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    Random Model X sightings

    https://www.instagram.com/p/_aOxLrH4Y4/?taken-by=kimbalmusk Kimbal Musk just took delivery of his Model X
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    New Launch Mode - firmware 2.9.40

    It doesn't look like you enabled max battery power.. I think you need to do that before anything else
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    Random Model X sightings

    Model X in Chicago
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    Random Model X sightings

    What is these straps in the front?
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    Random Model X sightings

    the founder in chicago would be titanium.. could it be mistaken for green doubt it..
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    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    120 cars increase in Switzerland during October. Added data to wiki
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    Random Model X sightings

    There is quite a few pics of model x's on instagram.. Sig Red https://instagram.com/p/9gpLZeE76F/?taken-by=kstoverb https://instagram.com/p/9aE56-InqI/?taken-by=dvchaw Blue https://instagram.com/p/9bon43CULG/?taken-by=ngphotog Titanium https://instagram.com/p/9HXpF0AfVu/?taken-by=amac_runnin And...
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    Side Collision Avoidance

    Wouldn't the car literary overdrive you? :P
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    Random Model X sightings

    https://instagram.com/p/86rriKv_Wl/?taken-by=littlebopark Don't know if its been posted before.. But its beautiful!
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    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    1686 Electric car registration in Germany, not only Model S.... I expect roughly 170, model s
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    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    There has to be some problems in Spain. Supercharger permits have been slow. Elon said they would have the route to madrid and almost all spain covered by 2015, and he said that in 2014. No it seems that it will be next year, I doubt they will manage to cover it in 2 months.
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    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    54 model s delivered in Sweden in Oct, up 350% year to year.
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    CPO program. Only pre-autopilot cars..

    The CPO page offerings are only pre-autopilot cars at the moment.. Do you think Tesla will have to lower the price to sell those? They are still kinda expensive, sure you get a Tesla but I think many ppl will buy new instead bcs they want the features that Autopilot brings. Bet the ones that...
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    Random Model X sightings

    Ferrari 458 to the right and I can imagine the left is one of the red and grey Ferraris or a jet black Koenigsegg CCX that he also owns...
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    Random Model X sightings

    IF thats true they have really outdone themselves. I dont think separate headrests are good looking but its nice to have the functionality especially if you are very tall. studies have shown that most headrests are in the wrong place in a crash bcs ppl are not so good at position them, I think...
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    JB Straubel- Model 3 will be mostly NEW technology

    Plz hope they don't hire a snake tongue like this one. It was painful to listen to..
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    Someone had to do it... (Autopilot stunt)

    Autopilot without a driver!
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    Steve Jobs - the lost interview

    Works in Sweden! Great interview! Thx for sharing!
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    Model X vs Volvo XC90

    Crash bom bang! Looks like the Model X is way better from the reveal pics. The big battery pack gives so much stiffness to the chassi that it won't bulge.
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    Ugh - FWD is already a super common vehicle abbreviation!

    Billionaire doors .. "Warning explicit language" Call them $-doors
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    Does the Windshield Glass tint?

    Why couldn't they have 1 camera on each of the A-pillar, and the rear view mirror was just that no electricity needed. Then you would have stereo vision and the cameras could be making the field of view for the camera so much larger.
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    Ugh - FWD is already a super common vehicle abbreviation!

    BTF-Doors as in Back to The Future doors? Or X-Wing doors?
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    Model X Reviews From the Launch

    The first presentation was board room boring..
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    Missed opportunity: No inverter

    i feel like this is a no brainer actually. Surely it wouldn't be so bulky right?
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    [Rumor] Nose cone will be body colored on the X

    Have to give it to you AR . You were right!
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    Base price

    I can't do 90, that will be too expensive.. damn it Elon.
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    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    I agree kinda, poor presentation that way. The car is still growing on me but I can't make a x90 payment, will have to sell the car forward if demand is still high. Kinda bummed that it didn't seem to have electrochroamatic windshield.
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    Pictures from the X event

    whats happening it the lower left of that panorama?
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    Model X Mule Sightings

    https://instagram.com/p/73HtxWBlEk/?taken-by=carsofsv soon we will have more details
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    Pictures from the X event

    they are great, keep em coming!
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    Model X Mule Sightings

    Oh that discussion will continue in march when Model III is suposed to be revealed..
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    Live stream of event?

    If one makes the pic lighter the FW doors seem very slim. Much slimmer than mules. worried about side crash if they have gotten too slim.
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    New Frunk info (9/15)

    I think I saw some pic with the X overlaying the S in some thread here on TMC. Does someone know which pic I'm referring to? Can't seem to find it. That frunk is amazing! I hope they have solved the closing mechanism better than the S also. I've only closed a frunk once. I could feel the...
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    New Frunk info (9/15)

    Does anyone think the "New Frunk" design will come to the S as well? D cars frunk is kinda small and X is not that much larger of a car, right? I think the S Dual motor cars frunk size bugs Elon out. Have no clue how to rearrange components so that the funk can get bigger but somehow they...
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    Volkswagen Is Ordered to Recall Nearly 500,000 Vehicles Over Emissions Software

    Bad joke time... After world war 2 SS changed name to VW and got rid of the racist agenda, now the plan is to gas all mankind!
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    Volkswagen Is Ordered to Recall Nearly 500,000 Vehicles Over Emissions Software

    Apparently Bosch knew about the defeat device long time ago and warned VW about it. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2015/09/27/reports-volkswagen-emmissions/72923064/ The sheer scale of this deception will be uncovered and it won't be pretty.. Funny Greenpeace ad, but it shows why I...
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    Volkswagen Is Ordered to Recall Nearly 500,000 Vehicles Over Emissions Software

    The Adblue device was installed in some of the cars that did not meet the requirements. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2015-09-24/how-the-volkswagen-cheating-scandal-was-exposed. Feel sorry for U guys that bought a hazardous product from a cheating company. I hate my Golf 4 because it's...
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    Model X Launch invites have gone out

    I got the invite as well but, hey tesla, I live in sweden and the event is on tuesday.. like i can attend. I would love to come but lifestream will have to do..
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    Curb weight decrease?

    I know that Tesla tries very hard to keep the weight down of the car and doesn't release the car in model years. This is so huge difference that it needs to be discussed When I visited...
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    New renderings of storage space and 2nd row seats! (9/15)

    I can get a bicycle in like that in my 2001 VW golf IV with the back seats folded down. Looks like there is not great storage management. Might cancel will wait until 29th though.
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    CPO is live in Europe at least in Sweden and Norway!
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    Model X Mule Sightings

    https://twitter.com/sumitmahawar/status/638421213635710977 https://twitter.com/idrissforever/status/638875868366901248
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    Model X Mule Sightings

    Wouldn't it be better if the frunk opened towards the front of the car like in a corvette hood does? Then a auto closing hatch function wouldn't be a problem as the risk of it blowing up in speed would be zero.
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    Model X Mule Sightings

    https://instagram.com/p/7Oe6pkJKKV/?tagged=modelx Found this image of the front.. If the MS looks cat-like this looks shark-like.
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    USB in Side of 2d row seat

    Looks like there is a USB in the side of seat.?
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    Model X Signature Configuration has begun!

    The Side view cameras will not make it to production:/
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    Model X towing ability

    Turns out the Towing will be rated at 5000lbs. What is the general opinion?
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    Tesla Gigafactory

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    Model X Mule Sightings

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    Model X Side Mirrors

    https://www2.unece.org/wiki/download/attachments/25264588/IGCMS-II-07-17%20BASt%20Final_Report_CMS.PDF https://www2.unece.org/wiki/download/attachments/25264588/IGCMS-II-07-28%20BASt%20presentation%20Bierbach_Frey.pdf?api=v2...

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