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  1. J

    FS: NEW Model X 22” Black Turbine Wheels - Full Kit (Pirelli tires + TPMS)

    $4500 OBO Installed. From Referral Program. Available NOW in Scottsdale (AZ) SC. If purchased within next few days, just make appointment to have them directly installed. After that, shipping/installation will need to be covered by buyer.
  2. J

    Accent Headlight

    Hi, About 2 months after I got my 3, I noticed the driver-side headlight accent light (the thin bar light on the side of the headlight) was out. I’m sure I would have noticed it if it was delivered that way, so I assume it just went out at some point. So, I took it to the SvC, and they looked...
  3. J

    PSA: Don’t log out of the Tesla App, or Phone-As-Key wont work for 3

    There’s a Tesla-app-wide issue right now. Can’t access the app controls, status, etc... App / API outage? (2018-04-21) App Connection down? If you have a 3, leave the app on the 3, and DON’T logout of the Tesla app until the current app issue is fixed. Else, you will definitely not be able to...
  4. J

    Tying a Driver Profile to Phone/Card Key

    So, I was playing around with the Driver Profiles yesterday. First, I discovered the ability to enable the “Easy Entry” setting, which I’m trying. I’m not 100% sure i’ll Keep it, but its working fine so far. But, I also noticed something right below that checkbox, where it seemed to tie my...
  5. J

    Repeating Latching Sound

    We took delivery of our 3 on Friday. Loving it so far, I’m actually surprised the fit and finish seems better than on our early-ish S and X deliveries. Haven’t encountered any real issues thus far, but have one odd noise that I haven’t seen anyone else post about. Very front of car, frunk...
  6. J

    Beautiful Day

    Landmark post. Bright sunshine. Brand new Model 3 in the driveway, ready for adventure! Sorry, couldn’t resist!
  7. J

    Juicebox Classic 40A Level 2 Station + Juiceplug WiFi adapter

    Selling my JuiceBox Classic 40A L2 EVSE/Station by eMotorWerks. It has a 14-50 plug and standard J1772 connector with 20-foot cable. Great for families with multiple EVs, including non-Tesla EV. The Juicebox comes with a mount, that can be easily detached, because it can be used as a portable...
  8. J

    Chademo Adapter for Sale - Barely used

    Chademo Adapter for Model S/X for sale. Barely used, excellent condition and works perfectly fine. $375. Can meet to deliver in Phoenix metro. Or will ship via buyer’s choice (additional cost).
  9. J

    First bad day in the X

    Well today marked my first unpleasant day in the X. First, driving on the highway, I had the dreaded loud tick of a rock strike to the windshield. Didn't see any damage from inside so thought we got off scot free. Well later we noticed a 3 inch crack from the right side about halfway up (just...
  10. J

    HVAC died today

    Encountered my first significant issue with the MS since getting it 26 months ago. The HVAC stopped working. While this isn't a major drivetrain issue, anytime you lose your HVAC in 116 degree Phoenix heat when 40 mies from home with 2 kids under 5, it's significant. We were visiting friends...
  11. J

    Center Console alternatives and cupholders.

    [Moderator Note: This thread was started with posts carved out from Drop-In-Center-Console-now-in-the-Tesla-Model-S-online-store] I posted this long ago in the Temportunity thread. Still think its a great, cheap solution. Rubbermaid Bento Storage Box and Dividers - Medium Comes in different...
  12. J

    Elon: Apps and Google Chrome in the Model S by late-2014

    Tesla Model S to get app support and Chrome by late 2014 (video)
  13. J

    Album Art FAIL Samples

    Thought I'd start an Album Art FAIL samples thread. Looking for particularly intriguing samples. I'll start it off. If I had to pick the exact opposite of Nicki Minaj, the Jefferson Airplane/Starship folks would be it. Yes, it's still Miley, but not her current twerk-stripper incarnation.
  14. J

    Is the MS Bluetooth multi point capable?

    Not sure if this was answered previously, I couldn't find an answer. Can the MS connect to 2 different sources simultaneously? I.e. one BT connection to a phone and another from A2DP to a tablet?
  15. J

    Really need help cleaning screen and dusting the dash

    Is there a way to really turn the screen off so that you can dust the dash and clean the screens? If not, there really needs to be a way. I use a high quality microfiber towel and any time i get any where near the screen, it registers a bunch of touches on the screen. And then I use a monitor...
  16. J

    Another reason to love your Model S: Not getting cheated by gas pumps

    Gas pump inspections Arizona gas stations that shorted consumers The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures released its annual gas pump audit and found hundreds of gas stations where the pumps don't work as advertised. The Arizona Republic mapped the gas stations that fell into four...
  17. J

    Rock hit windshield -> Large chip/small crack -> Long crack

    The dust storm we had last week must have left a large pebble on the highway here. Got hit in the lower part of windshield on driver side. It left a large chip and about a 3 inch crack. Over the next couple days, that crack lengthened to over 18 inches. Just filed my claim with my insurance. I'd...
  18. J

    Closing Trunk Hatch

    Running into an issue of late: I open the Trunk from the center console, it opens, but then closes immediately on its own, beeping to warn that it is closing. NOt sure why this is happening. It worked fine before. Perhaps a reboot would make it go away, but just wondering if anyone else is...
  19. J

    Yahoo Cars: Six months with a Tesla Model S: the good, bad and glitchy

    Six months with a Tesla Model S: the good, bad and glitchy | Motoramic - Yahoo! Autos Not sure if this was posted previously. I guess is hard to get these articles completely right, but its fair for the most part. When you write for the masses, I guess you have to gloss over a lot of the details.
  20. J

    Glovebox dimensions

    Hi, I have a LED Flood/Flashlight combo that's pretty narrow, but about 8 inches long. I'm assuming it'll fit in the MS' glovebox just fine, but was wondering if anyone happens to know how wide the glovebox is?
  21. J

    Model S with GE Wattstation

    Anyone have any experience using the GE Wattstation with the Model S (via the J1772 adapter of course)? Leaning toward buying this to use with my Volt and MS when it arrives. Figured its a no brainer to work, but the more I hear of J1772s that aren't working with the adapter and MS, I'm...
  22. J

    TPMS in MS: Does it actually provide a real time reading?

    Sorry, this was probably answered before, but it's hard to find it. Does the TPMS in the MS actually give you realtime pressure readings on the screen somewhere? Or does it only warn you if its too high/low?
  23. J

    Residential J1772 Stations

    Since I also have a Volt, I'm probably going to install a J1772 charge station to be used for both vehicles. I'm strongly considering the GE Wattstation. While I would suspect the J1772 adapter will work fine with pretty much any of the available J1772 residential stations, it might be good to...
  24. J

    Recent J1772 Adapters

    I've read that some of the early J1772 adapters didn't fit quite right and had to be very forcefully attached to the J1772 plugs. Are recent J1772 adapters any better? I will likely be relying on one quite a bit when I do get my MS. And I'm hoping they fit much better by the time I get mine.
  25. J

    Trunk/Frunk dimensions

    Are there any good pics of the trunk and frunk showing the amount of interior space in them? Specifically, it would be great to have a couple of annotated photos of them indicating the L/W/D dimensions of the various sections. Specifically, I'm looking for the space without the rear child seats...
  26. J

    Rear Doors - Child safe?

    This may have been asked and answered before, but I couldn't find it. How do the rear doors work when the doors are locked? Can they be opened from the inside? Do they need to be unlocked first? Does a "double pull" on the inside handle open them? Is there a way to only allow them to be opened...
  27. J

    Spotify Web Player

    Spotify is developing a new web interface for its service so it doesn't need an explicit app. The service is in beta right now, but supposedly can be accessed via a link through your Facebook account. Per this link. Spotify confirms web app in the works, currently in closed beta (updated)...
  28. J

    MeterPlug - Measures electricity usage

    Interesting proposed device I ran across on Engadget today. Seems might be something useful to EV owners. Not sure if it can handle the Amp draw for the UMC though. Insert Coin: MeterPlug estimates electricity costs per device, aims to save you some cash MeterPlug.Lower your...
  29. J

    Choosing the Right Charging Options for your Model S

    Yes, this would make sense. It speaks to the extra hardware/software needed for the superchargers. Plus, the rate of charge they imply is higher than even the twin chargers could supply anyways. I think of it as a defibrillator type of shock charge to the battery. Thus, not something you'd want...
  30. J

    EVSE Temperature Issues?

    There's a Roadster owner here at my workplace in Phoenix. He charges his Roadster with his EVSE from a 208V outlet in the company parking lot. It's not a covered spot, and of course in the summer AZ sun, it gets plenty hot. I noticed that he covers the EVSE "brick" with a towel each day...
  31. J

    Article: Tesla Motors is planning store at Scottsdale Fashion Square

    Tesla Motors is planning store at Scottsdale Fashion Square Good to know they're planning a presence here in the PHX-area. Probably won't be up and running in time for the S launch. But it would save me a trip to the Bay area for test drive if its up before my spot in line is called.

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