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  1. Yang_H

    Charge Port Wouldn't Open

    Funny that for the first few days with my brand new Model 3 I didn't know that the charge port could be tapped to open automatically. I always manually pulled it open and endured that loud clicking noise, thinking what a terrible design Tesla did to the port. My port survived and is still...
  2. Yang_H

    SR and SR+ displayed range at 100%

    Damn, reading you guys' posts makes me feel quite a bit better. My SR+ (12/2019) @ 15k miles and I'm getting 237 miles at 100% charge, a solid 5% drop from 250 miles. Seems to be the norm for SR+?
  3. Yang_H

    New green light chimes shed light on FSD lane awareness

    Is this feature only available to FSD? I haven't been able to found in my non-FSD SR+.
  4. Yang_H

    Waymo is now exclusive L4 partner for Volvo!

    Volvo is now owned by a Chinese car company whose owner is directly connected to Mr. Xi in China. and frankly I'd be concerned of the IP safety for Waymo.
  5. Yang_H

    Germany will require electric vehicle charging at every gas station

    Germany will require electric vehicle charging at every gas station "As part of a 130 billion euro stimulus plan, Germany will require every gas station in the country to install electric vehicle charging stations. " Would be so nice to see US to do the same soon.
  6. Yang_H

    If there was a 100 mile range upgrade what would you be willing to pay?

    up to $5k to getting my SR+ to 350 miles range would be nice. In real world driving that'll translate into sth like 250 miles.
  7. Yang_H

    Tesla 3 crashes into overturned truck on highway

    I remember that it has been discussed many times here, that all current autopilot or kind likes ignore stationary objects once moving above the speed of ~50mph, due to some kind of tech limitations. So unfortunate.
  8. Yang_H

    Autopilot steering gets much smoother with recent updates

    Don't know about everyone else, but after recent couple updates I found that the AP becomes noticeably smoother when steering the curves. When I first got SR+ six months ago it was very obvious that AP steering on curve was controlled in a step-wise/bit by bit/jittery kind of fashion. Now the AP...
  9. Yang_H

    Will Tesla be able to deliver FSD with HW3.0 and current Model 3 sensor suite, ever?

    The very fact that Tesla couldn't even solve phantom braking for so many years shows that its FSD team are either seriously incompetent or has bumped into some unforeseen technical hurdles that are impossible to be solved with the current sensors/techs on the car.
  10. Yang_H

    Brake vs. Break - grammar lesson

    The most absurd case I saw was from a lawsuit filed by a guy because his Tesla was damaged due to autopilot or sth. His page long description of the accident was filled with "break" all over the place, not a single word of "brake" as far as I could remember.
  11. Yang_H

    Tesla to Raise FSD Price by $1,000

    Yes. If Elon can promise a definitive date of the full release of FSD or I get my money back (I can forgive the interest), I'll be happy to pay the $7k.
  12. Yang_H

    Tesla to Raise FSD Price by $1,000

    The way I'm confident that there is no way Elon can charge $100k for future FSD is that other car manufactures are catching up fast. Tesla probably will stay ahead of other cars for a short future, but there won't be a Tesla monopoly on self-driving cars. The choices for us will only become more...
  13. Yang_H

    Tesla to Raise FSD Price by $1,000

    It's a pity that Tesla is so slow on delivering FSD. I really love and enjoy the autopilot. It reduced the burden of my daily commute driving by like 80%. Couple consistent phantom brakes each way but I can live with that. If Tesla can make the FSD truly useful I'd seriously considering shelling...
  14. Yang_H

    Got $7K: Buy FSD or TSLA Stock? What Would You Do?

    I skipped the FSD when getting the SR+ six months ago and indeed spent the $7k on buying 25 shares of TSLA. As of today TSLA is at $800. Pure lucky decision, I'd say.
  15. Yang_H

    Tesla to Raise FSD Price by $1,000

    Absolutely. I think this feature should be mandatory on all new cars, just like airbags.
  16. Yang_H

    Y test drives in Pittsburgh

    I bought my 3 at that store. Good to know they have model Y to demo now. Will definitely find time to check it out. .
  17. Yang_H

    Estimating the actual electricity used by Model 3

    Yeah. I found that it can cost me almost 1% battery for every couple minutes of pre-heating and I can easily use 5% batter if I preheat for like 10-15 minutes. That's like 2.5-3 kwh which is about $0.5 electricity. Doing this twice everyday it can add up quite quickly.
  18. Yang_H

    Estimating the actual electricity used by Model 3

    Thanks! This is exactly what I'd like to know. PA is bit colder than NC, so I probably use the factor of 1.2 as average.
  19. Yang_H

    Estimating the actual electricity used by Model 3

    I was curious how to best convert the kwh in trip meter to the actual kwh off the wall. I googled and found the following topic: Model 3 showing wrong kWh consumption? It appears that the take home messages are: 1. Tesla's kwh usage does not take into account the energy used for pre-heating...
  20. Yang_H

    What did you name your Tesla?

    Edison, named by my kids.
  21. Yang_H

    Lexus introducing hands-free highway L2 called "Highway Teammate"

    I personally have no problem with Tesla's hands-on-wheel AP requirement. I quickly found that all I need to do is to hang my left or right hand at the bottom of the steering wheel. It may be a tiny bit tiring at most, but no big deal at all. I also prefer this way so I won't eventually develop...
  22. Yang_H

    I think I just wasted $7,000 on FSD?

    No kidding, I'm so glad that I did enough home work before placing the order to decide not to buy FSD for my SR+. I'm completely satisfied with having autopilot only.
  23. Yang_H

    Lexus introducing hands-free highway L2 called "Highway Teammate"

    I love the AP on my model 3 and I'm really curious to know which current or upcoming models from other manufactures have features close to or even better than Tesla AP. It seems that Tesla AP is still the best overall at the moment?
  24. Yang_H

    Lexus introducing hands-free highway L2 called "Highway Teammate"

    This is great. Hope Tesla can really speed up their FSD development as the competitors are certainly getting closer and closer to their autopilot. Our second car must have driving features at least as good as AP, and frankly I'm not going to limit the choice to Tesla only.
  25. Yang_H

    Best way to preheat battery

    Isn't Hawaii perfect for solar panels? I would love to have solar panels but I'm living at cloudy Pittsburgh and based on all the information I could collect installing solar panels is just a bad investment.
  26. Yang_H

    Phantom braking is the biggest issue with AutoPilot.

    I think one easy albeit temporal solution Tesla can do is try to make those phantom brakes much less abrupt. Right now the car phantom brakes like it's running into a collision. There is no point to brake so hard even for real speed limit changes. Gentler braking and slower deceleration would...
  27. Yang_H

    Incorrect Speed Limits + Autopilot = Sad Tesla

    I just read the summary and found it ridiculous as it appears to patent the whole general image processing methods. Whoever approved this patent is a total bonehead. As this patent stands, someone could make a patent so nobody else can ever use cameras to recognize cars or any specific objects.
  28. Yang_H

    Incorrect Speed Limits + Autopilot = Sad Tesla

    Just curious, how could a company patent speeds limit sign read? I get it if it's a specific piece of hardware/software patented, but Tesla should always be able to read the speed limit via image recognition. Can't imagine this approach in general can be patented.
  29. Yang_H

    Is FSD overpriced ($7,000 over AP)?

    After seeing what OpenPilot can do with essentially just a cell phone, I become much less impressed by Tesla's always "coming soon" FSD. It's a shame that with so many more sensors and better system integration Tesla is not doing much more than OP does with $1k. FSD definitely sounds way over...
  30. Yang_H

    Anyone understand the M3 used car market?

    Yeah, that's the only way I can make sense of it.
  31. Yang_H

    Anyone understand the M3 used car market?

    Just saw this one on craigslist: 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance I couldn't understand its $66k price at all. You can buy the exact same car brand new for $57K + $1200 destination fee. At least at PA there is still $1500 rebate.
  32. Yang_H

    SR Purchasing Doubts

    That heater looks extreme compact and streamlined. It'll be awesome if someone can find a way to integrate it into Model 3. I'm willing to pay couple grands to get it done so my SR+ winter range would increase by 20% or more. Just having consistent range under different temperatures is a big plus.
  33. Yang_H

    Sudden unexpected shift from Hold to Park at very low speed

    Good point. So used to ICE cars totally forget that Tesla is such a different game. Will do that as soon as I got the next incidence. My previous ICE car only has a small back up camera so I'm used to look around. Agree Tesla cameras are way better. No, at least twice on perfectly flat...
  34. Yang_H

    SR Purchasing Doubts

    Hope someone can find a way to put a gas/propane heater in the frunk and blow the hot air to the carbine, so we won't lose so much range to HVAC in the winter.
  35. Yang_H

    Sudden unexpected shift from Hold to Park at very low speed

    Thanks a lot to you and TT97. Yes the message mentioned specifically about preventing rollaway. I think you're most likely right that this could be a sensor problem. 1) Door - as far as I can remember the car never complained about door open when it's closed. 2) Seat senor: I tried to lift...
  36. Yang_H

    Sudden unexpected shift from Hold to Park at very low speed

    Good question, I didn't pay attention to whether I was lifting myself off the seat when this happened. It could be though as I remember I often twist my torso to look around while backing up. I'll test to see if I can reproduce the problem. All doors and windows were definitely closed when the...
  37. Yang_H

    Sudden unexpected shift from Hold to Park at very low speed

    While the unexpected acceleration of Tesla is making news, I have almost exact the opposite problem (?) with my three weeks old SR+. At least four times now, twice when I was slowly backing up to the spot in my school garage, once I was slowly moving forward toward garage gate and once I was...
  38. Yang_H

    Tesla Autopilot Safety Report Q4 2019

    Just curious, how do they define "accident"? Based on insurance claim?
  39. Yang_H

    Not enough regen braking

    I agree with the saying that regen is not just for energy efficiency, it's more about consistency of driving. Once got used to one pedal driving, it just feels uneasy if not dangerous to drive without regen. So it'll be great if they can find way to help cars maintain the same regen in cold...
  40. Yang_H

    Does Autopilot (non-FSD) slow down for corners?

    It'll be wonderful that model 3 does the same. I haven't driven enough miles to know it yet but sure hope this is the same on M3.
  41. Yang_H

    18 Months: I must be doing something wrong

    Wonder for a brand new Toyota or Honda, how much more would be during the 18 months/30000 miles ownership.
  42. Yang_H

    Auto pilot moving left and right in the lane with huge over correction?

    It's kind of hard to believe that with side cameras, sonar radars etc the car could still miss concrete dividers, given it already does well on many other seemingly much harder tasks.
  43. Yang_H

    Does Autopilot (non-FSD) slow down for corners?

    Mine (no FSD) doesn't slow down most of the time. It just corners at the set speed and often time makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. But some of the times AP did seem to slow down a bit when entering the corner/curve. I only had little over 1k miles so I haven't able to figure what are the...
  44. Yang_H

    Subaru's eyesight seems to work better than Tesla's AP

    Thanks! Those comments are really helpful. Maybe I'll test drive the Subaru someday to see how it works.
  45. Yang_H

    Subaru's eyesight seems to work better than Tesla's AP

    Since you drive both Tesla and Subaru, just curios to know from you that TACC + Autosteering on Tesla vs equivalent AP functions on EyeSight, which one you'd think is definitively better and you'd pick for daily drive and road trips? Thanks!
  46. Yang_H

    Not enough regen braking

    I always thought this a logical and brilliant idea. When battery is too cold to regen you direct regen to heat the battery. It might require some extra design and hardware, but it makes perfect sense in every way.
  47. Yang_H

    Subaru's eyesight seems to work better than Tesla's AP

    I only have my SR+ w/o FSD for three weeks and 1k miles, but so far I have found its AP quite decent on winding routes here around Pittsburgh. It failed once predictably when the intersection is on a hill top so there is no way the car could see that the road pass intersection immediately...
  48. Yang_H

    Autopilot getting worse

    Maybe b/c I have no previous experiences to compare with since I only have the car for three weeks, but to me the AP has been working very well. I got some phantom brakes etc but overall it has been a very satisfying experience on both highways and local roads.
  49. Yang_H

    The biggest surprise I have after two weeks of Model 3

    Definitely. If I didn't dig into more info about AEB, collision warning etc by myself when reading those Tesla AP accidents, I wouldn't know that the system won't work as intended under higher speeds.
  50. Yang_H

    SR+ cabin is way too dark at night

    I like it dim and not too much distractions, but at present t's nearly pitch black inside SR+ at dark, feels kind of cold and almost liveless. Well maybe I'll just get used to it.

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