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  1. Waverider

    Dash speaker grill reflection on the windshield as a grid-like pattern - all I see is a reflection of a bunch of dots

    I've thought of painting it in this stuff. https://www.amazon.com/Musou-Black-Water-based-Acrylic-Paint/dp/B09J94Y744
  2. Waverider

    Can you park the X in a garage?

    We got one of those side mount garage door openers recently. The goal was to improve clearance to allow the FWD to open more. In practice it hasn't really changed much. The door still senses the garage door above and stops well short. Annoyingly it has plenty of room to go up, especially if...
  3. Waverider

    Supercharger - Inyokern, CA - Locust Ave. (LIVE 6 Sep 2021, 12 V3 stalls)

    Rivian chargers are installed and running. I saw a green R1T charging.
  4. Waverider

    SPAN - Smart Electrical Panel

    It’s going to be a 3rd party but thus far I’ve only dealt with actual Span people. Or tried to deal with them. The conversation is very one sided.
  5. Waverider

    acceleration SHUDDER

    woah, I just watched it again twice and didn't hear anything either. I definitely heard it the first time though. Mandela effect or something? Crazy.
  6. Waverider

    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    Another happy N2itive customer here. Got it new front shafts installed, took it to EVFixMe and they installed the N2itive parts and got the alignment set on Low. No more shudder, tire wear looks more normal now, drive on Low all the time. Totally worth it.
  7. Waverider

    acceleration SHUDDER

    Out Of Spec Reviews just posted a video and there was shudder on a new LR X.
  8. Waverider

    SPAN - Smart Electrical Panel

    Trying to get Span installed, they took my deposit and was told "6-8" weeks for a site survey. Been about 11 weeks now and getting them to give me status updates has been nearly impossible. Only recent communication from them was to instead offer me their "PowerUP" 100amp guarantee program...
  9. Waverider

    Problems with dashcam

    Solved my issue thanks to a post on Reddit. My usb stick has both micro sd and sd card slots. I’ve only had a micro sd card inserted all this time. Tried formatting and rebooting but nothing worked. Reddit suggested putting a formatted sd card in with some music on it and it worked! Alert has...
  10. Waverider

    Non stop honking

    Had another “fun” Tesla experience today. We were driving on the freeway, I lowered the temperature with the right scroll wheel, and the horn started going off constantly. I did the scroll wheel reset while driving with the horn going but that didn’t fix it. So I had to pull over and shut down...
  11. Waverider

    Problems with dashcam

    Same here. Seems to work normally, just has the perpetual no usb file system warning.
  12. Waverider

    Supercharger - Inyokern, CA (4 V2 stalls)

    They had a forklift on site yesterday that was placing the charger units.
  13. Waverider

    Current Delivery Times

    Coworker is in the same boat. Delivery was set for next week then changed to “September” this morning. He called the SA and was told that it’s just a glitch in the system and delivery will be happening next week.
  14. Waverider

    Supercharger - Mojave, CA (EXPANDED Dec 2021, 6 V2 + 4 V3 + 2 urban stalls)

    No, I didn't notice the little makeshift curb cut at first. You can get in there but it's very tight. Going to have to drive in, turn right, and then back into the charger space. Very tight.
  15. Waverider

    Supercharger - Mojave, CA (EXPANDED Dec 2021, 6 V2 + 4 V3 + 2 urban stalls)

    The urban ones might be. I thought I heard some fan noise coming from them. The inaccessible one has red caution tape around it. The V3s still have their shipping covers on. There's no easy way to get your vehicle in there to begin with though.
  16. Waverider

    Supercharger - Mojave, CA (EXPANDED Dec 2021, 6 V2 + 4 V3 + 2 urban stalls)

    There's a prefab concrete slab with 4 V3s along the CA14 side of that plot. Then next to the restaurant is a metal pallet with 3 urban chargers. It's in a very strange location, one of them is completely unaccessible. Gravel has been placed on the ground with garden boarders. It all looks...
  17. Waverider

    Is there any downside to Air Suspension?

    Yeah feels like you’re driving a lowered civic. Pro tip: Keep rodents away from your air lines. They’re tasty!
  18. Waverider

    MASTER THREAD: Tesla Insurance Services in California

    It's Tesla in name only. Once you file a claim, you're handed off to another company that processes the claim. They have zero insider information or special access to Tesla. Tesla will handle your repair just as they would any other Tesla owner. The only reason to have Telsa insurance is the...
  19. Waverider

    Tesla X without FWD Poll

    The ultrasonic sensor puck that's beneath the door panel is attached by an adhesive. When it gets hot, the adhesive melts or becomes soft and the sensor starts getting false readings off of the door panel. It thinks there's something blocking the door when in reality there's nothing there. On...
  20. Waverider

    Tesla X without FWD Poll

    I would drop the FWD in a heartbeat. My 2019 has been into service 3 times for repairs on the sensor and the technician basically keeps saying, “it’s just a thing that happens in the heat. I would do hundreds of these repairs every summer in Phoenix.” Unfortunately I live in the desert so the...
  21. Waverider

    Supercharger - Firebaugh, CA (I-5 / West Panoche Rd, LIVE 13 Nov 2020, 56 V3 stalls)

    All the stalls currently installed are the reverse-in type. Didn’t see any that would work for larger vehicles or ones towing trailers.
  22. Waverider

    Supercharger - Firebaugh, CA (I-5 / West Panoche Rd, LIVE 13 Nov 2020, 56 V3 stalls)

    This is going to stay running for good, right? Could it be operational in some kind of trial mode that may get turned off at any point? I’m going to be driving down the 5 tonight and this is the perfect stopping point. Don’t want to get there only to find it not working.
  23. Waverider

    P100D X 12V battery dying in a car without any warning?

    I’ve got a mobile service appointment for Sept 8. Going to try and get it into my driveway from work and then just leave it there until the service appointment. For my last service they told me they don’t have loaners at Bakersfield. Which was a lie because when I got there a guy was dropping...
  24. Waverider

    P100D X 12V battery dying in a car without any warning?

    Same issue here. 11month old MX died without warning twice in 3 days. Seems to randomly reboot itself and come back to life. I left mine at work last night after trying to jumpstart it, just saw the notification on my phone that it came back to life at 3am. Gonna drive it home today and park it...
  25. Waverider

    Is the insane lack of email responses/customer service I am experiencing common?

    Pretty much the same here. It’s to the point that I can’t even muster up enough fanboyishness to justify a cybertruck let alone convincing my wife to go through the ordering/delivery experience with Tesla again. Only thing going for Tesla right now is the charging network which is a must for us.
  26. Waverider

    After FSD 3.0, Summon accident!!! Crashed my bumper and hood

    It’s the main painted part and the black plastic lower one where the air intake is. Luckily the PPF protected the hood.
  27. Waverider

    After FSD 3.0, Summon accident!!! Crashed my bumper and hood

    $2531.06 parts and labor for replacing the upper and lower bumper. Haven’t gotten it fixed yet. Need to find a detailer who can do PPF relatively near by the service center.
  28. Waverider

    After FSD 3.0, Summon accident!!! Crashed my bumper and hood

    I had a nearly identical incident with my MX. hit the only obstacle in the entire parking lot, a stop sign. From where I was I though it was going to drive around it. Nope, aimed straight for it. Tesla said they would do an investigation and the SC manager would call me back in 8 weeks. Then...
  29. Waverider

    I've loved Tesla for 7 years. But after years of abuse, I'm out

    Ordering/delivery process for a 2019 MX was very stressful mostly due to poor communication from Tesla. Resolving a smart summon related accident during transition from telephone customer service to app only service became impossible and still hasn’t been resolved. Recent service visit at...
  30. Waverider

    Model Y vs X

    If you don’t need a 3rd row, the Y has a huge advantage in not having the falcon wing doors. Just drove 2 hours to the nearest service center to get the ultrasonic FWD sensor fixed only to have the new one start acting up on the drive home. Mechanic was just like “they’ve been like that since...
  31. Waverider


    2. 2019 Raven X
  32. Waverider


    Just took my first drive with this software update and the UI crashed while i was driving. Both screens went black for about 2 minutes before it rebooted. First time that ever happened to me.
  33. Waverider

    Have Tesla insurance, just got DMV letter "Intent to Suspend" for lack of insurance

    It’s not Tesla holding it up. It’s mostly my personal circumstances. Tesla was supposed to be “investigating” the incident and would call me back within 8 weeks. That was something like 20 weeks ago. Now you can’t call them at all and I haven’t tried going through the app yet to schedule the...
  34. Waverider

    Have Tesla insurance, just got DMV letter "Intent to Suspend" for lack of insurance

    I have one that’s sort of on hold due to COVID-19 complications. Tesla actually subcontracts out the actual claims stuff to another company, and that’s who you deal with. They’re professional and helpful but have no connection or insider knowledge with Tesla the car company. Especially if you...
  35. Waverider

    Model X Charges past set point

    It’s been fluctuating between 58 and 59% all day today. “Charging complete”
  36. Waverider

    Model X Charges past set point

    I’ve had scheduled departure on and the last charging session I had it set to 80%. I left it plugged in for maybe an additional 12 hours and it trickled up to 83%. I’ve got it plugged in again now, scheduled departure off, and limit set to 60%. Should be done charging in about an hour but I’ll...
  37. Waverider

    2020.8.1 Another useless update for most of us

    I believe it allows you to format the Sentry Mode USB drive from Windows without having to get some additional third party drive management software. Huge usability improvement.
  38. Waverider

    Supercharger - Inyokern, CA (4 V2 stalls)

    New EV charging system going in at the Inyokern airport. Anybody know what type it is? I don’t see it on supercharge.info or the electrify america site.
  39. Waverider

    The Y rear is ugly

    I saw that model Y at the Fairfield Supercharger a few hours ago. Didn’t notice the hitch. Was just too amazed at actually seeing one in the wild in person to focus on the details. 95FB7D16-96A9-4609-9274-0BEE1F5685E3 by Waverider posted Dec 27, 2019 at 10:31 PM
  40. Waverider

    Glass Breaking Fail

    You’d think they would have tested that before hand. I’m betting Franz was supposed to throw the first smaller ball.
  41. Waverider

    This truck design had better be a joke....

    I see this pulling in the Hummer/ H2 crowd. The looks are actually sort of growing on me. Got that military transport vibe from the front and rear, side profile is terrible. It’s equally ugly as the Rivian just in a completely different way.
  42. Waverider

    Seatbelt nag chime longer

    Pressing Park again didn't stop the dinging for me :-( I've started closing the door manually like a neanderthal, putting on my seatbelt, and then pressing the brake to turn it on. Lame
  43. Waverider

    Have Tesla insurance, just got DMV letter "Intent to Suspend" for lack of insurance

    Just tried it with and without dashes, didn't work for me. Sent a pdf of the verification letter I had to send the credit union to that [email protected] email address. Fingers crossed that works. I'll probably mail a copy of the verification letter to the DMV as well. Definitely regretting...
  44. Waverider

    Seatbelt nag chime longer

    That’s the thing though, it dings before you even put the car in drive. As soon as somebody sits down. They haven’t even had the chance to put their seatbelts on.
  45. Waverider

    Seatbelt nag chime longer

    Got 2019.36.21 a few days ago and I might be going crazy but the seatbelt nag chime seems to ding much longer now. If I remember correctly, it would previously only sound if a passenger didn’t have a seatbelt on when you put the car into gear. Even then it would ding only three times. After this...
  46. Waverider

    Driver seat crushes my wife against the steering wheel on easy entry

    This has happened to me twice upon entering my 09/2019 MX. I have my profile and easy entry profile. When the crush driver bug happens it moves the seat back forward in both profiles and saves them. Thankfully it has only happened when I first get in the car and hit the brake pedal, not while...
  47. Waverider

    Tesla Insurance Launches in California

    On top of the frustrating buying experience, Tesla insurance has been less than ideal. Had to call to add a driver, call again to get the name spelled correctly, and call a third time to add the credit union as the loss payee. Then the insurance card can only show the primary driver for some...
  48. Waverider

    What the $#@$# is going on with Model X custom orders

    In my experience you have to text the DA, they won’t reach out to you.

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