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  1. alwaysru

    AP2.5 Dashcam records when climate is remotely turned on!

    Got the USB drive setup this morning and I noticed that the camera began recording again during my grocery shopping after I turned on the climate control remotely so the car would be cool when we got back to it! Pretty sweet way to be able to see what's going on when you're not in the car/driving.
  2. alwaysru

    Dashcam Help - How to Format Fa32 in Windows 10

    Turns out that 64GB USB drives cannot be natively formatted as Fat32 in Windows 10, so I thought i'd give some tips as to how I did it. 1. Format the drive as NTFS via Windows 2. Macrorit has a free FAT32 converter on their website @ Free Download Partition Magic Manager Alternative Software...
  3. alwaysru

    2017 Model S 90D - Black, Multipattern, SAS, EAP

    Hi all - looking at moving to a different car and so looking at selling my current car. It is a Model S 90D w/ Black paint, Multipattern seats, EAP. SAS, upgraded speakers, and glass roof. Looking for $76k, but open to offers for a quicker sale.
  4. alwaysru

    I love not supercharging!

    Got to do my first round-trip from Austin<->Dallas without hitting a supercharger this weekend, and DAMN do I love not having to stop @ an SC. Now, the question may be, how did I do >400 miles without hitting an SC, and the answer is: having a NEMA 14-30 installed at my in-laws house. Used to...
  5. alwaysru

    Not-a-Flamethrower or Signature Black Wall Connector?

    Got a notification from Fedex tonight that I have a 29lb package on the way from Fremont. My 2nd referral was delivered back in March and I've yet to receive the wall connector - so maybe this is it? Orrrrr, I did receive an email on July 17 saying that the not-a-flamethrowers would be...
  6. alwaysru

    Arachnids in Austin - Ready for Pickup

    Have a set of Arachnids that Tesla delivered to me last week - after talking with the wife, i'll be selling them. I'm in North Austin and looking for ~$3k. If you're interested, shoot me a text at 512-Three94-3647. Thanks!
  7. alwaysru

    1.9 isn’t even the best???

    Elon says that 0-60 in 1.9 is the “base performance” model. Jesus. Elon Musk on Twitter
  8. alwaysru

    My Thoughts: AP2.5 in the shop and given an AP1 loaner

    I've had my 90D AP2.5 w/ EAP (17.42) for the past week and a half, and had to take it into Tesla for some minor issues this morning and was given a AP1 car as my loaner. After a 40 minute commute this morning with AP1 (17.44), I have to say: MAN IS AP1 Better It follows cars with less-defined...
  9. alwaysru

    2013 P85 w/ ~59k miles and 21 months/20k miles on CPO warranty

    Picked up a new 90D inventory this past week and was planning on Turo'ing my P85 but the amount of effort seems too high to do that, so pretty sure I'd like to sell instead. 2013 P85 purchased from Tesla as a CPO in July 2015 - VIN P05283 Pearl White w/ Tan Leather Seats Ultra Hi-Fi Sound Smart...
  10. alwaysru

    $1000 discount ending. Free supercharging continuing after 11/1.

    Got an email tonight from Tesla that the $1000 referral discount ends 11/1, but the free supercharging offer will continue. FYI in case you’re looking at buying. And if for some reason you still need a code, let me know, I have two left.
  11. alwaysru

    Saving kids and animals from heatstroke in cars

    After yet another child passing away in a locked hot car (not a Tesla), I thought of an idea that Tesla could implement in its cars to make them even safer than they already are! All Tesla's have microphones inside as well as temperature sensors. What about putting in an update to the software...
  12. alwaysru

    WTB: Rear Facing Seats

    WTB: Rear Facing Seats Hi All - I am looking to purchase a set of the rear facing seats for my 2013 (early VIN) P85. After getting a couple of loaners with them, my kids are begging for them - so I figured i'd see if anyone has them and doesn't want them anymore. I am located in Austin, TX...
  13. alwaysru

    Testing out a P90DL - Loving the Autopilot functionality!

    Was fortunate enough yesterday to get a P90D loaned to me for the next 2 days and after a ~100 mile roadtrip - I have to say that Autopilot is AMAZING. About 1/2 of the trip was in bumper-bumper traffic going an average of 5 and I didn't have to touch the wheel, brakes, or gas even once. Once...
  14. alwaysru

    5000 Miles In - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Since I just passed the 5000 mile mark since I picked up my P85 4 months ago, I thought I'd share my thoughts on how it's been treating me. The Good: I LOVE LOVE LOVE not having to ever go to the gas station. I had a NEMA 14-50 installed at home to use the UMC and my work has a partnership...
  15. alwaysru

    Pothole in Vidor Texas Took the P85 Down

    This was going to be an awesome road trip note, but unfortunately instead it's a tale of caution. On mile ~800 of the trip, we followed the GPS directions to get off the highway to skip some traffic. Unfortunately the expected on ramp was closed, so we ended up on a poorly maintained stretch...
  16. alwaysru

    Backed into at Home Depot - Interested in y'alls input

    Was putting my daughter in her car seat today at Home Depot when a fellow backed into us at the slowest possible speed ever (guessing 1-2mph). He got out and gave me his info and asked to call as he doesn't want to go through insurance if possible. There is a 2.5 inch "crease" plus a little...
  17. alwaysru

    First time to RED battery on road trip... Austin->Houston->Austin in 1 day

    Since I got my P85 a month and a half ago I have been wringing my hands about the scariness of driving to visit my mom in N. Houston. It's usually a 2:15 trip, but with my average of 378 Wh/mi and no easily accessible superchargers along the way, it turns into a 3:40 trip by going through...
  18. alwaysru

    Restore Autosave?

    Typed up a fairly long trip report (and kept seeing Autosave happening) at the bottom of the page. When I went to preview, Chrome crashed. Any ideas if I can go back and find the "draft" that autosaved?

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