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    Bizarre AP experience today

    In 60K miles of driving across two Teslas, I had something happen on AP today that I’ve never heard experienced before. Was on a two-lane highway at 55mph, no traffic in either direction, clear sunny weather facing away from the sun. Suddenly I get a couple rapid pulses on the brake - brake...
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    Does the dashcam viewer work on MCU3?

    When the viewer was first released, it worked pretty well for me, but I haven’t successfully used it in many months - it just pulls up a black screen. Using a Samsung T5. Have reformatted it countless times, no help. I suspect it has something to do with MCU2 performance, because if I leave the...
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    Losing my mind over the random slowdowns

    I've tolerated the random slowdowns and occasional false AEB since I joined the FSD beta and Tesla stopped using my radar, but then I drove 700 miles this weekend, mostly on two-lane highways. Oh my god. Toward the end of this trip, I started cracking. I started dreaming of installing an...
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    Missing Tidal mixes

    I’m noticing that my Daily Discovery and New Arrivals mixes don’t show up in the Tesla Tidal UI, but I’m also on FSD 10.10.2, which is based on a prehistoric build. Can anyone on a 2022 build with a Tidal subscription tell me if those mixes show up for you?
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    The best part of the FSD Beta is…

    …getting updates over cellular every time. Especially as someone who can’t reach wi-fi when parked at home, but it’s also nice to be able to kick off downloads while driving without setting up a hotspot. A guy could get used to this!
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    Passenger temp display in v11

    What causes the passenger temp to hide or show at the bottom of the screen in v11? I’ll look down and notice it has appeared, or disappeared, mid-drive. I caught it once as it disappeared, but nothing was happening in the cabin that would seemingly trigger it. My first thought was that turning...
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    Adding items to a service appointment

    Inevitably, on the rare occasion I need a service appointment, I think of additional items prior to my appointment day and add them in the app. However, on every single occasion, the service advisor is unaware of those additional items when I arrive. It’s been hit or miss getting them addressed...
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    Any recent rumors on Biohazard upgrade?

    I remember seeing a few months back that a Biohazard upgrade kit was in the works for pre-Biohazard Ys, similar to the kit available for older S/X. Can’t find anything more recent, though. Has anyone heard any whispers from their service centers lately? I would love to buy this before next...
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    Trouble canceling turn signal after FSD?

    Anyone else struggling to cancel a blinking turn signal after disengaging FSD? I’ve found that if the car sets the turn signal, then I disengage FSD before the turn is made, I can’t seem to immediately cancel the signal. Eventually I can do it, but it takes maybe 10 seconds before I’m...
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    2-button reset not working

    Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, I’ve done some searching but haven’t found anything helpful. Basically, the 2-button reboot doesn’t work on my MYP. Or more accurately, it works differently than it did on my previous Teslas. It goes like this: - Hold down the steering wheel buttons...
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    I can’t believe it happened to me

    Until today, I was laughing at the poor suckers always posting about rashed rims. “I’m more careful than that, I have excellent situational awareness,” I told myself. The scary thing to me with this is that I have no idea how or when I did it. I didn’t hear or feel a thing, and no one else has...
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    Creative ideas for door ding protection?

    I have reserved parking in a garage where the spots are really tight. The guy in the spot next to me has a Taycan and so I’m not worried that he’s going to be careless, but accidents can and do happen. I think I already know the answer, but is anyone aware of a simple door protection solution...
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    Model Y sound system quieter than Model 3?

    Has anyone with both a 3 and Y felt that the 3 has more volume? I‘m especially noticing this on phone calls - on the Y, I usually need the call volume around 90%, compared to 50-60% on the 3. The audio quality is still excellent, there’s just… less of it. My assumption is that this has to do...
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    In defense of the old headlights

    Having a Model 3 with the old headlights and a MYP with the new, I wanted to give folks who are still taking deliveries of MY LRs with the old headlights some comfort: 1. The old headlights look better (the new ones look generic and underdesigned, I think) 2. In my humble opinion, the low beams...
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    MYP has hitch cover, but didn't order hitch

    So here's a weird thing: I noticed the inventory MYP I got this week has the hitch cover, even though the hitch definitely wasn't listed on the Monroney nor did I pay for it. If you don't order the hitch, there typically isn't a cover for it, right? I'm wondering if there's a hitch under...
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    "Standard" acceleration mode for P models

    Does anyone else wish that Performance models had Chill, Sport, and Standard? (Same goes for LRs with Acceleration Boost) I feel like the thrill of Sport wears off after a while - I'd actually rather keep the car in Standard most of the time, then flip it into Sport when I'm having a bad day...

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