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    What vin comes with 3G vs 4g LTE?

    I have a P85DL built in June 2015, vin 888xx and it has LTE.
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    Heated Steering Wheel? Indicated by Metallic Scroll Wheels?

    No, no other announcement source, as I mentioned after this. My mistake. All we have are the rumors, the maybe-coincidental change to the steering wheel (scroll wheels), and the observation by greentheonly that the heated steering wheel feature was ADDED to the code (it's not a leftover feature...
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    Heated Steering Wheel? Indicated by Metallic Scroll Wheels?

    Still RUMINT quality, apparently. GreenTheOnly sees the software code that supports it in the 3, and there's an owner who says that a Tesla rep confirmed it but that's not an official corporate announcement. Sorry. Seems like good intel, but it's unconfirmed as of yet. Tesla Model 3 heated...
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    Heated Steering Wheel? Indicated by Metallic Scroll Wheels?

    So although they announced it for the model 3, it's not enabled (or maybe not even produced) yet?
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    Rumor: Heated Steering Wheel and Bioweapon Defense Mode Coming for 2021 Model

    I had this exact thought! Why would they modify the steering wheel twice in a short period of time. I posted this over in the Model 3 forum to see if they have any data points: Heated Steering Wheel? Indicated by Metallic Scroll Wheels?
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    Heated Steering Wheel? Indicated by Metallic Scroll Wheels?

    Hello all, I thought I heard that the Model 3 was getting a heated steering wheel. Has this happened yet? Does anyone have one? I understand the scroll wheels on the steering wheel have changed from black rubber to silver metal. Does this correspond with the presence of a heated steering...
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    Any proof of the new M3 headlamps delivered on the 2021 MY?

    He's probably referring to this post: from Bjorn. Who lives in Norway and therefore has European headlights, which aren't legal in North America yet. The fact that the car was built in Freemont CA doesn't mean it is designed for US regulations. They ship them overseas.
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    Where do I go to get Daytime Running Lights back???

    RecklessFury is right: enabling range mode disables DRL in the X (but not in the S). Unclear why, those lights can't be a big drain on battery, and certainly reduce safety.
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    Easy iTunes playlist syncing for Tesla USB flash drive

    btw, flash drives have some form of a FAT filesystem (specific version of FAT depends on the size of the memory), and FAT doesn't support hard links (or soft links either). You're forced to have separate copies of the file. Thanks for the utility! - - - Updated - - - Hello ra-san, I'm...
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    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    Northern Virginia:
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    EPA Rating for 60kWh: 200 miles range. Achievable?

    http://www.teslamotors.com/modelx shows that the base is a 2WD, and that the AWD is an option. EDIT--Oh, maybe you meant, if you buy the AWD, is it switchable to 2WD? I don't know about that, sorry.
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    How do you get voice command to work?

    I used to use "drive to" all the time, until 4.5. Never got it to work again (~15 attempts). Now the conversation goes like this: I say, "drive to ...". it says "Unknown command". I say, "F#*!, Navigate to ...". It works. Sometimes I vary the curse word. :-)
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    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    Exactly. I have multiple garage doors, so I reprogrammed one of the 3 from a location up the street. The menu drops down when I am further from my house, and only one button is shown Green (the other 2 are gray). All 3 function, however, and my garage approach is such that my openers can hear...
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    USB Keyboard and Mouse

    I was also using a cheap USB (wired) keyboard for easy typing of navigation (addresses) and web browsing. My keyboard has no mouse/trackpad functionality. Now that I have 4.5, it no longer functions. :-(
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    High Power Wall Charger - Tesla recommends temporarily cutting amps

    They have changed the HPWC once or twice. The rumor I heard was a UL listing issue related to semi-protected-from-the-climate installation locations (I'm thinking "carport"). The original picture of the HPWC on the website had a C-shaped hook attached to the lower portion of the HPWC, so the...
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    Model S Competitive Sales Numbers for Q1-2013...HOME RUN!

    The percentages appear to be those cars' sales expressed as a percentage of the Model S sales.
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    Heater blowing cold air only?

    They can observe the error codes if you call while you're in the car AND it's malfunctioning (blowing cold air). If you call while the car is working properly, then there is no error code to see (nothing is persistently logged). Mine was working intermittently, and my during my ranger visit...
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    Heater blowing cold air only?

    Antochat's explanation matches mine. One of the sensors inside the heating unit was not functioning properly, and they replaced it.
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    Energy Usage Chart

    You're right (typo), it's showing kWh/km (or per mile in the US with our broken measurement system). In short, the vertical axis shows the amount of energy (in kilowatt-hours) you need in order to travel a kilometer. The dotted line shows your average, as you say, over the selected range. The...
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    Fog Lights Gone?

    Note that the fog lights will only illuminate when the headlights are on low-beam setting, in spite of how the button may look active on your 17" display. e.g. if your lights are in "off" or in "parking lights" mode (headlights off), you cannot illuminate the fog lights. If the headlight high...
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    The Model S is ahead of its time, it sprang ahead already!

    Yea, I noticed that last night too. I wondered if it was a bug related to the time of DST, but accidentally calculated against GMT rather than my local timezone.
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    Firmware 4.2

    I noticed that too, but I think the conditions were that I was using navigation, and then powered off the car while still navigating (e.g. I parked before it thought I had arrived). I thought that if I canceled or completed navigation, the navigation UI's disappear, and the...
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    Heater blowing cold air only?

    Mine too was intermittent. Some days it works, some days it only blows cold. I had a ranger visit and it happened to be working when he was there. He said there were no error messages logged, so he couldn't diagnose the problem. The next day, I called the service number while I was inside...
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    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    WTF? How are we supposed to work around this? Update: I see Robert.Boston's comment. I'll go look at my Slime kit. I hope it says on the box.
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    Typing into the Center Console Display

    FWIW, bluetooth USB keyboards do work. Some of them are a rather compact size, and sort of fit in the center console area.
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    Coated windshield impacting door openers and EZpass

    I found it easiest to see in broad daylight. The coated portion is more reflective. Looking at the blue sky via reflection off the windshield, I was able to see where the coating ends, near the "margins" (edges) of the windshield where the glass is solid black. I looked very closely to see it...
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    Coated windshield impacting door openers and EZpass

    I was inspecting my own (VIN 03751) windshield and comparing it to an October vehicle, and our windshields are different. His solid black region near the mirror is symmetric, but mine is not--the passenger side has black dots rather than a solid black region. However, my coating covers this...
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    Tesla's nerds are out of control -- In a good way

    This explains that while my driver's side wiper is tall enough to reach the top of the glass, it doesn't make contact in the top inch or so! I hadn't looked closely at it yet.
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    Playlists on USB

    I put all of my music on a USB thumb drive in a "music" folder. Then I wrote a script to copy the songs listed in a MyList.m3u file (playlist file), and put them into a directory called playlists/MyList. It's an extra copy of the same files (can't do symbolic links on a FAT filesystem). I...
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    Virginia drivers - inspection question

    Really? I would have expected the registration card to be part of the same shipment. I've had my S for 2 weeks and I'm getting nervous about all this "spirited" driving I'm doing without having real license plates. I guess I have a couple more weeks to wait.
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    Environment as a factor in EV purchase Decision

    I'm with Al Sherman on this. For me, the driving factors are: 1. climate change 2. the oil industry as an international political evil 3. fun of driving I've been driving a Prius for 7 years, so it's obvious to me that fun of driving is no longer at the top of my priorities. But as an...
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    Why isn't regen integrated with the brake pedal?

    I *do* understand what you've said, but I had a thought on it. (I will also try this on my own but it would be nice to have corroborating observations.) It is a known fact that the Model S will be regen'ing at a certain rate (let's say 40 kW for sake of consistency), and as the vehicle's speed...
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    Random Model S sightings

    That could have been me! I cross the parkway on Franklin Farm road heading west on my way to work. This morning it would have been about 8:50am, give or take a few minutes. On Monday, Richard M was driving behind me in his model S on Franklin Farm Road, and we both pulled off to have a short...
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    Door Won't Open!

    Congrats, stevezzzz. Other people have butt-dialed their phones. You may be the first to butt-roll your windows! :-)
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    Delivery inspection list?

    Thanks, I used your list today! I also thought of a few more things to add: 1. Verify folding mirrors (this is manual). 2. Note: Do not test exterior lights (DRL, HL, FogL, etc) while charging--the lights are not fully functional
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Did you ask them where it was *going*? I couldn't stand it any longer so I called Rockville to ask them where my car was. Let me slow down and give you dates: 1/23: My PS Lauren in CA tells me that my car shipped today to Rockville Service Center where they will detail it and do final prep...
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    Firmware 4.2

    Now that we have confirmed cases of "4.2" being "1.19.41", and "1.19.42", please specify this longer version number.
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    First 60kWH delivery notice or email - who will it be?

    congrats!! Mine left Freemont today en route to the Rockville service center. She said it would take about 7 days. Hopefully Friday's forecasted snow doesn't affect your logistics!
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    First 60kWH delivery notice or email - who will it be?

    First, Congrats!!! An email this evening from Lauren said that my S was done! She is sending the paperwork for my signature, but I am closing on a house refinance tomorrow, so I can't apply for a car loan until tomorrow afternoon. We'll see how fast I can get a check from PenFed or BoA...
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    First 60kWH delivery notice or email - who will it be?

    P3043, Fairfax, VA Got my VIN: 3751. Delivery window is still 1/23-2/6. But since I haven't received/signed the final paperwork, I'm expecting early February. 60 kWh, pano roof, 21" wheels, Blue exterior, Matte Obeche, grey leather, tech, air suspension, parcel shelf, twin charge...
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    Does Model S use Tire Pressure Sensors?

    As mentioned in another thread, the twice/year remounting of wheels and resync the TPMS is paid as part of the maintenance agreement. If true in the US, that would be pretty nice.
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    Winter wheels/tires packages for Model S

    Swapping wheel+tire's myself I apologize for my confusion but.... My Model S will have 21" performance tires. If I buy an extra set of 19" wheels with the winter tires from tesla (i.e. the TPM's are already in the wheels), then can I swap the set back and forth at my convenience? The service...
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    First 60kWH delivery notice or email - who will it be?

    Rockville MD? Where in VA are you? I spoke with my DS (Lauren) yesterday, and told her I am in Fairfax VA. She asked me how close to Rockville, MD am I? I said it was about 45 minutes by car, and she indicated that the car would go to Rockville's service center for final prep (cleaning...
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    Worst energy usage?

    @Jerry33, thanks for the link. That chatter was about the Roadster, and the post on page 2 said he could go about 7 minutes before degrading due to motor heat. Of course the S is different. The track sessions I've driven in have been 20-30 minutes of track time, followed by 30-40 minutes of...
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    Worst energy usage?

    Yes, I've been wondering this too. My ICE got horrible gas mileage when driving it on the track (SCCA, 2+ mile track). The driving pattern is: punch it full throttle, apply brakes, repeat. I assume I won't be able to take the S to the track, but I'm curious how long the battery would last.

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