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    V3 Supercharger power systems architecture

    I’ve been a fly on the wall for this conversation and have learned a lot! Thanks for sharing items about the supercharger design. My main takeaways are that: The total power output increase through charger generations has been a factor of 1.4 (50 to 90kw). The bus sharing through a site instead...
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    Supercharger - Chehalis, WA

    I think they prioritize builds based on routes traveled and the corresponding perceived needs. We have i5 routes covered without too much weekend waiting, and the more rural areas are so rural that a dedicated supercharger there won’t get full use even on weekends. I think they currently...
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    Tesla to increase cost of FSD beta software beyond its $12,000 price tag

    The only way I see the price making sense is if they expect to retrofit existing cars with new hardware to achieve the goal. At that point, paying for “FSD” is really a prepayment for an upgrade to the sensor suite. If they don’t upgrade the hardware, then (as one who has sat behind my fsd...
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    When do FSD Beta snapshots get uploaded?

    I get a similar 1.5 to 2.0 gb upload for every snapshot, with a maximum total upload of around 8-10 gb.
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    False FSD Strikes?

    So that we all better understand the conditions: Are you wearing sunglasses or a hat? Is this in a car with a passenger facing camera? If so, and if it was at nigh, is it one of the newer cars with a driver illuminating IR light?
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    New Store and Service Center (and Superchargers!) - Liberty Lake, WA

    Did they say why the design is off by 90 degrees?
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    FSD Beta 10.11

    Fsd builds on production forks have the third digit as a multiple of 5. I would expect 2022.12.5 or 2022.12.10 if this fork is going to be where they incorporate 10.12.
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    FSD Beta 10.11

    Ha! Good spot. I shouldn’t have made that comment: hyperbole doesn’t come across well in my (poor) writing. I was trying to state that a system designed today would probably use different kit…but…failed. Thanks for the link to old/low-res (and still sold!) camera modules. I’ll stop polluting...
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    FSD Beta 10.11

    I would assume that, as they approach the next whole number release, more and more development efforts would be toward that release. If it is able to be driven by employees, they wouldn’t be internally testing the 10.x variants as much. I would expect only some of the items that could be back...
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    Supercharger - Ellensburg, WA - Canyon Road

    What charge rate did you get rickroadsterX?
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    FSD Beta 10.11

    I had the same fleeting hope that this release, due to the .5 ending, was a new fsd version. But then I remembered that the third number needed to be a multiple of 5 for it to be the beta, not the forth number. (Or they stop releasing general builds, and the beta just gets the next sequential...
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    Supercharger - Salem, OR

    Peak charge rate of 202kW starting at 9% charge. I like that there is a v3 supercharger in Salem, but the time it takes to get there from the freeway makes the adjacent v2 chargers congested because they are better for road trips.
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    Supercharger - Chehalis, WA

    It seems that the new set of chargers is to add capacity and speed, rather than coverage. It’s an interesting approach that is yet to be achieved by the other charging players, who appears to still be constructing 4 carter stations. My math is that, for every 6 cars traveling on supercharging...
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    FSD Beta 10.10 Release Notes

    Summary: he fsd ui crashes and cameras fail to boot at start. Since upgrading to 10.10.2, I drove about 200 miles, mainly on the autopilot stack. The end of it had about 20 miles on the fsd stack, and the car had three times where there were ui or camera errors. Twice the ui froze in place...
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    10.9 FSD

    I have been monitoring my car’s network traffic, and it doesn’t appear that the camera-clip-button-presses have been uploading data for about a week. This may be just a bug with my car (or maybe they are tired of reviewing my button presses). Anyone seeing the normal 2gig upload with each camera...
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    Suspected repeater camera defect that affects FSD performance

    Awesome reply :), and much more thought out than me. If we are coming to similar conclusions, I am sure these discussions are happening at Tesla. I’ll borrow from The Expanse: I don’t think they’ll get there, but I hope to god they will.
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    Suspected repeater camera defect that affects FSD performance

    Currently they need to train all with one camera setup, so the replacement makes some sense to me. I see the most recent move to unprocessed raw images as a last ditch effort to see if they can avoid new cameras ( imho it won’t be: the cameras are low resolution and don’t have enough light...
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    Suspected repeater camera defect that affects FSD performance

    I am not convinced the current camera resolution and 14 nm computer are up to the task. My bet is that the next version of hardware with 4x resolution cameras (solve the perception issue and a new fsd computer (designed around the current 3D + time nn methods instead of the old per camera per...
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    FSD 10.9 screen freezes and the software crashes

    The fsd portion of the car has locked up for me on 10.9 a few times and appears to soft reboot after 2-4 minutes. The other features are available during that time (climate, etc) but fsd visualizations freeze. This reminds me of 10.6.
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    10.9 FSD

    My maps still appear to be old. But I am driving in an area with no changes in the last couple of years. My car was showing my location correctly on the map. It was night when I was driving, with lots of street lights, and I cleaned and dried my cameras beforehand (a bit obsessive, but I think...
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    10.9 FSD

    Just got it. On the first drive I pressed the record button four times in ten minutes. 1: for changing into a lane with a stopped car and almost running into it. 2: for going straight through an intersection it was supposed to turn at. 3: for trying to turn onto a street that was above while...
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    10.8 FSD

    My car downloaded the update via cellular. Later that day, it had a large additional download of about 500 MB over our WiFi network. This large download of 500 mb is common with a firmware update, but I have never seen that type of download not linked to an update. I am not sure what it is, but...
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    WA Sales Tax Rebate

    I don’t on my think so. You will have a destination fee of 1200 added to that price of 44,990. You need the total pre-tax “selling price of the vehicle” to be below 45,000.
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    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    I bet the posting of the video attracted attention of Tesla. If they require him to remove all posts and not disclose the settlement, then it effectively doesn’t set precedence for future lawsuits. Tesla’s BATNA is cnn picking up the story, which would suck for them, regardless of who could...
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    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    I bet they will try as hard as possible to not pay. If they do, then they set the president that they will pay all future claims. You will have a super asymmetric legal fight without a class action: it will be your lawyer fighting for 20k against Tesla fighting for future unlimited claims by...
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    Truck Shadow = VO Death Zone

    My experience, without the hard data of the bounding box, is that the car is not conifident about the velocity of the truck, and reacts as if it is entering the lane. With better weighting of persistence (trucks rarely accelerate laterally very quickly), and better models of different truck...
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    So are we expecting 10.6 Sunday?

    I would assume that the delayed release for 10.5 coupled with the thanksgiving holiday would result in them targeting the weekend of the 11th.
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    Tesla FSD Beta Release 10.5 2021.36.8.7

    Probably a different thread is correct for this type of question. For the answer this can be normal in some conditions: if it is very cold, and you have multiple times the car has to heat up, or if you have sentry mode for a while, or drive really fast, or accelerate and break a lot. I don’t...
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    My Car is Only Uploading FSD Clips When App is Open

    We have been seeing uploads of about 2gb per time we press the camera button, and about 1gb per beep requesting that we take control of the car (fcw, confusing lanes, etc). The uploads occur right when park, but originally they wouldn’t upload for a while after we parked. A screen capture of...
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    Supercharger - Liberty, MO

    I went to the adjacent mod pizza today to find that the power was temporarily out due to the supercharger hookup.
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    Bed Cap That Increases Range?

    I always assumed that the Cybertruck design started with the shape of an aerocap, then the design team fell in love with the sharp look, and they made the front flat too. I don't think you will be able to get more range out of a different shaped aerocap than the one already incorporated. If you...
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    Supercharger - Wells, NV

    This will make the fall and spring pilgrimages from Seattle to smith rock (climbing destination) much better. Now we just need that one in Madras, Oregon. Or access to a ccs adaptor.
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    Just got 2020.40.7 on a 5xxxx vin model y (September) and the range at 80 percent is 261 miles, for a computed range of 326 at 100% (up from 315 pre update). It appears the range improvement goes at least back that far. A 3% range increase is nice. Let’s hope it wasn’t due to playing with epa...
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    Washington State Waiting Room

    We got ours. There are some minor issues/issues that will need to be resolved with firmware. 1. windshield was scratched in a few places (I assume they will replace it in next week's service appointment) 2. front passenger door is ~3/16" inset from the rear passenger door. I bet they will say...
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    Washington State Waiting Room

    I ordered one on 7/11, hoping to get delivery outside of the EOQ rush. No such luck :) At this point I would almost rather wait until after the EOQ deliveries so that I have a lower chance of the rush issues. Our model 3 has a decent number of issues and it was built at the end of a quarter (I...
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    Another AC Post

    As a curiosity, what are the colors of your vehicles? I am wondering if the colors that absorb more heat (black, dark grey) end up having more issues with the air conditioning.
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    Model Y RWD 3-6 weeks?

    (regarding the retooling: the Fremont website has some info on the permit. It appears that they are applying for revisions, and still owe some money for their "Peer review" on the GA 4.5 project. I don't think we can, without a FOIA request, look at the plans for the revisions. However they...
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    Model Y RWD 3-6 weeks?

    I just received the same update for my AWD model Y, order placed the second week of July with an initial 4-8 week delivery timeline. It appears the current estimate is 6-9 weeks from order. I wonder if these texts went out due to a shutdown (for retooling) at the factory: they didn't get mine...

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