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  1. mikevbf

    Help with Winter Driving Tips for a New Model Y Owner

    My cousin just picked up her first Tesla, a MY long range today. To someone who is totally new to electric cars and Tesla's in cold winter conditions what would you add beyond what is already on the Tesla support page? For example, is there anything specific to having a heat pump which is not in...
  2. mikevbf

    New Service Centers Coming To The Northeast!

    about time: Tesla is looking for real estate in the Northeast to 'open lots of service centers', says President of Automotive - Electrek
  3. mikevbf

    What Will It Take For Tsla To Obtain Escape Velocity?

    es·cape ve·loc·i·ty /əˈskāp vəˌläsədē/ noun the lowest velocity which a body must have in order to escape the gravitational attraction of a particular planet or other object. It is frustrating to have a company with so much success and future potential also be the most shorted stock. What is...
  4. mikevbf

    How Is Tesla Going To Solve Service For The Masses?

    I know we have a thread on Service Centers, but service centers seems to be less and less about service centers for Tesla going forward which is why I created this thread. With the exponential growth the more affordable Model 3 creates and the Model Y will continue, Tesla has come to a tipping...
  5. mikevbf

    Model Y Feature Which Would Be Great In The X: Independently Folding Center Seats

    Did anyone notice that the Model Y has three independently folding center row seats? This would be great in the MX 5 or 7 seater. It would allow 2 passengers to sit in the more comfortable outer center row seats while slotting something like a ski bag down the center like I do in my 6 seat MX...
  6. mikevbf

    Wild Prediction: Non Plus Interior Is Never Manufactured

    My guess is that Tesla will not get enough non plus interior orders to make it worth their while to add the complexity to the manufacturing lines. The end result is even the people who ordered the non plus interior will get it. If memory serves, this would not be the first Tesla did something...
  7. mikevbf

    Do Aero Covers Collect Snow Behind Them?

    So far one M3 owner told me his aero covers collect snow behind them. My plan when I got my M3 was to use the aeros to offset some of the range loss during colder winter months. Anyone else had problems using aero wheels in messy snow conditions?
  8. mikevbf

    Nice video on rate of EV adoption

  9. mikevbf

    Tesla and EV Blog/News Sites

    Simple question: where do you get Tesla and EV news from other than TMC?
  10. mikevbf

    Tesla offered me immediate delivery of display rwd M3, anyone else?

    To be clear this invitation was only for first day reservationist for now:
  11. mikevbf

    1UP bike rack with 4 bikes barely fits for Supercharging

    This has probably been covered, but I just got back from a beach trip with 4 bikes on a 1UP and was able to supercharge just barely without having to take bikes or rack off (and no there was not enough space to pull sideways along the chargers):
  12. mikevbf

    Saudi Arabia (out of Market Action)

    I understand the anti Saudi sentiment on this thread (had the same bias myself at first), but are you aware that the person in charge of the large investment is Mohammed bin Salman who is a big sustainability advocate and known for preparing Saudi Arabia for the end of oil. I believe the rushed...
  13. mikevbf

    Why Haven't You Pulled The Trigger?

    It seems like Tesla has invited almost everyone in North America to configure whether you just placed a reservation yesterday or waited in line years ago on day 1 to place your reservation. For those who have not pulled the trigger, what are you waiting for? If you choose other in the poll...
  14. mikevbf

    Why does my MX start charging during unscheduled times

    I just changed my electric rate plan to get off peak cheaper charging. So I set my charger to charge at 2AM, but the car starts charging when I plug in at other times such as 7pm tonight. I read the manual and found the part where if the car misses it scheduled charge, it will start charging...
  15. mikevbf

    How do you think Tesla will package AWD Model 3?

    Because the Model 3 is mass produced with fewer customization options than the MS and MX, do you think the dual motor AWD version will force buyers to buy AWD with the LR battery or premium package at first for example? My guess is that the dual motors Model 3's will be packaged with air...
  16. mikevbf

    2018 New England Super Chargers

    Looks like we have a bunch of new Super Chargers to look forward to and a few that did not quite finish in 2017. Tesla is planning a nice ring of SPs around Boston including one soon to be completed in Framingham as well as some on the Cape; one in Providence, RI; a bunch along coastal, CT...
  17. mikevbf

    New England Model 3 Configuration Invites

    It's started. Some people (not me) have got their invites. Who is getting them? Did you wait in line on the first day or reserve online at the earliest moment? Are you going to defer to get AWD or cheaper version? What is your estimate to delivery or later config. Curious minds want to know :)
  18. mikevbf

    Supercharger - Clinton Corners, NY

    Any news on this supercharger? Sure would be nice to be able to charge up along the Taconic Parkway.
  19. mikevbf

    Model 3 Autopilot and FSD Abilities: what to expect?

    It is becoming more clear every day that the Model 3 is being designed as a car that will embrace autonomous driving. Where the S and X feel more like a bridge car that is evolving toward self driving, I believe the Model 3 will not feel complete until it gets there.The question is what do...
  20. mikevbf

    How did I Get Scratches in Paint

    After spending 4 days going through snow, slush, and mud (lot of dirt roads around here) to my local ski areas, I headed to the airport to go on a trip with the family. Because each day was so full and because as soon as you wash the car in these conditions its dirty again, I drove to the...
  21. mikevbf

    2017 New England Super Chargers

    Anyone with better eyes and mapping ability able to figure out where in New England the new 2017 super chargers will be? Supercharger | Tesla
  22. mikevbf

    Group Discount on Paint Protection

    It looks like I will get my Tesla Model X by end of the week. I imagine a lot of new englanders in the Boston are taking delivery of an S or X in the last 2 weeks of September and are looking for paint protection. It's not cheap to get a good job done. Anyone want to band together to see if...
  23. mikevbf

    Model X Needs Same Rear Camera Mirror That Chevy Bolt is Getting

    Scroll to the bottom of the link below on Chevy's Bolt page. I much prefer this solution to having to use the center screen for rear viability. Is there a good after market solution to accomplish this on the Model X? 2017 Bolt EV: All-Electric Vehicle | Chevrolet
  24. mikevbf

    Need Favor from Someone in the Minneapolis area

    I would be super grateful to anyone who would check an inventory car I reserved in the area. In return besides my undying gratitude, I would be happy to use his or her referral code in the purchase. Please PM me/use the conversations feature if willing. Thank You, Michael
  25. mikevbf

    Would This Camera Rear View Mirror Work On A Model X?

    I know that people have been less than happy with the Model X's rear view mirror. For those who would prefer not to use half of their screen for the rear view mirror, this kickstarter mirror from Perigon might do the trick. Check the second video on installation, though. Would this setup look...
  26. mikevbf

    If You Want a 35k Model 3, You Will have to Wait

    Most of you probably already know this. But I thought we should get this out of the way for any who do not. Elon Musk said that the first batch of Model 3 would be highly optioned configurations. Then there will probably be a mid tier Model 3 before any base models are delivered. I wonder how...
  27. mikevbf

    Any More Test Drive Reports From The Tour?

    I really appreciate the test drive reports which are significantly different than new owners reports since test drivers are not not generally locked into their configuration and bring an open mind to the table. For example, I have just about decided to switch to the 6 seat configuration based...
  28. mikevbf

    Request for Model X Pics with Your Dog

    Please share photos of your Model X with your dog. What space in your Model X does your dog/dogs ride? I especially would like to see a pic with a dog in a 6 seat configuration with the dog in between the two middle seats.
  29. mikevbf

    Model 3 Feature Requests

    I know we had a feature requests thread for the Model X that was very popular. I have not seen a similar thread for the Model 3 so thought I would start one. What features would you like to see on the Model 3?
  30. mikevbf

    Link Hub to Model X Owners and Others First Hand Experiences/Impressions

    Moderators, please make the updated part of this post a second post with wiki functionality so everyone can participate in gathering links of owner and other direct experiences of the Model X. Thank You. I thought it would be really useful to have one place to link to exclusively first hand...
  31. mikevbf

    Do You Want Your Model X Sooner or Later?

    I feel like Model X reservationists are now in a strange position. On the one hand, we are impatient because many of us have waited multiple years. On the other, from reading threads here and TM's forum, it is pretty obvious a lot of the early Model X deliveries are having to go back to the SC...
  32. mikevbf

    Would you buy a Model 3 with no Battery?

    The only reason Tesla has not already sold an affordable electric car is the cost and availability of batteries, hence the gigafactory. What if we were sold a Model 3 with no battery? What if we leased or short term rented the battery instead? Or even better what if changing the battery...
  33. mikevbf

    Incentive for Model X Owners to Show Off their Vehicles Locally

    It would be nice to have a way to acknowledge Model X owners who show off their vehicle locally while we wait for demos and show room models to appear. I know Tesla Motors does not need to increase demand for the Model X right now, but maybe here on TMC we could keep a score/leaders board of...
  34. mikevbf

    For Those Who Corfirmed Early With Little Info, Think You Might Make Any Changes?

    While trying to keep my Model X under a 100k (after tax rebate), I had to choose between Leather Seats and Ultra High Fidelity Sound. After doing as much research as I could on the Model S forums and a few early comments on the Model X, I chose the UHFS. Given that I have to wait because I...
  35. mikevbf

    Service Center Recommendations

    There always seems to be a lot of discussion about super charger locations and very little about service center locations. Even on TM's website you have to go through a super charger tab to navigate to a map of service centers: Tesla Store, Service Centers and Chargers Other than a service...
  36. mikevbf

    How would you fit a family of 4, their bikes, luggage and 100 pound dog in Model X?

    This is something I do pretty often on a 200 mile trip with my Toyota Highlander by putting our dog in the back, all our luggage in a car box up top and bikes on our hitch. If I keep the dog to the back and do not put the luggage with the dog, I see 2 options: 1) take my Go trailer and put...
  37. mikevbf

    How Many Miles On The Vehicle Your Model X Will Replace

    With the multi year delay many of us have held on to our car much longer than we would normally. I am just curious where I stand with my 10 year old Highlander Hybrid with 165,500 miles on it? I hope I get my Model X or other replacement before my Toyota hits its 200k anniversary.
  38. mikevbf

    FYI If You Live Far From A Service Station, Your Cost Of Ownership Just Went Way Up

    like many of you, I have been obsessed with getting a Model X for many years and am totally excited that the Sigs are beginning to configure their vehicles. However, a change in the Ranger and Valet service policy make maintenance costs so high for people far away from a service Center that...
  39. mikevbf

    Factors in Model X Reservation Cancelations vs. Conversions to Orders

    Looking ahead to when you can make your Model X reservation into an actual order, what is likely to tip the balance toward you moving forward with your order vs. canceling?
  40. mikevbf

    How Much would your Model S Cost Today?

    Would any Model S owners who bought their car a little while ago be willing to head over to TM's design studio Model S Design Studio | Tesla Motors and try and configure as close as possible the same car you own? Then, tell us how the price has changed in general or specifically if you can...
  41. mikevbf

    Tracking Price Changes

    Is there a thread tracking the changes in costs of Model S ownership. I would want to know base price changes, specific option price changes as well as changes in the cost of various service plans. I know the options are particularly tricky as some are new and others have been tied or untied...
  42. mikevbf

    Middle of Mass SC Location?

    If you go to Tesla Motor's super charger map Supercharger | Tesla Motors and move the slider to 2014, there is a planned site for the middle of Massachusetts. Where do you think this is? Hadley Mall, maybe?
  43. mikevbf

    Which Tires Do You Hope Come With The Model X?

    Feel free to include winter tire options.
  44. mikevbf

    What options from Model S are most essential to you in the X?

    This is not a wish list of options as there is already a thread for this. I am just curious which options people are interested in of the known Model S options.
  45. mikevbf

    joke/out there features for the Model X

    Since this is going to be a long wait for the Model X, I thought it might be fun to share ideas that will probably never be implemented, but are fun to imagine. For example: 1) I hate people tailgating me. Maybe the rear facing camera could take a picture of the tailgating car including...
  46. mikevbf

    torque vectoring in AWD Model S

    When the Model S and X get AWD I assume Tesla will take complete advantage of all abilities an all electric implementation of AWD brings to the plate including torque vectoring. In the Mercedes electric SLS they take it one step further by powering each individual wheel. See the video...
  47. mikevbf

    Tesla Copy Cat Treasure Hunt

    Warning: read further ONLY if you count yourself among the Tesla obsessed. Oh wait that is almost everyone here. As I obsess about every detail in the Model S and what little we know about the X, I keep spotting other companies doing the same thing in the details of their current, and even...
  48. mikevbf

    Model X in the News

    I am optimistic we will start hearing more about the Model X in the news hence the generalized title. Feel free to add any links you see in the news about the Model X to this thread. Here is one in the second half of the following article which talks about the Model X: "The Model X, which...
  49. mikevbf

    Why Would You Buy A Model X over an AWD Model S

    I am going to assume by the time the Model X comes out or soon after, the Model S will have an AWD option. If AWD is not what differentiates the two models, what is it for you? Why wait? I wish I did not have to post this second part, but based on discussions from when the Model X was...
  50. mikevbf

    How much extra would you pay for AWD

    I created a poll above. Does this seem like reasonable choices?

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