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    Navigation keeps directly me the SC we just passed!

    I ran into this for the first time during my Thanksgiving trip from the Bay Area to L.A. The other trip I made before did not have this issue, so not sure if something changed in the incremental updates. I also had it telling me to make a "0 minute" stop at a Supercharger both coming and...
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    The latest drive unit explanation

    I've been through at least 4 drive units, and the current one is exhibiting the same grinding/whining/milling noise the prior 4 did. I appreciate the fact that Tesla has replaced each one with no cost to me except for time. I've been told that it appears to be a bearing design issue, whatever...
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    Firmware 6.1 - For Classic Model S

    Finally got the update last night and installed it this morning. Crazy how the parking assist lines work without the sensors. And not sure I like the new right click wheel behavior. Going to be interesting to see how the other features play out, especially the trip prediction as I plan to...
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    Model S Executive Rear Seats With Arm Rest

    Sorry if this is a little off topic, but based on the picture does this mean there is going to be a rear armrest/cupholder accessory coming for existing owners? It would be nice to have the ability to seat 5 when needed, but have the nice 4 seat setup with the armrest/cupholder.
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    San Juan Capistrano SC: Tesla Drivers Must Get Their Charge

    That is awesome. Love how Model S owners will not be stopped from charging! Agree that it totally sucks that the usage of those spots was not taken into account when they scheduled the tree trimming.
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    Possible to go from Gilroy, CA to Tejon, CA in one charge?

    MITE46, I was able to do the opposite direction (Tejon to Gilroy) once. This was before they installed all the Superchargers close to the Harris Ranch restaurant, and had only the one at the Shell station. There was one car charging and two more waiting, so I decided to try out a method...
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    Owning a Model S as a Renter

    I have had my Model S P85 since Dec. 2012, and I have lived in an apartment complex with the same lack of charging in that time. My commute is 55 miles roundtrip, and I have access to ChargePoint L2 chargers at work. So the bulk of my charging during the work week happens there, and on most...
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    Supercharger - Truckee, CA - Donner Pass Rd. (LIVE Aug 2014, 11 V2 stalls)

    I just received an e-mail from Tesla saying the Truckee supercharger is open. This weekend is probably going to be insane!
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    Official word from Tesla (GeorgeB) on the vanity mirror light and rear reading lights

    Bump. Since the panoramic roof sunshades have finally arrived, I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about the visors being replaced with ones that have real lighted vanity mirrors. It just seems like for a car at this price and it has been in production for awhile now, this should have...
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    Drop-In Center Console now in the Tesla Model S online store

    KRB/Dukecat - Wow, that was quick. Would either of you be so kind to share photos of the center console once it is installed please? Thanks in advance! I am hoping the carbon fiber version isn't too far behind.
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    Drop-In Center Console now in the Tesla Model S online store

    Bump. Just curious like Silenus136 if anyone has heard any updates on this. We're almost thru July and it has been awful quiet from Tesla about the update's arrival ETA.
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    Premium Console Waiting List

    Any updates on this? We're almost through June, and haven't heard a peep.
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    San Juan Capistrano to Tejon Ranch in an 85

    I've driven from the Peninsula down to Dana Point and back five times now with my last/first charge at Tejon Ranch, and never had a problem making it even driving in a very spirited manner <ahem>. Closest call I had was I had about 40 miles of range left, but never felt like I had to manage my...
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    Carbon Fiber Trim - How are people liking that?

    I have been very happy with it too, and still looks great a year and a half later.
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    Grill Below Arm Rest

    Does anyone know if there are plans to retrofit the aspirator for cars built before the change?
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    Headlights - Contantly getting flashed by other cars thinking I'm using high beam

    I just had my headlights realigned at the service center, as I would occasionally get people reacting like I had my high beams on. They said the were set too high. Glad this will be less of an issue.
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    Detailed pictures of installed, official center console!

    riceguy, so have you contacted customer service to let them know of those two issues? I was under the impression that the slow rollout to the waiting list people is to see how well it is/isn't working. I am on the waiting list and on the fence about getting it. I like the design for the most...
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    Firmware 5.6

    I received the notification to update to 5.6 this morning, and just ran it. Unfortunately it says the update did not complete successfully, even though I see a number of the new features showing up. After I finish charging up, I will see if I have the opportunity to try the update again...
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    My 12,500 service

    I took mine in last Thursday with both the droning noise and the whining/grinding noise that cinergi has described earlier, and they are replacing my drive unit as well. I skimmed thru some of the other posts mentioning the drive unit, but saw no description of what it is. Anyone? Just...
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    Opportunity Console - New Photos, Poll

    I would also like to know whatever became of this: The cubby/drink holder below the cubby. Hmmmmm.
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    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    Finally got my plates late last week, and also was able to put on my new license plate frames: Play on Disneyland's E-ticket ride for those that are wondering.
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    Another positive Consumer Reports article

    Another Consumer Reports person had the car for the weekend, and had an overall good experience: My weekend in the Tesla Model S - Yahoo! Autos Only issues were the heat buildup in the 3rd row area and the toll transponder not being recognized.
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    P85 Loaner Cars! Sweet!!

    I did get a Model S loaner - a 60 that is new and the owner decided they would upgrade. I was given a choice between that one and a Roadster. Unfortunately my car is going to be in for service thru at least Monday, and the service advisor mentioned it has been tough to hold on to the loaners...
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    P85 Loaner Cars! Sweet!!

    ken830, I am taking my car in for its first scheduled Tesla service end of this week at Menlo Park and was told I would be getting a loaner. They were supposed to get in a fleet of Model S loaners this week or last. I'll let you know what happens after I drop the car off. Keeping my fingers...
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    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    I just updated to 4.5 last night, and now starting to wonder when the mobile app will be updated to reflect the change in charging mode/slider since Standard/Max Range no longer exist in the car.
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    Defrost mesh grille update

    There is a picture of what it looks like here - #71
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    Service Experience

    mknox, if you decide to do that can you post what happens please? I have my first full service appointment in the middle of June, and was thinking of doing the same thing once I read the original post. Thanks.
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    Alas, new problem: Windshield Stress Fracture. Anyone else?

    Mine cracked on the driver's side in the same two curved line fashion last Friday. No road debris, just a click noise and a pretty crack that is growing day by day. I am scheduled to get it replaced Tuesday morning, as they have an installer coming in to do other cars. Bummer is I had just...
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    I would echo what pilotSteve and kinddog are seeing with the BT connection while the phone is in the cubby working far better when I am on a call. Thanks for the tip pilotSteve!
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    Official word from Tesla (GeorgeB) on the vanity mirror light and rear reading lights

    Oh, speaking of that. The car not coming with a cargo net in the frunk is annoying. I know we've not been promised that item, but still it seems cheap not to have it come standard on every Model S. I asked my local service center about it, and you can request the retrofit but they seem to be...
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    Official word from Tesla (GeorgeB) on the vanity mirror light and rear reading lights

    So I have been trying to keep a running list of things we've been promised/told are coming/be retrofitted and not cost us money. Here is what I have so far: - Visors with lighted vanity mirrors - Rear reading lights retrofit - Sunshades for panorama roof I'm also not including due bill items...
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    Anybody have pic of new carbon fibre matte spoiler?

    Here is one from another thread: #39
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    Anyone receive a 14-30 adapter yet?

    mdherbst, Have you ordered it yet? It is available on the Tesla store, and you can check with your local service center to see if they have them in stock. I got mine at the service center so I could save on shipping.
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    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    I got my car in December 2012 and Tesla submitted the paperwork and check for me at that time. I got my stickers about 3 weeks ago, so it was a little over three months before mine arrived. It is also taking an eternity to get my vanity plates.
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    Have you received your parcel shelf?

    JerryNycom, for me the smell finally went away in around a week. One thing I did was to drive with the windows open as much as I could.
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Bruce, is the LED in the handle still lighting up? If it isn't, you may need to get the handle replaced.
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    Supercharger Announcement 2013/05/30

    doug, excellent point.
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    Supercharger Announcement 2013/05/30

    What happened to this week's Supercharger announcement? Wasn't this week going to be the week we received some news regarding the Supercharger network? I know we still have the weekend, but just seems odd we've made it all the way thru late afternoon Friday Pacific time and no word. 5/30/2013...
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    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    Just saw an update for the Model S app for iPhone. Its one fix that it calls out is - "Improved support for special characters in login credentials". Hopefully this fixes the big issue people have been running into.
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    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    I think I got it. Isn't that the same kind of license plate from Back to Future, Part 2?
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    Have you received your parcel shelf?

    Got mine 2-3 weeks ago via FedEx Ground without any advance notice. VIN 1770.
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    P85: Has your spoiler been installed?

    I just crossed the 4 month mark a few days ago, and still no carbon fiber rear spoiler. I received my parcel shelf 2-3 weeks ago at home. There is no rhyme or reason to when these get taken care of, it just happens. Looking forward to getting this due bill item checked off along with my P85...
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    UMC available in the Tesla Gear store

    I was just checking to see if anything had been added to the Model S accessories, and lo and behold you can buy another UMC for $750: Shop Tesla Gear MODEL S MOBILE CONNECTOR BUNDLE Debating on when I should get this, because it would be handy to have.
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    Elon confirms new supercharger capabilities

    I would love to see both an increase in Supercharger locations and 120kWh charging capability. I feel fortunate to be able to use the Superchargers along Highway 5 in CA, and it would be great to take road trips to places other than between NorCal and SoCal. And based on my last return trip to...
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    Drop-In Center Console now in the Tesla Model S online store

    DrTaras, Also, the armrest trim around the cup holders matches the dashboard trim. So glad to see the center console trim will match the overall interior trim, as I can't get enough carbon fiber. :wink:
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    What is the first thing you play on your radio?

    Driving home today, and I was listening to 1st Wave on XM Radio. A song comes on that sounds familiar and I look at the dash to see which one it is. And it hits me, what a great song for Tesla or any EV: Make a Circuit with Me - Polecats Brought back fond memories.
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    When to rotate tires? @annual inspection/12,500 or sooner? Who is doing it?

    I took mine to a local tire place to get them rotated around 6,200 miles. I wish I had paid better attention to the fact that Tesla does it for free.
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    Parcel Shelf

    Got my parcel shelf yesterday, and I agree with three points that have been made: - it definitely has some kind of chemical smell to it. I air out the car whenever I can, so hoping it will go away soon. - $250 seems very steep for what we're getting. - nice to finally have the trunk area...
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    Firmware 4.3 - basic charging scheduling

    I updated to 4.3 (1.25.40) today and noticed something odd afterwards - some of the car settings had changed. Regen went from Standard to Low, and my climate control from Eco to Custom (fan speed was no longer Auto). I did a quick check and didn't see anything else that was different. The...
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    Body Panel Gap and Alignment Issues

    Cool-Model S, any update on this yet? I have the same problem, not quite as severe but it is noticeable. Thanks.

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