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  1. aija SigX 649

    Additional USB Port in 3rd Row Seat Area

    I just noticed that there is an additional USB port in the 3rd row seat area. It is a bit hidden so not sure if everyone knows that it exists. There is a small slot integrated into the front-bottom portion of the plastic cupholder housing between the two seats (sorry no pic). I plugged in a...
  2. aija SigX 649

    Mirror Auto Tilt/Swing in Reverse is Adjustable!

    Wanted to share my discovery is case others did not know this adjustment existed. I was frustrated with how far my passenger side mirror swung out and did not tilt down nearly enough while parking in reverse to be useful. It dawned on me yesterday to try adjusting it while the car was in...
  3. aija SigX 649

    Ludicrous Option No Longer Available on P90D

    Looks like new buyers have to opt for P100DL to get Ludicrous. In fact it comes standard on the P100D and no longer offered on the P90D. Am I missing something?
  4. aija SigX 649

    Charge Port not Opening on Cable Button Press

    Can't seem to get my cable button press to automagically open the charge port. Worked fine with the loaner MX 90D last week. Not sure if SigX was built with all the fixins for this to work once the SW upgrade made it available. Apologies if this was covered back when SW feature was pushed out...
  5. aija SigX 649

    Headliner Fit and Finish Issue

    Has anyone else noticed their headliner pulling away from the roof where it meets the windshield overhead? I can practically put my entire hand in the gap! That can't be how it was designed to fit. I reported it to my SC ..curious if this is systemic or unique to my X.
  6. aija SigX 649

    Warning for Those Who Back into Their Garages

    I reverse into my garage so that my FWDs are beyond the overhead garage door opener allowing the to open freely while inside. I have single garage doors into a multiple bay garage so the openings are relatively narrow and challenging to navigate. Sometimes it takes several attempts backing-in...
  7. aija SigX 649

    Model X Snoring in its Sleep

    Anyone else hear a slight gurgling sound coming from somewhere toward the front/bottom section of the car while off? ..spending too many evenings sitting in the cabin, familiarizing myself with features, options, and upgrades (w/ big grin on face :biggrin:). Wondering if this is a liquid...
  8. aija SigX 649

    Over/Under on Model 3 Reservations Opening Weekend

    Is there an over under yet at how many Model 3 reservations will be made on opening weekend (3/31 - 4/3)? I'll start the line at 50k! Hopefully Tesla will reveal the number somehow; similar to iPhone pre-orders :wink:
  9. aija SigX 649

    Got my Wings!

  10. aija SigX 649

    Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

    Does anyone have any experience with ceramic coating? Wondering how it stacks up against Xpel in terms of protection, longevity, and appearance. I've been referred to a shop that uses a product called Ceramic Pro 9H - Permanent nanoceramic protective paint coating. Trying to understand the...
  11. aija SigX 649

    FWD Operation in Uphill/Downhill Conditions

    Have any owners tried opening/closing their falcon wing doors while parked uphill or downhill yet? Curious about how the doors would handle it. Surely with all those taking delivery in northern California, this use-case must have been encountered already.
  12. aija SigX 649

    Model X Window Tinting

    Anyone considering tint for their Model X (when it finally arrives)? I'd like to color/shade match the driver's and front passenger's side windows to that of the rear/side windows for a continues/monolithic appearance. It looks like the back windows come factory tinted like many other cars on...
  13. aija SigX 649

    Prediction of Initial Sig X Deliveries

    Going out on a limb and predicting that the first Sig X delivery dates will be announced between this Thursday 11/19 and next Tuesday 11/25. Coincident with the start of the LA Auto Show and prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday. We have much to be thankful for!
  14. aija SigX 649

    The Uber of SuperCharging ..of sorts

    I propose each charger identify it's availability through a Mobile App. The Uber of SuperChargers of sorts. Maybe even provide the ability to reserve a time-slot for a nominal fee (that is forfeited if not used within a 5min window of reserved start-time ..or so) - I'd pay for that. Patent...
  15. aija SigX 649

    Value of Signature Red Color

    Looking for opinions on how much "perceived" value one would place on the Signature Red color. In other words, would a Signature Model X in the Signature Red color be more valuable than a Signature Model X in any other color? Is this a point of consideration for those lucky/fortunate enough to...
  16. aija SigX 649

    6 Seat vs 7 Seat Options

    What I learned so far about the 6/7 seat options: (1) The center console on 6 seat option will most likely NOT be available to Sig res holders by year end (2) The center console for 6 seater MAY be offered in the future as an option at an additional cost, even though one forgoes the 7th seat...
  17. aija SigX 649

    Thread Tracking Model X Configuration Ramp (Delivery Ramp to follow)

    Known Sig Configurations as of 9/18/2015 09/01/15 27 09/08/15 171 09/14/15 313 09/17/15 448
  18. aija SigX 649

    Ludicrous Mode Upgrade

    Does anyone know if Ludicrous Mode can be added/enabled post production or aftermarket if desired in the future? Not sure at this point if there is additional hardware involved or just software. I did see some mention of specialized fuse, inferring a HW change/adder. It isn't clear however...

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