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  1. Mycroft

    Battery Fueling Ltd - Worse than Better Place!

    I saw this press release in my news stream and checked it out. It looks like something that the Onion would put out. Battery Fueling Limited | New, Innovative, Electric Vehicle Technology
  2. Mycroft

    Silicon-hydrogel electrodes improve lithium-ion battery performance

    Stanford University scientists have dramatically improved the performance of lithium-ion batteries by creating novel electrodes made of silicon and conducting polymer hydrogel, a spongy substance similar to the material used in soft contact lenses and other household products...
  3. Mycroft

    Wired: "Breaking Down the Tesla Model S"

    Nice, free marketing. Breaking Down the Tesla Model S | Wired Magazine | Wired.com
  4. Mycroft

    Jalopnik silence is deafening!

    Here is a supposedly auto-focused website, devoted ostensibly to all things auto related and there hasn't been a peep about the Automobile Magazine, Yahoo! Auto, or even Motor Trend CAR OF THE FRICKIN' YEAR! WOW!
  5. Mycroft

    Jalopnik reports Elon answering questions @ noon 8/30

    WTF? Jalopnik Guess we'll see in an hour or so...
  6. Mycroft

    So much for deliveries by 7/31.

    Elon promised customer deliveries by the end of July. It's now official that this goal was missed. (I don't consider founders to be customers.) Not criticizing, merely observing. Could this be partly the reason for the low stock price?
  7. Mycroft

    Panoramic roof cover

    It looks like the roof cover is going to be built into the cross-bar that separates the front glass piece that opens and the rear glass piece. So there will be two covers. One that pulls forward from the cross-bar and one that pulls back from the cross-bar. We still don't know what the...
  8. Mycroft

    Model S Delivery / Strategy Change / Connecting to WiFi

    What I heard yesterday is that there is a change in delivery strategy. Tesla is going to attempt to deliver as close to 100% of the cars to the owner's home as possible. For several reasons: 1. They want to professionally coordinate the communications of the car with the owner's...
  9. Mycroft

    Fantastic new article covering the myths of EVs!

    From MediaMatters For America, February 8, 2012: "Myths And Facts About Electric Cars" Excellent web page to bookmark and send to your EV hating friends!
  10. Mycroft

    FYI, Model S Gallery (finally) has a wallpaper download option

    See the lower-right Model S Gallery | Tesla Motors That would have been something to tweet about Tesla! Now, about that Design Studio ...
  11. Mycroft

    Genovation Cars, Inc.

    Boy are these guys late to the table! Company aims to build viable electric car in Md. :-p thptttttt! Really? Nothing on the market like it?!
  12. Mycroft

    Wired: The Solyndra Story

    Wired: January 20, 2012 "Why the Clean Tech Boom Went Bust" If, like me, you're clueless about the whole Solyndra thing, this is a good overview.
  13. Mycroft

    Seeking Alpha: Apple and Tesla Motors: Serial Disruptors

    The second positive TSLA article on Seeking Alpha in two days! Apple and Tesla Motors: Serial Disruptors
  14. Mycroft

    Which version Model S are you buying?

    OK, we've all seen the options and thought about it. I know that there are some who are still on the fence, waiting for more information. But as of now, which version are you going with? Nothing like a good unscientific poll to spend some time. :biggrin:
  15. Mycroft

    Reasons to upgrade to 60kWh

    I've posted this in other forums, but I wanted to include it here as well. Even if Tesla relents and allows some kind of "supercharger" access for the 40kWh packs, there are still plenty of reasons that the $10k upgrade to 60kWh is worth it. In fact, I think the 230 miler is the sweet spot...
  16. Mycroft

    Letter from George - 12/17/2011

    *Directly addressing Fisker's price increase I think. It's very key that he spelled out that the pricing will apply to current reservation holders. So at some point there will be a line drawn and new prices posted. "next few weeks" sure makes December 22nd not looking good. :(
  17. Mycroft

    Popular Science Jan 2012

    One page highlight of the Model S (page 14). Mostly accurate but it uses old pics of the white Alpha. Compares the Sport with the BMW M5.
  18. Mycroft

    Updates to Model S Gallery

    Noticed a few days ago that they removed the Alpha pics and added a few of the Betas. Although the second one that I posted here looks 'shopped.
  19. Mycroft

    Model S Sport performance version

    While we're waiting for more info from the big T, I thought to pass some time discussing the new Sport version. As I said in other threads, I'm expecting to pay up to $110k (pre-rebate) for a Signature Sport including Panorama roof, extended warranty and possibly the second charger. Of...
  20. Mycroft

    MotorTrend Car of the Year 2012

    The CotY was the VW Passat. A Pa-what? They could have picked a more boring car, but not by much. The page with all the contenders was a more interesting read: 2012 Motor Trend Car of the Year: Contenders and Finalists I can't wait to see how the Model S does next year. Kudos to Tesla for...
  21. Mycroft

    MercuryNews: Model S helps you find your way

    MercuryNews: Tesla's Model S helps you find your way Ali gets around! Some pics, but nothing new there.
  22. Mycroft

    Forbes video from the GigaOm Roadmap conf.

    A six minute clip that covers the Model S basics, the touch screen, and the remote app. interface.
  23. Mycroft

    Toyota, no longer the beast

    Reuters: No longer the beast, Toyota strives for beauty - Nov 7, 2011 Looks like that car company is getting a healthy dose of reality.
  24. Mycroft

    Ford Bows to Pressure, Revamps MyFord Touch

    Fox News: Ford Bows to Pressure, Revamps Highly-Criticized Infotainment System - Nov 7, 2011 Hopefully Tesla's programmers will do a better job and be MUCH faster with the updates!
  25. Mycroft

    Forbes' Hannah Elliott goes on Model S test ride

    Very short clip here, but evidently she's going to post a longer piece in a bit: Forbes: "Elon Musk Rocks To Adele In The Tesla Model S"
  26. Mycroft

    Elon Musk Owes Customers 6,500 Cars, So Why is he Smiling?

    Fast Company: Elon Musk Owes Customers 6,500 Cars, So Why Is He Smiling? Oct 26, 2011 Lots of new articles and interviews. Probably helping out Chris Paine with his movie release. This guy is frickin' cool!
  27. Mycroft

    Lengthy interview with Elon Musk & Chris Paine

    Business Insider: "Elon Musk: Refining Gas Uses More Electricity Than Electric Cars" Oct 26, 2011 Nice, long interview.
  28. Mycroft

    Grand opening for Bellevue store & closing Seattle store

    GeekWire: Tesla Motors sets grand opening for Bellevue store, plans to close Seattle showroom
  29. Mycroft

    Green car of the Year Finalists announced.

    2012 Green Car of the Year® Finalists Revealed Spoiler: 2012 Ford Focus Electric, 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas, 2012 Mitsubishi i, 2012 Toyota Prius v and 2012 Volkswagen Passat TDI I think the judges wanted to focus on the new guys and variety and that's why Nissan lost out.
  30. Mycroft

    How are you paying for the Model S when you order it?

    I would think that most people who buy new Ferrari, Jaguar, and Maserati could pay cash if they wanted. But with the Model S, (and to some extent with the Roadster), those of us with slightly less means are drawn like moths to a flame and are willing to buy much more car than we have ever...
  31. Mycroft

    WSJ: "Charging Stations Multiply but Electric Cars are Few"

    WSJ: "Charging Stations Multiply but Electric Cars are Few" Some of the comments are latching onto the subsidies issue of course. Most don't have a clue. I posted a few responses with the correct info.
  32. Mycroft

    Elon Musk CNBC interview 10/14/2011

    Elon Musk "The Model S, which is a 4-door premium performance sedan, I've committed that we will start delivery to customers no later than July of next year. There's going to be an initial ramp-up of production and then in 2013 we expect to deliver at least 20,000 units." "The performance...
  33. Mycroft

    MSN Autos video from Model S event

    Here's a pretty decent 3 minute video of the Tesla factor: AutoWeek Tours the Tesla EV Factory 10/12/2011
  34. Mycroft

    White Leather. Feasible?

    I'm loving the thought have having white leather to contrast with any of the dark colors, but especially the deep Signature Red. But I've never had white leather before so I want to do some research before deciding on it. We don't have children and if we transport "stuff", which we will need...
  35. Mycroft

    What is your maximum price?

    Some people can comfortably buy the base of a vehicle that they want to buy. Most of us, however, can't help but be enticed by the carrots dangled by the OEM. OEMs of course count on this to boost their profits because the carrots usually have healthy margins built in, whether it's a more...
  36. Mycroft

    Engadget post and video

    Engadget has posted a new entry that includes some excellent two-camera video from both inside and outside the car. They got to go on the extended drive around the race track and the whine from the electric drive was definitely audible. There's a second video that goes into quite a bit of...
  37. Mycroft

    Detailing the candy apple red prototype

    I can't believe that I just now found this over in an auto detailing forum. These guys were brought in to shine up the prototype when it was brought to the Colorado store early this year. It sure would have been nice to have seen this thread back in March, but it's still very interesting...
  38. Mycroft

    Performance/Sport option

    The hands-down biggest announcement from the October 1st 2011 event was the disclosure that not only is there going to be a sport option, but that it's going to be available from launch! It currently is unknown if the feature is going to be Signature only initially or of general production...
  39. Mycroft

    Some positive press for a change

    August 3, 2011: Could Tesla Lead Electric Car Business? Maybe
  40. Mycroft

    Walgreens planning to offer EV charging nationwide

    One of the first retailers to wake up and smell some coffee. Where art thou Walmart, Dennys, etc? Press release: Walgreens Expects to Become Nation’s Largest Retail Host of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Great news! With the success of the Leaf, this just may get the ball rolling!
  41. Mycroft

    Good news for the great Northwest

    From Seattle Times: Charging stations along I-5 in Wash. due this year Woo hoo! Good news! Edit: More news from the press release. From MarketWatch: Press Release: Washington Selects AeroVironment to Light up Nation's First Electric Highway
  42. Mycroft

    ACE: Toyota with three new electrics in 2012

    From AllCarsElectric.com: Toyota Shoots Electric Hat-trick With Three New Cars for 2012 From Gizmag: Toyota confirms 2012 US launch for all-electric Scion IQ 50 miles? 50... miles!?? For the US market? I guess if they're cheap enough. I wonder what the range will be for the RAV4 EV.
  43. Mycroft

    SFGate: Tesla Motors coming of age

    Finally some info on the new plant. SFGate article July 3, 2011: Tesla Motors coming of age as an automaker The place is so frickin humongous they built a test track inside one of the buildings! Fantastic! It's starting to come together! :cool:
  44. Mycroft

    AAA unveils first electric vehicle charging stations

    Very forward thinking on AAA's part. As a long time member, I'm pleased. From ABC Action News: AAA unveils first EV charging stations in Tampa Bay area
  45. Mycroft

    NYT SundayReview: "Is This (electric car) Our Future?

    Op-Ed from last Sunday's NYT by Joe Nocera: Is This Our Future? Very interesting piece from a "normal" ICE kind of guy who's had a bit of an epiphany with the Volt. Some quotes:
  46. Mycroft

    Wait for sport/performance option?

    For those wanting a Model S, are you needing the sport/performance option?
  47. Mycroft

    Tesla Roadsters almost sold out

    Article at SFGate: Tesla Roadsters are almost sold out

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