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  1. Lanzer

    14-50 on 100 amp breaker? Ok to use?

    You're right, If for some reason the charger started pulling more than 50A or a short circuit, the receptacle can burn out before the breaker trips. I did not take into mind that the outlet is also part of the circuit, so the breaker gotta be designed for the lowest common denominator. And...
  2. Lanzer

    Unsure if model 3 would be right for me - advice appreciated

    If you don't get a Tesla, get a Chevy Volt. Not only you don't have to pay for the high gas price, but if it burst in flames you can make them install new chargers as they re-model the garage. :)
  3. Lanzer

    14-50 on 100 amp breaker? Ok to use?

    I'm not a EE but I am still baffled at the amount of responses suggesting you to install a 50amp breaker. It's like saying "you're using an iphone charger on your 20amp circuit? better change the breaker to a 1amp breaker!" Whether you have a 100amp breaker or a 50 amp breaker isn't...
  4. Lanzer

    Any reason to upgrade 2018 M3 for 2022 M3P?

    Hardware 4 is the latest FSD computer. People found mentioning of it in the source code from an update 3 months back. Though there is zero information on which platform HW4 will appear on. It might be exclusive to the Cybertruck, or maybe the plaid. There's also rumor of new cameras being...
  5. Lanzer

    Any reason to upgrade 2018 M3 for 2022 M3P?

    Sorry my wires crossed and I thought we're talking about the Model Y at the moment, probably because I personally am thinking of upgrading my 2018 M3 to a Y. :)
  6. Lanzer

    Any reason to upgrade 2018 M3 for 2022 M3P?

    Personally I would wait for one with 4680 and the structural battery pack. But if you order now you will probably be getting that. There's also the potential for a HW4 for FSD so that might be worth waiting for if that's your thing.
  7. Lanzer

    Do New Model 3s have UV/IR Blocking?

    3 years ago I was installing window tints on my M3, and out of curiosity I was testing out which brands of window tint offer better protection. I ended up diving into this UV protection rating rabbit hole and spent weeks researching the subject as there is barely any research or data testing...
  8. Lanzer

    Do New Model 3s have UV/IR Blocking?

    If you feel any warmth that would be from IR radiation, which wouldn't cause you any harm. That's why UV light from tanning centers won't make you feel hot at all.
  9. Lanzer

    Is it safe to use 70 amp breakers for home wall connectors to charge Model 3?

    Upon reading the rest of the thread I noticed that some people are using the amperage in outlet, circuit, and breaker interchangeably, and also having incorrect conception on how to choose the right sized circuit breaker. I then realized that this forum is a terrible place to be asking...
  10. Lanzer

    Is it safe to use 70 amp breakers for home wall connectors to charge Model 3?

    Technically speaking your Model 3 won't draw enough power to strain a 6 gauge cable, so you should be fine. Having said that, the point of having a breaker is for unforseen circumstances such as some freak of nature short circuit situation (someone cutting the cable accidentally, water damage...
  11. Lanzer

    Good Aftermarket Airfilter for Model 3

    In the automotive world, there are a couple of air filters that are used by professionals. Wix, Purolator, Fram, Spearhead, EPAuto, and many others. We're getting a ton of unknown Chinese made filters with random brand names, but it looks like they're all from the same 2 or 3 factories in China...
  12. Lanzer

    Does a US made Model 3 include parts from China?

    I know that I'm getting into semantics, but which company oversaw the manufacturing also matters a lot. I don't think anyone thought of Apple products as lacking in quality when they're built in China. I don't think there had been any issues with parts coming from Giga Shanghai. It'll be more...
  13. Lanzer

    98 Score - Got FSD Beta?

    Here is how I got my FSD beta in 4 days: - My score was 97 on Wednesday, I disabled the application for beta program at 5pm - On Thursday at 1am I went to my car and re-applied for FSD beta again. The safety score did not appear on my app for hours - Found safety score on Tesla App on Friday...
  14. Lanzer

    Discussion: Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    I think it is safe for us to say that we don't know the technical cause of things like phantom braking, and whether better software will remedy the issue or will hardware radar be the only solution moving forward. As a software developer myself, I personally think that the best feedback is to...
  15. Lanzer

    Strange HVAC issue since windshield replacement

    On Sept 7 I had my windshield replaced and sure enough I encountered the same problem. I contacted Tesla service through the app and whoever replied suggested a diagnostics that will cost $100. Do not confirm 4 days later a newer software 2021.24.11 arrived and sure enough, the problem is...
  16. Lanzer

    iPhone Holder

    The one I use is similar to the one suggested by 08micev, it also mounts to the side of the screen. I found that to be the best place for cell phone access without taking my eyes off the road. This particular one wraps around the entire backside, and is barely visible from the front. It has...
  17. Lanzer

    Just ordered Model 3, need to set up charging, recommendations?

    Having driven for 10 years on EV, the need for charging haven't changed at all even when the car and the charging capability had changed. Note that when installing an outlet, you can choose between the cheap or expensive version: - NEMA 6-50 with 10/3 wires - NEMA 14-50 with 6/4 wires (40 amp...
  18. Lanzer

    Traveling by Supercharger can be more expensive than ICE

    Story time! I once rode on a private jet with our company's investor who's some big shot at a famous VC firm for a meeting with a potential company they wanted to invest in. Our plane landed at the airport and there was a nice convertible on the pavement waiting for us. The investor then...
  19. Lanzer

    I want the new 3.

    Not gonna lie, being an early adopter means I also have the mindset of wanting the latest and greatest. The FOMO is real! But knowing Tesla, another 2 years later there will be yet another set of improvements to the Model 3 and Y. Probably way better longevity on the batteries, better range...
  20. Lanzer

    Current cost to upgrade from EAP to FSD

    I think every time the word FSD is mentioned on this forum, you're gonna get: - 30% of members saying "you should have upgraded! It's gonna be great!" - 30% of members saying "you're a fool! FSD ain't gonna happen on your Model 3!" - 30% of members saying "stop arguing over this! None of you...
  21. Lanzer

    Upgrade to FSD before increase?

    Thanks I know I'm not going crazy. I have a feeling that in Elon's mind, he already assumed that FSD will happen, and already did the math on how much money a Tesla can make when it's part of the taxi fleet, hence the price isn't really that outrageous. But that's to an engineer who don't...
  22. Lanzer

    FSD should be renamed

    Yeah I think the most important note here is that 1) when FSD is near complete, it'll be better than human on a statistical aspect, but 2) no matter how good FSD is, someone is going to get hurt inevitably, and there will be a big stink about the name FSD. :)
  23. Lanzer

    FSD should be renamed

    Hmm, by that logic, yes any company can sell you an option to extend the range of your car, but has a deliverable time that's on a later date. If I bought a car with 500mile range and purchased the 1000mile range upgrade promised for a later date, I'm not gonna push the car to 600miles and...
  24. Lanzer

    Upgrade to FSD before increase?

    I believe Tesla did mention about a subscription service for FSD, and I wouldn't be surprised to see that happening when FSD is ready. In regards to the price, I think that Tesla could easily sell a "personal license" where FSD will not be used as part of the fleet, and FSD could be...
  25. Lanzer

    FSD should be renamed

    Tesla aimed to have full self driving cars, and call that system full self driving. The only reason why one would want them to change the name is if you don't believe they'll get there. Though what would be the supporting reason? Because they're not there today? I don't want to be the crowd...
  26. Lanzer

    Anyone Purchased the Hansshow Heads-up Display?

    I had a similar unit installed and used it for about a month. Main takeaways: - I found a HUD to be more distracting. 98% of the time I don't need to know my current speed, but it's always there glowing. My eye tend to want to switch focus to the HUD every one in a while. - These units use...
  27. Lanzer

    Redesign? New frunk, headlights and power trunk?

    Not gonna lie I'm feeling a bit of FOMO for having a Model 3 without the fancy heat pump, and more importantly, any upgrades to deal with cabin noise. But at the same time, I wouldn't want Tesla to hold back any upgrades and go with the old yearly upgrade system. Hearing various upgrades and...
  28. Lanzer

    Autopilot through highway 17 to Santa Cruz!

    Funny the second day I got my 3 in May, 2017, I took the car out at 11pm and decided to try autopilot on Hwy 17 southbound to Santa Cruz. That experiment was aborted in minutes. :D Throughout the years autopilot had improved by a ton, and today I just returned from Monterey, and I used AP all...
  29. Lanzer

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    Just dropping by to say that after a year, the smell from my AC did not return. *fingers crossed* Although I'm working at home now, so the AC did not work nearly as hard as last year. So I set a terrible example here. Thinking back, I think I might had gotten water in the duct while washing...
  30. Lanzer

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    Just dropping by to say that after a year, the smell from my AC did not return. *fingers crossed* Although I'm working at home now, so the AC did not work nearly as hard as last year. So I set a terrible example here. Thinking back, I think I might had gotten water in the duct while washing...
  31. Lanzer

    What’s The Best Windshield Sunshade?

    Model 3 has excellent cabin temperature control, so I ended up with a minimal setup with those wire fold up covers. Most of the covers are too short and won't properly cover the Model 3's windshield, but I found one that's actually tall enough to cover from top to bottom. Link here. It's only...
  32. Lanzer

    Broken Windshield - Model 3

    A rock hit my windshield and caused a 12" crack on the right side. Tesla insurance was quick to refer me to the nearest service center, and the front windshield was replaced within a week. It was an overnight install, and I got Uber voucher to get home. Note that this was a few months back so...
  33. Lanzer

    Unable to login Youtube

    Thank you for the work around. I suggest using medium.com instead of plex.tv as Medium has a much faster and more responsive login screen. PS - You don’t need to have an account for Medium, just attempt login with Google, wait till you see the account not found error, and you’ll be logged in...
  34. Lanzer

    Disinfecting options for M3

    Seats on the Model 3 can be cleaned with diluted bleach or alcohol. (https://www.ultrafabricsinc.com/sites/default/files/environment/UF20_CleaningInstructions.pdf) I think a general 70% isopropyl alcohol solution should be okay. PS - COVID can live up to 3 days on plastic surfaces according to...
  35. Lanzer

    Driver's seat thigh support too high.

    I had the same problem with my gen 1 seats. The side of my thighs felt like it was being pinched at times. I ended up adding a thin cushion (an asian style charcoal cushion) plus a seat cover to hold the cushion in place. That took care of the pain. The Model 3 is the only car I've had this...
  36. Lanzer

    When do OpenStreetMap.org updates get...updated?

    I needed to add a driveway for our office parking lot. It took about 4 days for the map to be updated and then summon started working right. For those who are asking, updating Openstreemap is mainly for smart summon I think.
  37. Lanzer

    Vendor Window protection for your Tesla

    I've installed tint in the past and the toughest part is heat shrinking to get the right shape. If there's a product that's pre-shrinked to fit the rear windows I wouldn't mind paying a premium to purchase and ship. As others mentioned, protecting the small window means the thief would then...
  38. Lanzer

    Class action against Tesla for turning off Prem Connectivity before it was an option

    Also note that those of us who got free premium connectivity ended up paying 5k to 10k more for the same car. All the price fluctuation did cause a lot of misery and drama, but most of it, such as the Federal Tax Rebate, was out of Tesla's control. There are thousands who paid extra for the...
  39. Lanzer

    Mini Spare For Model 3, Hyundai Genesis 18" works

    Yes this is the same spec as the Hyundai spare. Lug nut size is M12 instead of M14 so note that you might need to ream the holes bigger. Center bore is bigger than the M3 so you can consider getting a 67.1 to 64.1 adapter ring. But since this is for a spare you probably don't need to worry...
  40. Lanzer

    I'm jealous to all the owners who got to buy the performance model at the same price I paid for...

    I'm jealous to all the owners who got to buy the performance model at the same price I paid for my 2018 RWD model. :) The 3 is one hell of a car and I never want to drive anything else since. I hope you would feel the same. Cheers!
  41. Lanzer

    Hello there, glad to hear from another canine family. Though I must confess that my profile...

    Hello there, glad to hear from another canine family. Though I must confess that my profile picture is rather deceiving. What we have is a white German Shepherd with a long coat. He's a good boy that is waiting for his second hip replacement surgery. Or as I call it, waiting for the FSD...
  42. Lanzer

    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    There's some negative space underneath the armrest, and somebody designed a small box that goes inside the cavity. Here's a link of the actual product https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B082SD9851
  43. Lanzer

    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    Just an idea, but there could potentially be a safe that completely replace the armrest. It's ultimately an empty box.
  44. Lanzer

    M3 SR+ charging everynight

    Battery university has a great article on battery life - Lithium-based Batteries Information The TLDR version is that the battery will last longer if max charge is at 80% or below, and charge as often as you can. As for electric bill, everything useful had already been mentioned. If you own...
  45. Lanzer

    to support Tesla bought shares-now heavily rewarded. How many of you wish.....

    My 2013 shares paid for my Model 3. Though if I held on to it I would have been able to afford a P100D. :) Tesla's stock hike is pretty crazy right now, but many investor believe it has a lot more to grow. I thought I was late when I bought TSLA at $70. Eventually the shares helped pay for...
  46. Lanzer

    Why do I smell rotten eggs every now and then... no its not..

    This must be the upgrade to the fart mode! Try adjusting the location of the fart sound and see if that affects the smell :) On a serious note, since you mentioned that you smell it more during acceleration, you might want to test a few different settings: - Turn on recirculation on the fan...
  47. Lanzer

    Sudden Unexpected Acceleration today

    I agree that computers definitely can have various design faults that can lead to errors, no one can say that things are 100% safe. That having said, we've came a long way since discovering this aspect of faults in computers and error handling in memory modules. Here a summary of what Sandy...
  48. Lanzer

    No garage door opener?

    My guess is that they never intended homelink to be an option. This probably came up later during meetings on what they can do to maximize revenue. The company decreased the price of Model 3 across the board after the loss of tax rebates, I'm not one bit surprised that they had to scramble...
  49. Lanzer

    Oh dear... someone concocted a hybrid Model 3

    Even though I never once thought that I need extended range on my LR Model 3, I appreciate the engineering and having the option to ease the worry of non-EV drivers about the whole range anxiety issue. I can imagine some scenarios where certain job requirements might demand this type of setup...
  50. Lanzer

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    A lot of people mentioned that a software update in 2019 had the fan run after the car is parked. Software update log is really hard to find so I haven't found exactly which update had this implemented. It's been almost 6 months since I cleaned the evaporator and replaced the filters, no smell...

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