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  1. brianman

    Track report - Circuit Area 27

    Greetings. I don't frequent the forums much these days, but thought it might be worth sharing another track report. I think my last report was here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/track-report-i-need-a-bigger-battery-cooling-and-brakes-were-fine.208841/ Looking at the specs at the...
  2. brianman

    Looking for electrician recommendation, near Berkeley

    Asking for a friend who needs HPWC installed.
  3. brianman

    Track Mode laps footage oddity

    While I was supercharging, I watched a full 10+ minute laps recording from Track Mode. Everything looked correct (no missing footage, no truncation, no gaps). When I got home, I disconnected the drive from the car and connected it to my laptop. The clip size is ~400MB. When I try to play it...
  4. brianman

    Track report - I need a bigger battery, cooling and brakes were fine

    Haven't been able to get out much in the COVID era, but I managed to make it to The Ridge Motorsports Park (Shelton, WA) yesterday. Open lapping combined with a new-to-me supercharger location (Tumwater) was a big improvement. My 100% rated is 288 mi. Weather report was 55-60 F cloudy in the...
  5. brianman

    Model 3 Seat Covers - Advice?

    A friend and referee is looking for ideas and recommendations for Model 3 seat covers. Advice, ideas, suggestions, warnings, caveats? I don't know anything about seat covers generally, much less Model 3 seat covers. Thanks
  6. brianman

    Car Wash Mode

    "Because testing..." 2019.32.11 bac8c51 I'm sitting in the garage in my Model 3. The car has been in the garage for > 6 hours. The car is dry. It didn't rain today. I have my wipers set to Auto (blue unfilled oval). I tried the following after holding the T and being prompted: car wash...
  7. brianman

    Tesla track day at The Ridge, Shelton, WA - Sep. 21, 2019

    TOCPNW.org (Tesla Owner's Club Pacific Northwest) is looking for Tesla owners in the Pacific Northwest that are interested in an introductory high speed track event at The Ridge Motorsports Park on September 21, 2019. No previous track experience is required. Registration covers track fees...
  8. brianman

    Free supercharging flow chart

    Has anybody put together a flow chart that captures the various Free Supercharging offerings. Ideally it should include the various twists in the history: - S, X, 3 (and perhaps Roadster :() - unlimited vs. limited time or amount credits - original owner vs. not - dates of...
  9. brianman

    Ordering advice - Model 3 closest to $35k offering w/o incentives

    I haven't really been keeping up with the configuration process totally because, well, I have my car. ;) Anyway... A friend of ours has a reservation from the first day line for Model 3, and is asking for advice because the Tesla folks she's talking to are (of course) steering her toward the...
  10. brianman

    Tesla Model 3 Performance Track Mode (Release Version): Ludicrous Handling

    Tesla Model 3 Performance Track Mode (Release Version): Ludicrous Handling - Motor Trend
  11. brianman

    Track Report: Model 3 Performance @ ORP, day 1

    We recently (08/18/2018) took delivery of a Model 3 Performance. One of my burning questions was how it would do at the track (with me as driver) without any modifications. I've driven at Oregon Raceway Park (ORP) a number of times (8?) in Model S P85, P85D, P85D, and P100D. All of them run...
  12. brianman

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - variants

    I'm curious to hear what differences are known between the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tire variants. Tire Rack stocks 3 variants (so far?). In the comparison tool, the differences I see are the following: Clarifier: "N/A" vs. "N0(Porsche)" vs. "TO Tesla, Acoustic Tech" Price: increasing from...
  13. brianman

    How do you open this thing?

    I consider myself a seasoned Tesla owner. I'm in my 6th year of owning Model S. I've driven the Roadster, Model X, and Model 3 thanks to a number of friends. We went to take delivery of our Model 3 today. It was delayed so we have to reschedule for another time, but they did give a tiny...
  14. brianman

    Define: Track worthy?

    It's commonly asserted that the Model S isn't a track car. Tesla's own positioning seems to be in line with that. That doesn't stop some of us from burning some tires, etc. at, um, "special purpose high speed locations with driver education events". With the Model 3, there are some discussions...
  15. brianman

    Mobility wheelchair/scooter offerings for EVs

    Despite comments by Elon to the contrary long ago around when the X was announced, Tesla has yet to deliver (with or without aftermarket assistance) a solution for those wanting to get an electric wheelchair or scooter in and out of the vehicle. We've been looking for a while now (years off and...
  16. brianman

    Assistance needed - Tesla 3 to measure for mobility needs

    We're working with some engineers at Harmar (Harmar) to evaluate custom and/or future product offerings for using accessibility/disability mobility scooters with the Tesla Model 3. Request: Harmar is located in Sarasota, FL, and I'm hoping a Tesla Model 3 owner in the area might be able and...
  17. brianman

    Rating stats

    There used to be an area on the profile that would show stats on your thread ratings (how many Helpful you've given vs. how many you've received). Is that still around? I've lost track of it. I wanted to make a related suggestion in another thread but couldn't find the page. Update: Never...
  18. brianman

    RWD first and 'fun'

    Did anybody get a view of the settings screens? I'm curious if the settings for traction control are like RWD Model S (disable) or more like AWD Model S ("slip start"). The former is useful for autocross, while the latter is not.
  19. brianman

    TMC Bonfire 2.0?

    At TMC Connect 2014, LoriH arranged a bonfire gathering on the beach on Saturday night. It might be fun to do this again. Please PM LoriH if you're interested so we can do a quick gauge of interest.
  20. brianman


    BrianMan and LoriH are here early. Looking forward to meeting up with TMC folk. If you get in early as well, PM either of us but Lori checks her PMs more often. ;)
  21. brianman

    Sacramento Raceway drags, 2017/06/07

    We've had many reports on the consistency of Tesla vehicles at the drag strip, but this is the first case I've seen of such consistency between two vehicles. Observe the slips above. Note the matching -- to the 3rd decimal place -- of the ET for the first-slip, right-lane P100D and the...
  22. brianman

    Wanted: Full frunk liner for Dec '16 Model S P100D

    Has anybody found a good option for a 'tub' frunk liner for post-refresh dual-motor Model S? Imagine I want to fill the frunk half-full with ice for a frunkgating party. That's what I want. Not just a bottom-only, no-sides liner.
  23. brianman

    Images - please insert at the cursor rather than the beginning

    When posting, I prefer to post in the order that I compose (and read) -- namely top to bottom. As such, my usage pattern is: 1. Create thread/post 2. Type some words 3. Add image 4. Type some more words. 5. (Sometimes) Go to step 3. The current behavior of TMC is that after step 3 I have to...
  24. brianman

    layout at top of TMC thread lists

    I frequently use New Posts, but the top bar seems to be used across many views. Over the holidays, I tend to use my Surface Pro 2 for viewing TMC. I tend to put the Zoom factor at the IE default of 150%. When doing so, the New Posts page -- even when maximized -- is only like 2 entries...
  25. brianman

    New Posts functionality missing now

    With the forum update, New Posts is gone. So I tried out What's New and it doesn't fit the bill. What New Posts provided me 2 hours ago was the ability to easily see the newest posts and click the red dot to go to the unread. The red dot is not present in the What's New view. So basically...
  26. brianman

    forum appears to be applying quote names and links incorrectly

    I've seen this pop up a handful of times, and I originally thought it was just a glitch and/or people doing "creative editing" (accidentally or on purpose) of the tags in the markup. But I suspect this is a pretty clear example of the forum software acting up. Observe post #210 here...
  27. brianman

    Nov/Dec Northwest Model X with 5 seat option

    If there are any owners expecting to take delivery of Model X with 5 seat option in 2016, I'd like to get a chance to see your vehicle in person if that can be arranged. I'd like to evaluate the rear cargo space for some items that I travel with often. 2016 is important to me b/c it might...
  28. brianman

    Reference - 2016/10/20 https://www.tesla.com/autopilot

    2016/10/20 text capture of Autopilot ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Full Self-Driving Hardware on All Cars All Tesla vehicles produced in our factory, including Model 3, have the hardware needed for full self-driving capability at a safety level...
  29. brianman

    P100D, cooling, and the dashed power limiter

    Do we have any track data yet on the improved cooling in the P100D? New Tesla P100D Battery Pack Conceptualized Some data for P85D... Power limiting while track lapping
  30. brianman

    atlantis hot tub needs more tmc

    1 hour left at connect 2016
  31. brianman

    James Chen moves on

    Faraday Future's Top Lawyer Just Left Tesla Faraday Future's Top Lawyer Just Left Tesla "Faraday Future announced via Twitter on Monday that James Chen has been hired as the vice president of government relations and general counsel." For those that have been following (and/or participating...
  32. brianman

    Model 3 production drive train - Unveil impressions?

    I haven't seen a lot of discussion about the "feel" of the drivetrain in the Model 3 from the Unveil. At the time, I didn't worry about it much it because we didn't really know was in play with the demo cars at the event. Now that Elon has explicitly stated (CC 5/4/2016) that production...
  33. brianman

    80A to 72A downgrade

    I was only half paying attention when the Model X 48/72A charger situation developed. Now that it's the "upgrade" for the Model S... What's the rationale for downgrading the max home and destination charging rate on the Model S and X?
  34. brianman

    Power limiting while track lapping

    (A bit rambly post but wanted to drop down my thoughts before I forgot to post.) For those not familiar, lapping is "at speed" / high speed track driving but cooperative -- coordinated passing -- with no racing or timing. On rainy days, the acceleration limiter isn't really much of a problem...
  35. brianman

    Wanted: Model 3 Design Sketch

    Elon Musk on Twitter My understanding is that Elon gave out sketches (see link above) to attendees of the Model 3 Unveiling. We did not win in the lottery, so we missed out on attending. If anyone is willing to part with the sketch, please contact me. I don't know what a fair price is (yet)...
  36. brianman

    TeslaMotors account - how do you delete a saved design?

    1. Create teslamotors.com account 2. Login to teslamotors.com account 3. Configure Model S 4. Save Design How do you now delete/remove the design? Background: Prior to the Model 3 reveal I helped a friend set up an account and saved a Model S design so that address information could be set on...
  37. brianman

    Reservation tracker for Model 3

    I know we've used threads, wikis, spreadsheets, and other mechanisms to track reservations for S and X. Should we bribe Hank to create a page for Model 3? If so, perhaps we might want to help him design it before the end of March. Perhaps I should have a said "Reservation and Delivery"...
  38. brianman

    Hilarious site down video

    Admins, thanks for the laugh on the site down video. Is there a direct link for viewing when the site is working properly?
  39. brianman

    Autopilot, firmware as of 10/22/2015, Questions

    When new features are coming out, there's always a flurry of discussion about it right before it comes out. Then there's some beta leak stuff. Guesses before and after that. Then the firmware comes out and even more flurry of activity. Then it dies down. A year late people end up asking how...
  40. brianman

    spelling the company name correctly

    Want a telsa, can't afford, but could if I rent it out "telsa" Can we please get this particular misspelling auto-corrected or blocked-as-offensive-language?
  41. brianman

    Recommended protocol for addressing issues with TM

    I got no traction among detractors or supporters in Andy's thread, so I guess I'll start a new one. Polite request: Please focus on strategy and tactics, rather than dwelling on previous cases. Using previous examples as a case study is fine, but try not to rat-hole on the past. Thanks...
  42. brianman

    Elon's email: suggests Model X Founder Series options max out at at $25k

    Elon Musk says Tesla will pay you $1,000 to get someone else to buy a Tesla - Business Insider
  43. brianman

    Wiki Questions for Tesla

    Whenever Elon, JB, etc. show up at an event (shareholder's meeting or otherwise) and have a Q&A session there's often angst before, during, after that "good questions" weren't asked. We tend to create new threads around the event to try to address the problem but I think it might be worth...
  44. brianman

    Wiki Model S Charging

    Note: This data from this chart originally came from TMC members that live in the U.S. so the data is skewed to that market. Please feel free to contribute to this wiki by expanding it to be more globally complete. Props to "LoL Rick" for putting this together originally here: Anyone have time...
  45. brianman

    Wiki Charging options - Model S

    duplicate - mods please remove
  46. brianman

    Wiki Charging options - Model S

    Note: This data from this chart originally came from TMC members that live in the U.S. so the data is skewed to that market. Please feel free to contribute to this wiki by expanding it to be more globally complete. Props to "LoL Rick" for putting this together originally here: Anyone have...
  47. brianman

    Why we need falcon wing doors

    Best explanation for why Model X needs "fancy" doors, courtesy of Silicon Valley S2E7. Initial explanation scene, interior of Russ's home Russ: I had to sell my McLaren. Erlich: There's a Maserati in the driveway. Russ: Who gives a <bleep>? That has doors that open like this. Not...
  48. brianman

    TACC works when used properly, in my car at least

    We've had some threads where folks have lamented TACC "not working". In my experience, it's working well -- and within design parameters. Case in point: Today I drove from Bellevue to Port Orchard with TACC set at 70mph with a following distance of "4". TACC was engaged the entire 63 mi...
  49. brianman

    pack replacement 60 -> 70

    Has anyone asked Tesla and been answered regarding how much it would cost to upgrade an S60 to an "S70" (upgrade the battery pack). I don't have a 60 kWh vehicle, but if I did I'd love to hear what the options are when/if I decide to replace the battery pack. Given that the 60 kWh vehicle is...
  50. brianman

    sustained power consumption on P85D

    For TesS (P85), I think the highest sustained consumption I saw was around 1100 Wh/mi. For Mercury (P85D), it can go a bit higher it seems (around 1300 Wh/mi.). Anybody seen higher than this sustained? Zex, EA, or Denarius perhaps? Screenshots please. :)

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