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    Track day in in a P-?

    I do lots of track days, but not in my company Tesla. Nothing stopping you taking a stock car on track. Some thoughts... * Your insurance doesn't cover it. You can get a days track insurance but do not expect it to be cheap. On trackdays, you are responsible for your own car: someone drives...
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    Vinyl Plate fitting in the North East

    Clear any polish or wax off before floating the vinyl on, otherwise the beading means it doesn't float properly...
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    What to do if you got a puncture?

    Fwiw, having seen the inside of the Michelin Ps tyres with the foam strip, I can see no reason why a repair couldn't be done using a plug kit. It's literally a thin strip of foam glued to the inside of the tyre
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    Moving to smart tarrif

    So Go looks like the right one for me. I'm with Ovo for electricity AND gas right now, with a SMETS1 meter. If I start the signup process with Octopus now, I presume they negotiate a switch over date with Ovo? If I want to go straight to Octopus Go (which is electricity only) do I need to sign...
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    Moving to smart tarrif

    Hi Folks My Ovo energy contract is nearly up, and so I want to move to a more EV-friendly tarrif. Octopus seem good. I have a Model 3, a tethered PodPoint charger (which recently added timed charging) and a smart meter. Any tips/tricks? Just set a time off peak to charge in the car? Or use...
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    AP lane position

    Sounds likely. When there is space in the lane without crossing the median, but safe passing would need a nudge to the right, should this happen or am I expecting too much?
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    Vibration/juddering at motorway speed Model 3 2021 facelift

    It'll be tracking. Get it checked by a competent garage with a Hunter or similar.
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    AP lane position

    What's expected behaviour when there's a car parked half on the kerb on LHS? I don't think non fsd ap is meant to steer around it, but will it stop in the case of a potential collision? I've never dared find out.
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    USB 32 Gig inadequate

    Yep, same here. I'm irritated. 32GB *is* enough for me, been running it for 6 months and it's fine. I now have a permanent warning triangle I can't dismiss.
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    Model 3 Stability/Drift

    My SR+ has the best TC I've ever driven. It doesn't munch power, it just intelligently sorts out the rear axle
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    [UK] 2020.44.x

    I now have a permanent triangle warning moaning about my Sentry usb stick being 32gb since updating saying "usb is too small"
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    Car insurance - requirement for a tracker..

    Tell them the car is stock from the factory and they should do their homework?
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    Technical question re Bluetooth

    "connected" in the app means the car is talking to the app over the internet, nothing to do with Bluetooth.
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    [UK] 2020.40.x

    I have visible onscreen sentry warning now when parked up, which is nice.
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    Sentry Mode: Exclude Home

    I had this. I put my home address in as next door's house and it worked perfectly. Presume it's a margin of error thing with GPS position.
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    Changing Tesla account email address

    Thanks. Is yours a lease car too (where logging into tesla.com with your account doesn't show the car)?
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    Changing Tesla account email address

    Folks, I have a Leaseplan owned company car, so in my app I can control the car but in my Tesla account I don't see the car as it belongs to Leaseplan. I was registered using my work email. I'd like to change my Tesla account to use.my personal email. Does anyone know if this will break access...
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    Got new tires and now regenerative braking does not work.

    I'm guessing but new tyres will potentially have slightly different rolling radius. Perhaps the regen needs to know about this and takes time to calibrate? The amount of regen it applies might translate into different rates of deceleration without this, which might be a safety issue...?
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    [UK] 2020.36.x

    AHHH! That might explain it. I have been using Autosteer intermittently. Seems crazy that it doesn't also operate TACC but that would explain what I've seen.
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    Prepping for the colder months – New Comers...

    I can't see coating tyre TREADS being a good idea. If it's changing the way it wears, it's changing the way the tyre behaves. If you're changing either how hard the compound becomes, or altering the friction between it and the road, I can't see how that can really be safe... I drove my old...
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    [UK] Towing Model X goes wrong

    That's Stockport, probably a pick up from the Stockport SC. From other reports it looks like the Range Rover didn't secure his removable tow bar properly. It closed the entire carriageway as a result!
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    [UK] 2020.36.x

    Can anyone without FSD comment on whether they are seeing the car not just notice the speed limit signs, but take action on them with TACC? Mine has twice slowed down on TACC from a 40mph road to a 30mph road - it updated the TACC speed as it went into the lower speed limit. Once it increased...
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    [UK] 2020.36.x

    Every DAB radio I've had, when reset, has taken a while to scan and pick up the list of stations. Perhaps it wiped your stored station list. For the headlights, park somewhere flat and use the built in levelling setting?
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    Steering wheel screen

    If you want a much cheaper version, check out this EANOP HUD E100 Head up display Speed Projector Speedometer Turning light Gear Guide Battery display for tesla model 3 car access|Head-up Display| - AliExpress Plugs into the ODBII equivalent port. I have something similar in my old Merc and it...
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    Less well known Tesla features / information

    Pretty sure there is only an NFC reader on drivers side. NFC and card work same way and are separate to Bluetooth proximity opening
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    Car won't wake from app

    I've noticed LTE takes a while to connect sometimes since last update. When I first updated the car i had to reboot it to get any LTE signal. Perhaps that's related.
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    [UK] 2020.36.x

    I don't have FSD either. So if auto lane control is on, yours slows down on entering lower speed areas but doesn't speed up?
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    [UK] 2020.36.x

    I don't have FSD. I notice the car now picks up speed signs but it doesn't seem very useful as it doesn't react to them. TACC carries on ah previous speed, it doesn't adjust cruise speed based on changed. If I turn it off and on again after a change it will I guess, but that seems a bit useless...
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    Less well known Tesla features / information

    Works for me everytime, but I'm not sure if just pairing phone to car is enough compared to installing the app. My pixel always works as an NFC card regardless of Bluetooth state.
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    Model 3 spoiler copy

    If you ever need to remove one, I'd recommend warming it up and then using some nylon fishing line to cut the tape away. The residue can then be removed with a solvent.
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    Rear 'high level' brake light bleed

    I didn't realise that! That's cool!
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    Rear 'high level' brake light bleed

    I can see this very slightly, but to be honest, I actually find it quite helpful so I know when regenerative braking is illuminating the brake light.
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    Apps and things (for anyone awaiting a berth)....

    Tasker app and the Telsa for Tasker plug in. It works really nicely....
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    Watch App for Tesla may be going...

    Apple really seem determined to piss off everybody this month, don't they...
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    Model 3 Mud flaps

    Aha. That would make sense and matches with this Here are the new Tesla OEM mud flaps and splash guards for your Model 3 - Drive Tesla Canada Anyone found rear guards important?
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    Model 3 Mud flaps

    Folks, can someone help me identify these things that came with the car? It came from Tesla with front ones fitted, see 2nd pic. Are the unfitted ones an alternate front mud flap or are they meant to fit the rear?
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    Phantom braking still an issue

    Ah, don't you have it? I've only had the car a week but it's definitely not awful. I'm super impressed so far.
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    Phantom braking still an issue

    Do you mean FSD? I'm talking about TACC which all current M3s have, not the roundabout video
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    Phantom braking still an issue

    I've only had my SR+ a week and it's basic AP but the only time I've seen it slow down is when a car in front does on TACC or there's a collision warning. I don't think mine's ever slowed down as I enter a lower posted speed limit?
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    Phantom braking still an issue

    But the car doesn't respond to decreases in speed limit though. If you go from a 70 to a 50 with TACC on it doesn't slow down. Why would that trigger phantom braking?
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    [UK] 2020.32.x

    How do you force it to check?
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    Tesla TV Web App

    The BBC don't always notice all VPN provider IP ranges so some VPNs are OK with them, others aren't. It's a bit annoying that I'm sat in the UK with a UK TV licence and an iPlayer account and can't watch it but never mind...!
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    Tesla TV Web App

    This is the right way to do it, support Persistent Web Apps in Chromium and that would unlock huge potential. I just tried the Tesla TV site and I'm impressed. Switch audio to USB or phone audio to shut up the radio so you can hear it. For iPlayer they're being arses about foreign IP...
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    Replacement Dash Trim to cover the wood - some pics

    Dash: US $20.53 29% OFF|Center Console Dashboard Panel Wrap Overlay Cover Trim Fit ABS for Tesla Model 3|Gauge Sets & Dash Panels| - AliExpress Center Console: US $21.27 11% OFF|LUCKEASY Car central control panel protective patch for Tesla Model 3 2017 2019 ABS Imitation carbon fiber red...
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    Center Console: Shell vs. Wrap

    These are ABS shells (center console and dash) that I got from Aliexpress. Total cost around £40. Perfect fit and personally I think they look great. Easy to remove as well.
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    Tesla TV Web App

    no, this is a web front end, not an application. No chance of getting Kodi working or any app that needs an actual install.
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    Premium connectivity ended as a leasing customer

    I'm with leaseplan and will be gutted to lose this. There must be a way to continue with it?
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    Replacement Dash Trim to cover the wood - some pics

    These are ABS with a gloss carbon effect. £20 ish from Aliexpress. 2 mins to fit, look great. I also have matching center console shells.
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    Model 3 spoiler copy

    Should do. It's only really necessary for VERY sticky things usually. A nylon guitar pick is also handy for getting edges started on badges without risk of scratching paint too.
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    Model 3 spoiler copy

    Next time try nylon fishing line behind the spoiler to gently cut through without scratches, it usually works really nicely especially if you warm it up with a hairdryer first!

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