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  1. TicoMcC

    Model S 3rd Party Tow Hitch

    I put on the Ecohitch by Torklift on my 2017 MS. Works great for bike racks. Some have even towed with it. Just make sure to isolate it from the frame or you will probably get some galvanic reaction. They do provide some nylon washers for this purpose, but I went the extra mile and applied a...
  2. TicoMcC

    65 mph Speed Limit Signs "invisible" to Tesla

    I ran into this case just yesterday for the first time. Sign said "35 mph limit ends". Car stayed at 35 mph. The speed limit was then back to 50 mph.
  3. TicoMcC

    65 mph Speed Limit Signs "invisible" to Tesla

    I drive I95 and I64 between the DC area and Norfolk, VA pretty often and I have not seen any issues of the car not reading the speed limit signs as the go between 60, 65, and 70 mph. And especially on I64 there have been a number of recent changes. I did notice, however, one instance when the...
  4. TicoMcC

    Phantom Sentry Mode Events

    Just asking... Are you sure it's Sentry Mode and not just regular dash cam? Every time I install a software update, the dash cam gets turned on. I also just forget to turn it off sometimes. Again. Just a thought. Does the IC indicate you have 500 Sentry mode events?
  5. TicoMcC

    What's the likelihood we will see Speed Limit Sign recognition?

    Installed the update 2020.36 two days ago and finally went out today. Speed limit sign recognition worked flawlessly over about 68 miles of mixed neighborhood roads and highway. I never used AP as I enjoy driving too much, so I can't help with how it would react. But definitely a step in the...
  6. TicoMcC

    Model S - still #1 selling large luxury sedan in US

    So true! I have never owned a car that cost more than $22k and I held onto it for 17 years (2001 Toyota Celica GTS - loved it) because I wasn't going to buy another ICE vehicle and I wanted a car that would be fun to drive. $112k later I took possession of my 2017 MS100D and I couldn't be much...
  7. TicoMcC

    How much should gen 2 tire pressure sensors cost?

    I bought these as well. Worked perfectly right out of the box on my 2017 MS100D.
  8. TicoMcC

    ‘Blinded’ driver’s side pillar cam?

    This just happened to me last week. I had never had the problem before on my late 2017 MS100D. I had just installed the 40.2.1 update, so I thought that maybe that might be the problem, but when I stopped and had the chance to check, there was indeed a small spot of condensation, but only...
  9. TicoMcC

    Entitled at the supercharger

    I would say that over the last 2 years of ownership and Supercharging, this has happened to me well over a dozen times. And as you did, I ALWAYS get out and explain the quirks of the SC system and especially when I let them know that it will hurt them more than me, as I will still get the lions...
  10. TicoMcC

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2 for $2500 [$1500 as of Jan 21, 2020]

    I would assume that ELECTROMAN had tongue planted firmly in cheek.
  11. TicoMcC

    which Suoercharger App do you use?

    For planning a trip, especially one with several waypoints, I use Abetterrouteplanner. I find it to be quite accurate, (it has shown SC's that were open that the Superchargers app still showed under construction, which was crucial on a 2,300 mile trip earlier this year. And this app can be used...
  12. TicoMcC

    Most accurate trip planner site/app?

    I second the (e)motion for Abetterrouteplanner. I used it extensively for a trip we just did to the Bay of Fundy from Maryland. It was a big help and very easy to use. Even though I have a 2017 MS100D withfull navigation, this made planning multiple waypoints and stops easy, something not...
  13. TicoMcC

    Auto Speed Change in Autopilot

    Just a guess, but it probably has to do with the (outdated and sometimes just wrong) speed limit database that Tesla uses. Does the speed limit shown on your IC always match the speed to which Autopilot changes (or doesn't change)?
  14. TicoMcC

    Is Version 3 Supercharging any faster on Raven?

    Pre-Raven MS100D can charge @150kW (used to be 120kW before OTA upgrade) even on V2. Don't know about on V3 but probably the same.
  15. TicoMcC

    How long does DashCam keep recording after parked?

    In my experience, if dashcam is on, it just keeps on recording until you turn it off or run out of battery. It doesn't care if you are moving or not. As a matter of fact, I find that the dashcam is turned on after every update. Kind of annoying. I have sometimes had days of recording of the...
  16. TicoMcC

    To Make Sentry Mode Record

    Well, I have never had Sentry mode record unless I turn on dashcam recording. The center display shows Sentry mode as active, and I will have a message on the IC that there have been x number of events, but no actual recording unless I turn on the dashcam before exiting the car. When I remember...
  17. TicoMcC

    No service option in app

    Well, it's still showing up on my S9+. Maybe an Android/ iOS thing? Just wondering out loud. Don't know about Tesla website.
  18. TicoMcC

    An American roaming in Canada

    We're taking the ferry from St. John's to Digby and back as our way to and from Nova Scotia, but we are staying in St. Andrew's (at 2 different places, both of which have destination chargers) in New Brunswick and some small bay-front cottages in Nova Scotia. We had originally thought we would...
  19. TicoMcC

    Is there an easier way to see my stalkers in Sentry Mode?

    I have a SD card reader with a 128GB card and I use the USB to USB-C adapter that came with my S9+ (which I leave in the car) and just plug it into my phone. Then most of the time I watch them on the Teslacam/Sentry reviewer app (which is brilliant!) just sitting in the car. Works good for me.
  20. TicoMcC

    An American roaming in Canada

    Yeah. I noticed that a Supercharger opened in Enfield just north of Halifax. Good for us as we are staying about 30 miles north of that on the coast of the Bay of Fundy. I just wish that the one in St. Johns would open before we head up in 10 days.
  21. TicoMcC

    An American roaming in Canada

    Awesome! Thanks for the quick replies.
  22. TicoMcC

    An American roaming in Canada

    So we have a trip planned where we will be traveling into Canada going to the Bay of Fundy with some sightseeing along the way. My question; how is the mobile data for our 2017 MS100D handled? My understanding is we have LTE through AT&T in the US. Is there some roaming agreement with a...
  23. TicoMcC

    Losing major amounts of mileage while parked

    I had the same problem with my December 2017 MS100D with the 28.1 update. I was losing a out 1 mph. Reboots, etc. did nothing. What finally worked to get me back to only a few miles lost a day was to do the full power down. I just left it that way overnight. No problem after that. YMMV. (Pun...
  24. TicoMcC

    FW 2019.28.2 charging issues

    Charged today at the same Supercharger but a different stall without incident. Only other difference was I started at a higher SOC and went to about the same final SOC. Seems like it might have been the charging stall. I feel much better.
  25. TicoMcC

    FW 2019.28.2 charging issues

    I had the same problem on Tuesday. Kept stopping randomly. Unfortunately, the chargers were mostly full, so I put up with it only as long as I needed to. I will be traveling tomorrow and will probably be hitting a Supercharger on the way home, so we'll see what happens.
  26. TicoMcC

    Firmware 2019.24.x on S/X

    I don't know for sure because I left it overnight and it got powered back up at the preset time to charge. When I checked on it the next day everything was working as it should. Sorry I can't give you any insight.
  27. TicoMcC

    Firmware 2019.24.x on S/X

    So after several hard reboots did nothing about my excessive vampire losses, doing a full power down for several hours seems to have fixed the problem. I don't use Teslafi so that had nothing to do with it. But at any rate, all is good again. I was in the habit of rebooting after updates. Now...
  28. TicoMcC

    Firmware 2019.24.x on S/X

    Lost another 19 miles in the last 24 hours. I have never seen anything even close to this! Energy saving on, Always connected on (as has always been the case). Most I have ever lost before was a one-off one time deal of 11 miles. Car has been in the garage the whole time so it isn't overheat...
  29. TicoMcC

    Firmware 2019.24.x on S/X

    Well I installed the 2019.24.4 four days ago now and I have been losing 16 to 20 miles of range every day since. I have done a hard reboot and it made no difference. I have checked all of the settings for power usage, made sure that sentry mode was off, etc. I used to see between 2 to 5 miles...
  30. TicoMcC

    Model S 85 and others faster supercharging on 2019.20.2.1

    Nuts! Only for iOS. Thanks for the reply.
  31. TicoMcC

    no sentry mode

    So from what I can tell, I definitely have AP 2.5 as my dashcam video (from all 3 cams) is in full color. So it seems like sentry mode should work for me. Still no joy unless dashcam is active along with sentry mode being activated. Doesn't seem right. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  32. TicoMcC

    Model S 85 and others faster supercharging on 2019.20.2.1

    @dpilone I am curious. What app did you use to get the charging graph? I would love to have that information. As for me, with 2017 MS100D at about 20% SOC, I have seen as high as 143kw for about 5 minutes or so. Then as others note, seems like a quicker taper after that.
  33. TicoMcC

    no sentry mode

    If I do have AP 2.0, I will be just a might pissed. But a little further information. I was out the other day and I decided to run the Tesla dashcam while running errands. When I got back to the car, I saw that there had been 1 sentry event. I checked it with the Teslacam/Sentry viewer app...
  34. TicoMcC

    no sentry mode

    That's good to know. Anyone with an idea as to why it's not recording sentry events? I see the screen activate and say recording when I try to test it. I have returned to the car from a store and it says that I had some "events". But still no recordings.
  35. TicoMcC

    no sentry mode

    I seem to be having a problem. Tesla dash cam works fine but I get no sentry mode recordings. Model S (ordered 09/02/17 delivered 12/05/17; sticker on car indicates 11/17 as month/year of build), 2019.20.1 (but had the same problem on 2019.16.2), and I am assuming that I have AP 2.5 hardware...
  36. TicoMcC

    New screens now available

    I realize that the yellow banding around the screen is just cosmetic, but the same could be said if there was yellow discoloring of the exterior paint job. It would still be considered unacceptable. This is a major disappointment in my book. My car is only 16 months old, garage kept, and the...
  37. TicoMcC

    3D 360 around view system (HDMI interface)

    My understanding is that it is still in development . Not ready for prime time yet. Might be interested when it is ready, though.
  38. TicoMcC

    RIP Panoramic Roof... :(

    I had originally put down a deposit on the M3 but when I found out that it wouldn't be available with a pano roof or a hatchback, I bit the bullet and got a 2017 MS100D. Those are two things that I would hate to do without. So happy with my decision.
  39. TicoMcC

    flat tire experience

    @drklan said: If alone, you have to advance a few inches, look, repeat until you find the nail. That said, when you are sitting there waiting for roadside assistance to show up, what else do you have to do? Seems like a good way to use summon. It moves slowly enough that you could probably get...
  40. TicoMcC

    glitchy/skipping/stuttering slacker streaming music anyone?

    @quickstrike12, my experience is like yours. With dashcam writing to USB, stutters multiple times per song. I pulled the USB out, only stutters every 5 to 10 songs. Which is still more than before the V9 update. Luckily I already have front and rear dashcams so not big for me. But I would...
  41. TicoMcC

    flat tire experience

    @Don85D, I get your point about having the second set of tires mounted on wheels, ready to go. Had the for my last car and really like the ability to make the change over to winter tires any time I wanted in less than an hour. On my 2001 Celica GTS, that was a $730 solution. For the MS, it's...
  42. TicoMcC

    flat tire experience

    I too recently had a flat with a 2" drywall screw in the first groove of the tire tread. I thought , no big deal. Not more than a few bucks to fix that. Only have about 8k miles on it. SC tells me it can't safely be repaired. WHAT! So that was a $300 dollar screw. I have had probably a...
  43. TicoMcC

    Software Update 2018.42.x

    I got 2018.42.2 last night and can confirm that you can have the camera open on top (albeit in a floating window, not the top half) over the music app. Makes me a happy camper again.
  44. TicoMcC

    glitchy/skipping/stuttering slacker streaming music anyone?

    I have a 2017 MS100D AP2.5 and with 2018.39.6 and with the USB hooked up for dashcam, I was getting multiple skips/song. It was really bad. I just updated to 42.2 last night, so I will give it another chance to see if it is still a problem. On another note, TOTALLY loving the new screen setup...
  45. TicoMcC

    3D 360 around view system (HDMI interface)

    @whitex, I'll second that. This looks amazing! I wouldn't give you a plugged nickel for the video games and easter eggs. Give me something liKe this and I could get really excited! Keep up the good work @BearBu.
  46. TicoMcC

    glitchy/skipping/stuttering slacker streaming music anyone?

    I am on .39 and had the same issues when I had a USB set up and running with the dashcam feature. Skip/stutter all over the place. Once I removed the USB drive, the problem almost completely went away. Only skipped/stuttered occasionally. Though still more often before the update. Hmmm...
  47. TicoMcC

    Disappointing - Car still doesn't "avoid collisions" even with V9.0.

    I don't think that tat is the OP's point. It is simply that, whatever the situation, the car shouldn't try to drive into another car, ever. It either sees the car and tries to avoid it, or it fails a fairly simple task. I have noticed that at least on the binnacle display, when slowly passing...
  48. TicoMcC

    Removing rear undertray on refresh Model S

    Actually, I just ordered the Ecohitch yesterday as I have a couple of long bike rides coming up that are a long way from home and would like to have the hitch on for the trips. I have installed hitches myself on two previous cars, but this install looks much more challenging. I hope it goes...
  49. TicoMcC

    Removing rear undertray on refresh Model S

    @gabeincal. That would be most helpful.
  50. TicoMcC

    Removing rear undertray on refresh Model S

    @gabeincal, do you mind if I ask where you got that pdf? Looks like there could be a lot of useful information for this and other projects. I too, am about to embark on the installation of the Torklift hitch and am looking for all of the information that I can find before I start. TIA