicle that I could also dump and swap...
  44. dailydriver

    Leilani Meet-up

    I certainly would, but I have a conflict. I believe there are around 6 attending from the Tesla Owners Chicago group.
  45. dailydriver

    WANTED: NEMA 6-50 adapter for Model S

    PM me. I may have an extra one I can spare.
  46. dailydriver

    Finally a garage my Tesla can love!

    That's way cool. The chandelier gives a nice elegant touch of class. :cool:
  47. dailydriver

    Finally a garage my Tesla can love!

    Nice job Kevin! You did it right. I have a Gladiator tool cabinet and I just ordered a bunch of their stuff for a garage condo unit I am building out. How do you like the product?
  48. dailydriver

    I've gone grey, grey, and more grey.

    Congrats - the car looks great! Who did your wrap work? You can post here or just PM me (I would also like to know the cost). Thanks.

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