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    2019 Model X Performance (Raven)

    What was the original color? Sorry if I am blind and didn’t see it in the listing.
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    Model Y roof sunshade for sale (SoCal San Gabriel Valley)

    Interested if you still got it.
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    Tesla Trade-In offer

    Mind sharing how it Tesla offered? You can PM me if you want to keep it private. Just trying to see what Tesla been offering people since my friend offering to sell me his MXLR at what Tesla offers him.
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    Upgrading: Recent Model X Trade-in Values to Tesla

    How much did you get your 2018 MX for? Just trying to see what Tesla been offering people for their used Model X
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    2022 refresh questions on mileage and others(2020-->to 2022).

    Do you mind sharing exactly how much Tesla offered you? I know the offer varies based on region and condition of the car but I just wanted to an idea what Tesla is offering people. The reason why I am asking is because I have a friend trading in his 2020 MXLR for a 2022 MXLR and he offered to...
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    FS New 20” Model 3 Performance Uberturbines Wheels

    wheels installed. thanks again!
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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Looking forward to see what you get. I just replaced the Geminis with the Inductions today. After about 10k miles on the Geminis, the average is 265 wh/mi. Hopefully it wont be too much of an impact. Let see if the wife will noticed I swapped out the wheels today when she takes it to work tomorrow.
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    2022 Austin Model Y vs 2021 Fremont Model Y

    I do feel regret not waiting longer after seeing the changes the 2021 models got and the potential changes in the 2022 models. The dual pane windows would have been nice and longer range batteries would be great too. At the end of the day. I bought the MY for the EV and AP. The idea of having...
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    May-June group window tint (Los Angeles Area)

    I already have my Y all tinted minus the sunroof but I would join to get the sunroof tinted if that helps. I can probably loop in one friend who just picked up his Y a few days ago as well. The place I went to is in Pasadena and I got the Llumar Stratos on the 4 sides, trunk and windshield for...
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    Uberturbine Wheels, Tires, TPMS for Model Y Performance

    hello. do you mind sharing more pictures of the rims?
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    FS New 20” Model 3 Performance Uberturbines Wheels

    Going to pm you my number. We can coordinate from there.
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    FS New 20” Model 3 Performance Uberturbines Wheels

    When would you be available to meet up to check out and purchase the rims?
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    FS New 20” Model 3 Performance Uberturbines Wheels

    Might be interested. So no tires and tpms correct?
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    Uberturbine 20" M3P Wheels + Tires

    Still for sale?
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    CA carpool sticker -- Best to order in November for 2021?

    I sent mine around the same time as you. Check not cashed yet.
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    Installing MY OEM Performance spoiler on LR

    Do a dry fit test before putting it on to make sure it’s not warped or anything. Basically use painters tape to hold it in place while you shift it to the right placement to make sure neither side sticks up. I bought the RPM Tesla spoiler for my MY and the install video on their site gives you a...
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    I'm an idiot - Homelink

    When I had the tech install mine, he said he didn't care if it was new or used. It just depends on the tech doing the install. Full disclosure he was installing a new one for me.
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    CA carpool sticker -- Best to order in November for 2021?

    I’m still waiting for mine as well. I mailed mine on 1/7.
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    Let's See Your Charging Setup

    It is trespassing. It’s just so random that I wonder if it happens to other people.
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    Let's See Your Charging Setup

    For those that have their chargers outside their homes, do you have problems with strangers coming to use your charger when you are not home? I ask because my friend has that problem sometimes.
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    Got my MYP wrapped today..

    Mind sharing the cost?
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    Model Y Insurance Cost?

    Yes I am in the Los Angeles Area
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    Model Y Insurance Cost?

    I got roughly the same coverage as you and pay ~500 for 6 months via progressive
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    Model Y spoiler replacement?

    if the sides keeps lifting, it could mean the spoiler is warped or not shaped correctly. I have the RPM Tesla spoiler. The first one I got, doing a dry fit (test install on the trunk with no tape) there is a noticeable gap on one side. If it was a good spoiler, when I lay it on the trunk, it...
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    Tinting Sunroof?

    Tinting the roof was something I was heavily considering. I opted to just tint everything except the roof with Forumla One Stratus. I figured I could always tint the roof later if it was not good enough. In the few days that I had the car while it was in the high 90s and low 100s (in SoCal), it...
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    Thinking of Preordering TSportline 20" TS5 w/ X-Ice. Anyone else?

    Do you offer pick up if I am a local to one of your warehouse?
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    Thinking of Preordering TSportline 20" TS5 w/ X-Ice. Anyone else?

    I think it looks good. Wish they were cheaper. Maybe I will revisit these when I have to replace my tires. Any one knows if they offer local pickup if you are near one of their warehouse?
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    Alternative to HomeLink module

    The Frunk is pretty easy to remove. I don't think you need any tools to remove the Frunk either. Should only take a couple of minutes if that.
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    Roof/Hatch Glass UV Protection

    I don't have any official documentation but from what I read here, its basically privacy glass with UV protection. No tints. Your tint installer should be able to help you pick the correct tint shade to match.
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    Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

    I finally removed the tape holding the spoiler while the 3M tape cures. I think it looks pretty good.
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    GPS HomeLink tweak

    I also can't get the auto close to work.
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    Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

    When i went back to RPM Tesla, the owner asked his staff to replace the spoiler with a new one. The one new fits much better. The right edge sits flush now but the left edge sticks out barely enough to stick a business card in. I didn't think it was a big deal so I just accepted it. Will report...
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    So Cal (SGV) Tint/PPF recommendations

    I got my car tinted at G5 Tint today.... I didnt get the roof tinted. Wondering what are your personal thoughts on it. Was there a noticeable difference in heat coming from the roof?
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    Anyone tried to DIY install homelink?

    I bought a sealed one off someone here at TMC and the tech had to do a software install to activate the homelink module. I also asked the tech if he cared if it was opened or not and he responded that he did not but others may.
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    Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

    I been reading that their customer service was pretty bad too. However they did reply back to me and asking me to bring in my car for them to replace and reinstall. Just debating which day I want I can make the 1 hour drive down.......
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    Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

    I sent an email to them pointing out what mark said in the video last night to see what they would say.
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    19” Gemini Wheels - Powder Coating?

    The powder coating looks nice and makes me want to do the same but I think it makes the rim look smaller.
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    Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

    I reinstalled the spoiler yesterday. I just slowly pulled back starting from the edge that was coming off while using a string to separate the tape from the trunk. It came off pretty easily. I bought 3M Super Strength Molding Tape to reinstall it. It does look better but now it looks like yours...
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    So Cal (SGV) Tint/PPF recommendations

    did you get a quote from them yet?
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    Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

    I finally removed the tape Rpm Tesla used to keep the spoiler in place and found my rpm spoiler is not a perfect fit. The right side is not sticking right so it’s popping out a bit. Looks like I will have to remove the spoiler and remount it myself. Hoping they just mounted wrong and spoiler is...
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    If I could downgrade to EAP and get a refund on the difference, I would. AP works great on the free way though. I don't trust AP enough to let it drive in city streets.
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    So Cal (SGV) Tint/PPF recommendations

    Which tints did you get?
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    Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

    Since I went to the shop to pick up, they returned $30 shipping cost and $10 local pick up fee. Spoiler came out to $319.
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    Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

    I ordered the matte spoiler from rpmTesla and had them install it. One of the corners was not sticking right so they fixed it for me twice no questions asked. So far I am happy with it.
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    Two Model 3 Performance Spoilers OEM (FS)

    Any reason why you are selling? I wonder if they will fit the Y
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    Tesla Homelink

    The item was still new and sealed so it was not an issue at all. I talked to my service rep and he said he would not care if it was opened or not but others may, so ymmv.
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    Tesla Homelink

    I got Tesla to install Homelink and is working great. Thanks!
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    Re: Financing. How again do I get 2.49% reduced?

    When i asked tesla if it would require another credit pull, they said they could use the first pull with other banks so no additional pulls are needed. They checked 3 banks for me and only 1 pull showed up on my credit report.
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    Tesmanian Model Y Floor Mats

    I have the bulge developing on my driver side near the accelerator. I did email them a picture and they said they would send a replacement. Will update if I actually get something.
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    Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

    How much are you letting it go for? Can you take pictures of both the RPM Tesla and OEM one side by side to see the difference once you get it?

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