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  1. Compuguide

    2020.12.5 Rolling

    Couldn't sleep. so just updated successfully to 2020.12.5 :)
  2. Compuguide

    The M3 Photo Thread

    Cat snuck into the garage and did a Tango on the Frunk! https://photos.app.goo.gl/2F2PAqftS5kULzGx8
  3. Compuguide

    UK Number Plate Full Removal - Can Anyone Help?

    I'm sure this has been asked many times before but I can't see the answer. Why are the front number plates white and the rear ones yellow?
  4. Compuguide

    2020.12 on the way

    I Checked this morning to see whether I had this new update and was surprised to find my car not responding in the Tesla app on the phone. I Tried it again a short while later. Still absolutely no response from the car.Eventually took a walk down to the car. (I live in a flat) and popped the...
  5. Compuguide

    v2020.8 rolling

  6. Compuguide

    v2020.8 rolling

    Agreed, looks like it's been pulled
  7. Compuguide

    Your Cars Name?

    Eclectic Dreamer (or ED for short)
  8. Compuguide

    UK Tesla owner age demographic

    Being over 60 and disqualified (for medical reasons), I persuaded my surrogate driver, and best friend to floor it! See, even we geriatrics can have fun!
  9. Compuguide

    UK Tesla meet up at Caffeine & Machine

    Sadly, I know this is cutting my own nose off despite my face, but I have.Pi-hold.Facebook. In other words, my network blocks any Facebook connections. I don't approve it's philosophy.
  10. Compuguide

    UK Tesla meet up at Caffeine & Machine

    address: Caffeine and Machine Ltd, Ettington CV37 7NS When is next Tela/EV meet? (missed it if it was mentioned in the video)
  11. Compuguide

    Voice Control Much Improved!

    Although I'm no longer allowed to drive my car. Given that I live in a block of flats, I reckon that this is private land and so summoning it in and out of my garage is allowed and sitting in it and testing my voice commands is also allowed. Perhaps even the odd acceleration down the car park...
  12. Compuguide

    Voice Commands

  13. Compuguide

    Holder, Creeper, Roller?

    I use Hold for normal driving, but Creep, I find essential for the multipoint turns necessary to position my car directly in front of my garage. Needless to say the approach and room for manoeuvring are severely restricted.
  14. Compuguide

    I'm going to be the first to have a totally autonomous Model3

    OK, yes, that was a bit of a click-bait title, sorry. Let me start by saying that this post is not seeking sympathy, so let's avoid uncomfortable comments. On the very last day of 2019 a brown letter dropped on my doorstep from the DVLA To be honest, I had been expecting it from even before I...
  15. Compuguide

    ScanMyTesla (OBD-ii & app) titbits I've learned

    With the assistance of a friend, we have now successfully installed the Scanner and got it talking to the "Scan My Tesla" app
  16. Compuguide

    ScanMyTesla (OBD-ii & app) titbits I've learned

    Brilliant, thanks for that, we'll give it a try shortly
  17. Compuguide

    ScanMyTesla (OBD-ii & app) titbits I've learned

    @NorfolkMustard A friend is going to help me install my scanner today , hopefully. We have watched the videos and removing the plastic covering seems to be the most tricky thing. Have you (or anyone else) any tips? Thanks
  18. Compuguide

    2019.40.50.1 installing

    Got my update this morning. Haven't tried it yet. Very slow start to the day, given the festivities of yesterday! :)
  19. Compuguide

    ScanMyTesla (OBD-ii & app) titbits I've learned

    I'm running Android 10, so no hamburger menu, but aside from "1-Click Purchase" I noticed an option to purchase through PayPal. Selecting that brought up a menu similar to your example and offered me the redeem option. Thanks for you assistance - successfully installed! :)
  20. Compuguide

    ScanMyTesla (OBD-ii & app) titbits I've learned

    I have mine on order and have received the play store voucher as well but can't for the life of me work out how or where I use the voucher. Can you tell me how you applied yours?
  21. Compuguide

    Long Gardens and extentions

    Ditto Very happy with my 25m cable Pretty good charge efficiency:-
  22. Compuguide

    2019.40.2.1 now available in UK

    I got something similar but on the Right side pillar camera, on the A127 to Southend in the early afternoon. I'm 90% sure it was caused by sun dazzle, as the sun would have been shining directly into the lens. Added to the fact that I didn't get the error on the way back later.
  23. Compuguide

    2019.40.2.1 now available in UK

    Got it last night, while my car was in the garage. My garage is so tight that I have to use summon to slot it in. Hope to goodness that the update doesn't mess with summon later when I try to get it out! :)
  24. Compuguide

    Complete Lock out P3

    Great, many thanks for updating us
  25. Compuguide

    Complete Lock out P3

    @MaDProFF I'd be really interested in whether, and how your lockout was resolved...
  26. Compuguide

    2019.36.2.4 now!

    Just this minute got my notification of an update to 2019.36.2.4
  27. Compuguide

    My first Supercharger experience

    No, not from a different session, I was mistaken, thinking my Soc was at 70% - it was actually lower at 58% but I take your point, bay sharing might have been at play here. Below is a photo of my first attempt and the Teslafi full list of four attempts - the last one being in the other bay.
  28. Compuguide

    Anyone with Deep Blue M3?

    here you go... Edit: blurred No. plate...
  29. Compuguide

    My first Supercharger experience

    Many thanks
  30. Compuguide

    My first Supercharger experience

    Thanks guys for your informative replies. Yes, I definitely would have benefited from some more in-depth homework/research Tesla charged me £4.42 for the session. I'd like to feed the charge into Teslafi. can anyone tell me what I should put in these fields? Here is a shot of the actual charging
  31. Compuguide

    My first Supercharger experience

    I took delivery of my M3 in the middle of September, so have had it for just over two months and in all that time I have been happily charging it off a 13amp plug. I pop it into the garage at night, plug it in and in the morning have 90%. Only on the rare occasion when I have done a long trip...
  32. Compuguide

    Car idling for hours at home/work before sleep

    There is some discussion about this topic in the this thread. I have found that disabling wifi when at home (I have a TP-Link Nano wifi extender in the garage) enables the car to go to sleep much more quickly
  33. Compuguide

    M3: Strange sleeping behavior when parked at home

    I don't know what @justsomeguy 's set-up is, but I have a TP-Link nano router wifi extender in my garage. It has it's own wifi name [SSID], separate from the House's wifi network. This means I can access the TP-Link via it's ip address and flip the wifi on and off by simply unticking the...
  34. Compuguide

    Model 3 range reduced via update?

    I'm on V10 and charged to 100% for a long trip yesterday. Here's a TeslaFi screen shot of the car charged to 307.46 miles.
  35. Compuguide

    How many inches before STOP

    Summon works surprisingly well in very confined spaces as far as the sensors are concerned. I tend to poke the nose of the car into the garage before getting out and Summoning it. The app is a bit flaky in that Summon always fails on the first attempt and then often stops half way through the...
  36. Compuguide

    How many inches before STOP

    This is an issue I need to set aside time to resolve. My garage is extremely tight, such that I have to use Summon to put the car away and get it out of the garage. But the real problem is that the front sensors stop the car about 8 inches from the front wall. This means that it's arse sticks...
  37. Compuguide

    cost of charge point installation

    Before you go to the expense of a charger, think carefully about your usage case. I'm semi retired, so fast charging is not important to me. Likewise high daily mileage is not the norm. This means that a heavy duty 20m 13amp extension lead into my garage, delivering 10amps (or about 9 miles per...
  38. Compuguide

    UK Owners with v10?

    just got 32.12.1
  39. Compuguide

    Opening front passenger door from outside

    Thanks guys. I think you have pointed out the error in my ways. I'm pretty sure I had pressed Park and that the car must have been set to auto lock on park. I'll check the setting in the morning. Thanks
  40. Compuguide

    Opening front passenger door from outside

    OK. Have I missed a trick here? So You drive up to a store and stop the car while your friend pops out to buy something. When they get back to the car they find that they can't open the front passenger door to get into the car (no response) and I have to lean over and press their door open...
  41. Compuguide

    Summon - not working from app

    I use it every day - I have to. I'd win a prize for the tightest garaged Tesla in the UK! Anyway I echo @DJP31 's experience. Summon is flaky but persistence usually wins in the end. I'm using the original Google Pixel XL - so blue-tooth - from the phone's point of view, should not be the...
  42. Compuguide

    USB controller for games

    I'll save you the bother testing your Steam controller, (if you have one). It doesn't work. Both wired and USB dongle. :(
  43. Compuguide

    White Reverse LED light - only on left side

    Thanks for the replies guys. OK no service necessary. I'm feeling a bit left out. It seems everyone else has booked their cars in for one thing or another. I just can't find anything wrong with mine! :) [Tempting providence]
  44. Compuguide

    Puncture stuff

    Yeah, but what about the Jack? What kind of Jack does one need? I read somewhere that the scissor jacks are not strong enough to lift the Tesla
  45. Compuguide

    White Reverse LED light - only on left side

    Before I book it in for a service can someone confirm that the reverse LED's should display on both left & right sides? Thanks
  46. Compuguide

    UK Owners with v10?

  47. Compuguide

    Found USB-C Cables that fit Model 3

    Thought so, thanks. So, my guess is that 0.3m - 0.4m is the minimum length required.
  48. Compuguide

    Found USB-C Cables that fit Model 3

    I see you are using a hub, but would that 0.25m cord reach the Tesla USB port and still allow the tray full movement?
  49. Compuguide

    TeslaFi "Gas Saving" for the UK

    Yes, I think 1.25 is correct but the black art of TeslaFi's underpinnings evade my simple brain (whada I know?)
  50. Compuguide

    TeslaFi "Gas Saving" for the UK

    Not sure about your numbers. When I feed them into my TeslaFi the Gas saving is negligible

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