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  1. david_42

    On the attack

    Our local store finally got a Model 3 in, so my wife and I stopped to take a look as she is re-considering buying one. Got "attacked" by a saleswomen who WOULD NOT LEAVE US ALONE! I realize Tesla is pushing for a record sales quarter, but ever after I told her I've been following Tesla since...
  2. david_42

    Electric vehicles in the wild

    It will be interesting when the first offroad-capable EVs (Bollinger Motors) hit the market. Zero speed torque, independent control of each wheel, no axles and low center of gravity will leave the ICE vehicles far behind. The hybrid experimental Humvees could climb a 43 degree angle and drive...
  3. david_42

    Five sightings in one day.

    Coming back from SF (to Portland) on Monday, we saw a Model 3 and two Model S on I5. I've rarely seen one Tesla in a day, so these were a bit of a surprise. Much more interesting was the two car carriers loaded with Model 3s. Looks like another 20 people "up north" will have a great T-day!
  4. david_42

    Sub-compact back on the schedule?

    The smaller than Model 3/Y vehicle has been on and off and on and off and might be on again according to Musk's comments at last week's stockholder meeting. If it's five years out, it will be entering a very competitive segment with the likes of Kia, Honda, Nissan, VW, etc. Zero details, but I...
  5. david_42

    Canceling my reservation

    After following Tesla for 16 years, I've concluded that the Model 3 is not the car I've been waiting for and the Model Y doesn't look any better (we do know it will be on the Model 3 sled). It's too large, too expensive (how about that unicorn SD?), and too much of a gadget. Yes, OTA updates are...
  6. david_42

    Working at the carwash

    Several people have posted that the Model 3 will lock itself even with the key card inside (valet parking thread). Does anyone have experience with their car locking while it is going through a car wash? Most of the car washes I've been in you really can't get very close to the car when it exits...
  7. david_42

    Megabatteries and renewables.

    Most people understand the intermittent nature of solar and wind being a big problem. Obviously, large battery installations can help stabilize the grid (looking at you Texas). A much less well known problem is the lack of investment in transmission lines. Power demand continues to grow, but in...
  8. david_42

    TACC as a separate option

    I've long said TACC is the only option we want. I wonder how many would buy it as a separate option and what would you pay.
  9. david_42

    Walk up unlock/lock

    I've been reading the latest version of the manual and have a question about using these features. It sounds like we will have to disable the Walk Up Unlock because of the proximity of our kitchen to the driveway. My question is if Unlock is off, you use a keycard to unlock, but you have an...
  10. david_42

    Why not make the cards smaller?

    Is there any reason for the cards to be larger than 1 cm by 3 cm? RFID chips are tiny, so the biggest requirement would be a place to punch a hole. I have several store club cards that are this size and they all fit nicely on my keychain. If your card is with your other keys, you would be very...
  11. david_42

    Do not want AP bundle

    The only part of AP that I have any use for is the adaptive cruise control. It's rather frustrating to have to buy additional features that are of limited value, when everything is software configured. Collision avoidance is standard, so we know the required hardware is in operation. Why not an...
  12. david_42

    Color and wheels, for now

    How do you feel about only being able to select the color and wheels? I wonder how Tesla will handle low reservation numbers for people who want features like AWD, do you slip the reservation until the option is available or put them at the back of the line or let them swap numbers with people...
  13. david_42

    Updating the EV1

    A friend of mine leased an EV1 back when and would have been happy to buy it, but GM crushed most of them. Just out of curiosity, I ran some calculations on what updating the EV1 would mean. Most of them had lead-acid batteries that weighed 594 kg and stored 18.7 Kwh. It had a range of 161 km...
  14. david_42

    A123 packs in a Prius

    http://www.greencarcongress.com/conversions/index.html PHEV30 conversion from Hybrids-Plus is $32,500, that's just the conversation, you supply the Prius! It will be interesting to see some reports on actual performance.

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