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    Calabogie Peaks Resort

    Curious if anyone has stayed at Calabogie Peaks resort in winter with their Tesla? We are planning on staying this weekend and will be driving from Ottawa. The trip is 100km each way which shouldn't be an issue in my Model X 90D. My X gets about 405km on a full charge. My only concern is the...
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    Car Wash

    I want to take my X to a conveyor type car wash where cars a pulled through the wash cycle. When I had an ice, you would drive up to the belt, put the car in neutral and exit the vehicle. The car is then pulled through the wash while you watch it being cleaned from inside. Has anyone ever...
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    Ottawa Service

    For those of you located in Ottawa, how has service worked from Montreal. My initial contact is not turning out as I was "sold".
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    Homelink and Liftmaster 8500

    I have a liftmaster 8500 garage door opener that I have been unable to set up with homelink. No issues with my wife's rear view mirror mounted homelink on her ICE. My X will receive the signal and acknowledges by flashing the headlights, but then doesn't open the door after I finish...
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    100 kWh X

    Looks like more speculation that some X may already have a 100kwh battery installed. We have discussed before when the 70D was dropped as an option. Main Model X page 70D option missing It seems the X is pushing an extra 55 HP compared to the S. DragTimes Discovers Tesla Model X P90D Pumps...
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    Montreal SC

    Does anyone know if they are open June 24th? I tried calling, but after navigating the voice maze was only able to get voice mail.
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    CR Quick Drive

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    Ontario Climate Change Action Plan

    Does anyone know if this will apply to Tesla models? "taking the provincial portion of the HST off electric vehicle sales" Ontario to spend $7-billion on sweeping climate change plan
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    Model X Production Video

    Video is in German, but lots to look at even if you can't understand the narrator. Looks like X and S are being built on the same line?
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    Visiting students don’t like their spin in a Tesla

    Ottawa Community News Tesla Article Seems like very poor planning on the part of the chauffeur service, nothing to do with Tesla.
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    X Off Road

    Stumbled across this on youtube and was wondering if the Model X could pull it off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUGOgF4UgsY The low centre of gravity would have the range rovers beat. The X's variable traction control and dual motor is probably better as well. I suspect clearance...
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    Ontario EV Charging Incentive Program

    I am hoping to purchase a Tesla HPWC in preparation for my Model X, but am unsure if I need to have the X first in order to be eligible? The web page for the incentives refers to applicants that have purchased an EV. Do they ask for EV proof of purchase as part of the application? The web...
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    Canadian Model X Price Speculator

    Thanks to JanoSicek for uploading the original file. I keep hearing that price increases are eminent, so this could be a bit off, but I don't think by much.
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    Call for Test Drives

    Got a call from Tesla Montréal offering a Model S test drive "in anticipation of the commencement of deliveries for the Model X" - their words. They also ended with "while they patiently anticipate the launch of the Model X in Canada". Will call to get some clarity. Anyone else in Canada...
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    Second Row Seats

    Interesting article about the Model X's second row seats. Would love to see what we are going to get as far as advances are concerned. I have heard of speculation that they will swivel to face the exit when required? It would be nice if they will removable as well. This is why Tesla's...
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    Model X Price vs Cost of Oil

    I am curious on everyone's thoughts regarding the effect of cheap oil on the price of the model X (ands s) given oils massive price decline. Over the years I have speculated on what my model x will cost me and have come up with a price of around $102,000.00. This is my threshold for value...
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    Tesla Model X tougher to design than previous model

    Tesla (TM) Model X tougher to design than previous model, says CEO - CSMonitor.com
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    Why We Need to Fight for Tesla

    Leilani Münter: Why We Need to Fight for Tesla Good article.
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    The Success of the S will Lead to an Excellent X

    The Success of S will Lead to an Excellent X Nice to see some Model X coverage.
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    X To Cost Less Than The S?

    Yahoo Autos Car of the Year "But ultimate survival will depend on a genuine marketplace embrace of both the Model S and the forthcoming Model X, a four-door mini-ute that should be priced a bit downmarket from the S" So the X will cost less than the S? Has anyone seen any info from Tesla...
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    Model X Comparison and Total Cost of Ownership

    I have been trying to justify the speculated high price of the Model X by comparing it to other cars. I have no problem convincing myself, but my wife will be a lot harder. 95k for a car is not reasonable for a lot of people, but if I can show here that the cost is much lower compared to...
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    Suggested Sun Country Highway Charging Locations - Canada

    There have been some posts regarding Sun Country Highway building out a EV charging network across Canada. I thought this would be a good thread for suggested charger locations. It will be a while before I get my Model X, but it would be nice to have chargers in locations that are most...

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