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    New 2020 standard range plus or used 2019 long range RWD?

    Faster supercharging rate with the long range also. I’d go used and offer them $1,000 off the asking price, especially if it seems a bit high per KBB prices.
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    Don't buy from taptes

    I also ordered the same wireless charger during a Black Friday deal for $28.79 and it works great.
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    Post your best Tesla camper & explorer pics...Go!

    Take out the back seat and the seats will fold perfectly flat with no incline. I agree on building a platform for extra length. I’m 6’3” and can fully stretch out.
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    Supercharging rate? How do I read this?

    I'm afraid that Tesla didn't recognize the referral code with your order. Did you order with a referral code in the URL or try to add after the fact? You shouldn't have paid for your 1st supercharger session.
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    Range on midrange reduced to 219 miles

    Over the last one month or so I’ve been not charging until the battery registers about 20% of capacity and then charging to 90% instead of charging from approximately from 70 to 80% nightly. This new charging behavior allows the car to more accurately estimate the rated range. The result is...
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    One year ago today

    I’m about the same as you except that I picked my MR 3 days before you and now have 12,705 miles. I’m also still happy with my purchase.
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    How to Replicate OnStar Functions?

    I've read reports from Tesla owners where Tesla called them after they got in a car accident, although I'm not sure that you can rely on it, but it definitely has happened in the past. I used to work for OnStar. It's a great service. I think most people would be shocked at how much...
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    Range on midrange reduced to 219 miles

    It depends on many variables like if you’re driving uphill for a long time which takes more energy, using the heat a lot uses more energy, driving in the rain uses more energy, driving into a headwind, etc.
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    MASTER THREAD: V 2019.40.1.1 170kW charging, Neural Net for Auto Wipers, Auto Lane Change quicker

    @JuiceBx Please let us now if you’re able to get a 150 kW charge rate at a V2 charger versus previously we were limited to 120 kW.
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    @skrtskrt Yes, several of us have. We’ve discussed it in the local Michigan Facebook groups.
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    Tesla Stats App

    The full name is: Stats: For Tesla Model S/X/3
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I think MR owners will get the range update and charging rate update with an upcoming firmware update. I expecting a charge rate between 200 and 210 kW on V3 SC versus we’re currently limited to 120 kW.
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    "Checking for updates..." message on v10.0 (2019.32.11 bac8c51)

    @Tintorera Yes, my car has been stuck like this for about 48 hours.
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    "Stats For Tesla" app: Question re Efficiency and Performance M3

    I believe the EPA estimates for AWD and performance are a little less efficient than one motor variants like SR, SR+, MR, LR because the two motor variants are heavier cars and the 2nd motor is a less efficient induction motor.
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    "Stats For Tesla" app: Question re Efficiency and Performance M3

    The efficiency is based on the last 100 miles so have you driven efficiently over 150 miles?
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    Range on midrange reduced to 219 miles

    I like your screen name. I’ve read about a lot of people that “lost” estimated rated range with this release.
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    V3 Supercharging Profiles for Model 3

    @Zoomit Have you seen any V3 charging sessions with improved charging speed with firmware 2019.32.11 for SR, SR+, or MR vehicles, or still capped at previous speeds?
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    Dash cam never turns off?

    I’ve noticed similar recordings when I wan’t driving the car, but not all night.
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    Awesome iOS App called Stats

    @joebruin77 I use the charge reminder feature and sometimes the smart charger feature. Learn about the app by watching the first two videos and optionally the 3rd.
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    Tesla to release mobile app update that allows window closing, venting features

    This post can be removed since there’s already a post for this at Window venting in Tesla app version 3.10.0
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    Awesome iOS App called Stats

    @12Pack If you haven’t already, send an email to the developer through the app reporting the issue.
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I lost 9 miles on this release at just over 10k mile range also on my MR.
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    2018 M3 Battery life got reduced!

    @ngogas i saw a 9 mile drop after upgrading to 2019.32.2.2. What’s the other thread that you mentioned?
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    Range on midrange reduced to 219 miles

    I lost 9 miles after upgrading to 32.2.2. Someone else reported something similar and they reported that rebooting helped so I rebooted and will charge tonight to see if anything changes.
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Interesting. I’ll try that because I had a 9 mile drop after upgrading to 32.2.2.
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    Teslas are welcome in Arizona

    In Michigan, we’re charged extra for driving electric to make up for not paying the gas tax which is somewhat understandable. The problem is that we’re charged so much extra. I forget what the equivalent number of miles that you’d have to drive in a gas car to make up the difference.
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    Is it possible to tune the suspension for a softer ride?

    There’s some aftermarket options or reduce tire pressure to 38 psi and get the 18 inch wheels.
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    Range on midrange reduced to 219 miles

    254 miles at 100% for me extrapolating from 90% after just under 11,000 miles.
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    Range on midrange reduced to 219 miles

    How many miles can you drive on relatively flat ground at 70 mph after charging to 100%? If you don’t know, start driving and do a test. Reset a trip meter to “save” the data. Take pictures before and after the test to show Tesla. No, you don’t have a warranty claim, although your car is the...
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    I’ve had a couple failures now with this new release also. I’ve never had previous failures since 12/2018 until this release.
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    Too Many Different Charging Adapters!

    An adapter in the US is not available yet. No timeline.
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    Anyone else just get invited to EAP?

    I’ve been checking email frequently today, but no email from Tesla. :-(
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    SentryView app was just released!

    Don’t bother with the wireless stick. Buy one of the iXpand drives instead.
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    Dashcam & Sandisk iXpand USB Drive

    Is Sentry disabled at home and work? Mine was enabled at work and I noticed that it was constantly recording due to movement around the vehicle so I disabled it at work.
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    SentryView App Question

    No, but if you do the following it will: 1. Purchase the existing version 2. Click on the gear icon 3. Select FAQ/Support 4. Scroll down and request the beta 5. Follow the directions in the email that you receive The beta version works great. I just used it today. It works so much better...
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    Dashcam & Sandisk iXpand USB Drive

    I’ve been using the same drive for about 3 weeks with no problems. I received the 24.4 upgrade with no problems before or after the upgrade
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    SentryView App Question

    There’s several of us that are beta testing the version that supports the iXpand flash drive. It’s taking longer than the developer expected because SanDisk has to approve the app in addition to Apple. The performance of the iXpand drive is much better than the wireless drive.
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    Viewing USB camera stuff

    View TeslaCam Videos in Browser
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    Just got 2019.24.4

    Perhaps you received the navigation data update.
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    Viewing TeslaCam videos on screen

    SentryView is an iOS app and the iXpand USB drive works well with the beta version of the app. Don’t buy the wireless USB drive.
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    2019.24.4 and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance

    Yes, appears to be the case. I just disabled it, drove, parked, drove, parked, and it's staying disabled.
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    Mid-range changes in range or battery degradation

    You shouldn’t take it to Tesla because it’s not a warranty issue unless battery capacity goes below 70% per the warranty and you’re at 94%. I have an MR also and have the Stats app. With the Stats app I can see capacity as high as 265 miles when I first started using the app as well as now at...
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    Model 3 camping mode?

    I think Tesla is still going to come out with a camper mode, but “Leave Climate On”. I’ve camped in my car and it worked great.
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    Model 3 performance new 18 inch wheel option now avail 7/15/19

    Electrek is now reporting on this now also Tesla now offers Model 3 Performance for less than $50,000 by unbundling features - Electrek
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    Sentry mode Viewer on Iphone

    Yes after connecting through WiFi through the app.

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