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  1. PismoPat

    Aerodynamic efficiency and range: the effect of mounting a receiver hitch on a model 3?

    I can picture a pointy cover for the receiver that locks into the hitch the way the trailer does, but points forward with a bike rack type of lock. We could probably scale the manufacturing and get the break even down to about 87 years.
  2. PismoPat

    Rear trunk won't open

    I had the same thing. Ranger could not get it open to fix it. I drove it to the Santa Barbara service center, about 80 miles. They fixed it in about 3 to 4 hours. There was a part replaced. Santa Barbara Tesla has always been a well run operation.
  3. PismoPat

    Supercharger - San Luis Obispo, CA - Higuera St. (LIVE 19 Nov 2021, 20 V3 stalls)

    The pin for the first San Luis Supercharger was also downtown. When they pull the permit, the location will be correct.
  4. PismoPat

    Blog Tesla Moving Headquarters to Austin, Texas

    Is that your nose on the floor?
  5. PismoPat

    Blog See New Photos of Model X Plaid Interior

    I have not seen anything in writing that indicates the LR version has a different interior other than the software displays to make plaid selections.
  6. PismoPat

    What are the must haves for a brand new Tesla

    I don't regret Ceramic Pro or adding the Tesla Extended Warranty. I'm will not be buying FSD on my new X on order. Autopilot is just fine for trips and divided highways. I'll drive my own neighborhood myself, but I have it on the current MS and am looking forward to it rolling out.
  7. PismoPat

    Blog See New Photos of Model X Plaid Interior

    I don't know why they are forcing people to pay for a rear screen that they don't want and may never use. It should be an option.
  8. PismoPat

    Supercharger - Arroyo Grande, CA - W Branch Rd. (LIVE 23 Jun 2021, 8 V3 stalls)

    Note that there appears to be SC parking on both sides of the chargers. I have not seen that before.
  9. PismoPat

    Supercharger - Arroyo Grande, CA - W Branch Rd. (LIVE 23 Jun 2021, 8 V3 stalls)

    All of the equipment seems to be there. Just need to wire it up. The movie theaters, now closed, are in the background. The chargers are between the theaters and the previous Starbucks location. It's too far to walk to the new Starbucks, but there is an In-N-Out, Blaze Pizza, Palo Mesa...
  10. PismoPat

    Supercharger - San Luis Obispo, CA - Los Osos Valley Rd (LIVE 15 May 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    These chargers are behind Dick's Sporting Goods. El Pollo Loco is a short walk, with Olive Garden just a little longer. If you want to cross the highway, the Whole Foods makes good sandwiches, and, of course, you can get an all-beef hot dog and a large soda for $1.50. This is a pretty good...
  11. PismoPat

    FSD price for EAP owners lowered by $1000

    I bought Advanced Autopilot with the car and added FSD for $2K when it went on sale for about 3 weeks in 2019. I use the AAP on freeways but have heard about too many scratches, etc. using Summon and parking. No way FSD is worth $9K or $10K just to steer around the neighborhood or get off of...
  12. PismoPat

    Funny story for ya'll....

    If they don't know how to drive it, I would not have them work on it.
  13. PismoPat

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I have the yellow ring and have MCU1, but being upgraded to MCU2 today. They are also replacing the center screen.
  14. PismoPat

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Took mine in for MCU2 yesterday and picking it up tomorrow. They did HW3 a few weeks ago, but the MCU2 parts got hard to get. Appreciate the tips when picking up the car.
  15. PismoPat

    Rear trunk won't open

    Thanks, I wasn't sure where to put it. Admin may move it.
  16. PismoPat

    Rear trunk won't open

    Moderator note: This post plus the two immediately following were merged from another thread. After intermittently only opening a foot a couple of times, the hatchback door finally didn't open, but it showed as open on the center council of my 2017 75D. I called Tesla Service and went through...
  17. PismoPat

    Supercharger - Pismo Beach, CA (LIVE 8 Jun 2020, 12 V3 stalls)

    Great location. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf about 25 yards South and across the street. Starbucks about 50 yards South. There are several restaurants very close.
  18. PismoPat

    Blog Tesla Publishes ‘Getting Back to Work’ Plan

    When a business talks about taking action with something in mind, it is not just a thought, it is a mitigation action item. Keeping something in mind means that you modify an action based on the facts of the subject kept in mind.
  19. PismoPat

    Blog Tesla Publishes ‘Getting Back to Work’ Plan

    Smart move on Tesla's part, letting everyone see the safety measures. If they start setting up a paint shop in NV, then the move is underway. Since they set up an assembly line in 3 weeks for the M3, it won't take too long to get one going in NV once the paint shop is ready. Getting out of CA...
  20. PismoPat

    Will the Cybertruck Float?

    So glad we got this straight. The first thing I thought of when I work up this morning was, "I wonder if the Cybertruck will float." Now that we got this straight, we can solve some global problems.
  21. PismoPat

    Consumer Reports Survey Says Tesla Has Highest Satisfaction Rate

    Obviously, Mr. Ruffo does not like Tesla. He probably never owned one.
  22. PismoPat

    Entry & Exit into Model S

    I think they added it in the Fall of 2017. I have a 2017 75D and it was the first new feature I got over the air.
  23. PismoPat

    Entry & Exit into Model S

    Use the easy entry feature to set the seat back pretty far. After you get in and step on the brake and buckle the seatbelt, you're in business.
  24. PismoPat

    Bizarre new screen display bugs while charging

    I've seen scrambled characters on this screen on my 1917 MS 75D
  25. PismoPat

    Model X Crash on US-101 (Mountain View, CA)

    There was no recommendation about the way the lanes split and the "gore area" that led the MX into the barrier. The two car pool lanes split and there is a center area that can even confuse a human since there were multiple crashes at that site, double the average. Something should be done so...
  26. PismoPat

    Solar: Break Even vs Investment Yield on Solar Panels

    When we bought our solar panels about 2.5 years ago, we wanted to lower our cash flow due to retiring. Everything I read indicated that it took 6 to 10 years to "break even" on solar. Here's how the economics worked out: Solar cost: $15,000 (2 panels more than required to zero...
  27. PismoPat

    Blog Report: Low Demand From Tesla Sends Panasonic Solar Cells Overseas

    This is definitely old news. Is it being recycled by the short sellers?
  28. PismoPat

    Blog Report: Model Y to Be Built in Fremont, Model S Refresh Coming in September

    I would hope, but Tesla really seems to be infatuated with the M3 when the MS has been their foundation.
  29. PismoPat

    Blog Report: Model Y to Be Built in Fremont, Model S Refresh Coming in September

    I'd have to see the HUD. Door pockets would also be a big plus to update. Four hundred mile range and a tow hitch (for bikes) would be a big attraction.
  30. PismoPat

    Blog Report: Model Y to Be Built in Fremont, Model S Refresh Coming in September

    If they take away the driver's console, I won't be updating. It will just be a bigger, more expensive Model 3.
  31. PismoPat

    Teslamino Is A Short Cut To An Electric Pickup Truck

    This article should not have been written. It's a chopped Model S, a Frankenstein.
  32. PismoPat

    Farting app on the way

    Stupid and juvenile. Not what I'd expect from a luxury car maker.
  33. PismoPat

    Blog Tesla Competition: Culture Eats Strategy!

    Add 10 minutes for each fill-up if you Costco!
  34. PismoPat

    Blog Tesla Competition: Culture Eats Strategy!

    You see all of these stats about an EV charger being within 2 miles of 85% of the homes, but what people new to the EV world don't understand is that a vast majority of these (excluding Tesla Superchargers) are L2 chargers and that it will take 4 to 8 hours to get a Bolt or Leaf back on the road...
  35. PismoPat

    Tesla Adds ‘Enhanced Anti-theft’ Sensor to Online Store

    If it sent a text to your phone it would really be cool and worth buying.
  36. PismoPat

    [V9] How to Format USB into 2 Partitions for DashCam and Music [Windows]

    A great piece of technical writing. Thank you very much.
  37. PismoPat

    Calculations Showing Thruster Acceleration

    Yup. Kick the tire, light the fire, and go!
  38. PismoPat

    Editorial: Revisiting the base Tesla Model S, 2018 vs 2013 features and pricing...

    So, cut it in half and it still looks good.
  39. PismoPat

    Supercharger - San Luis Obispo, CA (LIVE 5 May 2018, expanded May 2020, 14 V2 + 4 V3 stalls)

    A great school for AG, Architecture, and Computer Science. Hope he loved his first year. Grads get very high paying jobs.
  40. PismoPat

    Blog Tesla to Offer Turbine Wheels Seen on Model 3 Prototype

    Now those wheels are the first I've seen that may be worth the extra $. Very nice.
  41. PismoPat

    Supercharger - San Luis Obispo, CA (LIVE 5 May 2018, expanded May 2020, 14 V2 + 4 V3 stalls)

    Can't have an easier off and on to 101, especially if going South. The SC's are about 25 yards from the on and off ramps. The stop lights at the intersection on the left of the picture are the off and on ramps for 101 South bound.
  42. PismoPat

    Clunking sound is costing me a bundle to fix out of warranty

    Couldn't you have purchased the extended warranty?
  43. PismoPat

    Supercharger - San Luis Obispo, CA (LIVE 5 May 2018, expanded May 2020, 14 V2 + 4 V3 stalls)

    Based on my personal experience with putting in solar, and then analyzing my power usage and switching to an EV rate schedule, PG&E seems to have their act together. They also give a $500 rebate for anyone buying an EV. You just fill out a simple form and send them proof, such as a copy of the...
  44. PismoPat

    Supercharger - San Luis Obispo, CA (LIVE 5 May 2018, expanded May 2020, 14 V2 + 4 V3 stalls)

    There are 2 - 6KWh in Pismo Beach at the California Fresh Market parking lot. Can also give you a bump on the way to Buelton. They are also free.
  45. PismoPat

    Tesla Investor's General Macroeconomic / Market Discussion

    Like an army prepares the battlefield, Trump prepares the negotiating table. You see it beginning to work with N. Korea. The tariffs are just pre-negotiating prep. You can see it as a card to play with NAFTA. It could also be a card to play with China on NK. There will be some tariffs, but...

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