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  1. Slackjaw

    Discolouration of HID headlights (solved)

    I know there's a couple of threads about headlights and issues with peeling covers etc., but I couldn't find anything about the odd patchy rainbow discolouration I was getting on my HID lights (after-market, upgraded by Tesla). It was annoying; not solved with Windex or any of my normal...
  2. Slackjaw

    The on/off of the 12V outlet

    Short version: Anyone got accurate information on when the 12V outlet is on/off on a Roadster 2.5? Can it be forced to stay on using a service code or something? Long version: I've been using a dash cam for a while (more than a year). It works fine and runs from the 12V ("cigarette lighter")...
  3. Slackjaw

    I think we can assume he got the tech package.

    There was a recent raid on the "Dark Net", as documented e.g. here: Silk Road 2 seized in international dark web drug bust (Wired UK) From the article: Law enforcement officials found that he used a bitcoin exchange to cash out $273,626 between Silk Road 2's creation in November of last year...
  4. Slackjaw

    Corrosion around Roadster axles - advice?

    I want to fix this rust: Any suggestions? I know this is not Roadster-specific but given that it's almost the only visible corrosion on a Roadster, maybe someone came up with a fix. I'm comfortable taking the wheels off and painting the exposed metal if that's what is needed. Thanks in...
  5. Slackjaw

    Jim Cramer test drive on CNBC May 31st, 2013

    Kramer is fond of hyperbole but has only been on air for a few minutes so far, already has said "Driving a Tesla has change my life!" and "The Beamer is a joke compared to the Tesla!". I might have got the precise wording wrong that's the spirit of it. More great publicity for Tesla. And Elon...
  6. Slackjaw

    Phil LeBeau on CNBC "real time test drive"

    To CNBC's credit they are currently (Tuesday a.m.) running a LIVE test drive of the Model S with the auto reporter, Phil LeBeau. So far he seems to like the car. The most amazing thing about this is that for a while Tesla was getting coverage on both Bloomberg TV and CNBC at the same time. Truly...
  7. Slackjaw

    Roadster dash cam - suggestions?

    I've long wanted to record video from my Roadster dash but not sure which cameras are good for us. Any suggestions/experiences? I did search for threads on this but only found Model S discussions. Thanks in advance Ian
  8. Slackjaw

    Roadster vs. Roadster at Princeton Airport

    Much to our surprise, MPT and I were invited to drag race on the tarmac at Princeton Airport during a "Green Fair" event on Sunday. Princeton Airport 2012 - YouTube Tesla Roadsters race at Living Green Expo 2012 - YouTube Try as I might I couldn't beat him off the line - and I got scared...
  9. Slackjaw

    Wiki Roadster VDS Messages

    This is a stub article Roadster VDS Messages A list of the VDS messages which can appear and if possible, some advice to the owner who sees them. The VDS can operate in Standard or Debug mode. You enter Debug mode either by tapping the VDS six times and entering a special code, or by letting...
  10. Slackjaw

    "Good" (funny) questions to ask other EV drivers?

    Most of the time, those of us lucky enough to drive EVs and talk to the public about them are fielding a slew of questions from great to not-so-great, and we try to be patient and helpful and so on. All very well. I've done events where plenty of people walk up having never even imagined that a...
  11. Slackjaw

    Roadster on display August 11th 2012, Pennington

    This isn't my car. The event description says you'll be able to "Examine a Tesla Electric Roadster" 2012 Butterfly Festival co-sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Hugging. ... just kidding... I might go over there to see what it's like to NOT be the Electric Car Guy. And ask the...
  12. Slackjaw

    Uneven/laggy/misrepresented SOC at 110v

    I've noticed a weird effect while charging at 110 (in a rental). Here's the executive summary: car had 70 ideal miles when I plugged in last night this morning at 7 am when I stopped the charge, it read 111 ideal miles after driving 8 miles to work it read 101 miles a little while later (in...
  13. Slackjaw

    Tesla in Brick. Not Bricked.

    I was surprised to find a working free Level 2 charger in Brick, NJ yesterday - surprising because it is at a Sunoco gas station. I wasn't expecting to need a charge but since I'm currently charging from 110 at home I swung by anyway to see if it worked (expecting it to be broken, or "out...
  14. Slackjaw

    Windscreen/windshield squirter reboot problem

    So my wiper fluid ran out (yeah, embarrassing) and I refilled it, and now it won't squirt at all, even though the reservoir is full. Any suggestions? I tried cleaning the nozzles. I know TEG, Nigel and Bonnie will all have plenty of fun with this but look, people, it's a real problem and it...
  15. Slackjaw

    First Contact: Advice on requesting EVSE installation

    I am part of a small company renting space in a fairly modern research/industrial park. I'd want to approach the property/building owners and persuade them to install one or more points where an EV can charge. I think this is a single shot opportunity and I'll be dealing with people who don't...
  16. Slackjaw

    Worse than being ICEd?

    Not sure if this is more humiliating than being ICEd by a non-plug-in Prius. I guess you call this being "Zamboni'd"? And No, TEG, I'm not the General Manager of the Nassau Inn :rolleyes: Footnote... Chargepoint location: cost is parking plus $3 unless validated by shops in Palmer Square...
  17. Slackjaw

    Windshield/Windscreen Drafts/Draughts in 2.5

    I've noticed that above approx 50 mph I get a steady flow of cold air from the vents at the base of the windscreen. This is with the Heating/AC off and the dashboard vents closed. It doesn't seem to matter if I have the "circulate internal air" mode active. It is most noticeable as the outside...
  18. Slackjaw

    OK to leave UMC in the rain?

    Looking at the forecast, it appears we may be charging in heavy rain tonight at an RV park. I'm soliciting any data/opinions on whether it is OK to charge in the rain and to leave the UMC out in the rain all night. I know rain water isn't highly conductive, not like sea water, but I'm more...
  19. Slackjaw

    Connect a 10-30R plug to a L14-30R

    I have some cable, a 10-30R plug and a L14-30 socket, which can connect to our L14-30 UMC adapter which I bought from TM to charge at Raceway Park. Can anyone tell me how to wire the L14-30 end of this adapter? It's non-trivial because it is going from a 3-pole, 3-wire plug on one end, to a...
  20. Slackjaw

    NEMA 14-50 extension cables

    I've searched here for any reviews/reports but can't find them, but let me know if this is a repost. Does anyone here use a 15 foot or longer NEMA 14-50 extension cable with a Roadster? I visited a fellow owner in Princeton who had one but at that time I didn't really pay it much attention as I...
  21. Slackjaw

    Soft Top to Half Top conversion

    So, I'm driving along about 45 with the soft top on and the windows up (very rare for me) and notice a little draft on my neck. "Hmmm..." I reach above me to see if I can work out where it's coming from. A little poke to the soft top and the passenger side comes unclipped, folds back on itself...
  22. Slackjaw

    Roadster in "The Trenches" (comic)

    Stab me in the vitals if I'm wrong (TEG: I think MPT has my home address) but this looks like a Tesla Roadster with black alloy wheels in the first frame of this strip! The Trenches - Isaac Of course the sheer tragedy of the fact that he has the top off and it is raining may bring a tear to...
  23. Slackjaw

    Nice: Bergen County Community College

    Having finally got around to ordering a J1772 adapter we had to wonder if we'd ever use it. It hasn't arrived yet but I like to do my research ahead of time... So on Saturday I looked at openchargemap, found the only "public" charging within a reasonable distance from our place and took a little...
  24. Slackjaw

    Local Renewable vs Grid Renewable

    We currently buy 100% renewable energy (in New Jersey, from Sterling Planet). We could add solar panels to the house and get off the grid, but if you really want to help the environment, is it better to buy grid renewable energy and give providers like Sterling Planet better economy of scale...
  25. Slackjaw

    CF damage caused by soft top

    Just a warning to other owners who might not notice that the hex bolts can work loose on their soft top and cause damage to the carbon fiber when you put the top on/off. As far as I can tell the nuts worked loose during the 70+ mile drive to Princeton for the model S event at the weekend, and...
  26. Slackjaw

    PM email alerts ON by default for new users?

    I think new users should, by default, receive email notifications of PMs, rather than have to find this for themselves after not noticing they have private messages. "Forum Actions --> Edit Profile --> General Settings ... then make sure you check "Receive Email Notification of new Private...
  27. Slackjaw

    SVG file of the Tesla logo?

    Anyone got a nice SVG of the Tesla logo by any chance? I basically need something like the one embedded at the top of the TMC pages (right hand side only): ...but which can be scaled or printed without pixelation.... Thanks.
  28. Slackjaw

    "Sound-Alert" systems by July 2012

    Not clear from this article whether this will need to be retro-fitted to Roadsters. "Quiet" Electric Cars Will Sound Alerts Under Rule - Bloomberg Is any of this new? It seems like we've seen most of the "request for input" material before. This part at least seems like a new development...
  29. Slackjaw

    "...may void your warranty"

    I've been warned by TM (after asking for a tech inspection) that racing may void our warranty. I know they're essentially just "covering their a**es" here. I did look it up in the warranty "manual" where it says damage caused by the following will (reasonably, in my opinion) not be covered...
  30. Slackjaw

    Name that connector!

    The helpful people at Raceway Park have sent me a photo of their connector: At first glance (and based upon this document) it looks like a NEMA L14-30 but having never seen one up close I'd like opinion please. It looks like it is mounted on a huge hosepipe reel, which may not be so bad...
  31. Slackjaw

    ... at Raceway Park (Englishtown, NJ)

    When we ordered our Roadster I pinged the guy at the Englishtown Raceway Park Road Course and he was enthusiastic about me taking the car down there but after a few email exchanges I haven't been able to get any data on the 220V line they have at the road course. Given that he said they'd never...
  32. Slackjaw

    Ratio of motor RPM to wheel RPM?

    Does anyone happen to know the ratio between motor RPM and wheel RPM on a Roadster? I appreciate that it will be different for front and back wheels. I suppose a ratio between speed and wheel rpm would be as useful. Just trying to pin down a funny noise I can hear sometimes while driving...
  33. Slackjaw

    Roadster "more popular than food"

    We've had #1329 less than a week and I'm still in the "giddy" phase, honestly cannot believe it when I walk into the garage and see this incredible car there. Driving it is pure joy. I can hardly believe how many factors had to align for this car to be invented and manufactured, and us to earn...
  34. Slackjaw

    Crunch... Oops... Alloy wheel spray advice?

    So, I'm trying to show a neighbour the Roadster, sitting safely in the road outside his house, when his Mother-in-law starts reversing out of the drive... I'm about three car lengths from her on her left side, across the road. What could possibly go wrong? Well, he sort of leans in and says...
  35. Slackjaw

    Wanted: A good quality 3 - 5 sec sound sample of Roadster acceleration

    Can anyone direct me to a good quality sample of the motor sound from a Roadster? I use a plug-in for Thunderbird which plays different sounds for different filter matches; my wife gets a nightingale, the bank gets "cha-ching" etc... I expect one could extract a sound from one of the many...
  36. Slackjaw

    Delta E-4 Electric Sports Car

    Another prototype - don't hold your breath. New electric sports car driven - Car and Car-Buying News - What Car? My take is that these guys are beating up on the Tesla Roadster for no good reason other than that "this car is British", as far as I can see. Fair enough I suppose since it is...
  37. Slackjaw

    GFCI vs non-GFCI breaker

    In NJ we may be forced by town rules to install our NEMA 14-50R on a GFCI breaker; this conflicts with Tesla's advice (link): I can see the safety aspect (Wikipedia link) but if TM says no to GFCI, maybe it won't work or something. I'll also follow up with TM but: Any opinions on how...
  38. Slackjaw

    Leaf and Volt "torquey"? Really?

    Always nice to see any pro-Tesla media coverage, but is this guy smoking crack, comparing the Roadster, Leaf and Volt? Just curious because I haven't driven or even seen any of those cars... complete article: from "Silent Sales Success: Plug-In Electric Cars"

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