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    How does "AutoPilot" saves work with "Hold Steering Wheel"

    I'm a long-time AP1 Tesla owner, but after seeing certain videos like this one: Watch Tesla Autopilot Prevent Side Crash On Highway: Video I'm confused how the user interface works for this. In my case, with me holding the steering wheel, I think I would resist the aggressive lane change that...
  2. K

    Extra storage with 3rd-row seating

    The one downside to the (old) 3rd-row seat option is that you lose that under-storage in your trunk (and in my case my frunk is otherwise allocated). Since I almost always leave my 3rd row seats up for my kids, I found out that there is actually a lot of space behind the seats when they are in...
  3. K

    Happy wife, happy life (Tesla tip)

    Have you ever forgotten to stop on the way home from work to do something or buy something? Pro tip: open up Google Maps, find the desired stop, send to your Tesla. If you are like me you'll start driving home and get annoyed that the navigation voice is talking to you, and then realize why it...
  4. K

    A (sarcastic) thanks to autopilot

    I'm driving in traffic with prevailing speeds of 85-90mph. I have AP1 enabled at 85mph. My hands are on the wheel and my eyes are on the road. Somebody almost changes lanes into me and I accelerate to avoid an accident. Oops, I hit 90mph. Now with my eyes on the road and trying to avoid an...
  5. K

    Model S v9 Feedback

    I know some people don't like v9 but personally I think it is a great improvement. I have enjoyed the Atari games and the interface changes. But there is one issue that seems pretty annoying compared to the fit and finish of the rest of the release and that is the mini version of the media...
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    3+ Years and missing some minor improvements

    First of all, let me clarify that every car I have ever owned had minor annoyances that NEVER were fixed. My Model S is much better now than it was 3.5 years ago when I bought it (except for the insane amount of AP nags). But there is a collection of annoyances that I believe are related that...
  7. K

    Controls for Missile Command

    For all of the other games I can use a combination of the steering wheel and the two scroll wheels on the steering wheel to play the games (rather than using the on-screen controls). But for Missile Command I can't figure out how to do this, and therefore I can't figure out how to play in full...
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    Getting frequent AutoPilot "HOLD"s

    Before the latest update I very rarely saw AutoPilot get into a state where it said "HOLD" and wouldn't move. When it used to happen, it was usually when I turned on AP when I was already too close to the stopped car in front of me. Now it seems to randomly enter a HOLD state while driving in...
  9. K

    Model S changes in 3 years

    I recently had a brand new 100D loaner, and was comparing it to my 3yo P85DL. I was surprised that there haven't been many big updates in 3 years, specifically what I noticed and liked: Felt in the door handle pockets Rear cupholders (how was this overlooked originally?) Nicer clarity...
  10. K

    Road trips continue to be awesome in this car

    I have owned my P85D for 3 years now but have only done a few road trips. I'm just used to flying places. But as I do more of them in the Tesla, I think I learn that they are much better than in a "normal" car. My last trip was 12 hours (including charging) each way. It was great. I think...
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    Rant about AutoPilot and "hands on the wheel"

    Caveat: I'm a huge Tesla fan, and I have owned a P85D for 3 years now and love it. I also love AutoPilot and use it all the time. I think Tesla provides ample warning about driver responsibility when you enable the feature and I can't stand when people blame the car for their own mistakes. With...
  12. K

    Any owners in New Mexico?

    My parents have a reservation and would love to see one.
  13. K

    How does dual motor interact with delivery estimate?

    I'm a MS owner but am asking for my mother, who has a reservation for a M3. Her delivery estimate now says "late 2018" and the dual-motor version says "late 2018". Does that mean she might be able to use her reservation to get a dual-motor Model 3 in late 2018? I know a lot of it is...
  14. K

    Understanding supercharger charging rates

    My last road trip was almost 2 years ago in my P85D, so perhaps things have changed. But I seem to remember getting a faster charge back then than I just experienced on a trip last weekend. Of course back then the charge rate was shown in amps, and now it is shown in kW, so I guess a bit of math...
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    Advice on cutting it close on range

    I have had my P85D for almost 3 years now, but because my wife prefers the minivan for road trips I have taken my car on very few trips. Well now I'm going somewhere alone and I am going to take my P85D, however the last leg of the trip poses some logistical challenges. Additionally I live in...
  16. K

    Need new 20" (245/40 20) tire recommendations

    I have a P85DL. Originally I had the 21" wheels with the original (ContiSilent?) tires that came with them, and the grip was incredible. I switched to 20" wheels after some bad experiences and I went a little cheap and got the Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 (245/40ZR20). The UTQG is 560 AA A...
  17. K

    12V connector behind nosecone

    I recently found the 12v connector behind the nosecone of my 2015 Model S P85D. But I read online that there is a 50-amp fuse attached to that, and if so that would make it unsuitable to jump another car (I didn't want to try for fear of blowing said fuse). If this is accurate, what is the...
  18. K

    Small issues that add up to daily annoyances

    I've owned a Model S P85D for 2.5 years now, and although I love the car, there are some annoyances that in my opinion should have been fixed by software updates long ago, in my opinion. I guess I'm getting tired of waiting for some useful updates now that most of Tesla's efforts seem to be...
  19. K

    Mirrors sometimes don't fold in

    i have auto-fold mirrors enabled, but sometimes when I walk away from the car they don't fold in. It used to only happen if I left a key inside, but recently it happens just at random times. Has anybody else seen this?
  20. K

    Has "auto parking brake" become more aggressive?

    I have noticed a much more aggressive applying of the parking brake automatically while I'm backing into my garage. I don't have my seatbelt on, but I'm also firmly planted in the seat. It used to be it would only happen if I twisted or lifted off the seat a bit. Now it happens when I'm sitting...
  21. K

    AutoPilot speed restrictions

    I was surprised that if you hit 90 on AP that it not only makes you take over but now it disables AP for the rest of the drive. I'm glad the limit has returned to 5 over on non highways, but it's still annoying. I'd like to have Elon ride with me as school buses pass my P85D. :)
  22. K

    How to easily enable TACC but not AP?

    So I'm mildly annoyed by the reduction of speed for AP on non-highways down to the speed limit, rather than 5 over. I think it is BS, however I only used AP on those roads as a novelty and to help Tesla collect data (or in heavy traffic, but it still works for that). At 5mph over it was...
  23. K

    Apparently it's possible to lock your key in the frunk?

    So I locked my key in the frunk and the only way to get back into the car was using my cell phone to unlock it (which I fortunately had). My previous car (an Acura), if you shut the trunk with your key(s) in there, would automatically pop the trunk back open again. So I was surprised this...
  24. K

    Inappropriate Red Jack Mode icon?

    I was driving today and noticed a red jack icon on my IC. The manual says this means jack mode is enabled but it wasn't (I didn't turn it on and even if I had I was going plenty fast for it to be auto disabled. It was definitely not the yellow version of the icon which the manual says indicates...
  25. K

    New supercharger NW of Nashville

    Looking on the "future" 2016 supercharger map on tesla.com, I see one that looks like it will be around the Metropolis IL area. Anybody know where this is or when it will be opening?
  26. K


    Has anybody else had the c**p scared out of them with the feature where the MS will automatically apply the parking brake in certain situations (seatbelt not engaged, light pressure on seat)? It has happened to be numerous times while backing my car into my garage or a parking space and each...
  27. K

    Suitable for Uber drivers?

    I was talking to an Uber driver who hasn't reserved a model 3 yet due to range concerns. He drives 300-600 miles per day. I think this is very doable with one or two supercharger stops, but would he get a nastygram for using local superchargers?
  28. K

    Need trip planning advice (Atlanta -> Carbondale, IL)

    I wanted to take this trip in my MS (P85D) but looking at EV Trip Planner it seems it will turn a ~6 hour trip into a ~12 hour trip which will just be too long with two young children. The supercharger options seem rather limited and the big issue is there isn't any close to my destination. So...
  29. K

    AutoPilot Forum

    I think it makes sense to create an AutoPilot forum directly under Tesla but not underneath a specific vehicle model. At least currently the AP system is common across the vehicles and it isn't clear which sub-forum to discuss the topic in.
  30. K

    Noisy a/c compressor

    I tried to record it but it turns out modern phones are really good at filtering out background noise. But my a/c compressor is fairly loud and when sitting without the radio on I can clearly hear it and can even hear it adjusting speeds, etc. I'm pretty sure it's louder than my Lexus engine...
  31. K

    1 year in.. we really need better driver profiles!

    I think Tesla could do so much with driver profiles that isn't being done yet. Just throwing some ideas out there: Obvious: tie more of the settings to it, e.g. creep mode. Sync the profiles to Tesla server so that you can sync between multiple vehicles. Great if your family owns more than one...
  32. K

    Question about S85 performance

    I just had an older (pre-AP) 85 as a loaner (my normal car is a P85D). I was surprised at how slow the acceleration was especially in the <~35mph range. Is that because of traction limitations with 2wd? It felt about the same as my P85D with Valet mode enabled. As I got past 35mph it felt much...
  33. K

    Should I be tipping when they pick up and drop off my car?

    I just had a sudden fear that perhaps I should be tipping the nice guys who pick up my Tesla from work for service (and return it). Anybody have any thoughts on that?
  34. K

    You'd think buying a home from a Tesla owner would be easier...

    So when I looked at this home the agent told me that the previous owner had a Tesla. I looked around the garage and didn't see any 50A outlet and the realtor said "oh, perhaps he bought it after he left this home". But then during the home inspection I noticed a 50A breaker labeled "Tesla"...
  35. K

    For Sale: 21" Turbine (Chrome) wheels x3 & almost new 21" tires

    I have a non-staggered P85D and I swapped out my 21" turbine wheels for aftermarket options after losing one of my wheels. One of the wheels is in perfect condition, the other two have minor curb rash. The tires are the ContiSilent ones (with the foam inside) and two have <4k miles and the other...
  36. K

    P85D Ludicrous Performance Question

    So I think I'm just getting used to the performance (sadly) but sometimes I feel like there isn't much of a difference in my P85D after I got the Ludicrous upgrade a few months ago. I haven't done any track time nor do I have anything to record actual metrics so I'm sure I'm not an accurate...
  37. K

    Subscribing to forums

    Before the big upgrade I received daily emails when threads were created or updated in the Model S forums. This stopped working. I see where I can see my "watched forums" but I can't figure out how to add a watched forum.
  38. K

    Auto High Beams no longer works well

    This feature worked surprisingly well for about 6 months but now it almost always auto-dims the high beams even with no other cars around. Was this a software change affecting others or is it just me? I find it strange since it uses the front camera from what I understand and autopilot works...
  39. K

    How long do brake pads last?

    Normally on a heavy car you'd go through a lot of brake pads, but on the MS I find that I use the brakes very little due to regen. Has anybody had to replace their brake pads on their MS? If so how many miles?
  40. K

    Driving issues: my tires or my Ludicrous upgrade?

    So about a week after I got my Ludricrous upgrade for my P85D one of my 21" rims was damaged and cracked. Since it was $1200 to replace and since I already had paid $1000 for two new tires from the one pothole I hit and I've only had my car for 6 months, I switched to aftermarket 20" wheels...
  41. K

    I'm going to have to switch to aftermarket 20" wheels

    In 6 months of ownership I lost two tires from one pothole and now I just noticed one of my rims (NOT involved in the pothole incident) is cracked/bent. Yes I unfortunately have 21" wheels. The worst thing is I am the only one who drives the car (besides Tesla Service recently) and I haven't hit...
  42. K

    Could AutoPilot detect alignment issues?

    I was thinking that, at least in extreme cases, AutoPilot should be able to detect alignment issues in our vehicles. Thoughts on if that would be possible and useful?
  43. K

    Thoughts on my P85 loaner

    While I'm getting Ludicrous for my P85D I have my first Tesla loaner and it is a P85. I'm very jealous of the frunk space for sure, however the 0-30 acceleration is significantly lower and I notice a lot more traction control kicking in. I was also excited to get some fishtailing in but the...
  44. K

    AutoPilot needs to look 2 cars ahead

    The single biggest limitation I see today is that AP doesn't seem to look further ahead than the car in front of you. This causes rougher driving than I would do in some cases. It might not be possible to fully track 2 cars ahead but most of the time I think it would be with both the camera and...
  45. K

    Terms of the Model 3 $1k deposit?

    I haven't seen any terms on the deposit as I don't think they are out yet, but does anybody know how it worked for past vehicles? Specifically: 1) Can you cancel and get a refund? If so how and when? 2) Can you transfer your reservation/deposit to somebody else?
  46. K

    Seriously how hard is it to fix the audio system?

    I've had my MS for over 6 months now. When listening to MP3s from USB the whole time I have had the vehicle it would play music all night long when parked at my house but not at work. I've been told it is a bug related to scheduled charging. This is particularly annoying when listening to audio...
  47. K

    Launch Mode questions

    After doing a few launches I have some questions. 1) what exactly is causing the car to squat down? 2) do we have numbers on how much this improves 0-60? 3) how is the improvement actually accomplished? 4) sometimes I get "both pedals pressed" when trying to start launch mode causing me to...
  48. K

    No warning when hatch is open?

    If a door is open and I shift into gear I get an alert, but not if the hatchback is open. Is this normal?
  49. K

    AutoPilot track record is great so far

    I think we were all pretty confident that there would be some sort of accident involving AutoPilot (or at least blamed on AutoPilot) by now. I'm pleasantly surprised that I haven't heard of anything (and I certainly think we'll hear about it when it happens). There must be a couple million miles...
  50. K

    My thoughts on/suggestions for AutoPilot (which I use a lot)

    You wouldn't think I'd get to use AP much since I live about 3 miles from work, however I do use it almost every day, although admittedly mostly on streets it isn't supposed to be used on. All I can say it is works fabulously well and 99% of the time I'm very impressed by how well it does. Here...

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