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  1. cruiserlarry

    No summon connectivity since FSD Beta 2022.12.3.20

    Has anyone else had an issue with summon being unable to connect to the vehicle after installing FSD Beta 2022.12.3.20 ? I use summon all the time to help park my 2017 Model S, as well as my 2019 Model 3, so both will fit in my garage. There have been no connectivity issues on the Model 3 - same...
  2. cruiserlarry

    Rear Seat Liner Recommendations for the Y

    My son and sister both have 5-seat Model Ys, and dogs that shed a lot. They are looking for recommendations for rear floor liners that also cover the back of the rear seats when folded down, to reduce pet clean up. The all-weather style mats are sectional and have gaps, so they aren't effective...
  3. cruiserlarry

    Cabin Pre-Cooling and Navigation issue

    Whenever we send navigation directions from our phone to my wife's 2019 Model 3, the remote cabin temperature cooling stops. Never had reason to see if this was happening before, but since we started using the interior pre-cooling due to the heat wave, we have had it happen every time. Anyone...
  4. cruiserlarry

    Model Y Car Wash question - East Coast

    While my Model S and Model 3 enjoy the relatively mild So Cal weather, my son and DIL are enjoying their new Model Y in snowy, stormy, ice-cold Pittsburgh, PA....A question came up regarding what is the preferred car wash type for that environment for their Y, since they are unable to wash it...
  5. cruiserlarry

    Right rear window / door lock noise when engaging Park

    Everytime I put my Tesla S in "park", I can hear a low thud at the right rear door, similar to when the window closes and doors lock. I think this has been occurring regularly throughout many updates, starting somewhere near the time when the app alerts you if the windows are open, and allowed...
  6. cruiserlarry


    I just upgraded the side repeaters in my S to Model Y black units, so I have the original pair of chrome side repeater cameras available for sale. They both are 100% functional units - no issues. Driver side repeater housing has a small ding on the housing from flying road debris, which is much...
  7. cruiserlarry

    Summon issues after last update (2020.32.3)

    My wife's 2019 M3 has no issues connecting to summon using the app when backing out of the garage, but repeatedly says "Reconnect" and fails to work when trying to summon it back into the garage after a drive. Rebooting my phone, her phone, changing the WiFi, etc. don't help. Locking / unlocking...
  8. cruiserlarry

    No Holiday Update for MCU1 / AP2 ?

    My wife got 2019.40.50.7 on her Model 3, but still no sign of that holiday update for MCU1 / AP2 vehicles....anyone have it yet on early refresh vehicle ? Wondering if we'll get it at all, if it'll have all the features including talk to text, expanded voice commands, etc...or is this "holiday...
  9. cruiserlarry

    V10 - No Nav on Autopilot button on Nav Screen

    I received 2019.32.11 on Sunday, and yesterday received 2019.32.11.1 - not sure when it started, but since I received V10, I no longer have the "Navigate On Autopilot" button showing on my navigation screen. All of the NOA controls are still set in the menu, but no way to access it to use it -...
  10. cruiserlarry

    Improve screen warnings

    I appreciate all of the audible warnings Tesla provides when driving, but many times it can be confusing what they are for. It would be much safer IMO if all of these warnings had the option for a spoken warning and larger / longer display on the screen. In both my S and my 3, the audible...
  11. cruiserlarry

    21" Staggered Turbines w/ Tires for Sale

    I have a set of original staggered 21" gray Turbine wheels and tires taken off a 2017 S90D. All 4 rims have substantial road rash on the edges, so these are for someone looking to repair them, or use as spares. They have the original Continental Sport Silent tires with 18k miles on them (which...
  12. cruiserlarry

    Slacker issues since last 2 updates

    I've never had any issues with Slacker until the last 2 updates - now it will sometimes start in the middle of a song, while the display is locked showing the song time as starting, and it will jump from a song after a few seconds - both issues happening randomly during a drive. Rebooting...
  13. cruiserlarry

    Trade Silver Arachnids for Black Arachnids

    I just got notice that my referral award set of silver arachnid staggered wheels, tires, sensors, etc will be available next Monday here in Los Angeles. The service center is giving me a hard time about taking them to have them powder-coated first, and only want to install them as they come. I...
  14. cruiserlarry

    AP2 / TACC Still slowing when passing freeway offramps

    I've had this issue for a long time now - but it occurred to me that through all the improvements and software updates, this issue has remained the same for me. When driving in TACC or AP2 on the freeway, the target speed will slow to the off-ramp speed if I'm driving in either of the rightmost...
  15. cruiserlarry

    Model 3 Door Lock Options ??

    I'm a long time Model S owner, and we just got a Model 3 for my wife. The S has the option to unlock only the driver's door when using the key fob or app, but we couldn't find that option on the 3. This is a big safety feature for many folks parking in questionable areas, and for me for my...
  16. cruiserlarry

    How to check referral prize status since loot box is gone

    While I know the referral program ended on 2/28/2019, I still have a set of 21" Arachnid wheels I earned previously that I have not received yet (It's been about 3 months). I understand there can be long delays for the delivery of these prizes (as there have been for past prizes I've earned)...
  17. cruiserlarry

    Charge Status Screen Image Issue

    Just started getting blurred numbers on the center screen charge status screen. Everything else is OK, and the driver screen has numbers. No functional issues with charging, and no blurred text on any other screen. Curious if others have seen this, and if it is just a software issue. I'm on...
  18. cruiserlarry

    Steering Mode Setting vs AP performance

    While driving a P90D loaner last week, I noticed the steering feel was very tight, and definitely had a big effect on the effort it took for me to steer on tighter turns, especially at speed in HOV lanes with limited side clearance. Of course, a quick check of the settings showed it was in the...

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