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    Model S seat covers; standard seats; black/red (Denver, CO)

    These are the covers sold by EVannex. It is the full set (front and back seats) sold there for $870. Selling here for $450 obo. Used these for two years. No damage, just the mild wear of typical usage, but these things are pretty sturdy. I've had them professionally cleaned.
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    NVX BOOST sound system upgrade (Denver, CO)

    Tesla Model S Sound System Upgrade Purchases from EVannex three years ago and had it professionally installed and uninstalled. Save $140 over purchasing new. $850. Pics available upon request.
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    Gen II Matte Black Wall Connector (Denver, CO)

    $500 obo. Still unopened in box. Received through the referral program.
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    A word of warning for potential Tesla owners.

    There is a lot to take into consideration when weighing your options for a new vehicle. Here is one x-factor you may want to consider: This is a copy of an email I just sent to customer service that will give you the gist. 9:16 PM (0 minutes ago) to customersupport, kemartin Hi, Calena...
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    Rear ended by uninsured driver.

    A couple questions if anyone has any insights: 1) Any idea of parts/repair turnaround times these days? 2) I've heard from an acquaintance in insurance that they recently totalled out a Model S for a customer on what would have been only about $5000 in repairs. Anyone experience similar to...
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    Haven't seen anyone mention the door handles.

    It looked like two of the three cars displayed had rectangular recessed door handles similar to the S. However, the red model 3 had a sort of hockey-stick shaped handle. Are they just trying out different looks to see what folks like? Or could this be some sort of option? ...or the website is...
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    Will this table fit in my MS?

    End table measuring 4' x 14" x 32". Any idea if that will fit with the seats down?
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    evannex/wet okole standard seat covers, black w/ red trim

    evannex/wet okole standard seat covers, black w/ red trim These are brand new. I was under the impression evannex allowed returns on them, but I was wrong. I like them, but have other aftermarket priorities at this time. Asking $600, including shipping. Will save you $50 off an identical set...
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    What do you expect in three years?

    I've had my 85D for just a few weeks, and I'm already thinking about what my next MS will be when my lease is up in 3 years. (And I mean that in a good way.) What are your expectations with respect to technology vs. cost? How will a $90k build now compare to a $90k build in three years? Will...
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    Upgrades to a leased vehicle.

    Yesterday was my first full day with my 85D. It's everything I expected. I'm looking forward to getting the new wheels, caliper covers, a few vinyl accents, and the de-chroming done (plasti-dip). All that stuff is pretty simple to remove when I return the vehicle in three years. My bigger...
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    If there is no light from the charge port, does that mean it's done charging?

    If so, all 4 superchargers at Park Meadows mall in Denver are occupied by vehicles that aren't charging. Sorry for the rookie question. Haven't even had my S for 24 hrs yet.
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    Any reason not to let Firestone mount my wheels?

    After about 70 days from order to delivery, I should finally be picking up my MS this weekend. I ordered wheels from Jason and tires from Tire Rack, which were delivered to a local Firestone. Any reason not to let them do the mounting, balancing, etc?
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    Found out my production delay is due to "repairs." Need advice.

    I've mentioned in other threads that my production has been taking a really long time. I ordered on Oct 7 and I've been in production for 24 days now. I finally heard from my DS, who told me he got an email from the factory saying my car is one of several undergoing repairs. I asked what kind...
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    Just went from "the factory is building your Model S" to "In production."

    What the heck does that mean? Edit: Sigh. Never mind. I'm looking at that page so much I'm going loopy. It still says what it always said. Sorry. I'd delete this post if I it appeared to be an option.
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    Am I setting a record for longest delivery?

    Today is 52 days since ordering. Car is still listed as in production. I figure best case it hits the road on Monday, day 54, then what... about a week to make it to Denver and be prepped? So minimum 61 days. For what it's worth, Monday will be two weeks since production started. Maybe I'm...
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    Anyone have the seat covers from evannex.com?

    I really love the look of the black covers with red trim. But I'm concerned the material will look subpar. Any thoughts, or better yet, real life pics?
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    Just got notice that my production was pushed back by a week.

    VIN 112743. Order confirmed Oct 14. Now expecting delivery mid-to-late December. Just an FYI for those still in the queue.
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    Can someone tell me about wheel offset for the MS?

    These are the wheels I plan to get for my MS, which will be here in late Nov. They come in both high and low offset versions. I prefer the look of the low offset, but I'm not clear on whether it's strictly aesthetic or if the design of the car will dictate whether the low offset will fit. I'll...
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    Well, no turning back now.

    The one week waiting period before my 85D goes into production ended this morning. Now the long wait. Any idea what total production times are running right now? I'm hoping to have a surprise to show off to the family for Thanksgiving.
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    Anyone have pics of the black multi-pattern seats?

    I actually think I prefer the feel of the basic seats compared to the next gen seats. I'm a pretty wide guy, and the side bolsters on the next-gen seats feel like too much. I've also never been a fan of the feel of full leather. But at this point I have no idea how the multi-pattern seats look...
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    Has anyone successfully negotiated any aspect of their lease?

    With most car dealerships, lease terms, upgrades, etc. are negotiable. Does Tesla have a policy (either formal or informal) on this? I'm curious if anyone has successfully negotiated the addition of an upgrade, or a discounted on an upgrade, etc. I actually just went ahead and put the $2500...
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    Need some basic wheel questions answered.

    Hi, all. First post here. I haven't even ordered my Model S, but will probably take care of that minor detail in the next few days. I've spent way too much time recently looking at Model S wheel porn. This will certainly be my first upgrade, hopefully followed shortly thereafter by a chrome...

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