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    Used Prices Softening?

    When I looked at used prices on the 2021/2022 (yoke models) in the past, they were essentially as much as buying new. Now it seems the used prices are softening a bit. Saw a 2021/yoke with about 10,000 miles for about $96,000 (I assume base model). That leaves the old trade off between cost...
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    Got text from Tesla

    FWIW, telling me that I can have an S LR as early this Friday if I were willing to accept a different color (picked white) and different wheels (I chose 19"). I was not interested, but consistent with some other posts we have seen, it does suggest supply is loosening up a bit,which one would...
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    Vinyl Wrap or Paint?

    I am waiting for delivery of a white S LR. I was not crazy about the Tesla colors other than red. Also, my preferred color (don't ask my why, hardly anyone else seems to like it) is a darker shade of green. I had hardly even heard of vinyl wraps before I began this process, but I gather it is...
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    For Dec-Feb Delivery Window...

    when can I expect to hear from Tesla? I currently plan to use Tesla for a car loan. I assume their algorithm will get in touch in plenty of time, but thought I should check. Any clue as to interest rates? Dankeschön.
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    Seats in 2022s?

    Pre-Covid, I test drove the 3, but did not like the seats. Others have also complained about them. I gather that since then they have been changed some. Feedback on the 2022 seats?
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    Mustang E

    My realtor owns the Mustang Mach E in the higher performance version. He likes it quite a bit, but it is only really suitable for in-town driving. He said realistic range is around 200 miles. As a realtor who drives a lot, it is fine for him. He says what he saves in gas makes the car...
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    Well, just put in my order for a S LR

    Just put in my order for a S LR. Delivery jumped from Nov 22-Feb 23 to March 23 to June 23, part of the reason I put the order in. I am still keeping an eye out for used S's, but based on what I have seen, the used S's do not make economic sense. They could make timing sense for those who...
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    FWIW on handling

    I drove a then-current S pre-Covid, but did not like the handling. Recently, I test drove a 2021 Plaid, weird yoke, and all. The handling was much better. I doubt if it could go toe to toe with a Porsche Cayenne Turbo of the same vintage in the corners (I currently drive an older one), but it...
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    Used 2021

    There are a few around. One in Fort Collins, CO was delivered in Dec. 2020, but as a 2021 model. The 0-60 time is slower, 3.7 seconds, rather than 3.1 seconds listed for the 2021-2022 normally. I guess I would rather have the faster time, but I am also wondering if the car has all of the 2021...
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    Looking at used 2021 S

    There are a few around. One in Fort Collins, CO was delivered in Dec. 2020, but as a 2021 model. The 0-60 time is slower, 3.7 seconds, rather than 3.1 seconds listed for the 2021-2022 normally. I guess I would rather have the faster time, but I am also wondering if the car has all of the 2021...
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    How often can I max charge?

    I am pretty much decided to get a 2021 or newer S long range. I may buy used, because it looks like I can save $10,000-$20,000. I regularly make about a 225 mile day trip. As I understand it, that is less than 80% of the normal range, and I gather one should not normally charge over 80%...
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    To 19" or 21", that is the question

    I have my eyes set on a new S, probably long range. 3.1 seconds 0-60 is fast enough (and until quite recently would have been thought of as crazy fast). How much better handling would I get out of the 21"versus the 19"? If I went with 19" summer tires versus, for the sake of argument, 21" all...
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    Better to buy or lease S due to tech improvements?

    In the past, when I explored leasing or buying, leasing did not make sense. It was cheaper to buy, but hardwired into that analysis was that I was going to keep the car for a long time, not trade it in after, say, 3 years. I normally drive cars into the ground. But in comparison to ICE cars...
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    Handling S Long Range v Plaid

    As best as I can tell from what I can find online, they should handle the same. Do I have that right. 0-60 in 3 seconds is already crazy fast (though that is admittedly with launch mode). It does not seem like the Plaid would be worth it when the long range is already crazy fast. Am I...
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    Seats in Y?

    I drove a 3 awhile back. I found the seats to be uncomfortable, as have many others. The Y has the same seats, I gather, but they sit higher, which could change the seating dynamics. How comfortable have people found the Y seats? And yes, I did a search, but could not find anything relevant...
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    2020 Performance or new Plaid?

    For comparison, right now I drive a 2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo (plus a tune), around 90,000 miles; 0-60 in maybe 4 seconds. I live in two cities. In the other city I have a Jeep GC with 175,000 miles that may not last too much longer. Likely, I would send the Porsche to city #2 and buy a new...
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    Has anyone compared the handling of the performance Y to the performance 3?

    I could not find a thread on point, maybe because I got a gazillion threads on the door handles. I am coming from a 2009 Porsche Cayenee Turbo for context.
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    Should I use Unplugged Performance

    I found any number of posts on Unplugged Performance parts and the fact that there have been delivery delays, but not about the company as such. Have people found them to do good work, honest, etc.?
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    Latest on S Plaid handling?

    I drove an S a while back. It was quick off the line, but the handling left much to be desired. I have been hearing rumors that the new Plaid will make a big jump in the handling category, but have not seen anything definitive. Anyone know the latest?
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    Old and New Seats?

    I found the first generation 3 seats uncomfortable. I am not the only one, though I know others found them to be perfectly fine. Has anyone compared the next generation of seats with the older version? Any comfort difference?
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    Y have enough range for trips?

    I am thinking about the Y performance. The range is supposedly 315 miles, though I have heard people say it is more like 280 miles. In any event, given Tesla's charging network, is that enough range to drive, say, cross country?
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    Unplugged Performance to upgrade performance

    I searched for Unplugged Performance and found gobs of posts, but none that went to how good the company was to work with and the quality of its work (though with so many posts, I could have missed it). Feedback?
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    Replacing seats with Ricaro

    I did not buy the 3 because I found the seats too uncomfortable. So have others. Still others think the seats are great. Must be person-specific. Anyone try replacing seats with Ricaros?
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    Hoping more comfortable than 3, better handling than S

    I almost bought the 3. In the performance version, it drove like it was on rails, but I found the seats too uncomfortable. Did not love the handling of the S. Hoping the Y is “just right.”
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    Versus Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

    FWIW, probably not much, acceleration in the S is much more satisfying than in the top of the line Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. It just makes a difference to not have to change gears. Now if I could just figure out a way to get the S to handle like the Cayenne.....
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    Leasing/Buying? Lease Buy Out?

    It is, on a monthly basis, cheaper to lease than to buy. But, of course, at some point the lease expires, and you either have to turn the car back in or buy out the lease. But the buy out numbers I have seen have been crazy high, on the order of $80,000 for a car that might sell in the used...
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    Adaptive Suspension v. 3

    I loved the handling on the 3 performance model, but hated the seats. I loved the seats in the S, but thought the handling was decent, but not quite as tight as I would prefer. Does anyone know how the new adaptive suspension in sport mode on the S compares to the 3 performance model?
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    Handling 21" v 19"

    I have to believe this was discussed at some point, but I could not find a thread directly on point (though I have yet to visit a forum, this or anyone else's, with a decent search engine). At first I had my sights set on a 3, but I found the seats too uncomfortable. So then I checked out the...
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    General Safety of 3 given size?

    About the only thing I remember from high school physics (which I took before many of you reading this were born) is that when a VW bug (original version) hits a Cadillac head on, both doing 60 mph, the Cadillac slows down to 30 mph. Yes, that means the VW bug goes backward at 30 mph, a 90 mph...
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    21 inch wheels

    The performance 3 apparently comes with 21 inch wheels. My Porsche Cayenne turbo has 20 inch and came with 19 inch originally. 21 inch for a car the size of the 3 seems like massive overkill. Am I missing something? Some claim that the 21 inchers have a greater blowout potential and greater...
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    Best used Tesla to buy for around $50 k?

    Well, I was thinking about taking over a lease, but so far, cannot find anything that would really make sense economically. I am too cheap to buy a new S. Performance and handling are important to me. 0-60 4.2 or quicker. I gather with Teslas, the year is less important than the features...
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    Swapalease or Leasetrader or?

    I like the Tesla, but am worried about the risks. New company, mixed service reviews, etc. So I thought taking over a lease with, say, two years to go, might be a good way of checking out the car and limiting risk. Has anyone tried Swapalease or leasetrader? Any good? Any other options...
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    Versus 2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

    I noted this in a response to another post, and then thought I should highlight it more. I own the Cayenne. I have driven the X, S, and 3. In the versions I drove, all were faster than the Cayenne (which is rated 0-60 in 4.9 seconds). The Cayenne handled better than the X and S (S was a bit...
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    Service in Balitmore Area, Owings Mills?

    I have been thinking about buying a Tesla. I have driven the S, X, and 3 and liked all three. Lean toward the 3 with the performance upgrades except I am finding the seats uncomfortable. While I mull that over, I did a little checking about service. Tesla definitly gets mixed reviews on...
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    Tesla Service

    I found a few threads where people complained about Tesla service. I am wondering how wide-spread that is. The last thing I want to do is spend serious money on a car and find out that service is a big headache. FWIW, I live in the Baltimore area. Obviously, YMMV. But, is there a sense of...
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    Seat Fixes?

    I have now driven the X, the S, and the 3. In terms of handling and general performance, I liked the high-performance 3 the best. I might have already bought it, except for the seats. After maybe a 30 minute test drive, my back and my girlfriend's back both started hurting. (I did not have...
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    Model X handling compare to Porsche Cayenne?

    I have been posting a number of questions. I hope I have not worn out everyone's patience. What is driving the questions is what I am driving now, a 2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo (not S). I spend a lot of time in CO, and while it performs quite nicely, it does lose a lot of power at altitude...
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    Wait Time at Tesla and 3rd Party Charging Stations

    How long do people find they typically have to wait when they go to a charging station? It is one thing if one car drive right up, another if you have to wait for 10 people ahead of you...
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    Condo Living

    So currently I live in an upscale condo. If you can believe it, no charging stations, so maybe not so upscale. Also no electrical outlets far and wide. There are, however, a few nearby options. The Tesla dealer is about 20 minutes away. There is a "Royal Farm" (like a 7-11) that has a...
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    Off Road?/Altitude--Colorado Mountains?

    I like to do some mild offroading in CO (e.g. Yankee Boy Basin, Last Dollar, etc. for those who know the state). Mostly rough forest roads as opposed to out on a trail. Can I do that in an X? Is there a skid plate option? I gather from the website that the Y is (at least in some...

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