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  1. K

    Lots of new MY(P) available now for immediate delivery (Sep 23rd 2022)

    Every time this has happened in the past, some sort of refresh/upgrade was announced shortly thereafter. Tesla seems to clear out existing inventory and demos before any notable upgrades. Are we about to see a 400 mile model Y?
  2. K

    Front-end Alignments - Pittsburgh area

    Tip: don’t use the Tesla service center for alignment. I learned the hard way when I burned through front tires on my Model X in 5,000 miles. You can buy a lifetime alignment for under 200 bucks at Firestone and they do a great job. 10,000 miles on my new tires and they are barely worn.
  3. K

    Repainted before delivery? Or, Detail Place: "Did you buy your Tesla used?" Me: Uh...no?

    Unfortunately this happens quite frequently with all makes. Vehicles get damaged in transit, etc. and get repaired. I don’t think the manufacturers have to disclose the damage unless it exceeds a certain $ amount but I’m not sure of the threshold.
  4. K

    Autosteer sees route number signs as speed limits

    I think I had this happen once traveling along I-86 in NY state. All of a sudden FSD thought the speed should be 80 (the max under FSD beta). It only happened once (I drive that stretch of highway frequently).
  5. K

    FSD Beta 10.11.1 (2022.4.5.20) - Limited or Mass Release?

    10.11.2 seems to be a major regression on legacy X. Had it for almost a week and it requires far more interventions at intersections. It cuts corners and doesn’t adhere to multi lane turns as well as the prior build did.
  6. K

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    I actually noticed improvement in this regard. When leaving my subdivision (stop sign intersection with trees obscuring the view) the car now angles slightly as it approaches the stop sign so it has a better view. Under 10.4, it would remain perpendicular then execute a hard 90 degree turn.
  7. K

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Plaid still has the shudder/vibration issues?
  8. K

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Gave it a quick test trip to a nearby shopping center and back. The verdict: MUCH improved over 10.4. Zero interventions required. It did get into a turn lane when it wasn’t supposed to but corrected itself.
  9. K

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Just installed but for some reason it’s not letting me opt in and I can’t bring up the release notes after closing the screen. Trying a hard reboot to see if it fixes it
  10. K

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    I don’t believe this counts as a strikeout for FSD eligibility. They’re looking for people who aren’t paying attention. If you are forcibly accelerating beyond 80 mph, you are most likely actively engaged.
  11. K

    Phantom braking survey

    I sometimes wonder if phantom braking is somehow neural net related. I’ve seen it happen in spots where I knew there were previously things that one would slow down for that are no longer there. I’ve had it happen on the highway at spots where I had previously seen cops having cars pulled...
  12. K

    Wiki FSD Beta 10.4

    10.4 is definitely a regression in many aspects. While phantom braking has improved, it is much worse at intersections. I’ve had several instances where it attempted to pull out in front of traffic coming from the left at a stop sign and a couple of attempts to run red lights. Admittedly, I...
  13. K

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Speaking of brakes… I’ve noticed that the beta uses them a LOT more than I do. I’ve never had so much brake dust on my wheels. Tesla should probably offer the testers a free brake job in exchange for the testing.
  14. K

    Anyone switching to a Rivian R1T after watching reviews?

    Not switching but I have reserved one of each and will buy both. Stay tuned for comparisons.
  15. K

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Well those of us with older S/X vehicles don’t have the camera but feel fortunate to be able to test FSD and provide valuable real-world data to Tesla to be able to create a true FSD capability in the future. All it will take is someone doing something stupid and having an accident for the...
  16. K

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    More than frowned upon. Hopefully Tesla has updated the algorithm to detect this and will kick anyone out of the beta program who does it. This is the kind of stuff that ruins it for everyone.
  17. K

    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    Your local Firestone auto center will sell you a lifetime alignment for $199. Money well spent and they do a great job. I’ve had my X aligned there twice now.
  18. K

    FSD beta testers, is your Safety Score gone from the app?

    Mine also vanished sometime yesterday afternoon. It was still there after a lunch time test drive of FSD, but was gone when I checked again early evening.
  19. K

    Who with a score of 100 and more than 100 miles is still waiting for FSD roll out?

    This. I’m eager to help them develop the algorithm better and faster so I consider myself a volunteer software QA analyst. I’ve already provided feedback on three different, albeit minor, observations.
  20. K

    Who with a score of 100 and more than 100 miles is still waiting for FSD roll out?

    Watch your email. You get an email informing you that it’s about to be pushed to your car.
  21. K

    Price Increase

    I’m only one data point in the > 500K bracket but the Trump tax “cuts” had me go from writing checks for a few grand with my tax returns to writing a check that would buy a nice model Y. My actual tax burden always drops under Democrat policies and increases under Republican policies so my...
  22. K

    Price Increase

    Let’s not forget that Democrats are also bought and paid for by wealthy Wall Street traders and CEOs. There’s a reason that most of the super rich support Democrats and it isn’t because they’re going to actually tax them more.
  23. K

    Price Increase

    That depends on which union you’re talking about.
  24. K

    Price Increase

    I also got a chuckle out of the new refrigerant restrictions coming out of the EPA that were supported by all of the HVAC manufacturers… duh… it will force the purchase of new HVAC systems as the availability of existing refrigerants wanes.
  25. K

    Safety Score

    Still at 100 and probably have driven 400+ miles since the safety score started. Not particularly surprising since I use AP/auto steer whenever I can and submit bug reports whenever it has an issue. This is probably what Elon wants us to do when we get the beta as it will help accelerate the...
  26. K

    Blog Lucid Air Dream Deliveries to Begin Next Month

    Honestly, with volumes that low, it really won’t be “game on” until Lucid starts competing in the 3/Y segment. I do believe that Lucid will successfully compete against the S/X though if for no other reason than they have a commitment to deliver a true luxury experience. Service has been a...
  27. K

    Blog Lucid Air Dream Deliveries to Begin Next Month

    If a company can go 14 years without generating revenue, they probably really have something. VC investors get cold feet long before that. I’m not a fan of sedans but if their SUV is competitively priced vs the X, I’d give it a try. I view the competition as a good thing… having choices here...
  28. K

    Poll: current safety score

    I fluctuate between 99 and 100 and haven’t really changed my driving style. I figure I’ll get it when I get it. I use AP as much as possible to provide training data to Tesla which will help development. I’ll do the same when I get the beta as I have some very challenging situations (blind...
  29. K

    Wheel alignment

    I wonder if Firestone operates in a franchise model and the local franchisee just doesn’t want to take the risk of damaging a battery pack (which is zero on an alignment but a valid concern changing tires). Maybe reach out to Firestone corporate for clarification. I highly doubt they would...
  30. K

    Wheel alignment

    For $200, Firestone will sell you a lifetime alignment for as long as you own the car. I bought it for my X and it was money well spent
  31. K

    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    FWIW, I’ve had the latest fix and it’s also coming back. It’s different now though… more like a higher frequency vibration… about 2x the number of pulses felt with the old shudder, but less intense for now. I’ll keep watching to see how it progresses. I’m trading this vehicle before the...
  32. K


    Despite all of the noise about the safety score, it will yield a couple of significant benefits: 1. Comparative data - once FSD beta rolls out, they’ll be able to compare its performance with the fleet averages gathered this week. 2.Marketing - Elon will be able to say FSD beta performs...
  33. K

    Tesla self driving . Do you get less tired

    On long trips, especially on unfamiliar routes, I’m definitely less tired. Here’s my hypothesis as to why… In a normal car, your mind is constantly trying to: 1. Monitor for road hazards (road debris, pot holes, etc.) 2. Monitor for other drivers who may pose a hazard 3. Monitor your...
  34. K

    Just read CT delayed to end of 2022. I so 2023!

    I doubt it. Look at the prices of the tri-motor S and X. No way the tri-motor Cybertruck will be sold at the prices we pre-ordered at… which are only marginally more than a performance Y. I suspect how this will play out… When CT production actually starts, new higher pricing will be...
  35. K

    Love my model Y but...

    As a current X owner, I concur. The creaks and rattles drive me crazy to where I’d rather enjoy the relative peace and quiet of driving my one-ton diesel pickup. If I were buying now, it would be a Y.
  36. K

    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    I just went back and looked at both invoices and I was mistaken. The end part of the part numbers “113-00-B” and “119-00-B” were the same but the prefix “1420” is different so these are indeed different.
  37. K

    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    I had my 2019 Raven X done last week and noticed that other than the “break in” procedure, this exactly the same fix that I had done last year (the May 2021 TSB has the same part numbers for Raven cars). Unless the break in procedure somehow improves the fix, I’m not optimistic that this is a...
  38. K

    Dinged door found by Tesla prepping car for delivery

    If they’re having a paintless dent removal person fix it, you’ll be fine. I’ve had it done on many cars over the years. You’ll never know it was ever dented. Much better than a traditional body shop repair/repaint
  39. K

    Tesla raised Model X LR price by $5000

    I’ve had trucks for nearly 30 years and really couldn’t do without one. I typically buy heavy duty diesels. More capability than 1/2 ton gassers, comparable fuel economy, 700 plus mile range on a tank of fuel, MUCH better resale value, etc. I just ordered a one-ton ‘22 to replace my 3/4 ton...
  40. K

    Tesla raised Model X LR price by $5000

    I can wait. As long as it arrives before the 4yr/50K warranty on my X is up in August 2023, I’m good. Admittedly, it may be close if prior product launches are any indication.
  41. K

    Model X vs Model Y

    Not that it’s a deal breaker, but the X has SiriusXM which is not available on the Y. I have a Raven X and like it, but if I was doing it all over again, I’d get the Y. The difference in price isn’t worth it to me and I think the Y, with its simpler design, will be more reliable in the long...
  42. K

    Tesla raised Model X LR price by $5000

    I suppose it will help the resale value of my 2019 LR when I trade it in on the CyberTruck
  43. K

    How often does your suspension adjust?

    In the cluster in front of the driver… at the bottom center where other alert messages pop up. It only shows very briefly. It was so quick the first couple of times that I didn’t have a chance to read it… only saw that some sort of alert popped up. I’ll venture a guess that this is the build...
  44. K

    How often does your suspension adjust?

    2021.12.25.6. It appears that the car sees the rough road ahead and triggers the adjustment.
  45. K

    How often does your suspension adjust?

    I noticed some new suspension behavior after the last update. My car is set to always low and I have the advanced settings set to comfort. When encountering a rough section of highway, I now briefly see a message that says “raising suspension to improve ride comfort”. I never noticed that...
  46. K

    Superchargers fees have been increased

    Any such agreement between competitors would likely be considered a violation of anti-trust laws. EA and Tesla may independently choose to set their prices close to one another, but if they conspired to do so, that’s a no-no
  47. K

    500 + Mile Range Debate

    A longer range means you’ll spend less time in the tapered charging zone which is what’s really important (charge time). We old folks need to stop and hit the restroom about every 200 miles anyway, so I’d rather be able to get those 200 miles back in with a 10 minute charge than a 30-35 minute...
  48. K

    2018 Model X T-Boned - GEICO says repairable?! Details inside.

    If the other driver was clearly at fault, I’d go after their insurance company directly and leave yours out of it. You have a contract with your own insurer which may limit what you can recover (diminished value, etc.) but you do not with the other party’s insurer so you can probably do better...

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