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  1. Sousaphil

    2013 Tesla Model S 60kWh 30,501 miles

    Sorry for not following up with the thread. The vehicle sold in September and I was preoccupied with a cross-country move. Thanks for the interest.
  2. Sousaphil

    2013 Tesla Model S 60kWh 30,501 miles

    I do still have the vehicle. It still has over half of the original battery warranty, I don't recall what the other warranty terms were. I'm unfamiliar with the $4K ESA. Is that a new Arizona program? I don't think it was around when I bought the car.
  3. Sousaphil

    2013 Tesla Model S 60kWh 30,501 miles

    Reducing price to $42,500. Relocating out of state and don't want to bring it along.
  4. Sousaphil

    2013 Tesla Model S 60kWh 30,501 miles

    I'm selling my 2013 Model S through Mile High Car Helper (consignment sale). It's listed at $55,900 and the Colorado state tax credit ($6,000) is still available for this vehicle, which I had confirmed from the Colorado Department of Revenue. This Model S was "loaded" at the time of purchase...
  5. Sousaphil

    My Tesla was hit on Jan 4. It's still not back from the body shop

    Well, I finally got the car back on Monday, June 20th. The total bill charged to insurance was $18,000; not including the rental car bill from Enterprise, which was $1,900. I am selling the vehicle so I got a quote from Echo Park, based on a recommendation from Tesla. Echo Park gave me a...
  6. Sousaphil

    My Tesla was hit on Jan 4. It's still not back from the body shop

    Tesla help said that the body shop team was not customer-facing, but they'd ask about my parts and get back to me. They never did. I followed up a few weeks later, they said they'd contact Stuttgart directly to see what was going on. All I know is Stuttgart now has the parts they need. I drove...
  7. Sousaphil

    My Tesla was hit on Jan 4. It's still not back from the body shop

    A friend's pickup truck backed into my parked Tesla at the gym. Strictly superficial damage to the rear quarter and rear bumper. As many of you know, there are only 2 certified body shops in Colorado, Stuttgart and Coach. Since I live in Denver, Stuttgart is my option. I contacted insurance...
  8. Sousaphil

    CO EV Tax Credit question (Income 67)

    Well, I finally spoke to someone at the department of revenue. Because the car was purchased in a year previous to the 2015 tax year, it's not eligible for the refund. If I sell it in Colorado, the buyer will be eligible for the credit. Hoping I can unlock some of that value upon resale.
  9. Sousaphil

    CO EV Tax Credit question (Income 67)

    Hi all, I have a question about the "Income 67" state EV credit of up to $6,000. Has anyone purchased the vehicle in another state, moved to Colorado, registered it, and been able to get the credit? In reading the documentation, I haven't found anything that says otherwise, but my credit was...
  10. Sousaphil

    Has anyone been to Coach Auto Body in Boulder?

    I haven't. But I did contact them and Stuttgart regarding having work done. Coach said they could take my car right away, but wouldn't be able to work on it for a month. My Tesla was hit by a Toyota Tundra while parked at the gym on Jan 3. I finally was able to drop off the car at Stuttgart...
  11. Sousaphil

    Model3.tesla.com is live

    Terrible feed. Where's the middle-out compression algorithm??
  12. Sousaphil

    Ha! Didn't think they'd be able to start on time!

    Holy buffering. Yikes.
  13. Sousaphil

    Official "what's your drink" Model 3 reveal thread

    I'm having a California Cabernet now. I may have some AB Law's bourbon during the event.
  14. Sousaphil

    LTE upgrade is on the way

    I just had the LTE upgrade performed in Denver. So far, so good. Reception is much better around town. The maps redrew very quickly. Slacker also loaded songs very fast. 24 hours in...quite pleased.
  15. Sousaphil

    LTE upgrade is on the way

    I loved the Scottsdale service center...even before they opened their permanent spot. Denver is good, but they definitely don't have info as quickly as the AZ crew.
  16. Sousaphil

    Supercharger is NOT your personal parking spot

    Welcome to the post bleeding-edge. Now there are a plethora of Model S owners on the road who are not necessarily interested in TMC. They are not privy to the years of experience we have on this site with EV issues. What is common courtesy and sense to us, is not known to the general population...
  17. Sousaphil

    Supercharger - Denver, CO

    I saw the Supercharger icon on my maps Monday morning during my pre-dawn commute to DIA. As I was driving on Pena Blvd, I looked to the west and could easily make out the red glow from the individual stations.
  18. Sousaphil

    Supercharger - Glenwood Springs, CO

    I had a Groupon special for the hotel, I believe with taxes it was under $100 for a weekend night. Their AAA rates are a bit more...$116 for the RI, $103 for the Courtyard.
  19. Sousaphil

    Supercharger - Glenwood Springs, CO

    I stayed at the Residence Inn in Glenwood Springs last weekend. There are a couple restaurants and big box stores within walking distance, but good food definitely will require a drive. Big Daddy's Sports Bar was a great hole-in-the-wall find, just a few miles away. They have very good pork...
  20. Sousaphil

    Is the Supercharger option worth $2,000?

    I have an S60, and am one of the owners who was "grandfathered" into the free supercharging. Even if I hadn't been, I would've absolutely paid $2K. I moved from Scottsdale to Denver back in March. Without supercharger access, I would've had to ship the car, or rented a truck and trailer and...
  21. Sousaphil

    Supercharger - Denver, CO

    Thanks for the progress shots! I'm at the airport twice a week, but it's pre-dawn on Monday and post-sunset on Thursdays....not exactly ideal times to look around an active construction site.
  22. Sousaphil

    Denver to Northern IL along Supercharger route......sights to see?

    Absolutely. If for no other reason than to satisfy your curiosity at the scores of billboards along the way for this place.
  23. Sousaphil

    EV Charging etiquette

    That note strikes me as complete jackassery. You were actively charging, not leaving it plugged in just for parking. Assuming you didn't take up more than one spot with your vehicle, and didn't unplug an actively charging vehicle, there's nothing wrong with your behavior. Just because Tesla...
  24. Sousaphil

    How many times have you Range charged (100%) your model S?

    CAR NEW PURCHASE DATE: February 2013 CURRENT VEHICLE MILEAGE: just over 24,500 CURRENT RATED MILES @ 100%: haven't range charged since March, had 212 (in a 60kwh) TOTAL # OF RANGE CHARGES: about 6-7 I did a range charge for a group outing with the Tesla AZ owners. The others were all related...
  25. Sousaphil

    How many folks got a second mobile connector bundle?

    I've had my Model S for 18 months and have never used the UMC anywhere but home. The only times I've driven with it in the trunk are 1) When I took it to the service center to get it inspected and 2) When I moved from Scottsdale to Denver. I keep it parked at an off-airport garage with a Juice...
  26. Sousaphil

    Please don't do this...(park blocking multiple Supercharger spots)

    Early in my days of Tesla ownership, I made a substantial charging/parking faux pas. I left my car plugged into a Blink spot in terminal parking. The quick in/out trip became a trip of 4 days. Someone kindly informed me that I broke protocol. I learned, and I'd like to think I'm a more...
  27. Sousaphil

    Colorado 550 Farmington <--> Grand Junction

    The temperature factor in the highest altitudes never ceases to cause me anxiety. Getting that battery warm can be a real energy drain. It gets cold quickly up there, even in July. I did a trip to Keystone in my 60 a few weeks ago. Stopped at Silverthorne to charge before heading home after...
  28. Sousaphil

    High Voltage Battery is Being Replaced

    My 12V battery failed twice before they knew it was the HV issue. They put a larger battery in my car (85 vs 60kWh). At first I thought it was an accident, but now I think it was just a loaner battery. They asked me to bring the car back in February so they could put a 60kWh back in. I have no...
  29. Sousaphil

    Supercharger - Farmington, NM

    Awesome shot! I got hit with a huge dust storm on the Gallup -> Farmington portion of my move from Scottsdale to Denver. I missed the nice scenery. I did stay at the TownPlace Suites and the front desk staff was quite pleased that the supercharger brought my business. I'm surprised, but happy...
  30. Sousaphil

    Have you been ICEd?

    I haven't been asked for this lately and really didn't think anything of it until now. I typically stay at the Marriott family of hotels. I do remember prior to the past 18 months being asked regularly. I charged in Glenwood Springs at the end of March when I moved from AZ to Denver. I'm very...
  31. Sousaphil

    Denver Supercharger ?

    I'm definitely in the minority of Model S owners, but I'm an apartment renter. My house in Scottsdale is on the market (with solar panels and a beautiful NEMA 14-50) and I don't plan to buy until I've been in Denver for at least a year. My apartment building put in a NEMA 14-30 (I had requested...
  32. Sousaphil

    AC - Does the S have "Max Air"?

    I'm not a fan of how "AUTO" mode handles vent/recirculate. When I have it in "AUTO" mode, it's almost always venting from the outside. I typically only notice it when I'm stuck behind a particularly bad tailpipe at a stoplight, but it's annoying. I think "AUTO" should begin on vent, and change...
  33. Sousaphil

    Standard White vs. Multi-Coat White

    This is pretty much how I feel about it too. I really like the look of the pearl, but it wasn't worth $1,500 to me.
  34. Sousaphil

    The Oatmeal's Description and Review of his Magical Space Car

    I knew there must have been a reason why I love the car so much...this must be it:
  35. Sousaphil

    2014 Tesla Assault on Mt. Evans, CO

    Is anyone doing this in a 60kWh model? I am hoping to join and wondering how tight the range may end up (coming from Denver - Highlands)
  36. Sousaphil

    Pano roof in AZ

    Congratulations! I can only echo what the others have said. The pano roof was not an issue even in the dead heat of the summer...truly remarkable. You should definitely set up a tinting appointment for your vehicle. The AZ owners have good "tint guy" recommendations for when you get delivery! I...
  37. Sousaphil

    Firmware 5.9

    I did a screen reboot and the nav is working normally again. What an odd bug.
  38. Sousaphil

    Firmware 5.9

    I went through a dozen or so pages of the 5.9 thread and did a forum search and haven't found this issue mentioned, forgive me if it's been covered. After updating to 5.9, my nav is unable to "hold on to" a destination. Here's what happens: 1) I input address manually or do a voice search and...
  39. Sousaphil

    Supercharger - Buckeye, AZ

    Those are great! I'm making the trek to Denver next weekend. Happy to bring Stanley along...
  40. Sousaphil

    Supercharger - Buckeye, AZ

    Monsoon, that's a great picture! I love how he dressed Stanley in his own Tesla gear. He cuts ribbons like a pro...ready for politics!
  41. Sousaphil

    Charging as Employment Benefit - Value?

    I suppose that all depends on the source(s) of energy. If the employer uses solar panels for its covered parking, then it may be a moot point. I probably wouldn't utilize the charging much during the course of my regular routine...but if I'm doing a lot of driving that day after work, or...
  42. Sousaphil

    Relocating to Denver, seeking EV-friendly rental

    Just wanted to post an update in case anyone is in a similar position in the future. I found a new build complex in the Lower Highlands neighborhood. They didn't have EV infrastructure when I toured the place, however the property manager said he'd consult with ownership and the contractor. 24...
  43. Sousaphil

    Arizona - Phoenix and Tucson Corridor

    Nice article and good quote! I'm surprised by the 500 number (Arizona sales). I would've guessed double that.
  44. Sousaphil

    Arizona - Phoenix and Tucson Corridor

    Yes, I've been there. I apologize, I had to extend my trip by a couple days rather than just an overnight. If I had expected a longer trip, I would've parked off-site at one of those places where you can trickle-charge on a 120.
  45. Sousaphil

    Arizona - Phoenix and Tucson Corridor

    The Blink at the airport is free , based on the info that the screen told me. But otherwise, I'd be charged until it was unplugged. It stopped automatically when it hit my charge threshold.
  46. Sousaphil

    Arizona - Phoenix and Tucson Corridor

    I won't be back before you need to plug in. I did notice that both were operational, so the "unavailable" probably is due to the end of charging for me. It is plugged in, but i'm at the set limit now.
  47. Sousaphil

    Arizona - Phoenix and Tucson Corridor

    I am in one of the two terminal 4 spots today. Any time I've been there, at least one spot was always open. When I parked, the other spot was vacant.
  48. Sousaphil

    Relocating to Denver, seeking EV-friendly rental

    Hello all, I'm relocating from Scottsdale to Denver in the near future. I plan to rent for at least my first 12 months in the area. Is anyone aware of any EV-charging friendly condos/apartments in the area? I'm looking to live somewhat close to downtown. A few complexes offer an "electric...
  49. Sousaphil

    How much is free Tesla Supercharging worth?

    Yup. I am one of the lucky recipients of free Supercharger access.
  50. Sousaphil

    Arizona Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    I've been ICEd twice when trying to park by those Volta stations at the Quarter. SUVs flanked both of them. Hopefully property management will do a better job of policing these spots in the future.

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