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  1. J

    Back to MCU1?

    I'm about to the point of wanting to go back to MCU1. Yeah, I had to reboot every day. But today I have to reload the teslawaze web site every few miles when the browser crashes out to its main screen. And every single time I enter the car I have to bring up the media player, reselect USB, and...
  2. J

    Voice command taken as browser input

    A weird thing happened today. I pressed the voice button on the steering wheel and said "navigate to (store)". It took the words as input to the browser. Showed a dropdown from the address bar with that phrase and similar phrases shown. Not once in 6.5 years has it done that - it always gets...
  3. J

    Service Center wifi

    The Service Center wifi "Tesla Guest" works with my Android phone but not with my Linux laptop. Connection is made, but can't browse/ping. The only incoming packets are ICMP TTL exceeded messages. Is it a captive portal thing? It never redirects my browser anywhere.
  4. J


    My local utility sends out emails periodically advertising various products. Is there any point to this one? JuiceBox® Pro 40 WiFi-enabled EV Charging Station - 40 Amps Seems like it needs a 14-50 outlet to feed into it. But if I have a 14-50, I already have a cable from Tesla which goes...
  5. J

    Turn Signal Lever

    Coming up on 3 years with my 2015 S 70D. The turn signal lever has recently become much stiffer to push when signalling a right turn. Still normal when signalling a left turn. Ever heard anything like that before?
  6. J

    Rochester, NY - today?

    Anyone know of a public charger with power today in the Rochester area? (80mph winds yesterday have left most of the area without power)
  7. J

    CN Tower Dead Zone

    FYI I stayed at Delta Toronto this weekend and when I went to get in my car it wouldn't unlock. The valet said there was another Tesla there with the same problem, and they'd seen it on BMWs also. Apparently CN Tower creates some kind of dead zone for key fobs. Earlier I had been cursing how my...
  8. J

    Hatch won't close, beeps

    Yesterday I was helping my friend move and had some stuff loaded in the trunk but when I pushed the button to close it, it just beeped at me. I thought it might be complaining about an obstruction so I took several tries at moving things around and eventually removing things so that there was...
  9. J

    Music UI

    Why did they put the least important information in the most prominent spot? Put the source at the bottom, in the smallest font.
  10. J

    NYS Inspection

    Western/Central New Yorkers, with no Service Center near, what are you doing for NY State Inspection? Just take it to any shop and hope they don't get confused by systems they have to inspect which simply aren't there (exhaust) and hope they don't break anything?
  11. J

    Calendar sync no longer working

    Since 7.1 calendar sync is no longer working. Android 4.4.4, no change since before I bought the car. I haven't yet tried re-pairing (I shouldn't have to). It does still make a Bluetooth connection and phone calls still work. I don't know how they managed to break this, I didn't think they were...
  12. J

    Navigation voice cuts out early

    Since 7.1 the navigation voice frequently cuts out early. Anyone else seeing this?
  13. J

    Key fob failure - temporary?

    When I went out to the parking lot tonight, Model S wouldn't let me in. I pressed the handles, waved the key around, nothing. I had to unlock it from my phone. Luckily it wasn't pouring rain or a blizzard, just cold. Got inside and it wouldn't let me start: "Key not inside car". Bah. Had to...
  14. J

    Liftgate close button

    If you have a liftgate close button, is it always illuminated? I find that if the first thing I do is open the back to load something, it doesn't illuminate, so I'm poking around in the dark trying to find it. But other times, if I've just parked, then it is illuminated. I'm thinking it should...
  15. J

    Traffic Delay non-reroute

    As I pulled out of the driveway this morning a dialog popped up on the touchscreen telling me there was a traffic delay along my route to work. I didn't even have nav on at the time so I was surprised, but hey this is neat. I was in fact headed to work. It asked if I wanted to reroute (can't...
  16. J

    Pointless door handle wear

    When I get home from grocery shopping, parked in the garage with the hatch open (sorry, "liftgate"), carrying bags into the house and upstairs and coming back for more ... every time the car retracts the door handles after I've left and extends them again when I get back. I know I could work...
  17. J

    No Connectivity

    Had "No Connectivity" today (so voice commands couldn't be processed). On a beautiful clear sky day. Moving didn't help. Rebooting the center screen via the steering wheel buttons fixed it - but it forgot my climate settings. It had temp set to 72 on both sides (I'd had both set to 70 before)...

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