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    Customer Service destroys loyalty

    From a loyal advocate - have ordered 5! Time to be searching for an alternative. Now on my second model S. Windshield crack, they scheduled for Roamer. Drove to service to get scheduled - weeks away! Come in. Don’t have replacement! Rescheduled. Replaced. Wind noise. Misfit clearly visible...
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    Destination Charging Failures

    Gen 1 Destination Chargers DO NOT Charge Post 2018 Model S. Per Tesla wall connector support team (877) 961-7652 or [email protected] I thought they told me all Teslas but now have seen 3 &Y successful where my model S won’t. They don’t tell you when you buy! My model s in car...
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    Destination Charger Roulette

    August 1300 mile trip / two premium hotels with good Destination Charging for years of stops with my P85D. Got new 2020 model S: charge ring goes red. Hotels swear their charger works. J1772 charger works (slowly)..supercharger works. Portable charger works. Tesla Telephone review of computer...
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    2020.44.25 software tune in stations gone

    Just updated today. Before I had icons for stations but was missing some tunein station sound! now I don’t get any icons and no sound for alll.
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    Gen 1 mobile connector using 220v

    I have Gen 1 mobile connector that came with my 2015 P85D dual onboard 40 amp charge circuits ( 80 amp or 16 kw capable) On new 2020 mobile connector is 48 amp max at 220v. A) will car charge at 16kw ( with a HPWC? B) will it charge faster with 2015 gen 1 mobile unit than with new 48 amp capped...
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    Tires Goodyear Touring 19”

    Palm Beach Goodyear 245/45 19 #4 Tesla OEM tires new 100 miles use . I am going from Touring 19 to Ultra Performance 21 inch tires on 2020 Model S. Saving rims for winter tires. Pick up in Palm Beach. Unmounted.
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    Chademo adapter for sale

    S Florida but will ship if necessary Unused. $400
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    Center console dual sliding armrest

    Has Tesla changed the design since 2015?. I want to move 2015 armrest from one car to a new 2021. thanks
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    Tires Eagle Touring M+S vs Michelin Pilot Sport 4 AC

    My new Model S LR+ came with the Goodyear tires. First of all they are the cheapest tires Tesla offers. Tesla replacement charge 180 (tire rack 130!), the Michelin MXM 230. I do not need M+S, just summer tires. But I am concerned with range impact. Michelin makes a Pilot Sport 4 which they...
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    Carbon Spoiler

    Any source recommendations? like the look of or spoiler on my P85D. Ordered blind a replacement on eBay. Typical eBay scam- given tracking number. It’s been a week but UPS has not gotten it let alone delivered, nor has vendor sent an email. Now eBay gives its 30 day malarkey. who is reliable?
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    Eyeglass holder

    Bobino eyeglass clip ( see on amazon or mybobino.com) works well in my sunroof 2015 P85D . I slid one arm inside headliner down from glass edge. Short leg behind headliner. Very neat. But in 2020 the headliner is tight at roof glass edge. There is a grill “x” above mirror. What does it...
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    Trucking time Fremont to South Florida

    What is the normal time for Tesla trucks making delivery? Am I correct that at the end of the quarter they fill the truck with vehicles for delivery to a cluster of local delivery centers, rather than a string of centers along the way?
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    Anyone Photoshop Model S dash wood covered by White matte ?

    Inspired by the look of the 3/Y with white seats and white dash strip, I would like to know what it looks like on the current Model S dash. I know it is a matter of taste. A quick photoshop would be wonderful - but I do not have the skills. Again, a matter of taste, in the 3/Y the aftermarket...
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    Near delivery change TO FSD Selection?

    Will cancelling the FSD option cancel my June delivery?. SC says FSD Y is June, got the texts, but no VIN. Absolutely do not want it. Just drove the FSD. See my driving dynamics post. Now I have to drive a demo that does not have FSD. My gen 1 autopilot in P85D is smooth. FSD Raven was...
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    FSD = Beta squared!!

    Doing my due diligence last minute (weeksactually) before receiving new Y ordered with FSD. Tried FSD in Raven today ( not that large a price differential to new Y) OMG. Green light in screen, car stops, repeatedly. Triangle Yield Sign, car stops ( no vehicles to yield to). Pedestrian yield...
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    2015 Repair Risks

    Moderator note: This thread is a combination of three threads started on the same topic. I am original owner of a P85D built in early 2015. While it is a fabulous car ,I am thinking about its future. What big repairs are likely? I have had all the handles replaced with an updated generation...
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    Drive Unit Replacement

    Red Triangle. Performance limit and no regen braking,. Brought in. Rear drive unit replaced (P85D). Anyone know the differences and whether they impact driving? Old unit part #: 1002633-01-M New unit part #: 1025598-00-T By the way brought in Monday and car done Wednesday 8am. Thanks Tesla.
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    New X seats for the S? new 7 seat plaid configuration?

    the reengineered second row seats on the X ( now being installed) promise more passenger space. If the tech is applied to S then the rear facing seats move forward and voila more headroom, ie bigger occupants.. If so, full interior refresh is or is not coming with plaid?
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    Dancing vehicles on display

    Test drove Raven LR. Unfortunately it had v9 (my 2015 has v10 but gen 1 mcu and ap1) Display shows more vehicles. The ones it shows on my left quarter? They do pirouettes, pause and wiggle all over the place. What’s with this? More capable system with more components and more risk of problems?
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    what are all the changes in the raven? What are the differences between long range and performance?
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    Model S internal factory Project names

    the latest Model S has been called “Raven” Have any of the earlier had ‘names’. For example, when they changed out the nose cone did they have a project name? In other words, what constitutes a change big enough to actually get a code name? Would it be called a mid cycle refresh? What other...
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    Enhanced Interior Styling

    is there any definitive documentation of what this means on Sept 1, 2019 Performance model specs. Seats the same? Lumbar adjustment? Cooling seat fan? HUD? Better lighting? Real leather? No sarcasm please.
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    Isolation Fault

    P85D 2015. August 20 ? Firmware update scheduled. Temp controlled Garaged Ambient temperature in 70’s. Next morning dash message “ cell low voltage undriveabke call service. “ but charge “49%” then everything black. No app connection either. For several months I have been complaining about low...
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    New Michelin Pilot Sport Tires and Turbine Wheels for sale

    Tesla Silver Turbine wheels and tires (~20 miles driven to swap out). Chicago. Delivery within 75 miles of Northwestern Memorial Hospital Galter Pavillion (measured by google maps). Shipping not included. Make an offer.
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    Radio turns on by itself repeatedly

    rught after putting in D, radio comes on. Any source from AM to streaming to internet to phone. Radio itself has no stop or turn off on screen. Streaming does. But still comes on. Press left scroll wheel and it turns off. Then comes in randomly. Tesla service had no answer.
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    Falls creek Pa open

    1- cramped location- roadway in front of chargers is much less than a car length- should reprint lines for angle parking. Told tesla 2-charging seemed slow - told tesla to check. 3-chargers in front of car wash south end of parking 4- exit at west (back) of Sheetz to return to route 80 the...
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    Supercharger Construction Finished but not Online

    Tesla Roadside Assistance cannot help. Where to turn. Looking for charging along 80 transiting from Chicago to NYC. Falls Creek construction completely finished, but not online. Any other places west of Falls Creek to charge? even an overnight charge with enough range to get to the Bloomsbury...
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    Tesla route alternative charger calculator

    having made several 1000 mile trips recently, I realize I need help planning help. 1- super chargers placement often adds 5 to 30 miles to my journey. 2- some legs require charging start At 50 % , some at 14% 3- I know the charge rate varies with state of charge - but if this were solely due...
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    21 staggered wheels/tires Chicago.

    removed from my p85d pre-delivery. Stored professionally. Michelin sport. <~100miles. I.e. Like new.
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    Car cover

    Can anyone ecommend a cover for beach front garage parked car with constant exposure to salt air. garage is ventilated by a fan at the beach end. I have seen everything on other special cars including the clear disposable plastic!
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    Window tinting

    Looking to "visit" several Model S already tinted. Am in Palm Beach area but will travel a little. I am trying to choose between window tints and looking to see some installed. I have two miniature schnauzers and want to be able to leave them in the car with a/c running for an hour when...
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    Louisville to chattanooga ie Kentucky Tennessee charging.

    Chicago to Florida update anyone?I can overnite in Louisville and go south through Nashville to Chattanooga, or east to London and south through Knoxville to Chattanooga. It I need some sort of high speed charge on this leg and every report on Chademo indicates they are all broken one way or...
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    Eyeglass clip pano roof

    Off the shelf -amazon- visor clip. Bobino
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    Radar detectors and sunpass/ezpass/fastrak sensors on autopilot cars

    Radar detector placements and autopilot car. Known to me: autopilot lower grill sensors impact placement of remote radar etc. not known: Windshield 'aperture' is occupied by enlarged triangular mirror autopilot camera and rear view mirror base. Is is there anywhere now to place a...
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    Super chargers for Chicago to south florida

    We usually drive our ice and stop overnight in Chattanooga. This year our Tesla! Seems a desert between Indianapolis and Chattanooga with not even an 80 amp charger in between. Any one know better?
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    Color seats for hot weather comfort

    Ordering/ buying inventory car. Probably white exterior. grey leather interior vs. black. Florida light and heat makes me, a snow bird, think grey. How do you find black seats in hot climates? Since there is no fan perforated seat. how do you find dark grey or black exterior in heat? thanks...
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    Looking for 20 inch wheels - n Chicago 21 and potholes a bad mix, but want more performance AND good aero. Any suggestions?

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