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  1. jpk195

    Continental ProContact RX vs Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3

    Where did you order them? Is that sale still available?
  2. jpk195

    FS: OEM Forged 21” Black Arachnid Wheels (Metrowest Boston)

    $1800 OBO. Local pick-up only. Selling 21” staggered wheel set with tires for pre-refresh Model S. Rear tires are very worn, so pricing for wheels only. Light rash on one wheel (pictures below), otherwise good condition. Includes TPMS, lugs, black covers.
  3. jpk195

    Picked up my DIRTY CPO

    Agreed. Tesla’s stock price depends on quantity of deliveries, not quality of service. It’s a cynical gambit but hard to see them changing course until they have to.
  4. jpk195

    Radar Removed from Model S now too...

    This is a big problem - there's no timeline. They can keep kicking the "better with software updates" can down the road forever. The fact that they can't replicate AP1 highway performance (which I have and love BTW) at this point doesn't bode well. As for the "humans can drive with eyes so...
  5. jpk195

    Recall vs MCU1 upgrade or LTE upgrade

    I’m still on the old UI. Everything works. I’m happy with it.
  6. jpk195

    Recall vs MCU1 upgrade or LTE upgrade

    One other factor to consider is software updates. If you want them, then MCU2. If you don’t (I’m in this camp) then stay with MCU1.
  7. jpk195

    Frustrating Experience Trying to Buy My First Tesla

    This isn’t that unusual, unfortunately. I’m on my second Tesla and both deliveries were delayed several times. If you don’t like the text/msg you setup, just be aware that service works this way too (and is also a pain in the ass to schedule). I hope everything works out.
  8. jpk195

    Not sure if I should sell at this price

    If you are willing to put up with the low-ball offers and headaches, you’ll eventually be able to get KBB price. Really depends on whether that’s worth it to you.
  9. jpk195

    Low speed rear-end - what to look for?

    My S just got rear-ended while we were sitting at a traffic light. Some visible damage to the bumper, but not too bad. Wondering if there is anything mechanical with the battery/drivetrain I need to worry about? Anyone have experience with something similar? Person who hit me wants to pay out...
  10. jpk195

    Lucid Air 360 deg view.

    I think it’s becoming increasing clear this is still a very long way off. Maybe Tesla genuinely thought they could do this at one point, but there is really no reason to think this is just a more data/bigger network problem anymore. Tesla should to own up to this, but I don’t think they are...
  11. jpk195

    FS: Model S/X Chademo adapter

    Selling a Rev. B adapter in the original box. Never used by me, bought it from someone who rarely if ever used it - perfect condition. Works for S/X. Firmware update (for the adapter) for 3/Y is discussed in other threads here. $400 plus shipping or local pickup in the Boston area.
  12. jpk195

    2017 Model S water leaking in front footwells

    I had my car to the SC over the summer for this same issue (2016.5 90D). My car started smelling like mold, and I eventually found water under the mats. SC told me it can have multiple causes. In my case, there was a crack in the AC assembly that was leaking water when the AC was run for long...
  13. jpk195

    Used Model S (2016-2017) or new Model 3?

    I’ve had both - currently have a 2016 90d AP1 and previously had a 2018 Model 3 RWD with base autopilot. The S is much nicer for highway/road trips. The 3 is more fun and nimble on back roads and easier to maneuver in the city. Current AP also works better on more roads than AP1, but AP1 works...
  14. jpk195

    WTB: Tesla Chademo charger

    Did I miss something? Why are these so in demand all of a sudden? I thought these chargers are going away?
  15. jpk195

    Michelin Pilot Sport EV Vs Michelin Pilot Sport S4

    Looks great - how’s the noise and traction compared to other tires you’ve had? I have Pilot Super Sports and I’m considering these as a replacement.
  16. jpk195

    Michelin Pilot Sport EV Vs Michelin Pilot Sport S4

    Is this Michelin AS4? If so, do you have it on 21s by any chance?
  17. jpk195

    Any reason not to get a 70D?

    As others have said, at some point the price on the 70d will come down significantly, but no guarantee that’s soon, and if you’ve found a car you want and can afford it and aren’t worried about resale, I’d say go for it. I’m not sure if you’ve considered a 3 - it’s another Tesla that can be had...
  18. jpk195

    Used 2016 90D, what to look for?

    I got a facelift 2016 90D AP1 with a V3 battery in February. I didn't know which battery version it had until after I took delivery from Tesla, and would have been okay with V2 also, based on what I've read. You can check the version by a looking under the car at the sticker - looks like the...
  19. jpk195

    Model S comfort compared to Model Y

    I've never owned a Y so don't have a good comparison in that regard, but I sold my 3 for an S earlier this year. The ride is much quieter and more comfortable, and the cargo space is larger and more functional. I use the air suspension on high for getting in and out, but you still have to duck...
  20. jpk195

    Excessive Rear Tire Inside Edge Wear

    Any update OP? Just had this issue - the inside edges of my rear tires were absolutely destroyed in just a few thousand miles. The consensus seems to be: 1. It’s normal for staggered rear tires to wear somewhat quickly due to the camber (which can only be adjusted with aftermarket hardware). 2...
  21. jpk195

    Article on why Tesla dumped radar

    Fully agree with this. I’m an engineer working in a different field, but with some experience in ML. The arguments I hear in favor of camera-only autonomy generally are as follows: 1. Humans only have eyes, so why shouldn’t cars be able to drive with just cameras? 2. This is now just a software...
  22. jpk195

    No more radar means the car cannot see through fog?

    Glad not to be part of the “does vision AP work in the rain?” drama all over Reddit right now. As others have said, Tesla removing radar removes a modality that can sense objects humans (and cameras) can’t see, especially at rain/snow/at night. This makes it potentially less useful as ADAS while...
  23. jpk195

    No more radar means the car cannot see through fog?

    Agree - this is likely more about their data strategy than how inherently useful radar is/is not. They have a huge lead in terms of real-world camera data, so they are betting on that path. Regardless, no guarantee it will work, or that it is the optimal approach.
  24. jpk195

    2016 S75D, silver, 80k miles

    Just bought a 2016 90d with same color combo from Tesla earlier this year - it’s awesome. GLWS.
  25. jpk195

    Upgrading from LR 3 to S 75

    I considered waiting a bit longer for the 100d - it’s the best battery pack, but you will pay for it (50-55k from Tesla when I was looking). If this is your first EV and you will be more than commuting/grocery getting with it, the extra range will be nice while you figure out charging. One...
  26. jpk195

    Used Tesla Model S Delivery Experience!

    Congrats! I just went through this process also. I love the car (2016.5 90d) but the delivery process was a huge pain in the ass. My car shipped to MA from Texas, and at one point they lost it for a few days. It seems like if anything goes wrong, it tends to snowball. The delays definitely make...
  27. jpk195

    Preowned Model S delivery for experience (so far)

    Hopefully you will have a better experience. I’m really happy with the car FWIW.
  28. jpk195

    20" Model X Slipstream Wheels on Model S

    Please post pics when you get set up. I just bought a Model S with the 21”turbines, but I’m looking to swap them out in a few months, hopefully before they get too beat up. Really prefer this look over the 19” ones from the pics I’ve seen so far.
  29. jpk195

    First time CPO experience- 2017 Model S P100D- need some advice :)

    I just took delivery of a 2016.5 90d from Tesla. Long story short, the car is great and in great shape but the delivery experience was ... stressful. There’s a write-up in the Model S deliveries channel if you are interested (and happy to answer any questions you have).
  30. jpk195

    Preowned Model S delivery for experience (so far)

    Silver 90d. Did you trade yours?
  31. jpk195

    Preowned Model S delivery for experience (so far)

    Finally drove the car home today. It’s really amazing. Not sure what the service issue was, but they fixed it quickly. Here are some overall thoughts for others considering preowned from Tesla: 1. The car is in great shape. It’s nerve-wracking to put money down and waiting on a car you have...
  32. jpk195

    Preowned Model S delivery for experience (so far)

    Update: I took delivery of the car today, but its already in service. On the plus side - very clean with few cosmetic issues and the performance brake pads (nice surprise). While I was waiting for the plates (and right after I took delivery in the app), the car was supercharging and suddenly...
  33. jpk195

    Buying a used Model S - advice needed

    I might I think you are overstating things a bit. Anyone who would like to see how things are going is welcome to visit the other thread. I’ll update again once I have the car.
  34. jpk195

    Preowned Model S delivery for experience (so far)

    I will say, there were interactions that seemed better this time around (compared to buying a model 3 new in 2018), but ultimately this type of experience is still too frequent. I don’t agree that Tesla is necessarily worse than other dealerships/zoom/caravana overall, but there are some things...
  35. jpk195

    Preowned Model S delivery for experience (so far)

    Since there are others interested/looking at buying a preowned Tesla, I thought I’d write a quick summary of how things have gone for me since I paid the deposit for a preowned Model S last month. In short - not well. I paid the 2500 deposit and delivery fee on 2/6. My original delivery date...
  36. jpk195

    Buying a used Model S - advice needed

    I bought from Tesla. I used EV-CPO. Easy to filter by battery and features, then sort by price. My budget was low-mid 40s, so the 90d was a good fit and not too much a of range hit going from a model 3. If you are willing to pay up to 50k, 100d might be worth considering. I also paid less...
  37. jpk195

    Buying a used Model S - advice needed

    Agree with the recommendations to just start looking - I started looking in December and I’m taking delivery this week (2016.5 90d). It also takes some time to figure out what features are important so you can pay for what you really want. Lots of good resources here for that.
  38. jpk195

    Model S or Y for Boston/NY trips?

    Preowned S (100d?) versus new Y seems like the right comparison based on pricing. I’m picking up a 90d next week. I chose that over a Y because I just like the S better(and selling my 3 for more space). The highway seems to be the place it really shines. That said, the totally practical choice...
  39. jpk195

    Upgrading from LR 3 to S 75

    Good to hear - congrats. Also coming from a LR RWD 3 and agree 75 is the value option, but wanted to keep range relatively on par and stay near 40k. I’m happy with base autopilot on the 3, so I think AP 1 will be fine. FSD is great but I like driving. I think this will be a 3-4 year car, so...
  40. jpk195

    Upgrading from LR 3 to S 75

    To each their own - I just like the S. I’ll consider the Y in a few years after range improves (or I can get one preowned). The 7k as “savings” is far from a sure thing, but the current version being significantly improved in a year or two is basically guaranteed. Still waiting on delivery for...
  41. jpk195

    Upgrading from LR 3 to S 75

    Paid 41k plus shipping. I haven’t been following since, but FSD 90Ds with similar options were generally closer to 50k. Only generally found 75s with FSD at that prices point.
  42. jpk195

    2016.5 Model S vs new Model 3

    This happened fairly early on - this config had a relatively small number of reservations, IIRC. There were spreadsheets tracking VINs, order dates, delivery dates, etc. and I think silver wasn’t popular for some reason. Seems like Tesla chose to remove it to simplify the process.
  43. jpk195

    2016.5 Model S vs new Model 3

    I just ordered my pre-owned 2016.5 S last Saturday (will be selling my 3), so of course have been reading reviews and looking at pictures in the meantime. There are a lot of smaller options and features that my S is coming with that I think I will really like that my 3 doesn't have. Aside from...
  44. jpk195

    Upgrading from LR 3 to S 75

    Update - I ordered a 2016.5 90D last Saturday, and should be taking delivery in a week or so. Will post an update on that. Thanks to everyone for info and advice. Overall I've realized the S is just a different car than my 3, and leaned into to the things that set it apart from the 3. 50k...
  45. jpk195

    2016.5 Model S vs new Model 3

    Just bought a preowned S for this reason. Love driving the 3, but my daughter gets carsick. We are also getting a dog, so the hatch will be key.
  46. jpk195

    Best Year/Model to Buy Used Model S

    Thanks @EV-CPO. I just pulled the trigger yesterday on a 2016.5 (post-refresh) 90D. Loaded, silver/grey, AP1, with Turbines for 41k. Planning to check the battery version and rated miles at pickup. Seems unlikely it’s V1 and reasonable likelihood it’s V3. Think I’m okay as long as it’s not V1...
  47. jpk195

    Best Year/Model to Buy Used Model S

    I’ve been looking at 75/75D (and on your site!), and I’m slowly coming around to not needing or wanting FSD, so AP1/nosecone seems like a good value. Any thoughts on 85D/P85D vs 90? I know there was a batch of downgrades in range on the 85 - are these baked in, or are the still happening? Anyone...
  48. jpk195

    My Model S was stolen from the Denver Tesla service lot today... [Update: Car found!]

    Someone stole it when it just happened to be untrackable? Maybe not a coincidence. Make sure you elevate this appropriately in Tesla. I wouldn’t trust the SC to handle it given what you’ve said.
  49. jpk195

    Best Year/Model to Buy Used Model S

    I believe the 75s that can be uncorked have a different drive unit that was only manufactured near the end of the time they were made.

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