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    Energy Values don’t match between year view and monthly view

    There’s a discrepancy on the energy value between monthly view and yearly view. In my yearly view, the peak is shown as $369 in June while the month view for June is $410. Sure enough, I added the monthly $ values YTD and it is more than the yearly $ value. Is anyone else experiencing the...
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    How long did it take for you to get the solar bill after PTO (PG&E)?

    I got PTO at the end of March but as of now I am still getting the regular bill where I get billed all the kWh I pull from the grid. The rep I called two months ago said anything I pay now would become a credit, but is that true even if I've paid more than the annual $120 MDC? I expect to have...
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    Has anyone gotten service for their AC not being as cool as before?

    I’ve had my 3 for nearly 4 years. I keep the temp at 68 degrees but for the past few months the AC hasn’t been blowing cool air as much as it did back when I first got the car. Wondering if anyone got their AC serviced and was it covered by warranty?
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    Stuck in self consumption mode a week after granted PTO?

    Is this normal timeline? PTO got issued by PG&E last week. It's been over a week and after repeatedly calls to Tesla to "push the update," excess energy is not flowing back to grid. Is there something I'm missing?
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    Lost my historical solar / pw energy data

    My install happened in Oct 2021 and I'm still waiting for PTO. Last week, I suddenly lost access to the Tesla app energy flow. When I called support, they fixed my energy flow app access and they said my account was probably somehow mixed up with another person's account who had their install...
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    Should I switch from PG&E TOU-C to EV2-A rate if I have solar + pw?

    EV2-A has lower peak rates, it seems if my power wall can cover usage between 3pm-12pm everyday, this is the cheaper plan? Also shoulder peak starts earlier at 3pm to capture some of the solar generated. Is there a way for me to determine which rate is best for my circumstances?
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    Has your annual energy production exceeded Tesla's estimate?

    Just trying to get a feel if it's conservative estimate or not. There isn't any sort of guarantee or minimum production numbers are there? Unless it's being leased?
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    Will NEM 2.0 cut off be based on Tesla' install date or PTO date?

    Wondering if I need to push Tesla to get the ball rolling and get inspection passed as soon as possible.
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    Charging EV during day time with solar + pw+? (PG&E)

    Just got my system installed two weeks ago… as I understand it, once the system passed inspection is given PTO, energy can be exported to the grid. My understanding is that whenever we pull energy from the grid we will need to pay non by passable charges (PG&E) for every kilowatt, so doesn’t...
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    Do I need to contact Tesla before I add new circuit/break to sub panel?

    Solar + PW happened this week. The installer added sub panel and everything is backed up by power wall in case of outage. I want to add a new circuit for hybrid water heater and possibly one for induction cooktop. Would I need to contact Tesla to re-do the load calculation before I can add...
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    Don't see power flow in Tesla app after solar and pw installed... tried signing in/out app

    Is there any thing else I can do to make it show up in the app? Calling support is an hour+ long wait!
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    Tesla wants me to replace a roof with 20 years of life left due to “significant granule loss”… options?

    Roof was inspected 2 months before I decided to buy solar + powerwall. Now I am told that my roof that will have 20+ years of life left will need to be replaced. any options to get a 3rd party to install Tesla solar + powerwalls that won’t force me to replace the roof?
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    Currently have 100A panel service.. ordered 8.16kW system + 1 pw.. what to do next?

    I have 100A panel but my box is out of space.. there are a few things I want to add including induction cooktop, Tesla charger and hybrid water heater. At the same time, my Tesla energy project just got permitted and they want to do a home assessment. My question is, what should I do next...
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    Moving to new house.. solar system sizing

    PG&E (San Jose Clean Energy) customer. I will be moving into a new home in the next few months and want to install solar as soon as possible to start saving money on my energy costs. I've settled on Tesla solar panels and I currently already drive a Model 3 with 2 years of free supercharging...

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