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  1. J

    Failed Auto Startups - about 10 of them

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.
  2. J

    How does Regenerative Braking slow you down??

    It has been reported that the new Leaf will also turn on the brake lights when using the one pedal driving mode (E-Pedal).
  3. J

    Elon Musk is 'full of crap'

    That's why there are multiple cameras.
  4. J

    NO mechanical handle for rear doors. Seriously?

    From the comment by "Mark" at Tesla Model 3 Detailed Video Review Finally Surfaces you can see the windshield wiper controls on the left stalk.
  5. J

    50kW at most SC in Idaho and Utah this past weekend

    Looks like some others are experimenting with liquid cooled cables as well. Inside EVs
  6. J

    Supercharger - Kettleman City, CA (LIVE 15 Nov 2017, 24 V2 + 16 V3 stalls, lounge)

    Great, now I'm going to be thinking about what 3rd city made up the "South-Central-Pollution-Triangle" in addition to Kettleman City and San Ardo. Only listeners of KTYD in Santa Barbara in the 1970's are likely to get the reference.
  7. J

    Chevy Bolt Regen vs Tesla

    There are two forward "gear" settings on many EV's and PHEV's. D usually simulates an automatic transmission as far as lifting off the throttle. L or B (depending on the model) is the high regen setting. It's not a touchscreen setting like on the Tesla, it's the "gear" selector that determines...
  8. J

    Why use a lead acid 12V battery?

    There were a couple of problems. One (that mine suffered from) was that the cell phone modem would get stuck on rather than going to sleep, this could drain the 12V battery over a period of a couple of days if the car wasn't driven in that time. There were also some problems with cables getting...
  9. J

    Elon's Bromance with Cheeto Jesus

    POTUS? I thought it was SCROTUS (Supreme Crotch Rot of the United States)
  10. J

    PBS Newshour - Science "Water to Power"

    They did a "mea culpa" at the end of todays (Wednesday) newshour.
  11. J

    Electric Cars on PBS Newshour

    Today's (Oct 15) PBS Newshour (actually half hour) has a segment on electric cars. Even an appearance by Tony Williams.
  12. J

    John Day

    They responded '100 amp" so I'm assuming that's the size of the breaker or they have no idea. They did apparently get a couple of Teslas charging there, here is one of the pictures:
  13. J

    John Day

    I've asked them on their Facebook page about the maximum current, also suggested they add it to plugshare.
  14. J

    John Day

    From the picture on the Grant County Chamber of Commerce's Facebook page, it's a HPWC.
  15. J

    Why regenerative braking belongs on the brake pedal

    That's what I've found after driving a C-Max Energi for a few years. I keep it in (D)rive when heading down the highway and then shift it to (L)ow? which increases the regen when I get into a congested area or stop and go traffic on the highway. While not the same level of regen as cars with...
  16. J

    Why regenerative braking belongs on the brake pedal

    I currently have a C-Max Energi (I'm in the uncharged territories, hoping to have charging infrastructure by 2020) and I think the blended brakes work just fine. After all, except for emergencies when there is a mechanical override, you are just pushing on a pedal that feeds a voltage into a...
  17. J

    In-development: Inexpensive Custom BMS for Tesla Battery Modules

    Those things are fast! What clock frequency are you running through them? The latest seismic digitizer system I'm working on uses the Analog Devices ADuM1440 series isolators. Not nearly as fast, but much lower power.
  18. J

    In-development: Inexpensive Custom BMS for Tesla Battery Modules

    I assume the dotted line is isolation indicator. What are you using to isolate the SPI bus? That LTC6802 looks like a neat chip. What would the world do without Linear Technology?
  19. J

    How Clean is Your Electric Vehicle?

    Clean? Mine has quite a coating of mud on it.
  20. J

    Formula E - Season 2, 2015/16

    Not until next season. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roborace
  21. J

    Battery 101: 40 000 cycles with Panasonic 18650 cells?

    I don't think it needs to charge fully to balance the cells. This isn't for a Tesla but a PHEV but I'm guessing the method of balancing is the same: "Individual cells can deviate over the life of the high voltage battery. The purpose of cell balancing is to equalize theindividual cell charges...
  22. J

    GM Chevy Volt

    What about the TrueCoat?
  23. J

    Ability of EV Charger to withstand frequency deviations

    No telling what Tesla's criteria for correct frequency is. This is from the workshop manual for a Ford Energi PHEV: P0D90:00 Battery Charger Input FrequencyIncorrect DTC sets if frequency is less than 40 Hz or greater than 70 Hz more than 10 times during one charging cycle. Use a known good...
  24. J

    Differences in Economy Between ICE and EVs

    In the first season of Fomula E racing all 10 teams used the same cars to keep startup costs down. For season 2 (which started in October) the teams are allowed to develop their own motors, transmission, and control electronics. Two teams stuck with the first season cars, the others reduced the...
  25. J

    '16 Volt on PBS Motorweek 11/7/2015

    No track time for the new Volt, but review was favorable. The XC90 was not the PHEV.
  26. J

    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    I can't imagine why anyone would complain about Bjørn's English skills. FYI - just saw a link to this report on English proficiency around the world - Norway comes in 4th best: http://media.ef.com/__/~/media/centralefcom/epi/downloads/full-reports/v5/ef-epi-2015-english.pdf
  27. J

    Pure BEV Dogma

    Completely wrong. The rebate is based on the kWh of the battery for any plug-in battery, doesn't matter if it has a ICE or not. Volt is large enough for $7500, Energi's get around $4000 because of the smaller battery.
  28. J

    Pure BEV Dogma

    Wow, that's some serious hostility towards Toyota and Ford. The PIP, Energis, and Volt are all PHEVs with varying amount of all electric capabilities. I'm sure there is somebody somewhere that actually uses a PIP in electric only mode a large part of the time. Of course, the HOV sticker was a...
  29. J

    Denmark: P90D sticker price to increase 180% on Jan 1 2016

    From the Local.dk Not sure if this adds anything, but ran across this article: http://www.thelocal.dk/20151012/tesla-to-fight-denmarks-tax-on-electric-cars
  30. J

    Fisker changes name to Karma Automotive

    Or a sexy new car called the Karma Sutra.
  31. J

    Missed opportunity: No inverter

    My C-Max Energi has a 120V outlet in the back of the center console (meant for the people in the back seats I guess). I've never used it and I wonder if it's really all that useful. It's only 150W but plenty to charge a laptop.
  32. J

    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    Why would a video shot in Norway make you want to move to Denmark?
  33. J

    Drivers with EXPERIENCE with Studded Tires

    Bjorn uses studded tires in Norway. He has many videos on his Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/bjornnyland?feature=watch There is also a thread on this forum about his videos: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/24575-Bjørn-s-Tesla-Model-S-videos
  34. J

    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    One thing I like about Bjorn's videos is that with rare exceptions (Trip #5), is the lack of babbling toddlers, unlike someone else's videos :crying:
  35. J

    Any reason not to hook up a battery tender to the 12 volt battery ?

    I don't have any info on the Tesla, but the Ford Energi uses a similar configuration of a 12V lead-acid battery charged with a DC/DC converter from the HVB. In the case of the Ford the DC/DC converter is capable of supplying up to 145A, quite a bit more than a trickle charger. Seems like...
  36. J

    Formula E - Season 2, 2015/16

    I hope the race coverage for Season 2 will still be available on Youtube like it was for Season 1.
  37. J

    Mercedes S-class PHEV subsidy follies

    Around 20 miles of pure EV range seems like a common amount for PHEV's, excluding the Volt. Probably enough to get an exemption from congestion charges as those spread to more European cities.
  38. J

    [updated with *] P85D 691HP should have an asterisk * next to it.. "Up to 691HP"

    Ford did show 118hp for the electric motor in the early days. They later dropped that and now just specify the max battery drain in charge sustain and charge depletion modes. Here's a spec sheet I downloaded from Ford in February 2014: http://www.certsoft.com/CMax/2013_CMAX_Specs.pdf
  39. J

    Tesla Model S gets 26.5 mpg (per some random person's math on PriusChat)

    OK, true :redface: In reality it takes the path determined by the utility and transmission line operators.
  40. J

    Tesla Model S gets 26.5 mpg (per some random person's math on PriusChat)

    I always found that map questionable. The power mix in Seattle isn't going to be the same as Salt Lake City even though they are both in NWPP. Electricity takes the path of least resistance so you will get the bulk of your power from the closest power generating source. Here in Eastern Oregon I...
  41. J

    The active fuse

    Did they say a computer is involved? Seems like this function could all be done using analog electronics.
  42. J

    Consumer Reports reveals top oil burning cars

    Wouldn't all BEV's come out at exactly the same place?
  43. J

    The Musk & JB show visits Edison Electric Institute 2015 Conference

    The whistling sound from the Elon's microphone is pretty painful to listen to.
  44. J

    It looks like I have LTE enabled

    GPRS (AT&T 2G) being phased out, full shutdown by the end of 2016 http://www.business.att.com/enterprise/Family/mobility-services/machine-to-machine/m2m-applications/cd2migration/page=addl-info/#fbid=0hchLWVlNfS
  45. J

    Supercharger - Tucumcari, NM

    Is there still a billboard that says "Tucumcari Tonight!" ?
  46. J

    One motor per wheel: pros/cons

    Here's a weird one, 4 motors, chain drive. http://insideevs.com/rimac-monster-tajima-reveal-1100-hp-pikes-peak-racer/
  47. J

    Volkswagen E-Golf

    Is that 16 amps single-phase or three-phase?
  48. J

    Supercharger — Baker City, OR

    The shortest route from Bend to Baker City is on highway 26, 230 miles. John Day would be nice to have in the middle.
  49. J

    Anti-Intellectualism and the "Dumbing Down" of America

    Handy infographic
  50. J

    Are PHEVs Inherently "Compliance Cars"?

    Exactly. 49 weeks or more of the year I'm just making shopping trips down into town (I work at home) a few times a week. Those are only around 9 miles or so and even with the 600 foot elevation difference I can still make it in winter weather without using the ICE. And that's with a "19" mile...

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