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  1. GeekGirls

    Unfriendly S & X Owners

    There is no universal description of Tesla owners. They do what they do and feel what they feel for a wide range of individual reasons. I’ve read posts from Model S and X drivers who are excited about the Model 3 even though they have no intention of buying one, and I’ve read posts from others...
  2. GeekGirls

    PSA: We can finally rename, add & delete key cards!

    If only I could associated a specific card / phone / fob with a driver profile so that the seat would be adjusted correctly. Or is that possible already and I've missed something? Still on 2018.39.7 here.
  3. GeekGirls

    No v9 yet, anyone in the same boat?

    We got notified this morning of a new update being available on our Model 3. It's definitely not on WiFi and already on 2018.36.2 so presumably this is one of the v9 variants. I'll be very curious to see exactly which version we got and how it behaves (spoiler from the future: 39.7.1)...
  4. GeekGirls

    Want to update to v9 but no wifi in my parking garage

    We got notified this morning of a new update being available on our Model 3. It's definitely not on WiFi and already on 2018.36.2 so presumably this is one of the v9 variants.
  5. GeekGirls

    Want to update to v9 but no wifi in my parking garage

    I've installed multiple updates on our Model S while parked deep in a garage that blocked connectivity of any kind. We've also installed two updates on our Model 3 which has never been on any WiFi network (sadly its parking spot in the condo garage is just around a corner where it can't see our...
  6. GeekGirls

    v9 2018.39.5 a1c2332 == no "AP Drive on Nav" ?

    I thought there was a single gesture to relaunch the last launched app. Swiping up, perhaps? If so, it’s still available with a single touch if that’s the one app you use.
  7. GeekGirls

    [Resolved - Inaccurate] Model 3 no longer delivered with lightning /USB-C cable

    We got ours with a 9/11 delivery. They were in a sealed bag in the center console (and we found an extra Lightning cable beside the driver’s side seat, as an added bonus.)
  8. GeekGirls

    What did you name your Tesla?

    Oddly enough, we’ve settled on a name but not a spelling. The Irish name Keira means “little dark one” which suits our Midnight Silver Metallic beauty nicely, but the alternate spelling Kiera also happens to be a character in a series of books we adore so that’s a possibility (and in practice...
  9. GeekGirls

    Model 3 Phone Charge Cable Swap Thread

    Nothing to trade, just a random observation: The Model 3 we got last week came with the standard packaged pair of cables. One USB-C, and one Lightning. No surprises there as we were prepared to have to share a single Lightning cable and expect the USB-C cable would be more useful to us at a...
  10. GeekGirls

    Software Update 2018.36.x

    I would rather read from an enthusiastic new owner looking forward to an update than someone complaining about their post. YMMV, obviously, but it’s in the nature of a community that different people get different things out of it.
  11. GeekGirls

    Was your delivery date accurate?

    While our specific delivery date was delayed twice, the first specific date range was Sept-Nov and both the delayed delivery dates were originally in August. So we still received the vehicle on the early end of estimates.
  12. GeekGirls

    Tesla cancelled two consecutive Model 3 delivery appointments

    The people my wife worked with to schedule the delivery seemed to suggest it was a requirement before they'd be able to arrange delivery. It never occurred to us that they'd cancel multiple times. My dealings with Tesla in the past have been much more positive than this. They brought the...
  13. GeekGirls

    J1772 adapter no longer included????

    Mine was in the cable bag when the car was delivered today.
  14. GeekGirls

    Tesla cancelled two consecutive Model 3 delivery appointments

    Third time was the charm, though we weren't initially convinced it was going to happen at all. We received a call last Friday confirming that the car was at the delivery center and had been inspected, so it was guaranteed for today's 3pm delivery. We'd receive a call an hour or two beforehand...
  15. GeekGirls

    Tesla cancelled two consecutive Model 3 delivery appointments

    Our third attempt was scheduled when the cancelled the second attempt, but so far it looks like attempt number three might be the one. We received confirmation yesterday that the car is at the local deliver center and has been inspected without issue. Tuesday is the day, with a home delivery...
  16. GeekGirls

    Tesla cancelled two consecutive Model 3 delivery appointments

    As of today they’ve now cancelled on twice as well. They haven’t reported any issues with the car, which was supposedly about an hour’s drive from our home. Last week they said it just missed being loaded onto the truck for delivery to the service center they handle deliveries out of. This...
  17. GeekGirls

    AWD delivery thread

    We've since heard from Tesla that the VIN only shows when delivery is scheduled (which is funny given that the "appointment" checkbox never did indicate the delivery that had been scheduled.) They confirmed the same VIN is still associated with our account, and said it would show again once the...
  18. GeekGirls

    AWD delivery thread

    Received a call this morning cancelling our planned delivery tomorrow morning. Extremely vague, something about the car missing its truck to the service center for detailing. They claim the car is in Tacoma, WA with no way to get here in time which is funny because Tacoma is less than an...
  19. GeekGirls

    AWD delivery thread

    Following initial contact yesterday regarding our vehicle being nearly ready, we got in touch today and lined up home delivery for a week from today. Very pleasantly surprised and looking forward to finally getting to meet our new family member.
  20. GeekGirls

    AWD delivery thread

    We were in the same boat as many here, having put down our increased deposit and hearing nothing at all, with no move in the Sept-Oct delivery estimate on Tesla’s site. Today we got email out of the blue confirming that our vehicle is “almost ready for shipment.” Relevant details for...
  21. GeekGirls

    My So my M3 broke down 2 days after delivery

    We had some quirks with our Model S initially that were eventually tracked back to an intermittent wiring harness connection. The car never failed to charge or drive, it just resulted in warning lights at odd moments. Tesla was very apologetic and thorough in their evaluation, and eventually...
  22. GeekGirls

    Anyone not getting Enhanced Autopilot (EAP)?

    We didn't configure with the enhanced autopilot, either. We're disinclined to put our safety in the hands of software at this point, and the notion that you have to stay alert enough while simultaneously releasing moment-to-moment control strikes me as something of an irresolvable...
  23. GeekGirls

    Current Tesla Owners Who Ordered A Model 3 - Do you have yours yet?

    The poll is missing an option for "I've received my configuration request, but am holding off for additional options."
  24. GeekGirls

    Model S vs Model 3 First Impressions

    Thank you very much. The first-hand impressions are invaluable. As someone with a very early Model S, I can assert that this isn’t necessarily a safe bet. Tesla didn’t do normal model year revisions, but rather a constant stream of incremental improvements. Vehicles built only a few months...
  25. GeekGirls

    Model S vs Model 3 First Impressions

    Thanks for the initial impressions! We're still planning to hold out for the dual motor version and whatever other refinements arrive in the meantime, but it's good to know what the initial experience is like. The reduced regeneration capacity is common enough on the Model S in cold...
  26. GeekGirls

    Model 3 New Owner Fatigue

    We had lots of curious people early on when we got our Model S, but they were all polite and respectful. I'm sure there are areas of the country where Teslas are rare, but in Northern California? I'd be surprised if it drew a ton of attention.
  27. GeekGirls

    Speculation on what Tesla is still hiding

    Take it from an early Model S owner: this isn’t just lip service, this is the way Tesla has done business all along. Just because the car is in production now doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of improvements by the time the line ramps up, and then on an ongoing basis until production stops at...
  28. GeekGirls

    [Poll] Model 3 reservation holders: Would you get the S/X instead if you could?

    While I voted "I prefer the 3 over the S/X primarily because of its size", it's not strictly true. As a second vehicle we definitely don't feel the need for a car as large as our Model S. It's just that about a week into owning a Tesla, around the time we were celebrating the New Year with the...
  29. GeekGirls

    Where does/will your Tesla call home?

    We just moved into a condo for the first time, so arranging the right charging situation was a primary consideration. Thankfully we have two assigned spaces (one of them absolutely huge and therefore perfect for the Model S.) We were able to line up all the electrical work before we moved in...
  30. GeekGirls

    Your M3 price vs. your disposable income

    In chatting with my wife about this thread we realized that there’s another significant variable that contributed to our financial situation: neither of us chose to have children. I suspect number of children someone is responsible for has a much more significant bearing on their financial...
  31. GeekGirls

    Do we know how to schedule time of day charging

    One of the nice things about the way this works is that your charge time settings are tied to a GPS location. When you plus into an unfamiliar charger, as when on the road, charging begins immediately, but when you return home it reverts to your preferred settings there. You can even set...
  32. GeekGirls

    Your M3 price vs. your disposable income

    More precisely: Gain = Appreciation + Investment Gain - Taxes on Investment Gain - Interest Paid - Loan Administration Fees The missing parts of the equation you cited can tip the balance pretty easily, especially if you're in a relatively high tax bracket.
  33. GeekGirls

    Your M3 price vs. your disposable income

    It helps tremendously to have been born in the right circumstances and have some lucky breaks along the way. Parents who take the time and energy to educate and inspire while you're young. Family finances that mean you aren't expected to devote most of your spare time to the family business...
  34. GeekGirls

    Any non-employee get to configure their Model 3 yet?

    Also in the same block, and a prior Tesla owner. I haven't heard anything but I don't think that's surprising. The production ramp will be agonizingly slow in the beginning with the majority of Oct-Dec orders slated for December delivery if I were to guess. Not that we're likely to be tempted...
  35. GeekGirls

    [Poll] Are you an existing Tesla owner?

    It's not altogether surprising that a Tesla enthusiast forum skews toward Tesla owners, but the thread is a great excuse for people with and without prior experience with the brand to mix.
  36. GeekGirls

    Blog Calacanis: Model 3 Drives Like a Porsche at Price of a Prius

    It shouldn’t. We only had a Boxster S, so it’s not like we had a top of the line model but neither do the majority of Porsche owners. The moment we got our Model S our little Boxster felt like a relic of a bygone era whose primary advantage from a driving perspective was its small size and...
  37. GeekGirls

    Will you buy Enhanced Autopilot on your 3 at purchase?

    I’m skeptical that we’d get enough value out of it at this point. The technology seems like it will inevitably change dramatically over the next decade, so I’d rather sit on the sidelines while it matures a little. If I still had a long commute I might feel differently about the prospect, but...
  38. GeekGirls

    Lack of an instrument panel, force 8K upgrades

    Out of curiosity: do you find the touchscreen UI dangerous in theory, or have you spent much time driving a Tesla? We own two vehicles, and I find myself spending far more time focused on how to interact with the physical controls on our i3 than I do with the touchscreen counterparts on our...
  39. GeekGirls

    Tesla hurt their own profits by putting wimpy chargers in 3's.

    Bingo. We've had our S for 4-1/2 years with over 65k miles on it and I would have no problem with the smaller charger on the Model 3. We may get the larger battery but it would be for road trip convenience, not day-to-day charging. I currently have my S set for 30A charging despite having...
  40. GeekGirls

    [Speculation] Model 3 0.237 kwh/mile!

    We got a spectacular deal on the lease and it's a perfectly fine short-distance good weather city car. In severe winds, on rough roads, or in driving rain, though? I feel rather less comfortable driving it and agree the Model 3 is a more compelling alternative. That's why we have a...
  41. GeekGirls

    [Speculation] Model 3 0.237 kwh/mile!

    We have a leased i3 as a stopgap alongside our Model S, and our lifetime average is a hair over 4.2mi/kWh. That puts it almost exactly in line with the Model 3 number in play here, depending on whether or not charging inefficiencies are accounted for. It would indeed be a solid offering with...
  42. GeekGirls

    Poll: Have you changed your mind?

    If Tesla asked people to commit now without releasing any additional information about what they'd be delivering, I think they'd be in serious trouble. My point is that they will release a lot more information before asking anyone to commit to a configuration. So by definition anyone who...
  43. GeekGirls

    Poll: Have you changed your mind?

    Unless you're cancelling, isn't everyone going to delay configuration? Nobody knows what is standard equipment or, beyond a few hints, what options will be available. I never had a target configuration because there was never enough information available. All that said, I may opt to wait out...
  44. GeekGirls

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    I continue to enjoy and appreciate the majority of the changes in 8.0 and expect they'll sort through the most obvious issues in time. I'd like to know if anyone else sees one consistent quirk I'm experiencing. I have an iPhone paired via Bluetooth that's my audio source 99% of the time. If I...
  45. GeekGirls

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    I spent a little more time experimenting today and the reality is somewhat baffling but a definite improvement on my initial assumptions. It appears you can tap anywhere except the top strip of the screen. Tapping between the active buttons in that strip does nothing at all, which seems...
  46. GeekGirls

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    I was optimistic about this change and I agree, it's a nice refinement that doubtless makes even more sense on the smaller Model 3 display. I just find it baffling that the two icon overlays they chose to expose at the top of the map are lock/unlock and "about this Tesla." I can't remember...
  47. GeekGirls

    Why regenerative braking belongs on the brake pedal

    I understand that regen on the throttle is initially disconcerting for many, but I grew to appreciate it very quickly. How many who have owned a Tesla for a year or more and care about efficiency actually leave theirs set to light regen? Our Model S and i3 both offer aggressive regen and my...
  48. GeekGirls

    Postpone New Car Purchase?

    We chose to lease an i3 alongside our existing Model S so we could go all-electric sooner while not committing beyond the expected arrival of the Model 3. It will be interesting to see how close the timing turns out to be.
  49. GeekGirls

    Who pre-ordered before the car was seen?

    I checked out the line at the closest store to work but it was far too long to realistically make it to my first meeting. Hundreds of people were lined up ahead of time and neighboring businesses had "No Tesla Parking" signs out. So I ordered online at 7:29pm but still without a glimpse of...
  50. GeekGirls

    If car companies can't invent a viable EV solution to compete, what happens to Elon's vison?

    I do think there's something to the theory that if you're going to be an early adopter of a significant departure from tradition then you're likely to want to make a visual statement about it. It's not like the Model S and Model 3 aren't distinctive vehicles in their own way, they're just more...

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