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    "New" Versus "Old" 2020 Continental Model X Tires – Lessons Learned from Recent Tire Purchases

    Can't speak from experience, but I'm ditching the OEM Continentals on my wife's '18 with the Pirelli Scorpion Zero A/S Plus this summer. I'm still planning to switch to the Michelin X-Ice Snow SUVs I got her in November every winter, but I'm expecting the Pirellis will let me narrow the winter...
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    2022 Refresh Model X 6 Seater Floormats

    The Tesla all-weather mats are WeatherTech - the label on the box explicitly admitted this.
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    Model X Winter Tires

    2018 MX P100D bought used in April with 12,500 miles on the odometer out of Chicago, and presumably the original 20" Continentals on it. Swapped to a set of 20" Michelin X-Ice Snow SUV tires on the same wheels as the Contis at about 20k in mid-November, and the Seattle Metro had a good snowfall...
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    Installing NEMA 14-50 just like this guy, but not sure about load capacity

    Remember this: the charging cable that comes with the car, when joined to a NEMA 14-50 adapter, only charges at 32A (so you only need a 40A breaker to make it happy and max it out). If you buy the (always out of stock) Corded Mobile Connector, that can charge at 40A (so you'd need a 50A breaker...
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    Map Correct, Navigation Incorrect

    Is there a means to report bugs like this? There's a park near us (Perrigo Park). I can hit Navigate and type in Perrigo Park. The map will show Perrigo Park pin on the map and zoom to a proper scale to show "the world" between present position and Perrigo Park. But if I touch the pin to...
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    Will regenerative braking go over 'charging limit'?

    I too am in the PNW and I'm seeing the same thing. Car set to charge to 90%, and of course if I just unplugged it, it's likely morning and cold(ish). Going down the hill to Main Street Duvall sometimes results in a need for that brake pedal more than what I'm used to (having bought the car used...
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    Anyone still have 100 on their safety score?

    I don't think that's Elon saying only 1000 people have 100, I think that's Elon saying that 1000 people will get the download button, and that those 1000 all have SS100. Could be umpteen batches of 1000 who have SS100 before they move to batches of 1000 who have SS99, etc.
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    Puddle lights

    I just got the 13-light (11 white, 2 red) kit from Abstract Ocean, and it would take a LOT of work for one of those puddle lights to screw up the windows. The puddle lights are "just another light" of the 13 that are identical in shape. Only if the replacement puddle light fixture was distinctly...
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    Model X, Dec 2017 build, 25k miles. Crazy haze on windshield that will not come off. What could be causing it?

    Ask a windshield place what the "cash" price is to replace the windshield, then decide if you want to foot the bill to make the problem go away.
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    driving the X on unimproved roads?

    We drove by a house for sale the other day on some slightly bombed-out gravel roads. I set the suspension to high so we had a buffer zone on craters like that. Let's just say the car did better than my wife's knockers...and I make sure they're contained/corralled with high-quality...
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    Lost battery range

    I've heard mention (but can't personally verify yet) that it's worth running the battery down towards empty once in a while to reset/refine the calibration.
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    Only 165 miles on full charge in 2018 MX?

    Ever seen your friendly local firefighters suit up to go inside a burning building? Know that air tank they strap on their back? They're sold in three sizes: 30 minute, 45 minute, and 60 minute. That translates to 45, 67.5, and 90 cubic foot capacity of compressed air in the tank, at 2216 or...
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    Speed adjustment when using autopilot

    Well screw me until I cry then. Jesus. Let a guy just be wrong once in a while.
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    Speed adjustment when using autopilot

    As I was telling my dad, who just ordered a MY, the car tracks speed limit signs and offers to preset the cruise to <speed limit +/- a fixed offset> or <speed limit +/- a relative percentage> right up to the moment you engage cruise. At that moment, the cruise speed stops changing automatically...
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    Lemon Model X (FL)

    There are no new Model X cars available right now. Zero. Zip. Nada. It's probably six months out to get a new one, but we're talking about Tesla here and that's as fluid as the Pacific Ocean. Your options are therefore limited. Tesla is being vague because they cannot commit to giving you a...
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    Winters, S rims 19s with 245-55 R19

    High school physics says otherwise. Tread compound likely factored in significantly here.
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    Winters, S rims 19s with 245-55 R19

    What's your basis for saying 265/275 are too wide?
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    Can you still order Model X pre-refresh?

    Not only can you not order the old model, a bunch of us ordered it before the actual refresh but found out we weren't going to get it.
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    MX tow package

    I can't speak to the history of it, but our 2018 MX has a "hideaway" 2" receiver hitch (the 2" receiver unit is L-shaped and removable from the hitching position so there's less ground clearance issues). It does have some distinct limitations regarding the length of the moment arm of whatever...
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    Anybody install an Ohmmu battery in their X? Looking for feedback.

    Piggybacking on your question: I can only find Ohmmu as a distributor of a lithium-based 12V battery for the Tesla platform. Does anyone else make one? Is there any sort of standard size? Could a Victron Energy 12V LFP work?
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    NEMA 14 - 50 or Wall charger

    I agree that there's too much difference between the two. Yes, the ampacity is different (50A vs 60A), but not enough to cause a >2x price change. Our HPWC was about $900 to install from the opposite side of the two-car garage and using solid conduit for the horizontal run and flexi-conduit up...
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    What i would like to change on the new Model X

    My suggestion: don't buy it.
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    Used Model X delivery question

    Good luck. We picked up ours from the Lynnwood WA site, and though it appears to have hours seven days a week, service is only open M-F and our used car sales advisor said they only had M-F delivery appointments.
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    New owner of 2018 Model X - questions

    I've had various pairs of polarized sunglasses over the years, and between built-in screens and aftermarket GPSes and such, polarization results have been quite mixed. Here's an angle that makes it fairly clear: Why PILOTS CAN'T wear POLARIZED sunglasses? Explained by Captain Joe
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    FSD HW2.5 to HW3.0 upgrade

    Schedule the update in the app. Don't be surprised if your appointment gets deferred while parts are shipped to the SC. Ours was deferred by one week, and unsurprisingly I was getting a lot of emails from FedEx/Tesla that suggested that the parts still hadn't arrived. Nonetheless, the mobile...
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    Best rear camber setting?

    I cannot vouch for the success/failure of these settings, merely passing along a source I've seen: Frequently Asked Questions » N2itive.me
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    12v battery replacement - data, surprise

    Voltage is not the ideal measurement of battery state and/or performance. Current tracking (via a low-resistance shut that in turn is voltage-delta monitored) is best. There's also a question of whether the DC-DC converter was passing electrons from the HV battery to the 12V battery at the...
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    Wife locked out, both fobs not working, her phone denies her access

    IP to the cloud and IP from cloud to car. Might be Wifi, might be cellular data; that part is agnostic.
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    16KW destination Charger limited to Car AC/DC rate of 11KW

    Life goes on...what percentage of the time do you get to use full power of your car?
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    Should I buy or Return my 2017 Tesla X at End of Lease

    How do I say this tactfully? The fact that comps are hard to gauge should be a sign. The fact that Tesla has very few used vehicles in their inventory should be a sign. Everyone who ordered a new S/X with the intention of replacing their leased vehicle has been sitting on what they had for 3+...
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    Screen Burn-In?

    Our 2018 MX P100D, bought used through Tesla about two months ago, has an orange border around the center screen. I've heard there's a fix using a UV light, but I haven't dug into how that fix is done.
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    X: What's your 90%?

    2018 MX P100D, 90% SOC => 247 miles. Oddly this was 250 miles just two months ago when we got the car. 100% SOC => 279 miles last time I filled it up.
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    Roadside assistance nightmare x2

    Not a direct fix in this situation, but I saw a tip on another site and I'll pass it along as I think it's wise. If your phone has a personal hotspot feature, go add your phone hotspot to the list of preconfigured Wifi networks in the car. This is especially useful if your phone is on a...
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    Logic of Keep Climate On?

    We don't SYNC. Yeah, I know where the button is, but we don't do it (yet). So, if you look at the picture above, and you operate from a premise that we don't SYNC, why is the driver's side climate off (or otherwise why is the temp missing)? How long until the A/C turns off if a passenger door is...
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    Does Tesla remove FSD from cars sold from third party dealer?

    Some have said that if FSD was purchased with the vehicle at build time, though I certainly can't confirm that. If that's true, folks have said those cars cannot have the FSD removed. Beyond that, anything I say is speculation and lies. :)
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    Logic of Keep Climate On?

    Finally managed to "catch it in the act". Came home yesterday and my wife had left the trunk and right FWD open. Climate was running freely as I walked past the car, but oddly the driver side was off. I didn't know that was possible. Both keys were inside the house and AFAIK not being moved...
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    When is the right time to apply for Tesla Finance after initial order? delivery date showing currently is Jan 2022?

    Depends on the bank. We ordered January 23rd and our approval expired 60 days later.
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    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    That's a matter of perspective. From my perspective, they allowed me to order a car they had ZERO intention of building, and I'm 100% honest in saying our decision to buy had nothing to do with the (very minimal) rumors that a refresh was coming. I'd totaled a vehicle seven weeks prior, my wife...
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    What Features and Accessories Come with New Tesla Models?

    They at least sell fobs as accessories for 3/Y...I wonder if they'd also work on S/X.
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    Key Fobs don't differentiate

    ^ This. Order a pair from Amazon and stow them in your box o' batteries. Cheap insurance for a big surprise. I'd assume the batteries on the shelf last longer than the batteries in the fobs, so even if they sit a while, they'll keep you going long enough to order another set.
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    Excessive Off State Power Drain

    Does COP turn off after 12 hours? I think ours says that next to the switch.
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    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Not only are there no new MX on lots, I suspect they purged out the old ones just before the refresh announcement. We couldn't get a MX for our second test drive in early January as "we don't have any Xes at this time".
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    How is new car sales tax calculated with Trade In in California?

    The DMV doesn't care what you owe. To them, it's 100% about the purchase PRICE (you paying Tesla) for the new car minus the purchase PRICE (Tesla paying you and/or your lender) for the trade-in. They don't care if the trade-in involves paying two parties or one. I'm sure there's a process by...
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    What are the benefits of "Scheduled Departure" charging?

    Our car slowly drips away range overnight. It seems to have settled on 3-4 miles per day but has been as high as 13 miles. Doing scheduled departure means it doesn't bother charging until closer to go time, so the drip happens before the charge rather than after. It could also be useful if you...
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    2018 Model X T-Boned - GEICO says repairable?! Details inside.

    You can want all you want, but I have to assume that the contract/agreement you have with your insurance company means you have to accept their decisions. If the end result is that they repair it, you perhaps have an option of selling it immediately thereafter and then suing for the difference...
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    Is Yoke Steering Wheel legal?

    F1 is very hybrid and I'm surprised more of F1's turbo tech hasn't spread to other markets. The ability to generate electricity from the turbo would allow all sorts of turbo engines to eliminate the wastegate altogether. If nothing else, Volvo Penta marine diesels are turbocharged for continuous...
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    How long does it take for a full charge using 110?

    Get a tool such as A Better Route Planner and get familiar with it. You can easily plug in starting charge levels, ending charge levels, how long you're camping and the charging rate while there, etc. To summarize, your goal is really to supercharge enough so you can comfortably get back to the...
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    Model X Refresh now available in Jan ‘22?

    This is Tesla. Even if they told you the reason for the delay, you'd be silly to believe them.
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    rear facing car seat: compared to model S, does the model X offer more leg room for the toddler in a rear-facing car seat?

    Can't compare to an S, but we have a near-2-year-old rear-facing. Take a look at the Clek Foonf car seat. In rear-facing configuration, it's got an anti-roll bar that also "buys" the kid some more legroom. We were able to use LATCH (which I prefer) until he got to 25 pounds, and we'll be able to...
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    Windshield stress crack Model X

    Check your insurance policy, as it might have glass coverage. Maybe a $100 deductible and poof your problem goes away. If it happens enough, the insurance company will crawl up Tesla's shorts and demand a settlement, but the good news is you didn't have to worry about it.

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