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    Normal for Confirmed Delivery to Keep Changing?

    I wouldn't say its normal but its not uncommon to hear about dates changing. We're fortunate ours didn't in Feb, but a couple friends who also ordered Ys had theirs bounce around a bit.
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    HUH??? 250 miles isnt up to standard? wow

    Early adopter here. 24x miles is plenty of range for our needs. I hate planning for the exception than the norm as a 200 mile range takes us to 99.9% of our destinations without a second thought. I mean I had a 2015 E-Golf that had a 85 mile range that was fine even for 95% of our day to day...
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    Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive (LR RWD)

    Have you tried calling into your local Tesla SA? You maybe able to simply order off menu.
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    City Permit Costs

    Thanks for the guidance, will have to look it up. Also appreciate the reply JJR. Sounds like I need to connect the city with Tesla so they can play bank and bill collector. Back to the waiting game!
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    City Permit Costs

    Oddly I only have my order #, never got the contact of my PC assigned. I did receive a text from a random Tesla rep who stated they can bypass the site survey because our roof was brand new (under 3 years old) but its been a pretty spartan experience in terms of communication from Tesla...
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    City Permit Costs

    SMA Appreciate the reply and guidance. Details were super helpful, hopefully it's a simple misdirect I can clear up with the right contact / phone call. I'll give it another shot and navigate Tesla's menu for the right CSR.
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    City Permit Costs

    For those who have successfully installed their Solar Panels (8.16kw here), did you have to pay permit costs directly for your respective city? I'm in Campbell and the city sent me a Permit Invoice directly vs Tesla. I thought all permits were lumped in to the original cost of the project and...
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    P3D+ Flexing noise over diagonal speed bumps?

    SR+ here, and same flexing noise. Seems to be correlate with the ambient temperature for me, but it could be time based on wear and tear. I have 7k miles, and noticed it around 5k right about when winter started to roll in (NorCal). Would love to know as well if there is a TSB or what you...
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    SR+ here. Same experience of hearing and feeling the 'click' on hold mode. Whats interesting is that its a new sound as of today where as I didn't experience it yesterday immediately after the update. This noise isn't present in roll mode. Couldn't tell if its a bug (brakes sticking, or some...
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    0-60 MPH test of LR RWD on 2019.36.2.1

    SR+ here, and since the update I noticed a significant whine from the motor (or speakers?) under full acceleration. Are you picking up any noise on your LR RWD?
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    "Hold" mode regeneration in new SW

    Love the updated hold mode to a stop for 1 pedal operation but I'm getting a clicking noise when the car comes to a complete stop and on 'hold'. Seemed to have started yesterday after updates, and the same noise isn't present if I flip to the 'roll' mode. Can't tell if it the brakes are...
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    Thoughts on Pricing? 2019 SR+

    Take the car into CarMax to see what they'd offer you on the car. This is your baseline of the bottom dollar (minimum) figure you'd get for the vehicle. Anecdotally with some casual browsing, my guess is you'd find a buyer for around 30k. GLWS
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    WoW! Netflix audio is super immersive!

    Video quality is pretty good via NetFlix, but IMO the audio quality is 'ok'. I mean compared to say built in speakers of a home TV or an iPad it'll be terrific but really can't touch a decent 5.1 home setup.
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    Issues with new Model 3 and service

    Not quite as extensive as your list but I had a few issues while / after taking delivery of my Model 3 in August as well. I accepted the car as I could live with the minor imperfections or had confidence they would be fixed. They were: - Spot Paint Issue. Dirt or something under the coat...
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    Software 2019.32.2.2 thread

    My SR+ has been buggy since the 32.2.2 upgrade. Specifically the LTE / Bluetooth modules crash and I have to manually reboot the system to have it come back on. Happens at least once a day when the car wakes up to drive.
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    Used Tesla Model 3s pricing error?

    33.2k with the upgraded wheels would've been a sweet deal indeed....
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    Model 3 red vs white, if red is free

    Don't think you can go wrong here but since you asked the question, I prefer white regardless of the free upgrade to Red.
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    Delivery today in Charlotte

    Thanks for sharing your experience and congrats on the new 3! Any issues matching the CarMax appraisal or pretty straight forward?
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    Best wireless charger?

    +1 vote for TapTes. Value can't be beat, its currently on sale via Amazon for about $33.xx after online coupon via TapTes. Fits well, love the splitters to be used with TeslaCam + USB Music. Only minor qualm is you do have to use some type of adhesive to not have it slip/pop around a bit but a...
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    [Site no longer works]Got tired of using Tesla.com and EV-CPO to search inventory, so I built my own

    Awesome UI, appreciate you building/sharing this. Outside of a suggestion to default the used vehicles to ASC in value vs DESC (I assume most of us search in that fashion first) its a fantastic layout.
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    Customer service at delivery

    Just took delivery of my M3 SR+ this past week in the Fremont hub, and the service was 'efficient.' I was in and out within 30-45 minutes with majority of the time spent doing the walk around inspection of the vehicle. Usual minor nick, stitch, or imperfection here and there but driving 30...
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    Tesla won't honor their price

    Sorry to hear about your experience but as many of the other members have noted it still is a good price for the vehicle listed. It isn't the no brainer deal but still solid if you're looking to pull the trigger on the build you had reserved.

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