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  1. davezforce

    Tesla Toolbox access in North NJ

    Does anyone have access to Toolbox in the north jersey area. I need to run a calibration and my subscription expired. Don’t feel like wasting 500 just for one thing. Obviously willing to throw some cash your way, I have the cables. If not is there anyone interested in splitting a month sub if I...
  2. davezforce

    FSD Gone.

    I was holding out on upgrading from 2021.36.8.10 until they added the ability to have better icon customization for legacy cars. So after hearing they added in the ability to put the seat controls back down in the tray and other improvements I decided it was time to update. I was using FSD the...
  3. davezforce

    Liftgate Glass

    Does anyone know the real difference between the glass on the liftgate. Shows two part numbers between active and passive spoilers. What would be different with the actual glass. I would think the spoiler stanchions would have the same dimensions to fit within the glass, just one being fixed and...
  4. davezforce

    FS: 19’ MX Raven Front Seats White Excellent Condition. $5K.

    Selling a set of complete excellent condition like new white front seats non perforated with adjustable headrest from my 2019 Model X Raven (3,310 miles). Seats were ceramic coated with 7 miles on them. I upgraded to the ventilated version and no longer need these. I am located in Northern NJ...
  5. davezforce

    MX white ventilated seats help NJ area

    Looking for someone in the NJ area that has a MX with white ventilated seats preferably 18' & up that can help me with a project. I'm looking to order a new front set, but need someone with a VIN that matches as they are restricted to order without one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. davezforce

    Model X logo interior

    Does anyone make a Model X decal for the Falcon wing upper interior sill plate. It used to come factory etched, was a nice look. I thought I saw a company a while back that made replica decals in various colors too but can’t remember who.
  7. davezforce

    Pin to Drive

    Just noticed after entering pin to drive code it opens right up now after last digit. Finally no need to hit the extra enter/confirm step. Was this in 40.4?
  8. davezforce

    Off-Road (From Model Y)

    What are the chances we with X’s will get an update with the new “Off Road” mode from the new Y? And would you guys want it?
  9. davezforce

    Tank Turn for X

    Hopefully this makes it into the Cybertruck but who else would like to see it in the X! Watch Rivian spin in place with 'tank turn' - best turning radius ever? - Electrek
  10. davezforce

    Upgrade Option now on app

    Did anyone else notice this upgrades option in the app ?
  11. davezforce

    Model X 20’’ Grey Slipstreams Fkr sale

    Selling a brand new set (34 miles) of Tesla Model X Grey wheels with tires and sensors. Rims were also Ceramic Coated. Wheels were pulled off my new X, I purchased a diferent set of wheels and tires. Prefer local pickup to northern New Jersey can meet somewhere if deposit is left. Shipping would...
  12. davezforce

    Remote heating question

    When I turn on climate now from the app, it’s turning on the heat plus the steering wheel, front and rear defrosters. Is this normal? I don’t remember it doing this before, or is this new in the 2019.40.1.1 update? Thanks
  13. davezforce


    My X just received this now. Has any else gotten this?
  14. davezforce

    FS: Used Model X Frunk Auto Open Struts & Soft Close Spring Kit

    I just upgraded to the Hanshow Fully Auto Open/Close Frunk Kit and am looking to sell my 2 month old auto open only Kit. (Gas strut and spring replacement) It’s in good condition and super easy to install per i1Tesla’s YouTube video. Kit comes with the 2 shocks and the soft close spring. Pm for...
  15. davezforce

    a new software update

    Just woke up to 2019.32.12.5
  16. davezforce

    Limited regen

    Lately I’ve had limited regen braking (yellow dashed lines) while driving. It’s pretty much on all the time and even after driving 20+ miles it’s still doesn’t go away. The temp in NJ isn’t that cold yet. It’s currently 55 tonight and it’s been on constantly even during the 20 mile trip to...
  17. davezforce

    Window Close from App

    FYI. Model X windows can be rolled up. I have the Remote Tesla App installed (Formerly Remote S) and along with vent windows, it has a close windows button. I just verified on my Raven X and the windows do close. So Tesla’s app is limiting us from closing them not the car itself.
  18. davezforce

    Suspension lower on exit?

    Is there a way to get the X to drop to very low once parked?
  19. davezforce

    Battery and Cold Climate

    My raven X is a couple months old now, and getting ready for the climate to start rapidly changing here in NJ. What is the best way to Pre Heat or get the battery ready before leaving for work in the am from home and also during the day when leaving from work. I’m assuming that when I’m at home...
  20. davezforce

    New Sofrware 2019.32.11

    My Raven installed 2019.32.10.2 yesterday, and just now it’s downloading 2019.32.11? Any ideas what’s new?
  21. davezforce

    Can’t wake X

    Twice now I’m away from my X which is at home and I can not access it from the app. It just says waking up and keeps just spinning. I re started phone and nothing. The only thing that will fix it is when I get home and walk up to it with the fob. Has anyone else had this? It’s a new X about 4...
  22. davezforce

    Ludicrous upgrade?

    So has anyone heard anything yet about the price to upgrade to Ludicrous since they have included it in the performance package? I have two emails out to service and owner advisor who are looking into it but still haven’t heard back. Unfortunately I know the people that already paid the 20k...
  23. davezforce

    Only one service appointment at a time?

    Can you only schedule one service applied at a time? I currently have a aug 6 mobile service appointment for interior panels being swapped out due to the wrong color upon delivery, and just installed 22” referral rims (ordered with 20’s) and I’m told I need a suspension firmware update from...
  24. davezforce

    New Price/Line up change again...

    So I see that Tesla just changed prices/lineup for the S/X/3. Biggest question is regarding the included Ludicrous now with the performance models. Being I purchased the performance model just over 2 weeks ago, and was planning to do the Ludicrous upgrade later down the road, now that it’s...
  25. davezforce

    Leave plugged in or not?

    New to EV, just got my X last week and had a question on charging. If you leave the car plugged in for say a week while on vacation, would it keep the charge exactly at the set percentage, or does it let the car discharge to a certain rate and then turn back on, does it keep charging all the...
  26. davezforce

    Voiding warranty?

    Would replacing rotors void the warranty? I just received my model x last week, and would really like to Install some xdrilled/or slotted rotors. Would look really nice with the 22’s and red calipers. The plain rotors just don’t cut it but don’t want to void the warranty. Just curious
  27. davezforce

    Charging Adaptors

    Hey guys, just picked up my MX Friday night and am new to the whole EV thing. I installed the Tesla Wall connector at home (60 amp) so charging at home is not the question. I’m wondering what are the most common adapters for the mobile connector that I should buy to keep in the car. If I can’t...
  28. davezforce

    Wheel Question

    My Model X is on order, got it with the standard rims. I have a brand new set of 22’s Onyx’s. Got them with everything except lugnuts. Looking to see if I should get them from Tesla or I was looking at the set from Mcgard. Anyone know the price from Tesla for theirs if there better? Also need...
  29. davezforce

    Tesla account down

    Can't log into my Tesla from website. Anyone else having issues?
  30. davezforce

    Time of delivery

    Hello. I just placed my order for a model X and was just wondering the average time it takes to receive it. I live in NJ so I’m sure that travel time will take in to account as well. Thanks
  31. davezforce

    Buying HPWC

    Is Tesla online still best price for a HPWC? Looking for a silver one, seems like it’s the best price I can find.
  32. davezforce

    Upgrading Rim size

    If you order a model x with 20 inch rims and down the road want to upgrade to the onyx 22 inch rims is it a normal swap out or does something with the software need to be programmed at the service center for the suspension to work correct ? Thanks
  33. davezforce

    Charging times

    Planning on a new X (first ev) and trying to figure out what I need to install and run (I’m an electrician) but what will charge the fastest/best at home. If I read correctly the 19’ X’s Use 48 amp max to charge (60 amp breaker/6 wire) Does the Tesla wall charger actually charge faster then I...
  34. davezforce

    Model Year

    If u configure and place a order for a model x before Monday when the prices go back up, is it a 2019 car? Not sure how Tesla does their model years. Ivw heard conflicting things. Thanks in advance
  35. davezforce

    Ludicrous Upgrade

    Is the ludicrous upgrade price going to up on Monday as well?

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